Greatest Imposters of All Time

Greatest Imposters of All Time

Would you get a medical exam from an
18-year-old named Dr. Love? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooood Mythical Morning!
– If you have seen the movie… …”Catch Me If You Can” starring
Oscar-winner Leonardo…. – …DiCapri-o-o-o-o-o-o…
– Ooh. …then you know about Frank Abagnale,
notorious imposter who passed… – …himself off as a physician…
– Yes. …a pilot, and an attorney. He was none
of those things, yet he ranked — racked up — he ranked and racked up millions
of dollars until Tom Hanks caught him… – …and put him in jail.
– Mm, that Tom Hanks. But, you know… …Frank was not the only imposter.
In fact, we’ve got some that we think… – …may have done a better job than Frank.
– Yes. Let’s get right to them. You may have seen this picture floating
around the Internet. This is 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson. And I know what
you’re thinking: “Look at this studious… – …teen. He is obviously a physician.
– Definitely. – He is a doctor. He has a white lab coat.
– Mhm. He has a stethoscope
draped over his neck. – He has a faux-hawk.
– And he has his hand nestled… …underneath his chin. So he has to be
a doctor, right?” – Definitely. Of course.
– Well, that’s what the doctors at… …St. Mary’s Medical Center in
Palm Beach, Florida, also thought. January of last year, he pretended to be
a doctor. He is not a doctor. – Oh!
– But he pretended to be a gynecologist. – Oh.
– And he wandered the hallways wearing… …his white lab coat and shadowing…
– Dr. Love. …doctors. And he did introduce himself
as Dr. Love-Robinson for a whole month! Well, adding the Robinson helps
a little bit. – “I’m Dr Love- (under breath) Robinson…
– (laughing) – …your gynecologist for the day.”
– Oh, my. The staff finally caught on, reported him
to police. He was arrested but not… …charged, and the local news affiliate
WPBF allowed him to defend his actions. No, ma’am. I requested…
to shadow… some… physicians. – (both chuckling) Uh-huh.
– Next thing I know… cops were there. – (Malachi) (inaudible) Have no idea.
– Yeah, nothin’. I didn’t operate. I didn’t reach in
someone’s uterus (laughing). I didn’t snatch up a baby. I didn’t
do any of that. I don’t know. I think I might be convinced
that he is a doctor. He said he didn’t snatch any babies out of a uterus, and
doctors definitely wouldn’t do that, so. – Well, unless it’s a c-section.
– Oh, okay. Yes. And it’s like a mild snatching
of the baby… – Okay. Mild snatching
– …from the uterus. There’s a part… …two to this story. He did not hang up
his lab coat. He went on to found… …the New Birth New Life Medical Center
& Urgent Care, LLC, where he credits… – …himself as being not only…
– Legit. …a Ph.D., but president, CEO, and
founder. And according to the website, he practices “phototherapy, food and
air therapy.” – Hold on – he practices food? I’m goin’!
– He practices food therapy. – I’m interested.
– And air therapy. get you some of that. The police, again, they catch on, and they
decide to perform a little operation… – …of their own: a sting operation!
– Oh. Oh! – And undercover agent gets an exam.
– What kind of exam? I don’t know i he got food or air therapy.
I don’t know. – No uteruses involved.
– No, nothing was snatched from this… – …guy’s uterus. He was then…
– (crew offscreen laughing) …arrested and booked for practicing
medicine without a license. And as recently as this past March, he was
charged again for taking $34,000 in car payments and paying that with credit
information from his client. Well, a doctor’s gotta have a nice car.
Okay, in 1988, Princeton University received an admissions application from
Alexi Indris-Santana that included some above-average SAT scores, some newspaper
clippings for track meets that he had won, showing that he was
an incredible runner. – Okay.
– And also a letter explaining his… …backstory, which was he grew up as a
self-taught orphan, lived in the Grand Canyon, where he raised sheep, read
philosophy books, and slept under the… – …stars with his horse, Good Enough.
– “Good Enough!” You know what? That was “Good Enough” for
Princeton to receive him, accept him… – Really.
– …and give him $20,000 scholarship. Now, he defers enrollment for one year,
and we’ll get back to exactly why he… – …did that in a second.
– How do you teach yourself to be… – …and orphan? Oh.
– Well, (whispering) he made it up, Link. It’s not true. Good Enough doesn’t exist.
So then he goes on — we’ll get back to why he deferred enrollment for a year —
he goes to Princeton. Two years. Great student. Almost all As. He’s an
incredible track star. He’s gonna lead them to the championship. And then he’s at
the Harvard-Yale-Princeton meet in 1991 and a guy from Yale on the other team
sees him and says, “I recognize that guy from my high school in California. You
know, he was exposed as being a… – …26-year-old.”
– As a high school student. – Yes. While he was in high school.
– So how old was he in college? Well, it turns out that Alexi was actually
31-year-old James Hogue, an ex-con… – …from Kansas City. The story is…
– (Link) Ooh! …absolutely incredible. In his 20s,
he wanted to get into Stanford. He was… – …an Ivy League man. You know?
– Okay, yeah. But he had to get a high school diploma,
so he goes and enrolls at the Palo Alto high school as Jay Mitchell Huntsman,
which happened to be the identity of a dead infant. He did not impersonate
a dead infant. He just used the name. – Okay. It’s easier.
– That wouldn’t have worked. He got caught. He flees to Colorado where
he acts like a Stanford professor. Don’t know why he’s doing that in
Colorado. But then he gets caught, so he goes on to start stealing stuff, so
then he is jailed. Now, while he is in jail for stealing stuff, he applies to
Princeton. – That’s when he wrote the horse letter?
– Writes the Good Enough horse letter… – (laughing)
– …gets accepted, and then has to… …defer enrollment for one year because
he’s still in jail! – Yep, you gotta get out.
– He goes to Princeton, does his… …thing, gets caught there, goes back to
jail, and then he’s basically in and out of jail for different things:
impersonating people, other crimes, including going back to Princeton and just
hanging out on campus as Jim McArthur. So, he is… Sounds like the type of guy who’d
like to hang out. He went back to prison again, but in 2012,
he got out on probation. So if you’re at Princeton and there’s a 56-year-old man
on the track team who’s just incredible… – Cheer loudly.
– …it’s probably this guy. Or, you know what?
Just let him do his thing! – Yeah!
– He just wants to be a track star at… – …Princeton! Who doesn’t?
– Allow me to present to you one of… …the smoothest tricksters who ever
lived: this guy, Victor Lustic. A little background on him: he was born
in 1890 in what was then Czechoslovakia. – Dude had 45 now-known aliases.
– Okay. He mastered five languages. He was
arrested 50 times in the U.S. for various cons. But his biggest con, the biggest
one, maybe one of the biggest ones of all time, happened in Paris in 1925 when
he sold the Eiffel Tower. – (raspily) No, he didn’t!
– Yes. He sold on of the most… …iconic structures on the face of the
planet. And this is how he did it. Listen. They were having trouble
maintaining The Eiffel Tower in… – …the early 20s. It was an issue.
– Yeah. I recall. So he saw this as an opportunity.
He impersonated the deputy director general of the Ministry of Post
and Telegraphs. – Okay. That’s a great position.
– You’re a fan of that office, I’ve heard. – Yes.
– He invited six metal dealers to a… …meeting at a fancy hotel, okay?
And then he put them all in a limo and wines and dines them, takes them
to the Eiffel Tower, gives them a tour of the thing, and then he’s like,
“All right, boys. Which one of you wants to pay up to scrap this
piece of junk?” – I get it.
– And the whole time, he’s sizing them… …up to figure out which one is the most
gullible and his mark ended up being Andre Poisson, and insecure businessman
who desperately wanted to be in… – …the big leagues. Now, I know a…
– Mhm. …little French, and I know that
“poisson” means fish. – Fish, yeah.
– So I don’t know why he didn’t smell… …anything fishy, because he should have.
You can’t be selling no Eiffel Tower. – I don’t think that’s how it works, Link.
– Poisson! Poisson! Poisson! I don’t think that’s how you get your
last name. Poisson bought it, literally. Hook, line,
and sinker. We’re estimating around… – …$100,000 in that time’s money…
– At the time. …that he paid. Lustic took off, goes to
America. Then a month later, he comes… – …back and tries the same scheme again…
– Well, it worked! – …but this time he gets caught.
– Oh. He ends up in Alcatraz for 20 years,
where he dies of pneumonia. But if someone wants to sell you the
Eiffel Tower, just a point of reference, it’s 435 billion euros to the French
economy. – Oh, that’s a good deal.
– So if they’re asking for less than that… – …you know it’s a scam.
– Okay, so no list of imposters would… …be complete without the amazing
pop-vocal duo Milli Vanilli. – (Link) Yes!
– (Rhett) Now, for those of you who… …don’t remember, back in the 80s these
guys burst onto the scene: two good-lookin’ dudes with long, braided
hair and very tight pants… – Yes.
– …singing a song. (unison) ♪ (Girl, you know it’s true) ♪ ♪ (Ooh, ooh, ooh! I love you) ♪ – It was amazing! I loved it so much.
– I had that tape. – Everything about them was incredible.
– Oh, yeah! – Best new artist Grammy, 1990.
– Yes. And then, later that year, they’re doing
a performance that MTV happens to be recording and their worst nightmare
comes true. He’s a clip. (music repeating the same section) Okay, so basically happened there is
♪ (Girl, you know it’s) ♪ – ♪ (Girl, you know) ♪ began to skip.
– True! True! Give me the true! And then one of them ran off the stage,
because it turns out Milli Vanilli was just two German models lip syncing some
stuff that other people were singing. And people lip sync performances all the
time, but… – Their own stuff.
– …it wasn’t their voice the cassette… – …at the time.
– And these guys weren’t even good. They had this German accent, and this
American singing voice, and they weren’t that great at it. So after this — I mean,
this was huge. I remember when this happened. They had to give the Grammy
back. It turns out this music producer, Frank Farian, was behind this whole thing.
Things kind of went downhill for one of the guys, Rob, who ended up dying of
a drug overdose, but Fab ended up continuing to sing Milli Vanilli songs for
years, using his own voice, which was… – …not as good as the original voice.
– Mm. But, actually, you know, to be honest,
thinking about this got us thinking about ourselves. I think it’s time for us to
make a confession. Yeah, um… we’ll just tell you.
Listen. The voices that you have come to know and love are not our own. (Rhett’s voice) Hey. We’re the real
Rhett & Link. I’m Chase and I’m the… – …voice of Rhett.
– (Link’s voice) And I’m Mike, and I’m… …the voice of Link. Now you finally
know the truth. (fake, warbly voice) Thanks for liking and
commenting and sharing this video… – …with your friends and family.
– (raspy voice) You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Rhett.
– And I’m Ryan. (unison) And we’re from Thousand Oaks,
California. And it’s time to spin… – …The Wheel of Mythicality!
– There’s this new, exciting website… …called, and we have
joined it. – Yeah, we’re on dat.
– And we make video over there that… – …are only on that.
– Yeah! – So go and check it out.
– Click it and like it. Click through… …to Good Mythical More. Click that “i.”
We’re gonna play a video game, Div kick Addition Edition.
It’s a fighting game! (Rhett) “Link loses control of his voice!”
Hmm! (high voice) Well, this is
(low voice) ironic. Oop. (low voice) Well, this is
(high voice) ironiiiiiiic! – (laughing)
– Well, this is (very high voice) ironic! – It keeps going (even higher) higher!
– Wow. It seems like… …you lost control of your voice. Wow.
– I can’t control it! (high-pitched screech) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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