Grocery Lemonade Taste Test

Grocery Lemonade Taste Test

(rooster crows)
(lion roars) – Is your knee okay?
– No. (Matt chuckles) Hey, Gifticality. – All right.
– Look at that. We’re donating $1000 to the
Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission
to improve the treatment of animals everywhere.
– Wow. – Please join us in
giving at – All right.
– What a nice cause. – When they say we they
mean Rhett and Link. – Sure, oh, not you and I. – No no no no no. That would, I can’t, mm. (Jordan chuckles) – We’re selfish men,
we’re very selfish men. – I’d give five or $6. – I have Funko Pops to buy.
– Yes, yes, yes. – Hey, Matt.
– What’s up dude? – Do you like lemonade?
– I do. – Do you like milk milk?
– I also like that. I know where this is
going and I don’t wanna. – It’s going around the corner. – I don’t want to go around.
– Where the fudge is made. – Mm.
– So yeah I think what we’re going to do
is we’re going to try store-bought lemonades
and we’re gonna rank ’em to help people out there make good summertime beverage choices. – Okay yeah, you mean as opposed to like alcoholic beverages. It’s like this is just
a fun sugary drink– – No.
– That we can all enjoy. – This is super wholesome
and I think what I wanna do is before, let’s have a sip of lemonade. – Okay.
– And let’s just say something wholesome to each other. – Okay I love that.
– ‘Cause this is a nice, wholesome segment featuring two good boys. – Yeah we’re boys, nice boys. – (chuckles) A couple of nice boys. – We’re boys nice. – Yeah so looks like today’s
first lemonade is a Capri Sun. – Oh this is classic,
this is like my childhood. – Yeah, Matt, you know how we did it– – How did you do it?
– When I was growing up? – Oh you’re gonna do from the bottom, huh? – Boom!
– Yeah, yeah. – Uh!
– I still can’t get the straw. – I know.
– I can’t even get it out the plastic.
– This is hard. I’m so embarrassed, please cut this out of me trying to stab the Sun. – (chuckles) I’m doing it regular way. – Why can’t I do this?
– I’m doing it regular– – I might have to too. – I can’t throw a baseball anymore either. – Oh there we go.
– All right you got ’em? – Hey.
– I did it regular. – Whoa.
– Hey, uh-oh. – Oh I forgot to say something wholesome. – You first. – I sure do love it when
pies cool on windowsills. – Mm. – Now you go.
– Okay. I like reading to get
me to sleep at night. – Oh that’s nice. Healthier than turning on the TV. – That’s right or going through the phone, going through the phone is no good. – You get to REM sleep faster. – Yes yes, I like that REM.
– This is good, this is really good. – It’s got that classic
flavor where you’re just like, I know it’s mostly high
fructose corn syrup but I don’t even care. – Yeah no, this is good, I’m getting some real
childhood vibes right now. Just want my–
– Luncha– – Dad to say he’s proud of me. – Oh I thought you were
gonna say Lunchables but that’s also wholesome. – I would also like a Lunchable. – Mm, oh yeah. – Yeah I like this way more
than I thought I was going to. It’s really good.
– This was like, to bring it back to baseball.
– Please. – After baseball games we would all get, everyone get Capri Sun
and they would get me Gusher’s fruit snacks,
a lot of sugar after. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause they were like you earned all those calories already. – Yeah, put some in there. – Put some back in there, exactly. – Yeah you know, I’m kind
of an Arnold Palmer guy. – Yeah?
– So it’d be nice to have a little iced tea with these. – That would be nice.
– But what can you do? – That’s different game.
– What can you do? Totally different segment.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh time for some Minute Maid. – Okay, now before we’re gonna rank these, I say we rank them the best here. – Okay.
– And then the worst over there and right now this is neutral. – Yeah so let’s– – We’re galling this one neutral. – Yeah call it neutral, whoop. – All right.
– Yeah oh let’s say something wholesome and have a sip. – Mm-kay. (can clicks) – You know, if you’re talking books, ain’t nothing beats the bible. – Mm. – Mm.
– Mm. Only the first half of the bible is real. (Jordan chuckles) (crew laughs) – Really, Matt Lieb? Is that true, Matt Lieb? (chuckles) – Sorry.
(both laughing) That’s wholesome to everyone
in my synagogue but– (Jordan chuckles) – We go to very different
synagogues, you and I. – Very different, very, very. – Yeah, this is good. This is a little more sugary than this. I don’t know which one
actually has more sugar– – Yeah.
– But to me, this is more like a soda. – Yeah it feels like
because it’s in a can, definitely they were like
we gotta make it more tart for the kids to enjoy.
– Yeah. – And I know that tartness
is supposed to be part of the whole lemonade experience
but this is overdoing it. – Yeah, I think it is too. So right now if we’re going,
so let’s say Capri Sun, I think we both like more.
– Oh definitely. – And Minute Maid we
both like a little less. – Okay. – Oh so this is Whole Foods 365. – Oh. – It’s Whole Foods discount brand. – Right right right, that’s
their own home brand. Home brewed.
– My cat liked that cat food for awhile.
– Oh yeah? – Then she stopped liking it. – Cats are finicky like that. – They are very finicky animals. – Yeah after awhile they’re like you can do better than this. Come on Jordan. – Let’s say something wholesome. – Okay. – Cats are finicky animals. – Mm. Oh my gosh.
– Yeah. Oh I’m kind of mad. I feel like I am just like
a cartoon of a hipster ’cause I like the Whole Foods one best. – Yeah yeah yeah, it’s more expensive, that’s why it’s better. – I don’t think the 365 is that expensive, but it’s gotta be more than this. – It’s gotta be more
expensive than these, right? – It’s probably not more
than the Minute Maid though. – Really ’cause it’s name brand? – But it’s comparable. Yeah this is really good, it’s nice. Yeah again, it’s not overly sweet. It’s with a little tart
lemon, very refreshing. I could drink a big, how
much we got for that, okay. – You know what, the ice is doing it. This is the one thing
that things like Capri Sun and Minute Maid are missing
is you gotta put it in ice. – Yeah–
– Now of course that’s not a function of the brand. We did that here, someone did that. Someone was paid to do that
so you gotta pay someone to put ice in your lemonade. – Have we agreed on all
these lemonades so far? – I mean I think so. This is so far my favorite. – Yeah me too so 365,
Capri Sun, Minute Maid. – We’ll put this–
– Now what do we got now? – Here so that people see,
now is this blocking us? (crew laughs) – It’s very big. – Let’s see, what’s this guy? This is a fun looking jug. – Yeah. – Fat bottom jugs, you make
the rockin’ world go round. – Califa. Wiz Khalifa Farms. – (chuckles) It’s probably
not Wiz Khalifa, it might be. – Could be. I wouldn’t be surprised,
listen, branding goes all ways. When you’re a musician,
you gotta make shirts. Paul Newman has his own lemonade too. – Famous rapper Paul Newman. – Famous rapper Paul Newman. – Yeah so this is Meijer
lemonade, all natural home style from Califa Farms. I’ve never had anything from this brand but it’s pretty good, 15% juice. – Ah ah ah ah ah ah, something wholesome. – Mm.
– I’ll start. I love all of my nieces
and nephews equally. – Mm-hmm.
– Even though they are skilled at very different things. – I wish to someday touch a horse’s mane. – Mm. (chuckles) – Yeah. – All right now we’re getting to the– – This is a little more lemony. – Yeah, more lemony without
that smack of sourness. – Mm-hmm.
– This is, this is almost, it’s tame,
it’s a mild lemonade. – Oh interesting, I feel like to me, I’m tasting more tart. – You’re tasting more tart? – But maybe my tongue is just
different than your tongue. – Mm, maybe your tongue got
burned from all the other ones. – Could be. Yeah, I like this a little
bit less than the Whole Foods but still pretty good
and still I think more than the other ones. – Mm, yeah, yeah, let me, hold on. Do I drink weird? – You do, yeah, you drink a little weird. You make weird sounds too. – Yeah I have to hold with
two hands, it’s a thing. ‘Cause when I hold with one
hand I have these shaky hands so it looks like I’m nervous
but I’m not, I’m just– – You look like a giant six-year-old. (both chuckle) – Ba-ba.
– Oh Dad. – Give me my ba-ba, Dad. – Where do we go when we die? – (chuckles) I did ask him that. – Yeah around six, you start
being curious about death. – He said, “The cemetery.” It’s like okay. – What do you think, are
we still simpatico on this or do you like it better than this? – I think I do, I think
it’s my favorite one so far. – Okay so for you it’s this. – I’m going Califa.
– But yeah. – Yo. ♪ Black and yellow, black
and yellow, black and yell ♪ That is Wiz Khalifa, right? Someone, oh.
(crew laughs) – Oh (whimpers) God, yeah, okay. Thumbs up. – Oh how embarrassing that would be. – All right, is this our final, oh no. Oh hey look at this. – Ah!
– Santa Cruz Organic. Fun story.
– Fun fact. – Fun story everyone.
– Yeah. – Matt and I went to college
together at UC Santa Cruz and we hated each other. – Oh we could not stand,
stab, stab, stab, stab. – We were stabbin’ each other. – It was really–
– Yeah. – But now we love each other.
– That’s true. – That is the nicest–
– Our stab wounds have healed. – Yeah everything has
healed, we grew as people. – Mm-hmm. Yeah are these, did I miss, okay. So here’s the glass, Santa Cruz Organic. Did you know of the lemonade
factory when you went to– – No, I did not, that
is definitely not the… That’s not what I went to Santa Cruz for was the lemonade consumption. – This is made at their
corporate headquarters. 37 Speedway Avenue in Chico, California. – What a lie. – Lies, lots of lying.
– That is ridiculous. Why would they–
– Jug. – Name it Santa Cruz? – I don’t know honestly. – Mm, these people, oh oh. Something nice. – Let’s see. I’m rewatching My Little
Pony: Friendship Is Magic. – I love it. Stab wounds heal with love. – Ooh boy. I mean, Chico or not, this is good. You don’t like it?
– Oh no I hate it. – You really hate it.
– I hate this one. – Look at your face. Look at your little face
how much you hate it. – It’s just ’cause it was so different than all the other ones,
this one’s too different. – I like how slight it is. I like how it’s a little bit watery. – It is very watery.
– I like how it’s not like super sweet. Boy yeah, this is great, this
would be nice in a cocktail. You could put a little vodka in here. – I’m sober now. – Well I could put a little vodka in it. – You could, I could watch.
(both chuckle) We’re allowed–
– You love watching me drink vodka, don’t you? – It’s one of my favorite things to do. (Jordan chuckles) I’m gonna try drinking with
one hand at some point. – We’re looking at a Google Map here. This is four hours away
from UC Santa Cruz. – Wow. – Well this is, yeah. – I mean, it’s four hours
away at this time of day. If it were rush hour–
– Yeah rush hour. – Forget about it, forget about it.
– Oh it’d be five hours. – Yeah, yeah, at least. – So yeah disingenuous naming aside, this is my favorite, this is really good. – Yeah. – But I bet this is like
a more premium item. I bet this costs way more. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah, for sure. All right, well I don’t
even know where to rate that since I hated it the
most and you liked it– – Yeah and I liked it the most. – We put it–
– Let’s just put it– – Right in the middle.
– Right here in the middle. – I was gonna stack them
but that’s a dangerous game. – Yeah don’t stack these. – All right, something new. – Yeah, okay, so this is– (crew laughs) This is Simply Lemonade. – Ah, this is what I always drink. – You like Simply, you’re simply man? – I’m a simple man.
– Yeah you’re a simple man. – I like a simple lemonade. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Yeah, something wholesome. – I enjoy it, it’s first of all non-GMO, it says right there. – That’s important. – Yeah I think I know what it means. – Yeah I don’t know exactly what a GMO is but I don’t want any of them. – Yeah yeah.
– Get them out of here. – Go away, GMO!
– Get on outta here! – You’re not good, GMO.
– Ooh. – Get out of my town. (both chuckle) – They don’t have to leave town. – All right, okay, you can stay. – Something wholesome. I owe everything to Mommy. – Aw. I love both my parents equally although their skill sets are different. (crew laughs) – I don’t like this, I know
I’m sorry this is your brand but boy, yeah, this is too sweet for me. This to me is more similar to this. This is more soda-like. – After trying literally
any other lemonade today, I kind of realized I’ve really– – Your choice is wrong. – I’ve been limiting myself
in my lemonade choices for a long, long time. And I think it’s because
this is the lemonade that my parents buy in bulk at like Costco and stuff like that so– – You have kind of a
lemonade Stockholm syndrome. – A little bit, a little
bit, it’s just like, lemonade hurts me because it loves me, you know what I mean but–
– I don’t. (both laugh) This is weird but I’ll go with you on that so maybe do we like this more
or less than the Minute Maid? – I think I still like
it more than Minute Maid. – I like it a little more too but to me, this is a similar product so
yeah, how are we with this? Meijer’s first. – Well let’s–
– Let’s scoot ’em. – Let’s scoot ’em. I think the microphone is
my third favorite lemonade. – Oh love that microphone.
– Mm-hmm, there we go. – So yeah so Meijer’s we both liked a lot. – Yeah we did. – You liked it a little more than I did. Whole Foods 365 we both liked a lot. – We loved it. – Santa Cruz you couldn’t stand. – Don’t like it.
– And I loved. – It’s filled with lies. – (chuckles) You’re from Chico, admit it.
– Go away. You’re worse than GMOs. – Capri Sun we both kinda
thought had a fun nostalgia vibe. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. – Simply not nuts about and
Minute Maid not nuts about. – Yeah. – What a fun segment. – What fun times we’ve had.
– Look at these two good boys and no one swore. – No one swore one time. – No one even said (beep). – [Link] We are hitting the road this fall to bring comedy and music to
even more Mythical Beasts. Get your tickets now at

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