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  1. Hannah: In the US YouTube educators are un-qualified. If you get educated and get a license, you are now open to legal action if someone follows your advice (badly) and suffers harm (pregnancy, STD, toxic shock, etc.). Once someone gets a license, they are no longer free to diagnose problems or offer advice other than 'go see your local doctor'. They actually STOP giving advice or telling stories because it is not 'professional'. This may not be what you want.

  2. I'm 30 and find teenagers still scary😐 They have opinions about everything and everyone and want to be cool even if that means making fun of u. Haha sorry, I guess I'm not helping here😋
    I admire people who teach them so much. It's so important! But it does take the courage and confidence that I don't have. U would totaly be the spontaneous, pretty, not awkward, relatable teacher that they feel comfortable with. If one day u feel ready to try it, let us know how it went😊😘

  3. I’m studying Pedagogy at college and it’s so cool to see you interested in it to be able to share your knowledge in sex education!! As a future professional on it, relationship and sex education is a huge topic that I need to study and learn about!!

  4. I am thrilled you did this and take the responsibility so seriously. Most people just call themselves an expert and start teaching that I have seen. I was thinking I would love you to teach my daughter but we are in the USA and shes 7. Still a bit young but then I realized I can show her your videos and I am so excited to do so instead of anxious about talking about things with her. Thanks for being great

  5. I'm sure there is some irony that the ad I got in this video was tik tok😂 But seriously would definitely come to a talk done by you!

  6. had a strange lesson once with a female teacher and all
    the boys in our year about female stuff which i think was a personal thing for her when she realised that the main syllabus didn't teach boys and gorls

  7. Your my sex educator i feel at ease on here i dont get embarrassed etc like i did at 2ndary school lol, lol teens and kids around 9 ir 10 are so tall these days, by the way youll be fine just pretend your talking to a kid in your family and bring that into educating all kids on sexual stuff

  8. In 1967 when I was 9, 4th or 5th grade, we didn’t have designated sex Ed glasses. They sent the guys to the playground or auditorium to see a movie. The girls got to the the “birds and the bees” movie. Just the 4th grader in the classes. They skimmed over the “coming of age” and sanitary napkins. I don’t think babies or boys were mentioned in the same sentence. I got my period the summer 4th grade so that was done. And my Mama was pregnant with my brother, so there was that. Even though I told my parents and everyone else that I was quite happy being and only child. I had had 10 years to get good at it.

  9. One question…. will you take cookies in for the class when you are teaching young people? Bet they would be a big hit in the RSE class as well.

  10. I’m so glad that you touched on the importance of having training to work with young people! As an elementary teacher, it really bothers me when they say, “Anyone can do it.” Also yes, a large portion of my day is printing 😂

  11. lovely girl! honestly don't care what she is talking about and just enjoy watching her smile and being enthusiastic about things. very positive vibes. keep going hannah and thank you! 🙂

  12. I love how you just seem to forget you have an entire DEGREE in this field… not that you need a piece of paper to validate you Hannah but I think it would definitely shut down those questions!

  13. Hannah I have access to a laser cutter I can make you some laser etched emojis and send them to you if you want. Also I can 3d print a plastic uterus for you xD

  14. What I wish I had learned:
    – That it isn't always easy or possible for someone to have an orgasm and that isn't something to be ashamed of
    – How trauma can affect your relationships

  15. I would've loved to of learnt Sex Ed in high school from you. One, because I'm a fan, so I'm a bit bias. Two, even though you keep doubting yourself, you're actually better than everyone who's taught me Sex Ed, especially since you mentioned you would be able to answer questions about things like anal.

    I remember having a conversation with my friends and we knew nothing about anal! Oral, got that in the bag. Sex positions, we had our favourites. But we didn't know anything about anal. Most of the girls were worried their arse would rip, and they wouldn't feel pleasure, and most us guys were…concered about hygiene, you could say.

    Btw, if you do ever teach or come in to talk about Sex Ed in schools, 100% mention that one bollock is bigger than the other, I swear, every guy in my class, including me was like, "Thank God, I thought it was only me!" Also, don't worry if no one has questions, you probably do remember, not knowing, or being too shy to ask. So if no one has any questions, just give a brief description on certain things you wish you were told.

  16. Something I find ridiculous, is the fact that tampons are taxed as luxury items! Why? As a guy, I doesn't affect me, but it's still not fair! Condoms aren't taxed as luxuries, they're taxed as necessaries, and the NHS gives them out for free. So why aren't tampons!?!?

  17. You were looking for the word didactics, not pedagogy. There is a difference. Didactics is about how you teach stuff.

  18. Just a quick warning. Those "Agree/Disagree" type activities can be super outing for people depending how they are handled. They require people to publicly state opinions in front of peers so I would exercise great caution when using them.

    I did an activity called cross the line and it was meant to highlight privilege (cross the link if…. have or know someone affected by mental illness, consider yourself LGBT+ etc) and I was the only LGBT+ person and I felt super exposed. Just want to warn you – not sure what activity you were describing but please consider what it forces people to admit in front of others.

  19. when i was in middle school (2011 i think)my science teacher once brought in someone to speak on being part of the lgbtq community
    but i dont think he was qualified in any way to teach or speak other than him being gay?
    so the poor dude just got bombarded with sex questions and like i remember learning nothing from that experience other than him trying to explain what gay sex is to 6th graders who dont quite understand what sex itself is

  20. You don't need credentials, Hannah; you were born to teach! Tell people it's your destiny. 😉
    I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop, and I hope it helps with your impostor syndrome feelings. <3

  21. THANK YOU so much for taking learning about education seriously! I'm a teacher and it bothers me to no end when people think that it's so easy – teachers make hundreds of decisions a day about how to handle and approach everything! Hearing you talk about the different things you had to consider brought me back to when I started my training <3

  22. use your self-esteen shield against the critics hannah!! i seriously wish i'd had a class like that when i was a teenager though

  23. Is it just me or does Hannah's voice sound different? Is it her accent? Her tone? I can't put my aural finger on it, but some how there's something sonically there that wasn't there before. Anyone? No? Just me?

  24. I would LOVE to see a series of videos on your channel targeted towards younger people. I live in the Bible Belt and it's hard as hell to find kid appropriate sex education that isn't either unrealistically conservative or very overt and just blatantly inappropriate for elementary scholars. I'm a social worker and I specialize in sexual abuse investigations and I would love having better resources to give to parents where their kids can learn about topics like sex from the safety of home.

  25. I've would love to hear some actually happy, positive and healthly stuff, all they showed us were photos of stds… I mean… I was so scared of it all… like on Mean Girls hahaha but without giving us the condoms… it was so bad, I had to find all on my own or online… so, please go and teach! haha supporting u always my Hannah girl.

  26. I wish i knew what periods were before i had mine at 9 years old. That was fuckihn scary and i didn't feel that i could talk to my parents or anyone

  27. I wish my school included lgbt stuff in our classes. It was mostly centered around men and women and how to not get pregnant. That was years ago in a pretty catholic town though…

  28. I always wonder who created the stick figures with large noses that get used on every learning material I've ever seen. I asuume it got sold to Microsoft Word and/or they're minted.

  29. funny but my teacher in school on this topic was from the UK. I guess he did a good job and covered all the bases… including home base!

  30. i found this so interesting! i do something similar with my university, where i'm trained to facilitate diversity trainings about lgbtq+ topics. when i initially got trained, the course had additional sections on how to teach the material and how to guide the discussions that went along with the activity. they also taught us how to diffuse situations that escalate (can be from someone asking a question that is a microaggression to someone calling someone a slur). these trainings are honestly one of my favorite things to do! can't wait for you to experience facilitating one!

  31. In Poland at this moment politics discuise in parlament a new law: 5 years JAIL for sex education of people under 18 for teachers and doctors. Penalisation !! Shock 🤬😡🤬

  32. Hi! Teacher in training here. If you enjoyed learning about education and learning, you should go read some of Carol Dweck’s work. She has developed a theory which focuses on how a “fixed mindset” vs a “growth mindset” influences learning and self esteem. I just started learning about it and it’s super inspiring to me as both a teacher and a student.

    And there’s also “the classroom experiment” which was a documentary/short tv series from a few years ago (you can find it on YouTube) where you see teachers experiment with some techniques that stem from Carol Dweck’s theory. The whiteboards for example could be very fun and useful in creating a safe and open learning environment in your workshops.

    (If I’ve made any grammatical mistakes, I apologize. I’m not a native speaker and it’s early in the morning. Tired me is not as fluent as I’d like 😉 )

  33. I wish I had been taught about relationships, consent and pleasure. For us it was all centered around penis in vagana, avoiding sti and avoiding pregnancy. Lgbtq was mentioned but the education was very hetoronormative.

  34. I started touching myself when I was 5, having my first orgasm when I was 6 or 7, learning the boundaries in an uncomfortable way. You also have to mind that some level of shame will always be revolving around sex, no matter how good of a teacher you are or how gently you are touching a topic.

  35. I read your book and it had all the important info anyone should know. I think you'd be fantastic at teaching young people. I wish I had sex ed, my school didn't have any

  36. Hey, Hannah. Love your videos and I am really looking forward to catching up with you on this channel. I always liked your personality but wasn't always necessarily interested in sex education videos. I was wondering – is there a way for us to submit video ideas? Anonymously? 🙂

  37. She loves to talk about herself. I can't listen. It's too much her about her. These people don't say thank you
    they just expect.

  38. I love learning so seeing your excitement for it was great. Things I wish I'd been taught: you can catch STIs from oral, how to use a female condom (I'm in my 30s and still scared to try and use one), how sex can cause UTIs and how to avoid it.

  39. Oh god.
    Oh god thankfully I did not do the triangle relationship in class because I would have not know what to do. Especially about sex like… I'd be like I don't care ! Because I don't care about sex ? Even at that age I did not. I'm very asexual. (I don't feel sexual attraction. I could have sex, but it's definitely not necessary in my opinion, and I don't plan on having it)

    Maybe if I learned asexuality was a thing … That would have made it better for me but I know back then I would have been judged.

  40. I love how seriously you take your position! Some “influencers” seem to think that they know everything, or that they’re qualified to teach/give advice just because they have a few followers, but teaching kids is actually a big deal and the fact that you actually took time to get qualified is awesome!

  41. Things I wish I'd learnt about sex in school
    – LGBT+ relationships. Our teacher briefly mentioned the terms heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual but there was no real exploration
    – Asexuality and not having sex. I sorta felt our teacher just assumed we were hyper sexual which made me feel ashamed cos at that point at I hadn't even kissed anyone
    – Communication within relationships and with people you wanna be in relationships with
    – How kissing can spread certain STIs
    For reference my experience is probably specific to the NSW curriculum in Australia

  42. Ah! I've been thinking about going back to school a lot recently, to train up in sex education.. Currently I work in film so its a bit of a leap and I've currently got no sort of platform to use the knowledge…

  43. Honestly, I'm glad you take the responsibility seriously. Teenagers can smell insecurity and you wouldn't be the first teacher coming in that they didn't take seriously and just don't listen to. Additionally, many teachers often times regard it as a break for them and won't do anything to keep their group calm, so it's good to be prepared very thoroughly.
    That being said, I think you would be a really good educator, because you are very good at communicating things clearly at different levels. And you'll only get better with experience! So learn from your mistakes and give those kids the Sex Ed they need.

  44. I wish we had someone to come inand talk sex ed to us when I was in high school. We had a few basic lessons (very scientific, nothing about relationships or consent, it was all "how you get pregnant" and "how to put a condom on") and then NOTHING for the rest of my school days. I'm so glad the internet exists otherwise I would have been a VERY uninformed teenager. Not gonna lie though, I felt very perverted and dirty every time I looked something to do with sex ed up on the internet, which I now realise was very wrong. I really with there wasn't this huge stigma around this topic.

  45. something I wish we were taught in school was :
    – loss of libido due to hormonal contraception
    – how it is perfectly okay to use lube + the existence and affordability of lube

    I spent my 1st year of sex life absolutely dry down here due to crazy powerful pills I was getting for polycystic ovaries. Ofc my young mind decided there was something wrong with my body and my self-esteem went close to zero!

  46. As a Peace Corps Youth In Development volunteer with an SRH club this is so similar to what I do and my jam girl! By the way highly recommend the Book Friends Tell Friends! It’s filled with prepped lesson plans and activities that cover several topics across SRH and Life Skills.

  47. I would love you to come and talk at my school cuz our sex Ed is rubbish and I don’t get it this year

    Most of my knowledge is from your videos and my biology course

  48. Studying pedagogy was the best thing I've done in years. Now I feel far more confident when I'm teaching AND it makes me a better creator.

  49. Most people don’t commute quite that long. Either you’d look for work closer or eventually you’d decide you had to move. There are people who do it of course, but you’re right that most people couldn’t do it long term.

  50. I'm 17 and I started watching your videos about 2 years ago. This may sound wrong (oh yes it does) but you really helped me with losing my virginity😂 It's not like it was this perfect experience (or like I orgasmed) but it was relaxed and nice and I think a lot of this came from watching you talk and reading the books from you about sex. Thank you very very much 🙂

  51. Not from the UK – I'm from AUS – but learnt absolutely nothing about homosexual relationships and sex, whether that's male or female.

  52. What I wish I’d been taught:
    -“Sex” isn’t just inserting something into something else
    -kinks are normal and can make sex better
    -masturbation isn’t only okay for boys
    -virginity is a social construct

  53. Sounds like a win-win whether you use it for in-school education or not 🙂
    Commuting? Its something people (or I at least) get used to. 1hr20 is almost as long as I would want to ever do though (I can tell a story of an ex-colleague's 4hr-each-way commute). Did an 8 month stretch of ~1h20m, and most of an hour of that was just getting across the other side of London. Ugh. The Pay and the people you're there for can make it worth it though. I tried hard to minimise public-transport changes so as to (hopefully) sit and get some other work/admin done, but if not, podcasts were a great do-anywhere solution, including during the train/mode changes 🙂

  54. Meanwhile, polish government bans sex ed in schools. So sickening. I left you a DM on Insta about this and just wanted to say – keep doing what you do, getting accreditation and teaching about the matter, you're making a difference in this world <3

  55. I'd surely miss some if tried to list what I'd have significantly benefited from but we didn't cover.. like anything to do with relationships, masturbation, enjoying sex (and all the different acts that can be treated as). Nothing about queer attraction/relationships/sex (due section 28 law). Religious Studies told us the major religion's views on sex/marriage. I think we were given the basics, technical, science-y point of view about sex itself – what usually happens before and during PiV sex (technical aspects of pregnancy were covered but nothing about enjoying it or what can constitute foreplay). Probably rape was mentioned and that shouldn't allow to be pressured into it if not ready. We were given anatomy and the technical names for insides and outsides of the genitals (may have been while being explained about it for mammals more generally, this was biology class). STI's and contraception (and success rates of each type, whether they protect against STI). I'm trying to remember from 90s so some is a little hazy.

  56. If you come to the US and need a highschool to attended too please hit me up. I would love to meet you, also sadly the first health class we have is mindfulness and if you want thats the only health class you have to take. So not a lot of it is sex ed, and its very pro-absense they still teach us about condoms and stuff but its a little low level. I know a lot of people in my school desperately need it. I hope one day a video like yours will be shown in a health class in highschool. You are so inspiring, people like you is why I'm so educated myself, and not pregnant. Also there's like no room to have any fun with sex ed. My teacher was playing a video in about 7th grade health class they made a joke about flavlord condoms and I thought she was about to lose it! Schools desperately need good, unbias, informitive, fun sex education

  57. Wish I had learned about contraception at school. I went to school between 2007-2012 and all we learned was how to put a condom on a banana and what the difference was between gay, straight and bisexual. As an adult now I am shocked at how little I was told about sex education and frankly learned more from my peers and friends who were all (for the most part) sexually active and I wasn’t. So interesting and well done you for doing so much and wanting to improve the education system. It’s honestly so important and it baffles me how algebra and sonnet writing is more important than sex education?!?!

  58. I’m from texas so we really never learned anything since we had abstinence only laws and no one ever told me anything so I really only ever learned from the internet, but i wish I had learned a lot more then, and it’s really cool seeing people being educated even younger now because I really could’ve used that! Not even just about sex but like what was happening with my body I didn’t even realize some things were completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of/worried about

  59. This is not the only thing, but I wish I had learned a lot more about healthy relationships in school. A really clever way to teach that would be to use the literature students are already reading in English classes and talk about the relationships (romantic and platonic) the characters have and what makes them healthy and/or unhealthy. This should start as young as possible.

  60. Would be interested to hear what the ideas are around how to teach queer sex ed and gender stuff in a class with lots of different views. How do you teach people sex ed without it being heteronormative penis in vagina type stuff? And how do you keep all the students safe knowing that there will be people who really don't want that more comprehensive type of sex ed?

  61. Hi Hannah, do you know what will happen with the Birmingham protests when the compulsory sex and relationships education law comes in? I understand from your channel that it’ll be compulsory in a few months so I don’t understand why parents are allowed to protest it and the government aren’t stepping in?

  62. People you need to come to Auckland New Zealand and sleep with Mia from Dark Angels Escorts!!! She looks like Hannah Witton!!! Hannah I dare you to try her I know you're looking 😉

  63. I wish we had been taught:
    – PMS is not the only hormonal change during the month of your cycle – energy levels and feeling pretty because of rising oestrogen and ovulation symptoms were not discussed
    -fertility issues and miscarriage risks were not addressed
    -pre natal and post partum depression were not discussed
    -endometriosis and other period problems were not mentioned – pain was made normal instead of explaining something more could be a symptom of a condition

  64. It's funny how sex educator has kind of become what you're known for. I remember watching you when you did cooking videos and wrote blogs about not knowing how to define your channel when people asked what types of videos you made.

  65. Things I wish I would have gotten in sex Ed at school:

    – Literally ANYTHING related to LGBT+ sex/bodies/relationships
    – Literally ANY mention of that parts of the LGBT+ community outside of the L & the G….I would have likely figured out that I was Bi at a MUCH earlier age had that happened….
    – Alternatives to pass & tampons (or even that there WERE alternatives….)
    – How queer sex works (or really how ANY non “penis in vagina” sex works….
    – That NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE STRAIGHT, and even not all people experience sexual attraction
    – Romantic vs. sexual orientation
    – The other “half” of sex ed (we only got the “girl version”). Which yes, I get that kids get embarrassed and they were trying to be sensitive to that, but all the separation of the kids by “gender” gets us is a bunch of period-getters being uncomfortable with their period, and penis owners being even MORE uncomfortable because they never learned how vulvas, clitorises, vaginas, and uteruses work…
    – More emphasis on the fact that vulva and vagina mean different. things.
    – Nob-gendered language (talk about the parts & how they work, not “‘man bits” & “lady bits”…..)

    And I’m SURE there’s more…..

  66. I actually think it's really good that you appreciate the responsibility of being an educator! I can imagine you'd be great going into schools, I know I would have definitely benefited from you coming into my school, i started watching you when I was like 15 or 16 and it was so helpful to me hearing someone talking positively and candidly about sex. Good on you Hannah!

  67. I'm working on something with my therapists that I think might resonate with what you're going through: sometimes you just have to be courageous enough to TRY, even if you don't know HOW to do it. You'll get better with practice. There's absolutely no way you're gonna do everything right the first time, so there's no need to worry about doing so. I'm a ravenpuff and I struggle with this so much! I overthink too much before actually doing something!

  68. Should do a course on managing challenging behaviour if you're going to work in schools. Teenagers can kick off etc and be disruptive. Knowing how to handle it can prevent a lesson from going to chaos.

  69. oh no, i had to do the "agree/disagree" game in a rse workshop at school but without explaining why you're stood there? Well, one of the questions was "Is porn normal?" and i was like, hell yeah, let's not shame people for watching porn! Turns out they meant "Is the sex depicted in porn normal?" Which kinda should have been clarified in my opinion ^^' either way, i was mortified cause my friend and i were the only ones on the agree side :[

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