Gameloft Podcast – Gameloft Podcast #16

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  1. Everyone check out Deadlock on the app store. It's releasing this thursday for free, recruit every one you can because it's not going to be free forever, and we need as much people playing it as possible. It's a multiplayer Twin Stick Shooter. With tons of different weapons, weapon attachments, 5 maps at launch, 3 different game modes, a Zombie coop game type coming with the first or second update, and much more!

  2. @TAPTESTERco Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Our team has been notified of this and will look into this matter. Please give them an e-mail at [email protected] and give them additional details, because this will help them in coming up with a fix faster 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  3. @BluesodaMania It is out since 2 years. and here was just a update showed which is since 5 days available:)

  4. @TheMr294981
    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that 🙁 In order to help you , please provide us more details about your device and OS. Any complementary information you could give us on this issue could help us in fixing it.

    Have a nice day!

  5. 2 Question: 1. Is gameloft ever gonna fix their games and 2. Is silent ops gonna be available for older devices I gotta wait till I can upgrade

  6. @Dzmitrychabatar Hello,
    We erase a comment only when there are trivial words in it.
    Thank you for the idea of implementing the Russian language into future games. That is really great!:)
    Enjoy your day!

  7. @gameloft – Add Russian language to games is a great idea, but what about adding voice chat to your games? You haven't released March of Heroes yet so you have time to add this ability

  8. Do we still have to pay for Order and Chaos, since its gunna be on facebook? And can we use our iphone account on FB and vica verca?

  9. Gameloft you should make something like call of duty zombies in your next war game. You could have people buy it separately after they buy the game. You guys would get a lot more money.

  10. hey gameloft how come i can log in to my gameloft account i mean it works when i play online even when im on facebook or ur site but when i wanna see if i have any message from some one to play against or write something on me it just won't let me in says i have to contact [email protected] i send one told me to change password and it didn't work still need help here Thanks in Advance 😀 Keep up the great work!!

  11. The March of Heroes release date issue was getting out of hand about a month ago. Based on the average ammount of time usally placed between release dates displaying and the actual release, MoH will most likely come out in September. This would mean it took about 4-5 months to make.

  12. Hey, Gameloft. I've got an improvement suggestion for Asphalt 6 – Adrenaline: What about "classic" levels, for example a simple circle as a map… like in Gran Turismo or levels that aren't citys, hofefully you know what I mean…

  13. @gameloft wait !!!??!!!

    you said you remove comments that have bad words right
    now that's funny

    but your gams' trailers have too much bad words , r u kidding me

    so will this comment get remove too

  14. lol I wasn't commanding them it was the last day of auguest and they usually do 1 every month so I figured it would come out then

  15. @Dzmitrychabatar I don't see anything wrong with your comment. I think it it's great to see Gameloft games in several languages.

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