Google Podcasts creator program Experience

Google Podcasts creator program Experience

Google approached PRX with this idea of encouraging
content creation from around the globe. We really want there to be more voices, more
people telling their stories and the stories of their communities. I think what I like
the most about training is talking with the other teams from all around the world and hearing
about what kind of stories that they’re lifting up and giving a voice to. It’s really inspiring. I feel like i’m just absorbing things like a sponge and it’s a lot to take in, but I
feel like by the end of it, it’ll make more sense. This is total team that is going to
be running with you for the next six months and beyond. I’ve met people from all over
the world. We’re working on podcasts that range from narrative podcasts to podcasts
about the Filipino diaspora. I’m very excited to see how we progress as a group and as a cohort. The most exciting part of training for me has definitely been applying this design thinking model to podcasting. Design thinking is all about having a bias towards action
which means trying things out, doing them and then getting feedback, talking to your
users. It’s a muscle I haven’t really flexed in a while and I feel like this program, they
beat it in to you, but in a good way. We are learning how to think different, how to create, how to explore. It’s been really interesting It’s been really interesting to break things down and i’m thinking we’re
about to build them up again. I feel like every day i’m understanding things better
and I’m getting more creative and I’m looking at things in a totally different way. It’s going to be actually exciting to go back and to re-look at the first episodes that
we created and see how we can implement some of these ideas that we’ve learned. The process of having the sky as your limit before committing to a direction you want to go that we’re definitely going to put into practice. Bootcamp has been super challenging. Really,
really highly stimulating. It’s been a creative explosion.

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  1. I applied today with a different idea than the one I submitted in the first round. I'm really looking forward to being in that garage to develop The Argentine Report : )

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