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  1. WOW! Never heard of her. But she has discovered great insight and thank goodness she's sharing it! Going to order her book. First the Pain, Then the Rising!

  2. Please keep making these Super Soul. I really enjoy all of them, and they are where I go to help heal my soul… like my church. Thank you!

  3. GREAT SuperSoul Session! Wise and insightful. Though I did find a portion that was out of place was the directed talk at "the white women". Calling out or generalizing any race is harmful

  4. I've heard it All before but she's packaged her testimony based on her life experience. She is doing her work and reaching and teaching those she's branded to reach. Do you Glennon. There are many faces of God, and so it is.

  5. I did not get the joke you made about wearing a scarf! Were you making fun of the mother of Jesus and nuns and Muslim women? You should show respect to other religions including yours. The scarf is the sign of dignity and real freedom for women and no body needs your approval on that.

  6. That was really soooo true …soo useful….sooo encouraging…. This was my first video of Glennon….and now … M looking for more stuff by her… Luv u Glennon…thanx a lot

  7. Easy buttons……oh god I really was buzzing on it throughout most of the I say 'trial period of my life'….it's like press it for a short time easiness…..and miss out on the wonders the universe has set in here for you……

  8. OMG she was PREACHING! That so spoke to my heart! Thank you so much 😊 for sharing! Now I need to share this with some friends!

  9. and she made the hamilton reference!! and she addressed the white women!! i love her!! she makes me have a pinch of relief that not all of us whites are ignorant

  10. Sittings with our "hot loneliness" is where the fuel for transformation is. Amen. Embracing the struggle, cuz the struggle is real.. & making it holy, instead of just one more trauma story. "HEART break is the greatest fuel of our lives".. Amen. Running away from our collective "hot loneliness" is the easy recipe to being a functional addict (addicted to distraction).

  11. So what if I restate her statement to be… my soul wants me to stay in an unsatisfying situation until it's taught me what I need to become? I guess the answer is, satisfied.


  13. I know this is an old video, but the fact that none of these women were clapping, agreeing, or even supporting her views on collaborating with each other and the black women to fight this craziness together is why we have the problem. Also, the women on here commenting on other aspect of this speech, and not even mentioning what she said about working with black women to end all of the isims against us is also part of the problem. So we continue on our separate paths right? Ok. If this speech didn’t do anything to catapult your commitment or encourage you to do something differently, you are definitely working out of fear. It’s just as it was. 🤡

  14. As others have mentioned, including Wes Moore on OWN, it is important to take those we want to help into consideration. Animal abuse is a great example. We all get emotional about this topic, to the point that we usually forget to see things from the animal's point of view AS the animal.

    How can we pretend to care about animals if we refuse to SEE them, respect them, and interact with them as they are? Without accepting them for what they are?

    Oprah often says we humans are more alike than different. So true! Imagine if we could celebrate our differences instead of letting them divide us?

    We humans have much in common with animals,especially mammals. Yet we often fail to appreciate the differences. We often fail to let them be true to their natures. We often don't take the time to learn to interact with them, to communicate with them in ways they understand.

    Too often we are so human-centered that we think treating them like humans in animal suits, or sorta human is the highest, best way to treat an animal. We all know it is horrible to treat a child like a dog. When we realize that it is just as bad to treat a dog like a child?

    Expecting a dog to fill the role of a human in our lives… is that fair to the dog? Packs and human families are similar enough that wecanshareso much. Maybe we should honor the dogness of the dog.

    Maybe we should not rush to assume that animals that are not being treated like humans are being abused. Just because we don't understandsomething doesnotmakeit wrong. Justbecauseit is not being done the way we would doit doesnotmakesomething bad.

  15. I enjoyed it until she started preaching about how ‘white women’ should act and feel. Keeping the condescending opinions to yourself might encourage more individuals.

  16. This was so good!! The part where she was explaining about how you need to expose your son to pain was my favorite…though I have not had kids. From a black man, I am saying you inspired me there. My mantra was to be my kids shield…not my job. THANKS. and Oprah you the bomb!

  17. Ooo. Right on time…"what we need to become next is inside the hot loneliness". I've been feeling some of that good holy grief. I say good because, I just surrendered to the pain. Its a rare understanding–a strange kind of freedom. When you allow yourself to just be…and then overcome. Wow. That's my life right now.

  18. Its amazing to remember that we fear is only a shed of skin that we can control to take off and its just about taking that step to stop being afraid and start to live full out!

  19. Buddha taught to turn toward your pain and not run away from it. See where it is coming from & then go beyond it simply recognizing, accepting, examining the causes and what ceases it…

  20. Yeah, she is a great mentor. Has a great grasp on life and the direction it should be lived. Exactly the person I want to emulate. Got so inspired when I found out she was married with three kids did a 180 and married a full fledged lesbian. She has such a clear vision. I get it.

  21. one hundred per cent true …… pain / struggle / loneliness, all feelings that teach us empathy the only thing worth having because empathy makes us human, without it were not anything but robotic!

  22. Grief and pain teach us many things about ourselves and others. Most of all, I have leant that we are all connected and to be grateful for the lessons. We all individually have our own perception and story and as painful as it is at the time, this is a catalyst for change and growth.

  23. This is the most powerful discussion ever. Pain is part of the struggle. Its ok. Embrace it. Pain, Struggle is what makes character. Oprah, thank you so greatly. I needed this. I so love you.

  24. the best thing i've listened to in a while… I loved how she spoke about friends deserting you.. They don't know what to say.. so they say and do nothing.. Love Love Love this.. Thanks Glennon 🙂


  26. Synchronicity at its finest. I was looking for a video to play while doing dishes and asked the Universe to send me one and I came across this one, and boy did I need to hear this message. My easy button is avoidance and I've got 50+ years experience with it. However that last 2 years has been painful and I am now learning that pain and emotions are my friends, not the enemy. So my journey continues. I wish all reading this much blessings.

  27. Glennon, this is my first time coming across you. In this speech I see the resilience of you as a survivor, the love in you as a mother, and the divinity in and surrounding you as a human being. This speech is so powerful and compelling and I can see you becoming one with everything coming out of you on that stage. Thank you for sharing that amazing energy!

  28. This is incredible. One day I am going to stand like her on the stage, mastering pain and speaking my truth ❤ thank you for beeing human 🙏

  29. I am not a white woman why are white women can anybody answer this question trying to siphon energy from people who are melanated?

  30. I have repeatedly come back to this episode for the last two years and every time it hits so hard. Thank you for such a must hear and wonderfully truthful message ❤️

  31. Wow! She's a great story teller. She kept it real & gave insight into processing pain without further depression. I hope she found complete peace & divorced that philandering husband!

  32. How do you know God's timing is perfect? A video from 2017 pops up in my feed and it resonates with me to my core, in 2019. She is woke! I love this.

  33. You are forgetting Gloria Steinem, Germain Greer, Virginia Wolfe, Simone De bouvier, and on… they were at that party… yelling from the top of their voices. We are forever in their debt AND there is always more to do and more ways to show up.

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