1. Graham Hancock speaks so well and very engaging. I really learn so much from listening to him. His thoughts and theories are so well thought out. Almost like he has knowledge from another life that is channeling through this life. I hope he does not get anymore seizures and he stays healthy. We need him. Long life to you Mr. Hancock!!

  2. Have read some Graham Hancock works, thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful and provocative? Right or wrong, he is an asset to the world.

  3. His first experience where he received an electrical shock was not a “near death” experience. His medical induced coma was!

  4. His first experience where he received an electrical shock was not a “near death” experience. His medical induced coma was!

  5. Comet yes. Greenland no. Geological history clearly shows that the northward trending shallow degree of entry, primary and secondary debris fields indicate massive density impact piercing the mantle and creating a nuclear winter, that collapsed the planets high density atmospheric conditions required to support massive life forms.

    Patrimonial Human terraforming of lands, cultures, languages, legends and history of the Americas was preceded in European tribal lands.

    And yes, there is ample evidence of flight and more. Stop thinking in such linear terms. The evidence is in our face, right in front of us, da y in and day out, and we do not see it. You really don’t believe the Great Plains are a natural occurrence, do you?

  6. going to finish this completely….since he's so much more relevant now with his new book about North America, there's so much to learn…look how thick his new book is. This one is worth reading. I will finish this video first! I'll watch it twice.

  7. This is excellent. New Earth Channel is geat for this. They call the "They" Pengiuns" Very appropriate

  8. To quote Donovan, "Histories of ages past Unenlightened shadows cast Down through all eternity The crying of humanity."

  9. Sorry to hear about Graham’s health issues. I’m pushing 60 and shit starts to get real at this age. Hopefully he has recovered fully!

  10. Doctrine and ideology, downfall of our human hopes! I wonder if we can evolve as a species past that paradigm of power, like we can as individuals potentially?

  11. Graham Hancock, the matradee author. Serving the toughest crow, that the academics are still unable to chew. So politely.."Are you choking sirs? "So sorry, we have taken the soft, smooth bull crap you served off the menu." "Perhaps you should try to chew and swallow, before you fucking choke to death?" 🙂 I love this guy.

  12. My goodness! I'm so glad he's still with us!!!! He is one of my favorite researchers! Graham Hancock, Jordan Maxwell, William Henry and the Late John Anthony West!!!!

  13. this was produced by the same people that want you to believe islam is a religion of peace. Yeah. let that sink in.

  14. no part 2 and gotta sign up for viewing on their site, bullshit. if they really were interested in people having information they wouldnt hide it behind walls.

  15. Ten minutes into this video and all the talk is about the author and naff all to do with earth's lost civilization. I am sure there other videos on the subject that are not as tiresome. This video is ok if you 1st want to be lulled in to sympathising with this Graham hancock's heart problem and then go buy his book.

  16. A number of theories as to the catastrophe 12000 years ago. One is broken comet or meteor shower, second two moons or planet and moon collided in what has formed the asteroid belt near Mars sending many fragments through Earths field, third a plasma eruption from the Sun and four possibly a small scale nuclear war between two factions of the advanced race. Hinduism documents gods firing weapons from flying machines or vimanas.

  17. Graham have you tryed CBD oil i have epilepsy to and i use CBD oil every day.and it works better then any of the drugs i have had to use.

  18. Well it was in a movie, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, no one noticed, this is earth mark 2, the first went boom, funny how some things could hold more truth then first imagined, and how many will so blindly ignore a truth even if you spell it out for them and put it in front of their face because that just cant be true right lol.

  19. Sounds like he had grand mal clusters. Not something you have and don’t have again, without some serious medication. He seems incredibly lucent to be on the type of medication I am referring. Given the subject matter (sounds like he rocked a boat), I would be highly-skeptical of my surroundings – keep your family close. Really enjoyed the documentary, and will check out his JRE visit later.

  20. Graham is being nice. Science is driven by money and scientists will lie and will destroy lives and careers to protect the status of their works and scientists will lie for those who finance them to serve the needs of the benefactors. Truth is a commodity and people by and sell information and will hide the truth if they have a good enough reason. Also there are many stupid people with degrees in science.

  21. So many people behave like self important peacocks. They dismiss anyone they view as a lesser person. Technology is the new god and nature isn't perceived as important. I like to get away from humans as much as possible with my dog to walk in the countryside

  22. The whole we need to take care of the planet which we were blessed to live on, YES, YES, YES. I could survive without technology no problem. I have the necessary knowledge and survival skills to do so. There's talk about a possible cataclysmic solar storm that would wipe out power on the planet and kill millions of people. What would they die of? Boredom or no more smart phones? Come on, really? I'm sure the few that have survival skills would take on or at least teach those minus these skills. Unless I guess you count all those on airplanes at the time maybe. But really, sorry for those who would die but I'm like bring it on. I feel bad for those that would lose their lives and loved ones but something has to happen or all of humanity will be gone forever.

  23. What's missing is Jesus Christ and The Hebrew People are still here. Why won't you bring the Truth out about this ? The LIE that needs to be told and corrected and give back what these people have stolen. We are Hebrews and we are still here. The LORD will come and you will lets us go.

  24. This man and others like West and Schoch are precious assets to our current human existence and we must fuel their sparks!

  25. Those buildings embedded nearly a mile in to the bedrock would just dissappear? Giant grids of them like New York?
    It's evil how you blatantly lie to people.

  26. If Hancock did not have a family history or even never had these seizures before. I would say he better watch out for the american goverments FBI CIA and Homeland Security of the USA. I wouldnt be sorprised for a second they try killing him specially now that he is scratching the surface of americas past. Sometimes america can be a motherfucker.

  27. Actually, using cataclysms as the hypothesis of the last recourse does make sense. It is way too easy to postulate a cataclysm whenever there is a discontinuity that needs explaining. It also makes sense to ask the proponent of a new hypothesis to prove first that the established theory is definitely flawed. Galileo's problem with the Catholic Church was not he proposed the Bible was not literally true with respect to the position of the Earth in the Universe – a lot of other statements in the Bible had already been accepted as metaphoric and not factually true – but that he could not prove the Earth spins round its axis. And his main proofs were fundamentally and verifiably wrong.

    In principle, all scientists agree that current theories are merely the best available approximation of what is out there. The problem is that in real life recognition and especially funds are in limited amount and are hotly contested. This is why funds and journal space goes to the safest least-risky and hence least-controversial research. This would change if the funding sources were more diverse and if the sanctioned paths to scholarship were less rigid. We entrust too much money to big universities, to government research schemes and we are left with a fossilised research community in the public realm and – except for the applied research – mostly "PR research" in the private sector. This has accelerated the existing projects and programs but at the expense of challenging them and opening new avenues for research.

  28. According to Schoch (you can watch him on JRE) the ice meltdown that was virtually the end of the last ice age was caused by massive scale (unseen in the modern ages) solar eruptions, not a comet impact. Schoch's theory seems more plausible to me, considering there is no real evidence of a comet impact. Nevertheless much respect for Mr Hancock all his knowledge, work and dedication!

  29. You can't find it because it's underwater. You will never get the answers you seek. It's forever gone. Until we can excavate underwater professionally. It's all gone.

  30. 4:44 – Did I click on a Scientology video by accident?

    4:59 – Joe Rogan's here; it's quite likely.

    5:17 – Video made in London. Music made in Pennsylvania.

    47:52 – Well, at least he isn't talking about ancient astronauts!

  31. Could ALL pyramids simply be long term beacons to find the entrances of the escape hatches BACK to the ice age underground world of safety that harbored mankind through so many years of uninhabitable surface conditions ? We are here now ONLY due to our ability to survive below Earth's surface . Why don't academics address this more in depth ?

  32. If a civilisation makes maps with latitude and longitude, they surely developed writing. Maybe there's still Ice Age texts existing in the Vatican library?

  33. These are not his original discoveries. The York meteor shower and Clovis Impact theory are old, just like the Sandia and Solutrean theory. The oldest site is not in California and not 130K. Cibnmar and Meadowcroft are the oldest and Graham never once says the magic word. Younger Dryas. This guy is a chump.

  34. Archaelogogits do NOT take the view that their view of the past is fixed and settled. STRAWMAN argument.

  35. If you read Hancock's book, he concludes that aliens with ESP, telekinesis and other occult powers must have done it. SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The CREATOR God spared his life. We did not “evolve”. We were intelligently designed and created by Jehovah God.

  37. What's this really about? It's about discounting the achievements of non-white ancient cultures. That is why Hancock & others like him are attributing the pyramids and ancient structures around the world to "aliens". Western civilisation was built on the Nazi claim that all advanced civilisation began in Europe. But Nazis (ironically) got the term "aryan" from the Vedas where it means of noble spirit and has nothing to do with race.

  38. 30:00 Mr Hancock is wrong in one thing: THIS IS a DELIBERATE ACTION undertaken by people connected to British Academia (since 17 century), mostly free-masons of different rites or lodges…

    35:32 – so now the big group of scientists supporting 'comet theory' is OK? What about those tiny margin proposing something else?

  39. With the huge amount of travel he's done, the first thing I would suspect for out-of-the-blue seizures was some parasite he picked up. Often overlooked.

  40. the reason the established (capitalist) doctrine don't like recent cataclysms is because they want to lead us to believe that they (the capitalists) have EVERYTHING under control , so we keep calm and toe the line like good little workers .

  41. If ice cubes in a cup melt it doesn't raise the water level in the cup, so if the icebergs in the ocean melt how is the sea level going to rise

  42. Susan Chan, good to know your ignoring the Monsanto poisonings molecule. Good luck with the detox, wishing you the best.

  43. I LOVE YOU, GRAHAM!! I'm thankful Epilepsy hasn't changed you or taken you away from peeps. Your insightfulness is PERFECT, sweet Monsieur! Xoxo!

  44. The only reason our civilization has not been shown portions of a past beyond the pasts that fall under the religious doctrines of the world is because religion doctrine would be pulverized.
    Is that not a heart break in of itself?

  45. There may have been many civilizations, not merely one. And I don't like his passing off of others' ideas as his own; he's paraphrasing Velikovsky, for instance. Hancock is recycling the research already done in the past.We have a much bigger problem facing humanity to be wasting our time on past civilizations. That is, the alien entities.

  46. I just this minute found out about this guy through the JRE. Scientists in general need to stop being so rigid with the views. Yes there are nutters out there, but it doesn't mean to say that anyone with alternative views are wrong.

  47. Mr Hancock I have the key u Ben looking for I believe and my story also has 1 of specialists I seen n Albuquerque NM, but it's about my nationality when I seen the best bone & joint specialist n the state then,foot specialist/professor at NAU n Flagstaff AZ top 5n the world , cardiologist n Prescott AZ where tests that defy all logic & science , nationality always asked and even a study performed I signed and allowed, just a fraction to the story with famous people Carson,even bill daily that lived n alb I did a tv commercial with there for KOB radio station, LBJ I met carried by air Force 1 to DC n 1964 my grandfather who is really the person who invented electronic fog, great grandfather invented curved sloped bridges ( autobahn) also key figure plotting the revaluation with Washington, Franklin,Adams,at his house in North Carolina, Churchill is n it his, my uncle John Duffy artist (Looney tunes background artist)also invented welding art,his art work is n the white house of buzz 1st step on to the moon, great uncle senator of AZ n 1940, much more if u were to talk to me or just check out DNA results maybe with a specialists and if they say the same that I'm non human

  48. Graham still hasn't worked out that bodies of water just don't naturally conform to the exterior of any shape yet. Have you?

  49. Give Graham Hancock a Nobel Prize…. He WILL BE proven right. I wish we pay heed to, and respect his knowledge, before its too late!!!!

  50. so those who survive would be the wild people the tribes of africa and the homeless of america nice good to know

  51. There is no afterlife. While we are here there is no spiritual identity within us. We would ask a soul, but where? Since there is no spiritual location within us, there is no memory that passes on.

    It is better to know ourselves, rather than to believe. When believing, you are unsure leading to weakness and delusion. When drawing from your own source, we are strong and truthful.

    Only option is to reduce to unaffiliated. That way we can respect ourselves as well as our surroundings. We don’t want to put our life in the hands of a creator that lies, and is destructive.

    Watch for Reptiles (through Pleiades), to try to destruct Planet Earth in or around 2019-20. Their working up plan’s to destroy Earth in the coming year’s. Their blame is to be on Planet Niburu (which is fake) and the Annunaki (fake alien race, flipped mean's "police"). They are trying to say human's are made by Lord Enki, and they are still there after destruction in case caught by law enforcement.

  52. K Hancock catch up to the new cataclysm of1500, surviver times ,1850 end of tartaria, reset, phenisions own and wrote the new history, Hancock, i hope your next book dives into that.. Stop going way back, and start exposing the real fake 1000 years of history.

  53. Check out WISE UP channel. There's clear evidence of huge machinery now turned to stone, so old it is. Them so called authorities are the real pseudo scientists and the people on top know this. They're gaslighting the world just like they've been gaslighting me for the past 17 years.

  54. i think it wasnt a cataclysm but a race from another place that took us out including our technology so we couldn't fight back

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