Full Webcast: Dr. Pillai’s Brain Training Video

[Dr. Pillai:] I’m delighted to do this one-hour
free seminar for you. I felt called upon to do this program for everyone who can’t afford
to come to the paid programs. This program itself will be self-contained. You don’t
have to do anything because I’m going to cover at least 12 different points and it
depends upon the time availability, but in short these 12 points are the newest teachings
that I have. There is nothing new in this world, but then a new understanding that I
have brought to illustrate some of the things that came to me in my previous teachings,
I’ve been working on it. Well, let’s get into the program. So the
program is to de-limit yourself, and the concept which I have been working on and have applied
in the context of the school students, is if a student is not able to study well and
score good marks it is because the Brain is not functioning properly. So the maxim that
I have come up with is, Blame it on the Brain. Not on the student, not on the teachers, or
the tutors. Blame it on the Brain. This maxim is not only applicable to only students who
are at school, it’s applicable across the board to everyone, to every area of life.
Blame it on the Brain. If your relationship goes wrong, Blame it on the Brain. If you
are not able to make money, Blame it on the Brain. And if you are not even able to enjoy
yourself, Blame it on the Brain.” So the Brain is the root cause for everything.
The Brain controls our human life, and more particularly because this program was conceived
of by me in the beginning and I thought about it, was to help people to move from a Poverty
Brain to a Prosperity Brain primarily. So it is a matter of de-limiting your Brain,
and then bring it to a level of full functioning. I am now so dedicated to this concept of “Blame
it on the Brain” and soon I will be able to pinpoint although it needs a lot of money
to do a lot of FMRI Research. So my own manifestation going to be to gather a lot of resources so
that I can have my own FMRI Lab where I can pinpoint where the Prosperity Brain is, and
what sound can really activate that part of the Brain. And there are a lot of areas that
are involved in it. You know, just for brevity’s sake I am going to mention things certain
things which means I am going to generalize. The MidBrain is dysfunctional. That’s why
I did the program called the MidBrain Miracle Method. If you are able to function from the
MidBrain then you will be able to shut down your Frontal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe is a logical
Brain which is asking you questions like, ‘Where, When What, Why, How’ All of these
WH words arise from the Frontal Lobe. So for instance, if you want to make, say
I want to make $20,000 a month, you know, the ‘Why, How, What, Where, When’ all
of these things stop the process. The MidBrain doesn’t ask these questions. So what we
need to do is to activate the MidBrain, and then the MidBrain will be able to do a lot
of things, you know. And the Thalamus also plays an important role and I will talk about
it later on if time is available. So the MidBrain in general has to be activated,
and that is very important for everyone to do. If you do that then you don’t have to
worry too much about your prosperity. The prosperity will take care of itself, the MidBrain
will help you to manifest what you want to manifest.
So I just don’t want to give only theory in this program because I told you just now
that I want this program to be self-contained so that you’ll be able to go to it as required,
and any number of times, and listen to the theories, and then also the most important
thing is the practice. So I am also going to give a practice for what all I’m going
to be talking about in this program. Now close your eyes and I am going to give
you a practice to practice. But the practice is going to be not too long. And if you want
to do it for a longer time, you can do it at home after you have learned this technique.
So what we are going to do in here is: Just close your eyes as I am speaking. What we
are going to do in this program is a couple of things: 1) is to activate the MidBrain,
and prior to that we need to do one thing and that is to shut down as much as we can
the Frontal Lobes. The Frontal Lobes are on both sides, the left Brain, and the right
Brain are the Frontal lobes. That will take care of shutting down the logic and also the
impulsive behavior, as far as the right frontal lobe is concerned, and that will be shut down,
both parts. Then what we need to do is just go into the MidBrain, and then activate that
MidBrain. That’s what we are going to do. Just close your eyes. Ok, and just focus on
your frontal lobe. The moment you Focus on the Frontal Lobe which is the forehead area,
just you can only focus on the forehead area. Go left to right focusing, and right to left.
Left to right, right to left And focus the entire Frontal Lobe, both left
and right. Lots of things are happening. If you look
at the FMRI, which is a Brain scan, you will know what is really happening. You are doing
a lot of things. You may think: “I am not doing anything,” but the FMRI will show
you a lot of activities in the frontal lobe area.
Wherever you focus it will be activated Now the logic and impulsive behavior have
to be stopped. The logic will stop your manifestation by asking: ’Why, Where, What, When’. So
we have to do that. The impulsive behavior is bad too because
that will lead you to denial and distract you to go and smoke or have a drink, or do
some impulsive action. Both have to be stopped, and how are we going to do it?
Just move your Attention towards the middle of your forehead corresponding to the MidBrain.
So now we are going to move the energy from the left Frontal Lobe to the middle of the
forehead. You do the same thing with the right Brain,
the right Frontal Lobe you move to the middle of the forehead corresponding to the MidBrain
Go deep within and visualize the groove in between the two Brains, the slot that divides
the two Brains, the right and the left Then Focus on the MidBrain, the middle of
the Brain, the groove, and the sides of the Brain, the groove and a little bit closer
to the MidBrain on the left side as well as the right side
Like a candle flame, visualize a candle flame in the MidBrain Now remove the candle flame and just focus
on the MidBrain Now visualize, visualize whatever you want
to manifest, a home, or a job, or money, stacks of money, a car, or relationship, health,
weight loss, whatever you want to manifest Bring all of your energy to the midBrain,
and think inside the midBrain, and put it inside the MidBrain
Now visualize also all of the energy from the frontal lobe, and the rest of the cortex
also going into the midBrain Now slowly, slowly come back to yourself,
and open your eyes, but before that just relax before you come back
You can open your eyes There are two ways of doing this. 1. Is you
can do like a short version that I have just taught you, and then 2. you can go for an
hour, 20 minutes, or whatever time you have. The more you do the more benefits you have.
You can do it even in a shorter time too. Maybe you can do it in a minute, or less than
a minute, or you can do it for an hour. Now I am going to move onto the 2nd Module
that… these are all the things that I have been thinking about which down the road I
will do, big long programs as well. Now, the 2nd Module is about genetics and
Brain conditioning. What is it? “Well, I have bad seeds, you know, I come
from mediocre parents. I cannot expect much. And because now there is research coming that
says genetics is everything, the genome project talks about the genes, and I have bad genes.
Is my Brain completely conditioned by the genes? And do I have no scope?” Yes, and
No. Yes, because we cannot say that because the
genes control you. That is true. So we know that from the plant kingdom, and the animal
kingdom where we have gone and genetically engineered to get good qualities, but we cannot
do that. The eugenics will not work here. So in the human beings we have an advantage
to change things. We are self-conscious beings. We are very evolved beings. No matter what,
being a human itself is a prestigious position in the evolutionary scale.
So, No in the sense that you are not conditioned by your father or your mother, or your grandparents,
you can reverse. Why? How? You can reverse because your Brain can choose to function
in a different way. How can it choose to function because this is a most important thing that
we have this concept in Yoga, and so Tesla also talks about it. It’s the concept that
the Brain is only a receiver of thoughts. It receives the thoughts. Tesla talked about
how his thoughts came from some unknown place, that he was not thinking about them. I’ll
talk about it later on. So the thoughts are coming to you from outside,
and we do not know, and we have not put this into action. Now we can change or Brains,
our Brain parts, and function differently if we know how to receive these thoughts that
are bombarding us. Do you know that the Brain, even as I am speaking to you, it is functioning
in a thousand different ways, and it is receiving all kinds of waves. Even the body cannot process
the gamma rays, but the Brain can, and all of these rays are going in.
So all unlimited thoughts are bombarding the Brain, and then there are communications not
only from this earth plane, but from everywhere, thoughts are bombarding us. That’s why the
Brain Science is the most important one. So I am glad that President Obama gave priority
a couple of years ago to what he called as: “The Brain Initiative”, and he compared
it to the “Genome Project.” So however, they are not getting into what I am taking
about. They are just talking about different, very basic understanding about the Brain from
the Western understanding of the Brain, but that is very limited.
So what we need to do is to just go and understand the Brain from what the Yogis are talking
about. Or at least what Tesla is talking about. So I am now going to give you a technique
so I can cover what I wanted to cover in this session.
[2nd MODULE for Genetics & Brain Training(20:04 – 28:37)]
Now close your eyes Now Yoga says that you think through your
eyes, you think through your nose, you think through your tongue. And where do they get
thoughts from? The thoughts are coming from outside. So we are going to have an experience
of that. Now keep your eyes closed.
Just Focus on the 2 Nostrils. When you are Focusing on the Nostrils, there
are thoughts that get into the system. They are more logical thoughts empowered by a certain
energy. They are more limited thoughts. Now thoughts are also coming to you through
a certain channel from the bottom of the spine and going into, through the spine, going into
the Pituitary, and
out of the skull, out of the Brain, and into the sky. Now what kind of thoughts that come
in are very powerful thoughts, unlimited thoughts. These are exercises. This is what I call as
“Brain Training.” Now you Focus on your Eyes
Now when you are not Focusing on your Eyes, thoughts are still coming and then we are
not under control. Now keep the eyeballs still, don’t move
the eyeballs Look at the Iris
Now you are altering your thoughts Now you can receive high frequency thoughts
Now visualize with your eyes whatever you want to manifest Now Open your Mouth and allow the air to pass
over the tongue to the throat and the tonsils area
Now close the mouth. Relax.
Now remember that this is a module that I introduced to you for some reason and that
was Genetics and Brain Conditioning are true, but then you can overcome them. How? Through
these techniques. You can slowly, slowly, come back to yourself,
and open your eyes Again this technique can be done in a few
minutes, or for half an hour, or an hour, and then they will take you beyond your normal
limited thought patterns. So the whole idea of this program is to delimit
you, to delimit the Brain so that you don’t have to live your life in limitations.
That’s what happens to most people. A poor is born, and then he goes and picks up a bad
neighborhood and then lives there, and then what happens is everybody’s thought reinforces
you and the whole Akash or the Ether is filled with these thought patterns, and then they
kind of match with you and then you feel comfortable staying there because other environments are
not conducive to you because it is with a genetic Brain conditioning.
So when you do these techniques then you will see that, “Oh My God, I can change my environment.”
How will you change your environment? You’ll change your environment by doing these techniques.
These techniques will allow the Brain to function and you will really move out of this area.
There are so many ways of using your eyes, using your nostrils, using your ears. And
with sounds and with other techniques to bombard the Brain so that it can go because I just
gave these techniques just to whet your appetite to go and learn more because the real education
is only the Brain Education. It’s not learning anthropology, history, and trigonometry. These
things are useful, but not useful for improving your life.
Open your eyes, and then we are going to go to the 3rd Module that I am going to teach
you. Remember that we are in the process of getting into an unlimited Mind that will give
you unlimited life, unlimited health, unlimited relationships, and we can do that through
this Brain Training Program. The 3rd Module is to understand about “Thought
Banks.” Yes, there are “Thought Banks.” Ok, at these Thought Banks, you can buy some
super thoughts. Ok. So thoughts are like the financial instruments with which you are dealing
with all of the time. So you can go to a Thought Bank and buy some super thoughts.
So what are these Thought Banks, and what do they provide us? They have mantras. The
mantras are the financial instruments of the Thought Bank, super valuable, financial instruments.
And if you can get them you can feed those mantras to the Brain and then you can change
your Brain in a way we want. There are many definitions of the Sanskrit
word mantra. The one that I like is: “Mantra is to protect, that which protects your Mind.”
Protects from what? Stupid Thoughts. The Stupid Thought will be the next Module that I’ll
talk about, in a while. And the mantra will go and protect your Mind. Otherwise the Mind
will go and think garbage thoughts, and it has an affinity to garbage thoughts, and that’s
the problem. So mantras can be useful for giving you specific results.
I’ve been teaching a lot about Mantras over the past 3 decades. And this organization,
the Transcendental Meditation became a worldwide movement just because of the use of mantras.
The mantras can go and open your Brain, open your Mind, to unlimited possibilities, your
health, your relationship, your money, everything can be done.
And there are specific mantras from “The Thought Bank” so to say, from which you
can buy. So I myself have introduced you to a lot of mantras, and one important one particularly
for our purpose to move from a poverty oriented Brain to a prosperity oriented Brain is using
this sound SHREEM BRZEE. SHREEM BRZEE — this was exclusively given
to me by a King, an Emperor in India who lived several thousands of years ago who wanted
to give a royal life to everyone. That’s a great king, you know, nobody thinks like
that. Not everybody, only the President and Prime Ministers and Kings happened to, you
know, fly on private jets and using the public money. But this King was totally a different
kind of King or Emperor. He thought that everybody should have the life that I have. So he found
out that he could not do it, you know, it’s impossible through normal means. So he went
and meditated and found out that the only way all of these people can become Kings is
by developing a Royalty Consciousness. That’s the only way.
If the President, or Prime Minister, fly in a private jet, it’s because their Brain
is able to conceive of that. You know, the concept that I gave to Wayne Dwyer, is the
concept which he developed into a book called “Manifest Your Destiny,” which he dedicated
to me, and the concept is, “You cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive.” And that’s
what it is. So you have to again. It falls back on the Brain. The Brain has to be able
to conceive. So what if the Brain is not able to conceive,
that’s where the sounds come in. You know, I gave Wayne Dwyer the Ahh Meditation which
he also turned into CD and then released it. Millions of people have been benefitted by
this. This sound AH will give you tremendous benefits, not in one area, but in all of the
areas. So the “Thought Banks” are full of mantras.
SHREEM BRZEE is the one that I recommend. The Ahh Meditation also is something that
I strongly recommend, and I have given newer versions, that are also available for you
on YouTube. I think a couple of years ago, I revisited the Ahh Meditation and gave some
new insights into it. So you can do that. And now if you want to know my recent emphasis
on mantras is the SHREEM BRZEE. SHREEM BRZEE is a mantra that can delimit in order to embrace
prosperity. And I suggest what you do, is you do SHREEM BRZEE with a rosary, or a mala
beads, and then say everyday do 108. Like SHREEM BRZEE, SHREEM BRZEE, and then Focus
on the Brain while you are doing that SHREEM BRZEE.
[SHREEM BRZEE Practice for Prosperity & to Delimit Your Brain]
Now close your eyes and just imagine as though you have a mala bead, or the rosary, and then
you just roll the beads and as you are rolling it, you say the sound: SHREEM BRZEE, SHREEM
BRZEE, SHREEM BRZEE. Put all of your attention and then Focus on the Brain and the sounds
Now what if you want a relationship? And I have given that also in my previous teachings,
But just make sure that you just Focus Attention on the Brain
This is a Brain Training Program so when you just say KLEEM, KLEEM, KLEEM, you should be
focusing on the Brain. [OM Practice for Enlightenment and to be One
With God] And then there is OM if you want enlightenment
and to be one with God because OM is God. Eban Alexander who wrote the book, “Proof
of Heaven” has said that when he went to Heaven during his coma time, then he realized
that OM was God. You know, this is what Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras says that God is nothing
but OM. So you say OM 108 times. Okay. You can use any rosary, and you can open your
eyes now. I am going to Module 4, and it is a very important
Module. I have been thinking about the Module for a long, long time, but for about 20 years
and I did not focus much attention on this, but “Everything is Focusing Attention.”
So I did not focus enough attention on that because if you… if I remember in as early
as 1998, I think, or 97 or 8, I had this idea of developing a software called “Stupid
Thoughts Inhibitor,” how to inhibit stupid thoughts. All that we need to do in our life
in order to control our life is to stop stupid thoughts. But now I think it is coming to
shape, there is as I speak now, some App is being developed for “Stupid Thoughts Inhibitor.”
What are Stupid Thoughts? How do we know? A stupid thought is one that takes you to
nowhere. For instance, it’s a goofy thought and it doesn’t help you to improve your
life in any aspect. It helps you only to waste your time. So at the end of the day you are
going, “Oh My God.” I spent so many hours, you know, and all of these hours I have been
thinking only stupid thoughts and I wasted my time.
A stupid thought is a thought that you know leads you to waste your time and then with
no rewards at all; there are no rewards. At the end of the day you have wasted time. So
Stupid Thought Inhibitor is something that is very important for everyone because nobody
is exempt from stupid thoughts. Maybe it’s a matter of degree. Some people have more
stupid thoughts. And some people have less stupid thoughts, but everyone has stupid thoughts,
and everyone regrets it. [Practice: Brain Training for Stupid Thoughts
Inhibition] Now I am going to give you a small training
for that, Brain Training Close your eyes.
Put your Attention on the 2 Nostrils. The stupid thoughts enter through the 2 nostrils;
this is a great finding of the Yogis. It gets into your Brain through your nostrils. That’s
why the Yogis do not want to breathe through the nostrils. They just completely want to
shut down Nostril Breathing, and then go into what they call as the MidBrain Breathing.
Now as I am saying this to you, keep your eyes closed.
As I am saying this, your soul will know what I am talking about, because the soul is omniscient;
it knows everything. Only the Mind is ignorant, but the soul knows; the soul is your unconscious.
Put your Attention on your Left Brain; Focus Attention on the Left Brain. This will somewhat
help you, not totally, but to a significant percentage, arrest your [thoughts], or screen
your stupid thoughts. And then Focus on the Parietal Lobe, which
is in the middle or top of the Brain, more towards the back.
And then Focus Attention on the Central Nadi, which is the channel that starts at the bottom
of the spine, and then goes through the spine and then goes into the 3rd Eye, and then it
goes into the Top of the Brain and out of the Brain.
Also Focus Attention on the Pituitary Gland, which is in between the 2 eyebrows, the eyebrows,
between the 2 eyebrows, inside the Brain. Now relax and slowly, slowly come back to
yourself. It is a complex topic, but which is very,
very essential for everyone who want to take the Brain under control and develop it in
a way that we want. There are also, you know, timings when the
stupid thoughts occur. I don’t have time now to go into the timings
because that’s very involved. So once you know the timing then you can check; I think
the Apps are going to have it because I talked to the people who are in charge of the Apps
development, and they are now looking into how to put the timings in, and alert you.
There will be an alarm that will go: “Hey! This is your Stupid Thought Times; this is
the time when stupid thoughts are going to bombard your Brain, just be careful.” Okay?
And then you will be able to somewhat control that. Okay?
And that is, the next Module is a very important one, all of you are going to like that more
than what we have been doing up until now, that is “Thought Manifestation.”
Now, it’s very interesting. Thought Manifestation is something that I have talked about a lot.
If you go to my old videos, you see that there is one video that has even crossed more than
a million views is Instantaneous Manifestation. In those days I used to have a head band and
then look like Shirdi Sai Baba kind of dress. So Thought Manifestation is something that
I have talked about a lot. Now I am going to do it in a different way.
[Part 2] How differently I am going to do the Thought Manifestation Technique?
Now I just want to give you some information which is very, very vital that will inspire
you; this is about Nikola Tesla. Tesla said that his manifestations, his inventions
are all just through Thought Experiments, and Einstein also talked about the experiments,
but it’s different from what Tesla is talking about. His Thought Experiment is, he always
had everything worked out in his mind, including a model that he wanted to create. He saw it
in images, I will talk about it a little later, and then they manifested, including the AC
Motor that he saw a while ago, a few years ago, and then it got manifested. He was a
great proponent of Thought Manifestation, and then he also said that thoughts came from
somewhere else. So everything that’s happening to you is
a thought. Now, for instance, if you would like to have a Rolls Royce, the Rolls Royce
thought has to come to you first, and then the image has to come to you. And when this
occurs within the brain, they are unidimensional; it’s not 3-dimensional yet, but it will
eventually become 3-dimensional. You cannot manifest if you don’t have it in your brain.
And people who have it in their brain already from another lifetime. They are the ones who
could get it now without any problem. They are born in a family which already had a Rolls
Royce, or a mansion, but most people are not like that. That’s why I am concerned about
people who don’t have. So, that’s why Thought Manifestation is an important teaching
that has attracted me for a long time. And for one time I was completely focusing
on and this and then now I went on to other things, but I have always even today and I
emphasize that if you have money and material resources, we can deal with life a lot easier
then without money. Many years ago, in the 1998’s, I used to
say, “Life is miserable,” you know, as a joke no matter what. It’s better to be
miserable with money than without it.” Why? Because if you have money and if you are miserable,
at least you can go to Hawaii, or you can go to Switzerland, or you can go anywhere,
and if you don’t have money, you are stuck in your old apartment with a smelly couch.”
So that’s the reason why I put a lot of attention on Thought Manifestation.
So, the idea is, the idea is “The idea is the object.” That’s Plato. The idea and
the object are not different. And he knew, Tesla knew that very well, even from young
age. And that’s important for everyone to understand. So what do you do again is, you
know, you can go to the Midbrain, and from the Midbrain you can visualize. Close your
eyes. And then I don’t have time to go too much into meditations, since I want to cover
the 12 modules I have within this time limit I have.
So put that in your MidBrain and then just keep on visualizing it, and then it will manifest
depending upon how intense you are and how serious you are in the project. You will manifest
sooner or later. Ok. Thought Manifestation is a very, very important concept because
everything comes out of your own thought. Now the chemistry of a thought, that’s something
very interesting for me. Every thought is a chemical. Even I used to say that even life
itself is chemistry; every thought is chemistry like Dopamine. Dopamine gives you kind of
relaxed, joyful attitude, positive thoughts, optimism. All these thoughts are associated
with Dopamine, which is a chemical. And then look at Cortisol, the Cortisol stresses you,
so you have to bring the Cortisol down, and then there is Melatonin, you know, which gives
you sleep. So thought is often associated with a chemical.
And then now-a-days I am working on the molecule that gives you intelligence. You know that
this came out of my recent interest in herbs, and because the Yogis and Siddhas of India
they did not know about Melatonin, or Oxytocin, or Dopamine, or Cortisol, but they knew about
the herbs, and the herbs contained them. So some of the herbs, they named the herbs for
intelligence herbs. For intelligence, and wisdom, and brain power, they used herbs like
Bacopa you know, and herbs like Eclipta Alba; these are all the herbs that we also introduced
in my Nambu Botanicals, a company that I started 2 years ago.
So, that for the Yogis is very important. There are some Yogis that they give only,
– I know one who is still living, who will just eat Eclipta Alba for breakfast, Eclipta
Alba for lunch, and Eclipta Alba for, -it’s a Spinach – it’s easily available in India
and very inexpensive, and for dinner also he would use Eclipta Alba. Why? Because his
idea is to develop a Light Body, and Eclipta Alba can give you that very subtly.
And then there are people in households, for instance, when the children go for their exams
and as they go to what is called the Goddess of Education Herb, or Brahmi as it is called.
Brahmi is the Goddess of Education and there is an herb that is named after her. The Goddess
of Education is of course the Goddess of the Brain. So Brahmi is an herb, as well as The
Goddess, as well as,it represents the Brain. The botanical name for it is Bacopa.
I am just convinced that these are chemicals are more powerful than meditation practices,
because look if you cannot relax, a chemical can relax you. That’s why people are addicted
to, you know, to drugs, because it relaxes, and puts you in a very joyful condition. That’s
why they are into it. But the Yogis used it for strengthening the
brain, so that they can be able to go beyond the senses and see God. That is their reason,
you know. There are the Bacopa, and the Eclipta Alba, that were used by Siddhas to see God,
and also to keep the body in better health, and the brain to be fully functional.
So the Chemistry of Thought is a very important concept and I am dedicating more, and more
time to get into that subject, and I am myself involved in doing some research on this. See
that’s a very important thing for you to… I haven’t made notes something, you know,
I want to teach you something although I am running out of time, this is a very important
thing. Meditation in general can increase this like
a chemical, like Dopamine, the neurotransmitter in your brain. So Meditation, it has been
found in many researches, that a 65% Dopamine rise in people with a particular meditation
called Yoga Nidra. And I have one of the best Yoga Nidra Techniques that’s also available
for you in the You Tube. and you can go, but I want to give that to you now as an experience,
just since it increases the Dopamine level by 65% which is a significant level increase.
[Practice for Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep] Now close your eyes
Usually this technique has to be practiced while you are lying down. It’s called: “Yogic
Sleep,” this is how the Yogis sleep, but now you can do it even sitting on your chair.
It’s a matter of… Close your eyes
Focus Attention on your Feet, your two Feet Take all of your energy and Focus on the Feet
And then move up to the Shin and Calf on both legs
And then feel them, feel the Shin and Calf, Focus Attention
And then the Knees And then the two Thighs
Move above, go to the Hips Feel, move up, move up, and then go to the
Throat Also Feel the two Hands, and two Arms
And then move up to the face, And then up to the Brain
Then out of the Brain I’m quickly going through that, but even
with this quick move from the feet to the head will show a dramatic increase in your
Dopamine. That’s why I just wanted to give it to you. This is available in my YouTube,
and you can use that also. And then you can slowly, slowly come back
to yourself and open your eyes. The next thing that I want to talk to you
about is the Out-of-Body Experience so that you realize that you are not the body, nor
the mind. All of us do. We are only aware of the body and the mind, except when we are
sleeping. During that time we don’t know. But once a person dies, the soul gets out
of the body, and for the first time the soul thinks, “Oh My God, I have been so stupid
to think this body was mine. The body is not mine. The body is just, you know, it’s only
a vehicle I was just traveling in, journeying through in my life, but it’s not me.”
But then in a meditation, you know, you can experience, it’s a Soul Travel Meditation,
you can go up and into the sky and then look at your body. That’s a great meditation
that takes a long time to give you, so I will not get into that at all. But I would recommend
to you that I have a video program called “The Story of Leela”, L_E_E_L_A. And it
was one of the best teachings that I have ever done, and it was done with maybe a handheld
video camera. The quality won’t be good, but the content is excellent. So I want you
to take a look at that. That should be also be available on the YouTube.
Now I think I am running out of time so I don’t have much time to talk about the rest
of the Modules, but I will briefly mention what it is. Like it’s about I am more, and
more interested in Tesla. Remember he is not an ordinary man, to me he is an alien who
came here, and who else would be able to get 700 patents? And then everything that we know
today, originated in Tesla. He talked about it and his brain was able to hold that information.
So I have gathered about a dozen books of Tesla that I want to teach a course on that,
and the best time is the upcoming July 16th through the 19th, I plan to do that. That’s
only half of Tesla, and half of what I have spoken to you briefly, because I have not
given you a full course on this. Now let’s go to Tesla. When he was young,
as a boy, and somebody said to him banana, and the banana would appear in front of him
as real. He would try and go and catch it, and he would try to move his hands into it,
and he would turn around to other people and ask them: “Did you guys see the banana here?”
I am just giving an example. All of the images would appear so real to him. So this is a
very important thing that I am going to teach in that program, in the Guru Purnima. The
idea and the object are one and the same. The name and form is what the Yogis will say.
The name itself, to say Rolls Royce itself, is to have a Rolls Royce. See, you know, that
gives a tremendous freedom for us to understand the creative process. So you create within
your mind, and you create outside also. The mechanics are very important. It’s a matter
of understanding the frequencies within your brain, and the frequencies in the parts of
the brain, and also the frequencies outside. It is so fascinating, and it was so real for
Tesla. He said that the turbine engine he would create in his mind, and then he would
say the Ford people would come to me for that. And a few months later they did come, but
then they came for a different purpose. They wanted to understand his manifestation process.
And he would reverse the motor also in his mind, and he even kind of once said: “Why
is Edison working so hard to do all of these things? All of these things can be done quite
easily within the mind. You know the creative process is so easy, you know.”
And one thing, he talked about this “Thought TV.” You know, you should be able to see
all of your thoughts. This is something very interesting that I myself want to do. You
must be able to see your thoughts on a TV monitor that you have, or on your laptop,
and if you can have that, if you can see that, then you can manipulate that vision or image
to do a lot. The next thing that I said, I was even thinking
of doing the program in Florida because these techniques are done in a place where there’s
a lot of lightening, and this will be very powerful. You know, lightening played a very
important role in Tesla’s life. He was even born during a storm, and his mother said:
“My son is going to light the world,” which he did. So lightening… but now I couldn’t
do it in Florida, I am going to do it in San Diego. So lightening is a place… where there
is a lot of lightening is a place where you can empower yourself. It’s a hundred million
volts, and that has tremendous impact on the brain. I can go on, and on about this, but
I don’t want to exceed my time limit. So what I am going to do is: all of these
Modules that I did, now, I just only gave you a snapshot because you have to stay in
for a long time in the meditative state, and then it will be very useful.
This is an afterthought that came to me after the first thought that came to me that I would
do a Program on the Poverty Brain to Unlimit the Brain, that I would extend this into a
3 or 4 days which is the 16th through the 19th in a Guru Purnima Program. Guru is a
person who is a teacher, but who removes ignorance. The brain is ignorant now.
So what I am going to do in a Guru Purnima Program is to remove the ignorance so that
everyone will be able to manifest from the brain, and that is a “God Given Gift”
to all human beings. And it is because we don’t use it, or underuse it, or misuse
it, that we have not been able to live the life that we want to live. Ok.
God Bless And I am very delighted that I have been able
to spend this time with you and give you the techniques. The most important thing is to
go and follow up, and do these things. This will be a lifetime experience for you to move
to an unlimited mind that will ensure you a life that you deserve.
God Bless/

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