Getting Started with AWS | Amazon Web Services BASICS

Getting Started with AWS | Amazon Web Services BASICS

Hi. Welcome to the video. My name is xxxx And in this video, I want to introduce you to AWS, the Amazon Web Services. Now if you already know AWS , you know they have a lot of services and getting started can be tough. If you don’t know them, we’ll get to know AWS in this video. By the end of video, we’ll have a very basic website being deployed on AWS so that we can actually visit it in the web. And you will hopefully have a better understanding of what AWS is about how it generally works, and how you can navigate general services they offer. So let’s get started. lets get started so called regions each orange circle is a region each of these regions also have availability zones that are like extra rooms in a big hall you could say which are clearly separated from the upper rooms so that if one room fails the other one still keep on running you could adjust the domain, though you cant change the general the root domain here on this page. You would need to do this in a different service and I won’t do it here.

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  1. I learned more in this 27 minute video about aws then I did using amazon's aws training service for a few hours.

  2. Hi, very cool video! At 21:54min you sad you show how to host webpages that use MongoDBs. Where can I find this video? 🙂

  3. Hi Max, You are Super I have seen all your courses in UDEMY. I brought Angular 6 , Mean Stack course and MongoDB course(which was released by you recently) . I searched for AWS course also but I didn’t find. Can you give me link for AWS course to buy and learn

  4. Hi, is that 750 hours of wall clock time that the instance is "up" ie from when you click launch until when you click terminate? Or is that elapsed CPU time? I thought you were only supposed to pay for processing cycles or in 100ms chunks of CPU time. I am confused. Thanks.

  5. The mind boggles at how much we are expected to know as developers. There seems no end to the amount of cross-cutting languages, frameworks, concepts etc that we are expected to understand and become proficient in.

  6. AWS is a scam and lousy choice! I couldn't transfer my WordPress site because of their upload limit. Within a day I get notified about exceeding free tier, I cancelled the account immediately, they deducted USD35 from my card right away. This amount u can pay for hosting for at least 4 mths with other better hosting. Beware of AWS scam!

  7. When you migrate a Windows server off AWS you find out that you built the server the wrong way the 1st time. Now you will have all types of issues when you try to move it. And then when you do you will find out the version of windows that AWS installed was an Amazon version of the software and needs to be inside the AWS to make it work. AWS is like training wheels. After you get confidence in working your data center from a remote location then you can upgrade to a data center without the training wheels.
    And it cost way to much. I get a dedicated server for the same cost of a shared AWS install. People liked TV when it was only 3-channels too.

  8. Thanks for the Video Max. DO you have any resources that shows how to change to root domain to my own domain?..Or if anyone else knows

  9. Hello , sorry for disturb, but do you have some example with Java and elastickbeanstalk or lambda function ?

  10. The troubleshooting around 22:30 in response to the "Degraded" status is terribly explained, given that this is a "Getting Started" video. You move right through steps without explaining much of the thought process that led you to this way of resolving the problem.

  11. Nice to meet you here again.
    Everywhere which I want to learn web, I can see you and learn a lot from you. Thank you so much. I hope all best things to you.

  12. Super presentation and tutorial. I'm currently following you "AWS Serverless APIs" course and this brought me here as an optional section.

  13. I saw your course about serverless app using lambda. I want to know how (and if your course address this) to handle common code, specifically database connection code. Do I have to specify in every lambda function how to connect to a MySQL database? What about common functions, common global variables? how is that shared/used in lambda?

  14. This is a very good overview thanks for posting. In the free version if you make any modifications to parameters that are not part of the free version do they let you know before charging you?

  15. Great tutorial, as always, Maximilian.
    Quick question: compared to Lightsail, would you say that beanstalk is more flexible and suited for larger applications? That is to say, Lightsail would be a lot more restricted and more of a content provider applications? Thank you!

  16. I love your attitude, and the way you are. Very pleasant to watch and listen. Stay just the way you are, brother! Great vid, just what I needed.

  17. This tutorial was good. I attend one demo of AWS EC2 which was good and informative with hands-on if anybody wants so can see here:
    This AWS EC2 tutorial will help you to understand what is EC2, Concepts & terminologies with hands-on.

  18. I bought your AWS Serverless course and it has helped a lot! A bonus section, or even another course on using SAM to configure AWS would be pretty great as well. You use the console the entire course, which is great for newbies such as myself, but I think it would be really valuable to get your take on CloudFormation, CodePipeline, and the rest.

  19. Thanks Max! one question from me here,I have still 7 months left from my test period for AWS. If I select a stronger server ( 8 gig memory at least for example) even if the server runs less than 750 hours per month do I need to pay from the start?

  20. What should a person study before AWS to be prepared? Python, Cisco, VMware? I have no idea which path to take as there are too many confusing platforms and certifications. I feel like the only people who get good at this stuff are people with insider connections who were given clear guidance early on.

  21. first of all thanks for the video. I have a doubt.
    How can I connect the postgres db in my local machine while hosting the node api on aws?

  22. AWS Mining is a scam. For 4 months they have promised to release our funds so that we can continue trading in the new version known as AWS Capital. The goal posts keep changing. We believe we will not get a penny hence we keep being given different stories. Anyone reading this, run while you still have your cash on you. Don't be like some of us. Put your money in a traditional business. That way you have some sort of control as to what happens with it.

  23. Max I am busy going through your course on react and I can't thank you enough 😄 Your accent threw me off in the beginning but once I got used to it, I felt like I was being taught by a Swiss scientist lol😅

    Thanks again Max. Even your youtube videos are on point👍

  24. hi great work! , i have 1 question like i want to store data from exteranal api in aws and want show some data in view how it is possible can you help me?

  25. Thank you, nice video. Also, i am curious , how do you create this video with your face on while showing the relevant screens?

  26. A few months ago I created an account, based on the adverts that the services are free so long as you stay within limits. I couldn't figure out if I hadn't built any EC2 instances yet, why I had to provide a credit card! Your comment around 5:22, stating that "Yes ,you have to provide a credit card number" sort of negates the fact that you can create EC2 instances. So now I know the "free" "startup" to learn this stuff is simply a misleading gimmick. Glad I didn't get caught up in the hype. 🙁

  27. Another note, Maximillian/Academind, this is the first video I have been able to find that explains what I wanted to know… HOW to GET STARTED. (sorry for the caps). I have been reviewing Youtube links looking for something precisely like this for months.

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