Gucci or Bad-chi (GAME) Ft. Eva Gutowski

Gucci or Bad-chi (GAME) Ft. Eva Gutowski

(rooster crow) (lion roar) (single drum strike) (wheel spinning) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Elevator Pitch We’ve got an idea for a new movie we call it, The Slow and The Courteous. (laughing) – Oh! – All right. You know how movies these days are, they’re so fast and mean. Angry. – Yeah. – Right? The speed is just too much for me. – Well, usually they’re fast and they’re furious. – That’s a good point. – Yeah. (laughing) – Too many of those. – One too many. Seven to be exact, right. – There’s no cars. – Maybe eight. – There’s no cars in this. It’s all just people walking. – Slow walking. – By pedal. – And being nice to each other. Saying things like, “Well, how do you do?” – Hmm, yeah. – And what else do they say? – They say, “How…my day’s going well. I hope it’s going well for you, as well.” – Right. – Well… – Ava, what else do they say? – Um, you know, I actually think that they ride golf carts. – Oh. – And it’s like a full race, like whole movie, on the struggles of being a golf cart racer. – Okay. That was a little different than we were thinking. – Whatever it takes to sell. – That’s the sequel. – Whatever it takes to get funding. – A love triangle. – Love triangle. – Right, a slow love triangle. – Go slow. – But very courteous. The way they interact with each other as the threesome is very courteous. – How do you do (pause) it? – All right, the elevator has closed. – Yes it has. We sold our movie and now we’re going to play a game. Another game. Um, this one is Gucci or Bad-Chi. We’re going to see a fashion item and then Link and I being ignorant, of what is Gucci or Bad-Chi, are going to give our best guess as to whether this is actual cool fashion or bad. And then Ava, you’re going to let us know if we are right or wrong. – Okay. – Let’s see the first one. – I’m not exactly a fashionista. – [Ava} Oh! – [Link] But you have an opinion on that. – [Rhett] Well, Link has this jacket. – I have one similar to that. – So, I feel like that is going to influence his decision. He is going to say Gucci. – That is a fluffy, fluffy coat. – Wait, you have that jacket? – Yeah, I have one like it. – I need to get a photo of that. – Sometimes I just wear it around the house. Sometimes I wear it out and I never apologize. – I feel like, in following the principals of fashion, this is too comfortable to be actual Gucci. So, I’m going with Bad-Chi. – And you’re Gucci? – Oh yeah. – I, too, own this jacket and every time I wear it out I get massive compliments. – Compliments, yeah we do. – Yeah, because people don’t understand. – Yeah we do, we should go out together. – Yeah, with our jackets. What’s your color? Mine is that color. – [Link] It’s that color. – Yeah, there we go. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Gucci. – Okay, I’m wrong. – [Link] All right, here we have what I would call an elf hat. Uh, a smurf hat. Maybe a beanie. – Yep, I’d say maybe, definitely a beanie. – But it’s more of a slouchy beanie. – This was really popular um, 12 years ago? – I’m saying Bad-Chi. – I’m definitely saying Bad-Chi. – This particular type, no fold over, that name brand, Zukas. – [Rhett] Well, and he looks constipated. – [Link] Well, let’s not judge him. – [Ava] He looks like he works at a low level coffee shop and judges you. – Oh, wow. – And you can’t have it both ways guy. – Budget coffee. – Either get in the high level coffee. what are you at, Lavazza? (laughing) How do you say that? Lavazza? – I don’t got in there, I wouldn’t know. – I don’t even know what that is. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – It’s supposed to be a high end coffee brand, Lavazza. – I’ve never heard of that in my life. – Lavazza. – Where have you seen this? – Signs. – I’ve seen the signs, I don’t follow them. – So what, are we right? – This is bad. – Yes. – Yeah, real bad. – Next. – [Link] Okay, now this is a skirt being pulled up to reveal a chunky sneaker. – Now, this is one of those, like ironic things you’d go down to like Silver Lake and they would be, you would think, “Oh, does that woman need help?” (laughing – And then you’d be like no. – And then you would tilt up and see – No, she lives in a two million dollar home. Yeah, for that reason alone, I’m saying Bad-Chi. I don’t believe in this trend. – Yeah, I think this is kind of Bad-Chi because it’s too bottom heavy. – Yeah, too much foundation. – What do you think? I mean here, what do you. – I’m going to say, – This is Gucci. (laughing) – I I was. – So am I, you know. – OMG – Aren’t you Rhett? – Yeah, yeah, oh yeah sorry I was yeah, yeah, yeah. – I mean we’re not old farts we know what’s up. That’s cool girl. – I wore these shoes to the USPS store to drop off a package. – Hold on, are you talking about the post office? (laughing) – I’m so old, I know it’s called the post office. – And an elderly woman behind me was literally asking me where I got my shoes because she was looking for new, supportive shoes. – And what did that tell you. – I had a full conversation with her. I was like, “Balenciaga”. – Those are Gucci. Those are great. – So, are you saying Gucci? – Yeah, I’m going to say Gucci. Actually, I’m going to say Balenciaga. – Oh. – Very specific. – [Link] All right, this dude (mumbling) is that a scar? – [Ava] A scar? Or a reflection? Or a pimple? Or herpes? – [Rhett] We don’t need to
think about this one very long. – [Link] I think it’s a face tattoo. – [Rhett] This is awful. – No, I think this is ahead of its time. – Maybe he works with lasers. – Who knows. – Maybe he’s a laser tech. Maybe he does LASIK all day. He has to protect his eyes. – I mean, I’m talking about the glasses not the mustache. – Well, I can’t not look at the mustache. It’s like the only thing I can see. – But, I am saying Gucci, Gucci, Gu. – I’m saying Bad-Chi, real Bad-Chi. – I’m going to say Bad-Chi. I’m not about it. – [Link] Okay, all right, more shoes. Ummmmmmmm. [Rhett] Yeah, this is. – [Link] This is not a fashion statement. This is. This should be worn in a workout mode only. You can’t be going to the grocery store in these, Dad. – This is like a dad trying to be like, “Hey guys, I got orange shoes.” – Yeah. – Heeeeeeey guys. – [Link] With those socks and those pants, those are denim. – “You can call me by my first name, high schoolers.” – This reminds me of. – “I’m Rob.” – This reminds me of when I was young and I really wanted black and white Nikes like all the cool kids at school. But we only went to Famous Footwear and all they had was the orange Nikes. – Oh. – Right. – So that’s what my family got me. – They’re on clearance. – Yeah, yeah, yep. Clearance on clearance. – So, you’re saying Bad-Chi and we are all in agreement. – Bad-Chi. – All right. – [Link] Okay, here we’ve got what is that, a breast pack? – [Rhett] It’s a fanny pack over the nipple. – [Link] That’s a nipple pack. – Uh. I believe you can wear a fanny pack. Well, I now know you can wear a fanny pack anywhere on your body you want. – [Woman in Background] I’m sorry but Darren just lifted up his shoes back here and they’re the orange sneakers. (laughing) – Yeah Darren. – [Darren off screen]
And I am in the process of trying to be a cool dad. (laughing) – It only works on the track, man. – That’s awesome. – You got to show calf up above that and you’ve got to be sprinting. (laughing) – Um. – This guy, this guy, I mean he looks cool. – I know for a fact that fanny packs are back. And the cool kids are wearing them. I actually, uh, have one in a closet that I have yet to wear. But I’m going to wear it while vacationing across the UK. – You going to wear it like that? – I am now. I was actually thinking about wearing it on the forehead. – That’s ahead of it’s time. – Just because it’s cool,
doesn’t mean when you wear it, it stays cool. I’m just going to say that. – No, no, I’ll be the
dad with the orange shoes but ill have a fanny pack. I’m going to have the fanny pack for functional reasons (pause) only. – Fanny packs are functional. – Maybe you should get a money belt and wear it inside your pants. I’m saying Gucci for the right person, not the wrong person. – I’m saying, you know, every one has those people out there that like what they do. It’s not for me. I personally wouldn’t. I don’t have any friends
that do this trend. But um, – Sounds like you’re saying Bad-Chi. – But it’s not for me. But it’s for someone else. – It’s for me. – So, you’re saying. – I can appreciate it. – So, you’re agreeing with me. It’s on the fence. – It’s on the fence. – It’s on the fence. Yeah, yeah. – I’m saying its Gucci. – [Link] Hold on, now how do you say that? – [Rhett] You just said this. – [Link] Balenciaga? – [Rhett] You just said
this earlier, didn’t you? – [Link] Balenciaga? – That’s the same brand that you’ve got on right now. – Why is she wearing it with low jeans though? See this is. I mean you guys can go. – I want to see, I want to see the top of that Balenciaga. – Okay, so you’re saying, total package, this is a faux pas. – This is horrible. – But if we are just judging the shoes or the leaf. Then, we are saying Gucci. – I don’t like these. – Balenciaga? – It’s a sock with a sole. And I think this is we are going to be laughing at this in a year. – Balenciaga? – [Darren off Screen] I like the way you said it the first time. – (western accent) Balenciaga. (laughing) – This is Bad-Chi. A sock with a sole is not a shoe. – I feel like it puts you too forward. It’s like it puts you in too much of an offensive posture. (laughing). – But I’m going to say Gucci because you have them on. – Bad-Chi. – I don’t know. I saw a really cool girl in the airport wearing them. And I was like, “That looks good.” But with these jeans, it looks horrible. This person doesn’t know what she is doing. – Bad-Chi. – Or he. Bad. – [Link] Oh, and now we come to it. – [Woman in Background]
This is the last one guys. (laughing) – Let’s just let Ava assess this one first. – All right. (laughing) – This reminds me of my ex. This is uh. You know, it’s cool. Like, I love when someone experiments with prints. Um. It does tell a lot, sometimes. Judge a book by it’s cover. Who this person is. – What would it? Judge that cover. – You know, it seems like he needs attention and like yells a lot. Yells a lot in public places. – Right. – And dances, um, – Hmm. – A lot of hip thrusting. – Yeah. – He also has sunglasses that match it, as well. – Oh snap. – He probably has your hair style but with a little bit more gel in it. – Yep. – And he thinks he can surf but he can’t. – Keep going. – So um, – You’re so right. – So yeah, that’s him. – You don’t even know it. – His name is probably Brent, honestly. – You’re very close. What about Brett? – Brett. – What about just Rhett? (laughing) (laughing) – OMG. – So, we’re saying Gucci. – Everything you said was spot on. – He has sunglasses to match! And his hair! (laughing) – [Ava] Why did you do that? – Good question. – Where did you even get that? – Why did you do that? – My wife bought it for me. (laughing) – So I was like, let’s do a photo shoot. Hey, were in Cabo. – Ava, you’re my favorite person. “Why did you do that?” That was my first question, as well. – Yeah. – But then you did it. – I also did it. But, I was doing it to make fun of you. Man! – Wow. Wow. – No regrets. – Another five, she did it. – [Funny Voice] Hey hun, would it be a sin not to get one of our pins? Mythical + GMM enamel pins. Now available at

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  1. The fact that Rhett and link HATED the chunky sneakers and Eva was wearing them.. wooooow😂😂

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  9. Hello, Humans.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. ~Albert Einstein

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