Gravity – Microphone Stands with Round Base / Folding Tripod Base

Hi and welcome to the Adam Hall Group Studios. Today I would like to talk to you about these microphone stands. At first glance, they’re pretty regular microphone stands without a boom which they are. But there are some details which are very different and I would like to point them out to you today. Let’s start off with the clutch grip. The clutch grip is in its function similar to the ones you may know, but this one here is soft-touch coating. And that just means that you have more grip and you can tighten this part better without it hurting your hands. Some other stands might have slits here or other bumps and extrusions that will, at the end of the day, hurt your hand if you have a lot of microphone stands to operate. Going further down. The leg collar of the tripod stand is made of zinc material which is pretty much the best material you can use for a part like this. Cheaper ones might use plastic, slightly better ones might use aluminium or a steel and plastic combination and this is, as mentioned, zinc. Zinc has a couple of advantages. For one, it’s a heavier material and at the same time, while manufacturing it it has very low tolerances. That means all the parts fit together very nicely without any wobbling or anything being loose or not matching perfectly. And that’s what makes this feel so solid when you tighten or when you pull up these legs here. Speaking of the legs, there are very few microphone stands where you can actually do this. You can actually stand on the stand and start jumping around without anything happening to it. Most other stands would have broken by now. What’s also worth to mention is the knob itself. All Gravity knobs are special in that they’re double injection moulded. That means that inside it’s a hard plastic ABS or nylon material depending on which knob we’re talking about and then it’s coated with a thermoplastic which is a type of rubber. So the feel and touch of this knob is a rubber feel and it’s very grippy, and it allows you to tighten and loosen this knob a lot more than other knobs, and it just again feels good and it doesn’t hurt your hands. Speaking of not hurting your hands, the same goes for the mic clip retainer at the top. Again, it’s not the regular slim nut. It’s a long, specially tooled plastic nut which you can grip with almost your whole hand and tighten and loosen. That’s the tripod stand, and the round base stands are very similar with the whole construction, obviously the base itself is different. The rubber foot is circumferential which means that it goes all the way around and that helps as far as the stability of the stand is concerned. Now, if the weight of this stand should not be enough, you can add an optional additional weight. This is a Variweight, it’s an additional weight that you can mount onto the bottom of this stand. It has an M20 thread and without any tools you can just screw it into the bottom here. Obviously, if you’ve bought stands like this or you want to buy some and you want to upgrade them, our boom arms are available separately. And you can also upgrade your stands any time to have a full microphone stand, either with a telescopic boom as shown here or with a regular boom like this one here. And just to mention, there is also a white version of this one here which is very good for certain venues where you would like to have a slightly more elegant stand. And of course, the green rings on all the Gravity products are detachable and each product comes with a set of black rings. Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for watching and check us out on Take care and see you soon. Bye bye!

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