Google Pixel 4 event in 10 minutes

Google Pixel 4 event in 10 minutes

(audience applauding) – Good morning. So throughout your home, technology works as a single system. With Stadia, our new generation
cloud gaming platform, we’re aiming to deliver
the best games ever made to almost any screen in your life. So I’m excited to share
an update with y’all. (dramatic music) ♪ Stadia. ♪ – Stadia will be available
on November 19th. (audience clapping) With Pixel Buds, help is
there when you want it, and the experience just comes to you, even when your phone’s not in your hand. For instance, you can
get hands-free access to the Assistant. Pixel Buds even have a
long-range Bluetooth connection. Indoors, Pixel Buds will stay connected up to three rooms away, and outside they’ll work across
an entire football field. But Pixel Buds gives you
plenty of battery life. You’ll have five hours of
continuous listening time on a single charge, and up to 24 hours when you’re using the
wireless charging case. The earbuds gently seal the ear for rich bass and clear highs, and the spatial vent underneath reduces that plugged-ear feeling and lets through just the right amount
of environmental sound. On the software side, Pixel Buds respond to your surroundings with
the new Adaptive Sound. The volume dynamically adjusts as you move from the quiet of your home to a subway or a noisy cafe, and you don’t have to constantly
raise or lower the volume. When you’re on a call, beamforming
mics focus on your voice, while voice accelerometers detect speech through your jawbone. Pixel Buds will be available
in the spring of next year, and we’ll share more details
in the coming months, including a few of the helpful experiences that make good use of the
on-device machine learning chips. When computing’s always available, designing for security and privacy becomes more important than ever. Titan protects your most
personal on-device information. We make it easy to access
simple on/off controls, including turning cameras and
mics on your Nest devices off. And you can now delete
Assistant data just by asking. – We wanted to create
a thin and light laptop that was really fast and
also have it last all day. We landed on Pixelbook Go. Pixelbook Go comes in
Just Black and Not Pink, and we created the new
rippled, wavy bottom that’s easy to grip. Pixelbook Go is lighter than Pixelbook, but we still managed to add
a battery that is 15% larger. We ended up with keys
that feel great to use and are even quieter than the original. And with Chrome OS,
Pixelbook Go is always fast, secure, and all your devices
stay in sync with each other. Everything about Pixelbook Go is designed to address real user needs
for an affordable price. You can preorder it now in Just Black, with Not Pink coming soon. – Now, for a lotta people, Google Home Mini was a perfect starter kit for your audio system. And today we’re introducing
the next generation, Nest Mini. It’s even more capable, with
the same affordable price point and the same iconic design. And you now have a new
color option called Sky. Now, we also heard from you. You wanted a little more
flexibility of where to place Mini, so we added a simple wall mount. A 2X stronger base and even
more clear and natural sound. We added a third mic to hear you better in noisy environments. There’s a dedicated machine learning chip with up to one teraOPS of compute. So for the first time, core experiences of the Google Assistant can come from the data center and be moved instead to run locally on your device. Finally, Nest Mini also powers an amazing
home communication system, a home intercom, so you
can talk room-to-room, a home alert system, telling
you who’s at the front door, a home phone, allowing you to call anyone in the world for
free using Google Duo. I could even use my phone
to call my Nest devices. We’re announcing a new
whole-home pricing model. For one monthly rate, you
get Nest Aware support across all your Nest devices in your home, and you can choose between
two different pricing plans, depending on your needs. The new Nest Aware will be
rolling out early next year, and it’ll be easy to switch
over your existing plan. Now, as part of the new
Nest Aware subscription, we’re also unlocking the power of speakers and displays to be part of
your Home awareness system. So now in one go, even the most basic smoke alarms
become smart smoke alarms. And when you get an
alert, you have the option to hear the alert or listen
live to confirm the alarm. The Home app can directly connect you to the 9-1-1 call
center closest to you, regardless of where in the world you are. Now these notification will
be part of the new Home app, which actually includes a new
feature called the Home Feed. It brings together all the notifications and snippets from your devices, organizes them, and highlights
the important stuff. Well, today we’re also updating
the hardware with Nest Wifi. Now, the Nest Wifi system’s
actually two devices. The router plugs into your modem and creates a powerful home network. The point expands your coverage. And our updated hardware
and software delivers up to 2X the speed and up
to 25% better coverage. Nest Wifi is designed
to be out in the open, where it performs at its best, with a range of colors that’ll naturally blend into your home. Lastly, we added a Google
Assistant smart speaker to the Nest Wifi point, so it does everything the Nest Mini does. It’ll be available
starting on November 4th. – Pixel 4 introduces entirely
new helpful experiences. Pixel 4 is the first
smartphone with a radar sensor. It powers the new Motion
Sense capabilities. Pixel 4 has the fastest secure
face unlock on a smartphone because the process starts before you’ve even picked up your phone. Motion Sense prepares the camera when you reach for your Pixel 4 so you don’t need to tap the screen. Motion Sense can power down
your phone when you walk away and turn it back on when
you approach your phone. It also lets you control your
Pixel with simple gestures. Swipe to skip a song, silence a call (notification ringing), wave hello to Pikachu. You can turn Motion Sense on or off at any time, and when it’s on, all of the sensors’ data is
processed right on your Pixel. The Google Assistant is
now deeply integrated into Pixel 4’s OS and across your apps. The Assistant can simplify multitasking too with a clean, new interface. You also have new ways
to manage your data. Choose a time limit for how long you want your activity data to be
saved in your Google account. We created a new kind of audio recorder that taps into our speech
recognition and AI. Pixel 4 is also our first smartphone with a 90 hertz refresh rate. And we’ve added some smarts. The refresh rate adjusts
on its own depending on what you are doing, so you get a great visual experience while still preserving battery life. And you’re the first in line to get the latest OS updates and features. We also wanna make sure you get the best experience out of the box, so Pixel 4 comes with
three months of Google One for new eligible members. The new Pixel comes in
three colors, Just Black, Clearly White, and a limited
edition called Oh So Orange. It also comes in two sizes,
both with the same features and both available for
preorder starting today. Shipping starts on October 24th. We’re expanding our carrier partnerships, so Pixel 4 is now available
through every major US carrier. You can see the rear, wide,
and telephoto cameras, a hyperspectral sensor,
a mic for your videos and Instagram Stories, and a flash that we hope you’ll use
mostly as a flashlight. – So Pixel 4 has a
roughly 2X telephoto lens, plus our Super Res Zoom technology. This year we’re using machine learning to approximate HDR+ in the viewfinder, so you get our signature look
while you compose your shot. We call this feature Live HDR+. So Pixel 4 has dual exposure controls. We’ve been using
learning-based white-balancing in Night Sight since Pixel 3. In Pixel 4, we’re using
it in all photo modes. So we’ve continued to
improve portrait mode. This year we’re computing depth
again using machine learning from both dual pixels and dual cameras, which gives us accurate depth
farther from the camera. We also have a luscious
new SLR-like bokeh, that’s the shape of the blur. We’re doing better on hair
and dog fur, which are hard. Pixel is committed to making its cameras better with software updates. So Live HDR+ with dual exposure controls, learning-based white-balancing, wider-range portrait
mode with an SLR bokeh, and Night Sight with astrophotography. Thanks so much for joining us today, and we’ll see you again soon. Thank you.
(audience appluading) You could’ve taken this dusk
shot using Pixel 3 last year. Using Pixel 4, you can
take this nighttime picture from the same viewpoint. (audience applauding)

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