Get iTunes Music For Free! (No Jailbreak!)

Get iTunes Music For Free! (No Jailbreak!)

Hey! Howz it goin’ guys? This is Adam From TechBeLike This is my first video and our topic is going to be, “How To Get Free iTunes Music!” Or, “How To Get Free Music on your iPhone” *Intro* So guys, before we get started, This method requires a PC with iTunes on it Whether its PC or a Mac, Both will work and obviously, iTunes installed on it Now what this method uses is, Normally when we download music for our Laptop or Android, We download ‘MP3’ format songs Lets suppose , we wanna download, ‘Closer’ from the ‘Chainsmokers’ then we will be searching for, ‘Chainsmokers – Closer Mp3 Free Donwload’ on Google But when download songs for our iPhone or iTunes, we will be using, ‘M4A’ format, ‘M4A’ format is used by Apple So when downloading music for our iPhone or iTunes, We will be searching on Google, ‘Closer – The Chainsmokers M4A Free Download’ So guys, Mp3 are still gonna work but, But the reason i will not recommend you guys getting Mp3 songs is that, Most of the MP3 websites which give Mp3 songs for free download, They mostly have edited the file details, e.g the Album cover will be customized according to their website, and it’ll totally look fake So, in this case, we’re using M4A files because M4A files are always original So guys, if you’re new to this stuff, i’ll totally recommend you guys my website, its called, ‘’ here i give M4A music (for those who don’t know) you guys can simply go to this webiste and search for ur…..(thinking wat to say) For the song of ur….. For the song of your interest (finally) Download it, And then we’re gonna import that song into the iTunes, and if you want that song into your iPhone, iPod, iPad or something, Then you can just send that to your phone, So guys, i have one m4A song here, its, ‘Let Me Love You’ by ‘Justin Bieber’ Now what i’m gonna do is, i will import this song into the iTunes Here guys, i have my iTunes opened, As you guys can see, there is no ‘Let Me Love You’ here, So i’ll be importing that *song to the *iTunes to import the song, you have to click on, ‘File’ and then, ‘Add file to Library’ or you can simply press ‘CTRL’ + ‘O’ key on your keyboard as you can see, the song is here on my Desktop, i’m gonna open it, and……..Here it is… Now guys, it look totally LEGIT here, Now if you see the ‘Artist’ section in my iTunes, it’ll still look LEGIT if you guys noticed, the Artist’ profiles are showing and that looks Amazing, and it will not look like you have, downloaded the song from the internet, it’ll look like you have PURCHASED the song This is the trick that i use by myself, all the songs i have here are M4A files Now if you want this song in your iPhone or *iDevice, simply drag and drop it in your iPhone, i don’t have a iPhone right now So if you like this video, SMASH that like button and SUBSCRUIBEto my Channel, of course and SHARE it to your friends who want *Free iTunes Music So guys, that was the video, Its Adam from TechBeLike, signing out ☮ Peace ☮

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  1. Great Video , Adam Tauqeer ,If you please , I would like you to post a video related to how to create a channel on YT and how to upload you first video with a cover , I hope you see and take notice .

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