German Podcast – Listen to Slow German Conversation (Feb 22, 2018)

German Podcast – Listen to Slow German Conversation (Feb 22, 2018)

Hello everyone. Rylan here. Sadly, this week’s story is the horrible school
shooting that left 17 dead in Parkland, Florida. Another difficult story to hear, made even more difficult by the fact that shootings like this are becoming more and more commonplace in the United States. What does this have to do with language learning? Let’s talk about it
after the story… You know someone recently said to us that by highlighting controversial topics in our news selection we were adding to the public division… The gun control debate is definitely a divisive issue in the United States. We believe that talking about these difficult issues is healthier than ignoring them. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what language you’re using. Your native language or a language you’re learning… What matter most is that you follow the debate. Share your perspectives in a constructive way. Don’t just surround yourself with what you want to hear.

4 thoughts on “German Podcast – Listen to Slow German Conversation (Feb 22, 2018)

  1. Share your perspective, but only make sure you have correct perspective that tech giants and SJWs, leftist tell you to have. Or not you will be banned, blocked, doxed, and shut down for wrong think. Great video and I like this idea of news in German, it really helps me.

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