From Depression to Dating Coach | Austen Summers Podcast #1

From Depression to Dating Coach | Austen Summers Podcast #1

[Austen] What’s up guys? [Austen] Austen Summers here [Austen] International dating coach, relationships expert and now… [Austen] Podcaster! [Austen] And this is the Austen Summers Podcast [Austen] Where you’ll get mind-expanding content to attract the girls that you want Yes! Right! Exactly! [Austen] How will you know which videos are podcasts though? [Austen] In the title you’ll see Austen Summers Podcast and an episode number and then the thumbnail you’ll see this [Austen] Or if you prefer an audio only experience, you can listen on any of these platforms [Austen] We actually got our first sponsor today [Austen] Thank you to Austen Summers Academy [Austen] The complete dating system that shows you how to get women into your life [Austen] Step-by-step with tons of examples [Austen] Link in description My nigga! [Austen] And I’m joined today by my good friend João [João] Hey guys, my name is João and I’ve been involved in gaming self-development for the past eight years [João] And today we’re gonna talk about Austen’s [João] Austen’s journey in game, traps you can fall into in life [João] And also why you should only take advice from experts [Austen] You’re gonna learn a shit ton from this video. So lock in, pay attention and let’s get into it [João] Welcome to the first episode of our epic podcast [Austen] Also, I’m asleep right now [Austen] Don’t trust anything I say right now [João] Yeah, we wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t be too overwhelming for our audience like, you know? [Austen] So we just did this in the morning, to be sure [João] Okay so let’s just start with your background story [João] How did you [João] Started trying to seduce women and trying to figure this out for yourself [Austen] Yeah, so I had [Austen] Had a pretty normal childhood, I’d say. But then at a certain point [Austen] I had a lot of things come at me at once [Austen] So when I was 12, I had my mom pass away [Austen] I had my stepdad abandoned me [Austen] I moved in with a family member who wasn’t very emotionally supportive [Austen] And I’ve got my arm put through a window. So I got it, I almost died [Austen] I had a 150 stitches, 56 staples [Austen] I lost like, like a litter and a half of blood. I don’t know, a lot [Austen] And so there was a lot of things that I went through in this one year and then [Austen] After about six months, I started to go into a depression [Austen] Yeah, I should be looking at you [João] I was letting you go [Austen] Yeah, so I got into depression and I was, I was in this deep state of depression for four to five years And it wasn’t until I, you know, moved out of the place that I was living [Austen] And I got some new perspectives that I could actually start to to sense that. Hey, maybe my life could get a little bit better [Austen] And after that point I found self development. So I found, you know things about meditation [Austen] I found like different mindsets and all this stuff was pretty much just online [Austen] So it wasn’t like I was reading books at the time. I was just, I just found YouTube videos [Austen] And I just started implementing that, the information I got [Austen] Yeah, so I started doing self-development and then eventually I found pickup and game [Austen] But I realized I was like, I’m too emotionally fucked up to talk to another human being right now [Austen] So let me fix a little bit more of that issue [Austen] And so then I did some more [Austen] Internal work, if you will, and I started talking to people after that, not hot girls [Austen] But just people
[João] Men especially [Austen] And so when I was talking to these people I had noticed that I [Austen] Had very short interactions. I was very nervous with it [Austen] And then over time I just became more and more relaxed with just talking to people [Austen] So instead of talking to the lunch lady [Austen] For, you know 15 seconds and then and then running away because I was too afraid [Austen] I was able to have like longer [Austen] Conversations with people and I feel like I am [Austen] Partially autistic in a way. Where it’s like I have or just very nerdy in a way where I I don’t even like [Austen] Talking that much or I don’t like.. Because you are the…This guy wakes up at 7 a.m. He starts [Austen] Talking to himself [Austen] Talking to himself in the mirror, talking to anyone on the phone [Austen] And I need like a lot of time to just be alone and relax and chill [Austen] So but whatever, I built that up over time and it was like any time I’d go out [Austen] It seemed like it was very very draining to just talk to a human being so [Austen] I would go out to let’s say a club [Austen] And I would talk for [Austen] Five minutes and then I felt oh my god, I’m just drained my energy [Austen] I need to go home [Austen] So I couldn’t maintain like a happy positive state for more than five minutes without feeling like I needed to take a nap [Austen] Like I couldn’t like talk to another human for that long without like feeling like I need to fall asleep [Austen] So I basically [Austen] Every step of the way was very very very [Austen] Hard work for me. And I think that’s why I got so far it’s because I put in hard work and I [Austen] I could just continue that path [Austen] So instead of being like a natural here, you know who has these like, you know, there’s pros and cons to being a natural I [Austen] I started out down here, but I moved up over time and that eventually you just become better than these naturals in a way [Austen] Yeah, so that’s that’s kind of my story with the success with women thing is I just kind of I was at a very very [Austen] Low point in my life [Austen] I came up [Austen] Found self development got even farther and then I, you know found success with women’s stuff [Austen] After a while, I started implementing it [Austen] And yeah, so that’s, that’s a brief recap I don’t want to rant yeah, yeah no one gives a shit [João] No, no one cares man, you’re alone in this world [Austen] Yeah, I also wanted to, it’s sometimes I’ll see other people [Austen] Like even you, who’s just like you’re just like naturally extroverted, you talk to anyone and just non-stop verbal content [Austen] I’m like, damn like if only I didn’t have such a shitty like adolescence [Austen] If I wasn’t so traumatizedin the past, maybe this would be the case and some people say like [Austen] You uh, it’s like a lifetime journey kind of getting over your own bullshit in a way [Austen] It’s a lifetime journey of like letting go of the past and I kind of [Austen] Agree with that to a certain extent [João] Yeah, me too me too I also have a bullshit [João] I talk talk talk [João] But you know, I also have bullshit to deal with, like get over it [Austen] Hope you can here everything [João] I don’t like to hear that [Austen] This was the weirdest moment in our podcast so far, it just started but you know [João] So, okay but what is game right? What is.. [Austen] That’s game [João] You just gamed me, I’m in, I’m in [Austen] Game to me is a few things [Austen] But mainly it’s basically [Austen] How to communicate with someone, to give them a good experience [Austen] Move that forward toward having sex in a non-judgmental way [Austen] So, the first part would be [Austen] Giving out good energy. So you’ve kind of eliminated all those needy, taking [Austen] Fucking toxic [Austen] Qualities about yourself, which everyone has, we’re looking at the camera [Austen] Everyone has them. If you don’t, if you think that you don’t have them and you’re like [Austen] “Hey, Austen” [Austen] I’m just wondering about, hum text game [Austen] It’s just my text game, you know, if I just get my text game handled [Austen] Then all these bitches will be hanging out with me [Austen] But what they don’t realize is that these guys are are needy, they’re toxic [Austen] They have certain things in their past that are holding them back [Austen] So there’s a couple things to address there, you have to [Austen] Get a therapist, have someone to talk to about these issues, do some self-reflection [Austen] Maybe start doing meditation, maybe start doing some psychedelics to do deeper seeing into yourself [Austen] And it really is a process over time of finding these things and and and letting them go [Austen] And accepting whatever is in your life [Austen] So I think for me for a long time, I was very insecure about certain things [Austen] During the depression you start hating yourself and then you find things [Austen] That you just dislike about yourself [Austen] And one of the things that really helped was mushrooms, where you just kind of feel like this [Austen] It’s almost like if you’ve been meditating for five, ten years straight every single day for an hour a day [Austen] It gives you this insight where you’re like, I love myself. I accept myself. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on in my life [Austen] I accept it and now let me move forward and give giving myself the best life I can [Austen] So you have to take care of that part because if you if you have this toxic energy people will see it [Austen] You know? It’s like [Austen] Their bullshit detector [Austen] Their… And especially the more socially advanced people are, they can see through [Austen] Whatever you have like that [João] Yeah, the the self is always trying you through, right? [Austen] Yeah, so hot girls, cool guys. They can immediately see [Austen] What your issues are [Austen] Yeah, so [Austen] Handle, handle those internal issues and things that have been happening in your life [Austen] And then the other parts are like [Austen] For example, self-amusement. Making yourself have a good time so that you can share a good energy with other people [Austen] So self-amusement [Austen] Being at the cause so like actually [Austen] You know [Austen] Believing that you have a choice in your life to direct your life [Austen] And making other people kind of like follow your lead around you, being a leader [Austen] And yeah, there’s a bunch of others. We don’t need to go through all of them [Austen] But there’s that and then it’s meeting the girl, giving her good vibes, leading her around [Austen] Yeah and moving it forward towards sex, oh my god [João] It’s a Christian country, Austen, you should stop that conversation. You should stop [João] Yeah, that’s true [João] But there are some people that do things like game is only about [João] Manipulation, as you see like articles in magazines of people going on rants about it [João] They’re just teaching guys how to [João] Manipulate women, right? [João] Which is not true because it’s actually about you being more real and more… like you let your self shine [João] And you’re okay with it, right? [Austen] But then if you let your self shine through that’s manipulation as well [Austen] Yeah, and then people want to connect with you. Oh, no [João] Yeah, yeah [Austen] Yeah, it’s like with anything [Austen] For example, like there’s book covers over here [Austen] They’re trying to maximize the amount of people that see the book [Austen] So they’re manipulating [Austen] You to see the book and then the covers like designed in a way that makes you want to buy the book [Austen] So they’re manipulating you to buy the book [Austen] So you can either look at everything as manipulation [Austen] For example [Austen] Another one would be [Austen] Makeup, right? [João] Yeah, yeah [Austen] So makeup’s been used for, I think [Austen] What was it? Like, they’ve have found makeup in like [Austen] 20,000 BC or something like this [Austen] So women have been using makeup for a very long time [Austen] To make themselves seem more attractive than they actually are [Austen] Alright?
[João] Yeah [Austen] So, that’s manipulation [Austen] Especially when you see these girls these days, where it’s like makeup has almost become a science, it is a science [Austen] So a girl who’s like [Austen] Average, puts on this makeup, and then she looks like a stunner and then you get up close and you’re like [Austen] Oh fuck I’ve been deceived. So it’s even worse than anything that a guy could do really, right? [João] Yeah, I guess so
[Austen] Because a guy, it’s mostly with his vibe with the girl [Austen] So it’s like you can’t really manipulate the vibe, right? [Austen] But with makeup, it’s you can just manipulate and you’re like, oh, I’m just this goddess [Austen] You know?
[João] Yeah, I know, I know. Yeah, you’re totally right [Austen] And it’s not like [Austen] They’re worse or anything like that, but it’s just another example how everyone’s trying to maximize the good shit in their life, right? [Austen] Who’s like [Austen] “You know what? I could get a really emotionally stable beautiful partner” [Austen] “But no, I’ll just settle” [Austen] “For like a curmudgeon” [João] A criminal, let’s just date a criminal [Austen] Yeah, so I think in a way, I like this view, everything in that that sense has persuasion, right? [Austen] So it’s like, sales is persuasion. Book cover is persuasion, talking to people is persuasion [João] Which is because you’re actually the sum of the five people you hang out with the most so you’re [João] Influencing each other whether you want it or not, right? So, regardless [João] Yeah, I’m manipulation you right now [João] But you know, some guys don’t believe that game does work and they say that your success is only due to like [João] Looks and money [João] This debate has been going on for a long time, you know? [João] But there are still a lot of guys who say [João] “No, only looks and money if you don’t have the looks then you’re fucked right? [Austen] My favourite one for the looks thing, because there is a guy [Austen] Man, he would actually be down to probably be on a, I could do a video with him [Austen] So this guy, he’s paid to be a model. So he’s a professional model [Austen] In Toronto, Canada [Austen] This guy, whenever I look at him, I’m like [Austen] “You are like, you’re just” [Austen] “You’re perfect” [Austen] And like he literally looks like the most perfect human being possible [Austen] I was like, you know what dude if I if I was the hint bisexual I would be, I would be gaming you so hard [Austen] Anyway, so this guy just he’s like blond hair blue eyes [Austen] Six-foot-two, just like perfect build [Austen] Just this gorgeous human being, he [Austen] Where was I going with this? Oh, he has trouble meeting girls [Austen] And he, basically he has trouble closing. He has trouble like continuing the conversation [Austen] There are some, there’s some issues there [Austen] And whenever he brings this stuff up people are like [Austen] “Dude ,what are you talking about? You’re like 6 foot 2” [Austen] “You look like a god, what the fuck” [Austen] And he’s like, dude looks aren’t everything Looks aren’t everything. And when I heard him say that that really it really stuck out to me [Austen] Another little stories is [Austen] I with this girl. We’re at her apartment [Austen] For some reason we went onto the hallway [Austen] And she had another friend too [Austen] And this other guy was in there in this hallway, and he was like, he was a cool guy. So we bring him in [Austen] Just to like, join the party. And he tried to like game my girl in a way [Austen] But then I was in the the mood where I was just you know being awesome as you are when you’re when you’re gaming you’ve [Austen] You just, you enter the state where you’re just like the most fucking awesome person around [Austen] And he was way better looking than I was, he was like financially independent. He’s like, yeah, just don’t work anymore [Austen] You know? I invented shit and now I just like work off, I get like money coming in [Austen] And this guy, he tried to get with the girl that I was with but she liked me way more [Austen] Because of my energy so this guy had [Austen] Way more money. This guy had way better looks and he didn’t get results [Austen] And now I have, I don’t know if you guys can tell, I have a broken nose [Austen] Anyone that can talk to me for more than a second knows that my nose is literally broken [Austen] I had, I was playing ultimate frisbee someone broke it, so I’m a broken nose [Austen] I have a huge scar that some people when they see it, they’re like, oh my god. What the fuck? [Austen] So I have all these like physical issues. I’m kind of like asymmetrical and shit [Austen] And it doesn’t even matter, like I have had sex with girls who are when I’m looking at them [Austen] I’m like, you like this is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen [Austen] It’s like when you’re having sex with her there’s like a symphony is going on [João] Angels are crying [Austen] Yeah, and so if I can do it you can too [Austen] Yeah, and I would also say just go out and you will see guys who are unattractive hooking up with hotter girls [Austen] There’s always gonna be someone who’s less attractive than you, who has less money. Who has way less resources who’s gonna make it work? [Austen] It’s not really your resources that matter. It’s your resourcefulness [João] Yeah, it’s because it’s all about the experience. That you give the girl, right? [João] It’s all about the experience and the emotions and range of emotions that you make her go through. Like like movies [João] It’s exactly the same thing, right? Like movies make you go through a range of emotions [João] And it doesn’t matter if the good at if the movie has a good image [João] It doesn’t matter if the movie is like very very well made if there is no emotion in it [João] Nobody will follow the story and just drop midway [Austen] Same thing with YouTube videos there could be amazing production quality [Austen] But if the content isn’t good, people don’t care [Austen] But then you could have a vertical video [Austen] From some shitty cellphone in Africa that captures an interesting event and people want to want to see it [João] Yeah, exactly, exactly [João] So it’s more or less the same thing [João] Yeah, similarity [João] What do you think are some common mistakes you see you guys doing? You’ve been teaching for how long now? [Austen] I’ve been teaching for [Austen] Coaching for three years [João] For three years, so you’ve seen a lot of shit happen [João] What do you think are the biggest struggles guys in general have? [Austen] Mmm, I’d say most of the struggle is internal, so I’d say probably 50 to 60 percent is [Austen] Just internal issues that guys are going through [Austen] That’s why what a lot of people are like yo, what book should I read to get good at game? [Austen] It’s like, if if I knew what their issues were I could recommend a better book because if I just say [Austen] Read “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, read “Awaken the Giant Within” read “Models” by Mark Manson [Austen] If I just say, read those books, that could be a partial solution [Austen] Right? [Austen] But unless they’re dealing with those internal issues, they are not going to get results [Austen] So yeah, for example [Austen] If a guy’s dealing with depression, you could I could recommend a book on happiness, or getting out of depression [Austen] Or being present to the moment [Austen] But people don’t see their own issues. So they’re called blind spots. So yeah, I don’t know. I don’t remember what the question was [João] No, it was common mistakes guys do and your were talking about recommending books [Austen] The common mistake, the most common mistakes guys make are the ones that they’re kind of unaware of [Austen] I’d say some common mistakes people make in terms of the technical side is [Austen] Opening too close. So they, the girl’s like here and they open like here. Yeah, and it scares the shit out of her [Austen] Another one is, or at least that I’ve seen in Portugal, New York is like guys being too [Austen] Physical and too grabby. So one day we went out and [Austen] There was two, there were two girls, you actually he’d bang this girl last night [Austen] So so we opened, we’re just chatting with them, vibing and later [Austen] The girl says, “you are the only guys who have talked to us tonight” [João] Yeah, true, true [Austen] And keep in mind [Austen] This is at, I think this is at 4 a.m. Yeah, so they’ve been out probably since 11:00 [Austen] So that’s five hours of guys who have just been grabbing them [João] Yeah, because they have been approached. Yeah. Yeah [Austen] And then meanwhile we come up bring good energy just chatting with them making them laugh [Austen] Making sure they have a good time [Austen] And yeah, so that’s another one which would be actually have a conversation with a girl [Austen] Actually give out good energy. Don’t just [Austen] It’s like if someone [Austen]The equivalent approach of just grabbing girls and like like, I don’t even know what the fuck they’re thinking but [Austen] It’d be like a guy who’s trying to sell you a car [Austen] He comes up to you on the streets like you buy a car. He’s like takes out his keen he’s like, oh [Austen] Yeah, get it get the car. Like, how is he going to sell the car? [Austen] So that’s another one, let’s see [Austen] A lot of times guys have trouble leading And again, a lot of this goes back to internal stuff. If you believe that you are a piece of shit [Austen] And that what you’re leading the girl to is horrible and you think of women hate sex and you’re like [Austen] “Man, I just kind of trick her into having sex because you know women just they don’t like it” [João] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Austen] If you believe that, then you are always going to like [Austen] Always, always going to have trouble leading the girl, because you don’t think you’re offering her something that’s good [Austen] Right? But if you think, you know what? I’m fucking awesome, this girl is getting so much value [Austen] Just out of being around me. Every step of the way that she’s gonna go home with me. So let’s say bring her to a Portuguese [Austen] You know treat place, what the fuck is that called? [João] A Toscana
[Austen] A Toscana [Austen] Everything in Portuguese is said very fast, every time we pronounce it they’re like no [João] But ladies love it [Austen] So every step of the way the girls gonna have fun with me. She’s gonna get more value out of it [Austen] She’s gonna enjoy him more and [Austen] And even when I bring her home to have sex [Austen] Men, I have an entire list of [Austen] Stuff that women get out of me just from sex, right? [Austen] So it’s like if you have an entire list [Austen] You’re like, oh she gets to feel masculine presence, I meditate with her before sex, so she’s present to the moment [Austen] Maybe that changes her life because, she learns how to meditate and [Austen] And influences our life [Austen] Drastically and then she teaches other people how to do it and everyone’s getting more and more presence [Austen] Kind of raises the consciousness of Earth. I mean planet earth. Oh, yeah [João] Eckart Tolle [Austen] And [Austen] So she’s present. She’s letting go of anxiety. I give her a massage [Austen] Maybe she’s like loosening up, we have epic sex [Austen] She feels like dominated, she gets to, she to live out these fantasies that no other guys gets to do with her [Austen] Maybe she gets a squirt. She gets an orgasm [Austen] You know, there’s an unlimited number of things that she can get out of sex with me and it’s all positive [Austen] So, why would I withhold that from her? In fact, I would be an asshole if I didn’t give her that, right? [Austen] If I didn’t lead her to sex in a way that she was comfortable with [Austen] Then I’m not giving her the best that I can give her, right? [João] Yeah, true and the really interesting thing about game [João] Is that like you start like fixing your internal issues with girls, right? [João] And like, the way we come at girls is the way you come at life. They’re both really related and intertwined [João] So when you start [João] Improving one thing in your life, then the other begins to improve or you’re like prone to improving [João] So just not about game or our girls, right? It’s about building a better life [Austen] I’d say it’s somewhat related, but not there’s not a hundred percent cool [João] Not a hundred percent but…
[Austen] Because I I’ve had students who are business people [Austen] So there’s one guy for example, he had four iPhones [Austen] So he like for iPhone 7 pluses or whatever [Austen] And just huge phones and [Austen] One for every business he has, so he sorts through the phone by the color of the of the of the metal [Austen] And he’s like, “oh, I got an issue in this business”. And this guy is so [Austen] Business minded, he’s almost like a computer [Austen] He’s like, oh time to execute, business mode. Okay. Am I right? Okay, Austen, I am ready for game now, so [Austen] This guy, crushing in a business, right? He has four successful businesses. He’s a multi-millionaire [Austen] But that same guy [Austen] He’s having trouble even connecting with another human being because he can’t be present long enough [Austen] I think the longest conversation [Austen] Or longest set he had on bootcamp, where he was just talking business with a girl and she was she was into business too [Austen] So and like, so I’d say.. I won’t say there’s 100% correlation [Austen] Also if you’re working too hard [Austen] Your stress levels go way up
[João] Yeah, that’s true, that’s true [Austen] And if your stress levels go up, you can’t really share a good vibe with with people [Austen] But yeah, yeah and but you’re right, there is a certain similarity there where it’s like [Austen] If you… I think a lot of it comes from the fact that, realizing that you’re going to die, right? [Austen] You’re like, okay, I’m going to die [Austen] And I’ve got probably 10 to 20 years left of this dating phase of my life [Austen] So if I don’t get this handled now [Austen] It’s probably not gonna happen. And you look at other people around you who just kind of like let themselves go [Austen] For example, I had a bootcamp student, he was four hundred and seventy pounds [Austen] Depressed. Every day he would just come home from work [Austen] Get something from fast-food, go home, play video games, watch porn [Austen] That was his life [Austen] And full self-hatred. So it’s like, that’s where I don’t want to be right? [Austen] Luckily for that guy. That guy is actually doing well now. He’s losing weight, he started his own [Austen] His own business. He’s been traveling. He’s been like expanding, he’s been gaming [Austen] But you kind of [Austen] I’m forgetting the tangent I was going on [João] We were talking about the correlation between
[Austen] That’s the problem of doing this early in the morning [João] Correlation between gaming business [Austen] Oh, realizing that you’re going to die
[João] Yeah, exactly! realizing that you’re going to die [Austen] Yeah, so if you realize you’re gonna die and you’re like fuck, I want to build a physique [Austen] I want to build a nice physique [Austen] If you come with your physique the same way that you come at game, you know [Austen] It comes from that same fact that I’m gonna die. Let’s take some fucking action [Austen] Let’s pursue what I want to, what what we want to accomplish [João] Yeah, but all comes from the fight we’re gonna die because if we didn’t, we just wouldn’t have any [João] Motivation to do anything, like we could do it any day we wanted right? Cause we could just live forever [Austen] Dude, I remember this meme, where it’s like [Austen] With this drum and this little Indian kid was like [Austen] He was like, “first I bang the drum then I bang your mom” [Austen] Alright, what’s our next topic? Joel [João] I don’t know why I’m speaking spanish, I was speaking spanish the whole night yesterday [João] And now every time you do a little bit of spanish, my mind just goes right back to it [João] And it’s crazy. The same happens to me with english [Austen] Que quieres comer? [João] No te voy a dicer [Austen] Yo tengo… [João] Okay, so let’s just move on [João] You just talk a lot about meditation, right? So because he had a usually impact in your life and now there’s like a meditation [João] Trends going around right? [Austen] It’s trendy [João] It’s true. Very trendy
[Austen] Let’s get in a side bowl and meditate [João] You meditate with girls after sex, right? So how does meditation help you [João] With game and with life in general [Austen] Yeah, so one of the biggest things that holds guys back like I said, is this internal stuff [Austen] So when you meditate, you get third party perspective over your issues, and you can see them better, right? [Austen] So it’s like you’re almost like in your body and you see yourself. You’re like man [Austen] I really should fix X, right? And meditation helps you do that. Another thing is [Austen] Learning game requires some willpower, right? It does require some willpower. Meditation builds that willpower [Austen] I’d say another one is guys who have weak frames [Austen] So, we actually, I did a seminar here [Austen] And I said before we did this connection exercise where you you look at another person’s eyes [Austen] I said, you can tell the guys who are good in game because they will be able to do this and connect deeply with someone without [Austen] Any giggling, without looking away and the guys who struggle with connection, who also struggle with game [Austen] Will have trouble with this exercise [Austen] And so, that being said, it kind of puts you into [Austen] That mode where you can connect with someone, you can be present with someone, it builds that strong frame, that groundedness and [Austen] Guys that don’t have this have a very weak frame and girls can just poke through [Austen] So for example if a guy, his frame is like, I’m the shit girls should be lucky they’re with me, you know? [Austen] If he has a very weak frames, he’s like I’m the shit and the girl is like, no you’re not! But, but, but I am [Austen] That’s an example of his frame breaking [Austen] And if you have meditation you have a very strong frame [Austen] It also gives you more free emotions like you can think of it as almost like you’re absorbing good emotions from your surroundings [Austen] It helps you actually increase your creativity
[João] Yeah, that’s true [Austen] Which, which is helpful in game too so you can say: [Austen] “Latin Lover” [Austen] Imagine that imagine that Latin Lover I’ll give you I’ll give you a minute to imagine that [Austen] So it allows you to be more free associative [Austen] Actually wrote up a whole fucking thing on this man, but more free associative [Austen] Also present, right? [Austen] So a lot of, I’d say man this probably covers like 20%, 30% of the problems in game, maybe more [Austen] So guys, they’re thinking, oh fuck I… [Austen] Portuguese girls don’t like me because in the past they’ve been like bitchy or whatever [Austen] And then in the future [Austen] These girls probably aren’t gonna fuck me. They’re not gonna date me [Austen] They’re probably not even gonna talk to me, right? So you’re not in the present. You’re in the past, or in the future [Austen] So meditation puts you in the present ,where you can like, be your best self [Austen] People who are present give their best selves, but people who are thinking in the future thinking of the past [Austen] They can’t really because they’re split between different periods [Austen] And also, that being said they place judgments so something’s either good or it’s bad, as opposed to just it is [João] Yeah, meditation turns off that judging mind, right? [Austen] Yeah, so the example would be a guy goes up [Austen] Girl says fuck off. I have a boyfriend. His name’s Tyrone. He’s gonna kill you [Austen] So in his mind, he’s like fuck, I’ve got rejected [Austen] The whole nights gonna be bad now. Dammit, it’s because of a piece of shit, right? [Austen] So he places judgment and it’s a downward spiral of negativity [Austen] Or he thinks, oh this girl liked me. So it’s good, right? Yeah as opposed to just like oh [Austen] Some girls like me, some don’t it is what it is. And it keeps you more stable and level. So meditation keeps you present [Austen] So you’re not thinking you’re not in your head. You’re not worried [Austen] It keeps you present, where you can give your best self and also you’re not placing judgments [Austen] You’re just accepting whatever happens and then taking right action to [Austen] Whatever point you desire [João] Yeah, and being present is awesome, because when you’re really present [João] It’s like you draw people to presence and people feel better because of it [João] And then they just feel better around you right? Because you just bring them to a better place [João] Another thing I was gonna say about you’re talking about the [João] The boyfriend, I forgot damn it [João] I had a really good follow up [João] Okay, it doesn’t matter if I remember I remember [Austen] Do you have one any cool stories you could share like for guys to see what’s what’s possible and [Austen] Oh, I remember, I remember what I was gonna say. Yeah you were telling about the [João] Shit, I forgot again! [João] That’s what happens you don’t sleep, I slept half an hour last night [Austen] It was just a little bit, until the alarm clock to take the girl home and [João] And that’s what happens when you don’t sleep. I just forgot it [Austen] Wow, what a player [João] Damn it
[Austen] Okay. I’ll just take over. I’ll just start ranting [João] You go, you go
[Austen] All right, hum [Austen] I don’t know, once topics are brought up I I just I feel like it ran forever on them. Yeah, I know [João] I know, you rant good man, but you’re an introverted. So you just develop that that ability to do that, right? [Austen] Yes, sir, yeah, oh yeah so I could talk about that, uh [Austen] So people will often say like do 30-day challenges, do 60-day challenges B[Austen] ut if you are an introvert [Austen] That is probably the worst thing to do, because you will burn out, right? So if you’re an introvert like myself [Austen] I feel like I’m 80% introverted like these guys
[João] Very specific, very specific [João] Eighty one percent sir
[Austen] I took the test. Whatever, I’m mostly introverted [Austen] So like after a certain point, it’s like I’m also hyper sensitive person. So like noise light [Austen] Stuff like that [Austen] Stimulates me to a higher degree. So I feel like [Austen] It’s very intense [Austen] it’s good for assert for certain things, right? Because you can like you can feel from [Austen] Less intense stimuli. Where some people feel like they have to go to an EDM festival [Austen] With MDMA, shooting up heroin to feel anything [Austen] There’s like the stripper who like just can’t feel anything anymore, so you gave to verbally abuse her [Austen] So I’m introverted [Austen] So for me if I were to do a 60 day challenge starting out, that would be horrible because [Austen] 23 days in I’d be like, dude, I just I can’t anymore [Austen] I just, just kill me now [Austen] Whereas someone like yourself or my friend Kevin [Austen] You could do 30 day challeng, you to 60 day challenge. No problem [Austen] You know? it’s not really an issue you’re like, oh I’m really enjoying talking to all these people, that’s so much fun [João] I don’t lose energy when I talk to people. Yeah, I feel recharged. I feel you know, and [Austen] Yeah, so I would say if you’re an introvert do not do that [Austen] When I was learning, I would pretty much go out four to five times a week [Austen] But some would be shorter like people here like go on every day and they’re like, oh for seven hours every day. Damn [Austen] That’s a lot of time investment. Most people who do seven days a week do like [Austen] Like one approach per day and then on the weekend they maybe go out once, twice. Three times maybe [Austen] Well, I basically did four to five days a week while I was learning and that worked really well for me [Austen] So I just want to throw that out there. You don’t need to do 30 day challenge or 60 day challenge [João] But it is important to approach, right? And just do the things because if you just keep [João] Stay at home reading theory and watching YouTube videos, you know, although they’re very good, yours are very good [João] Watching you do videos, you just won’t get anywhere with it [João] Actually, I think you’ll get.. I think if you read too much and watch too much videos [João] You just get stifled with so much information, you just don’t know what to do, right? [Austen] So one question I ask all my students is when did you find out about game? And when did you start applying it? [Austen] Because then you can kind of sense how much over theorizing they’ve done [Austen] If they’re like I found out about game in [Austen] 1998 and I started applying in 2017 in May. It’s like [Austen] I think you can already tell this guy’s gonna have some issues [Austen] And the fear is essentially what’s holding them back. So I’d say [Austen] If I could go back in it, by the way, I think I did was it [Austen] It’s like, I think I did three or four months of like learning before I even did an approach [Austen] I did some, I knew some girls. So I would like try to practice certain things on them [João] I did that too, yeah [Austen] But and I was like, holy shit [Austen] This is actually working [Austen] Dude, when you found out about game and then you start using it, it’s like you’ve discovered
[João] A whole new world, man [Austen] It’s like why the fuck has no one told me about this? Dude when I was [Austen] Like there’s certain things that I’m like why have has no one told me about this, but I think people are just unaware [Austen] If your dad was like listen, dude, this is how to pimp it [Austen] He took you out, he was like [Austen] Hey, come here yo, what’s up? Yo, we were just kicking it over here [Austen] And then I saw you, thought I’d play you a little guitar song. He’s playing guitar. And be like sets it down [Austen] He’s like yo suit so meet my son [Austen] And then she’s like, I have a hot friend for your son. Brings over her hot friend, you’re like seven it’s cool [Austen] Then then you’d learn a game right? But that’s not how it works unfortunately [Austen] And then a lot of guys who deal with trauma, or are more introverted or are computer developers or whatever [Austen] Then those people are not gonna get that information, right? Yeah until they they go [Austen] Siri how to pick up the bitches [Austen] So they won’t get it until then. Yeah, that’d be funny if I just [Austen] Siri how do I pick up the bitches? [Siri] Well *inaudible* [João] Maybe it’s not Siri. It’s another app. But yeah [Austen] Yeah, it would be good if someone taught us these things another thing was [Austen] Man, I don’t know if I should say this. Whatever [Austen] The fact that religion is made up. I felt like, growing up I was like and then I found out I was like, what the fuck? [Austen] It’s like why the fuck have I been lied to? It’s like like your whole life you’re being lied to by your parents [Austen] It’s like Santa Claus, just just believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy’s gonna bring you your little tooth [João] Yeah, that’s true, Freud has like a really
[Austen] Pray to Jesus [João] Freud has like a really extensive thing about like those kinds of lies. Like it’s the you come with a… [João] Seagull? I don’t know, what’s the bird that brings babies?
[Austen] Stork [João] So you come up with.. Yeah, all those lies [João] And then when kids find out just like disappointed because their parents just lied to them and for no [João] Reason like just protecting their kid [Austen] Just just go to college. Get a good job
[João] Yeah, I know but [João] Dude that really funny that you said that because [João] There’s an interview with Joe Rogan [Austen] Wait, one sec. I want to say that most people are just retarded as fuck [Austen] Okay, so don’t take your information from those people. Even people in your family like they could be telling you things that could just destroy your life [João] I know I had really bad advice when I was a kid. I was some older friends [João] I would ask advice for girls, right? And the advice would just backfire because it was really really bad advice [Austen] So basically research, finds what actually works [Austen] Find people who know what they’re talking about. And then from there you can start implementing. But like if you just implement on shitty advice [Austen] Like where are you going? Yeah, exactly, exactly. It’s like to get a good career [Austen] You need to go to a college. You need to go to Community College and then you get your [Austen] You get your sociology degree, and then you graduate and [Austen] Dot dot, I don’t know [Austen] And then it and then also [Austen] Yeah, the thing with the ceiling being pushed up and I have to get like a master’s degree to stand out pretty soon [Austen] There’s gonna be like, you have to have a PhD to get a job at a gas station. [João] Yeah, exactly. It’s gonna, it’s gonna blow, the bubble is gonna blow somewhere. It’s true [Austen] And no one says like, just find a skill set that people want to pay you for and [Austen] Develop that over time and build an audience that wants to pay you [João] True and nowadays with the internet just so much easier to do everything. You could just promote yourself for free basically on YouTube [Austen] Yeah, there’s downsides to that. It’s harder to stand out [João] Exactly so many people doing it [João] Yes, we act like you have really good content and work on it [Austen] What’s up guys? What up invaders? [João] Do you have some stories you want to share to stimulate our audience? [Austen] I usually hate stories because I feel like there’s, I’d say [Austen] 90% of the people in the industry are full of shit and they’re stupid and they they have no decent advice at all [Austen] But there’s something everyone could get out of them. No, I really don’t believe that [Austen] I think that there’s a lot of people in the pickup industry who just talk [Austen] Their like [Austen] Let me do another talking to the camera video. Hey guys, I’m gonna regurgitate some stuff I heard [Austen] Whereas people who actually get results [Austen] Put those results out there and people are like, oh, wow, so he can actually do what he’s talking about [João] Oh, yeah, that’s true [Austen] So I will tell one story after this quick commercial break where I have to pee Six and a half hours later [João] Okay, let’s go into it. Good story! I hope it’s not a pee story [João] Can you close the door? [Austen] Yeah, one thing I wanted to say with that is sometimes people think of success with women [Austen] As kind of linear, it’s like, oh [Austen] So I start here and then I just I can increasingly just get better slowly, right? [Austen] But the reality is, it’s kind of like exponential in a way in terms of your results [Austen] Because once you’re past a certain level, where it’s like girls recognize that you’re fucking of value [Austen] You’re awesome. You have high social status in their eyes [Austen] You give them an amazing experience. They’re having so much fun around you [Austen] You can get some serious serious results [Austen] So and the same thing with money, right? It’s kind of exponential [Austen] So and girls can sense this quicker and quicker and quicker from you, so I actually told a story at the [Austen] At the seminar the other day about a thirty second pool outside of a club [Austen] So I meet the girl, hey, what’s up with the fucking? Let’s go to the after-party. It’s cool. What’s up? What’s your name? [Austen] Whatever [Austen] Like machine-gun her and then just [Austen] There’s like a taxi that pulls up and I’m like, taxi, let’s go boom in the cab [Austen] Bounced to to my place, so thirty seconds, but [Austen] Why is it thirty seconds is because she’s a slut? [Austen] No, it’s because she can see quickly that I have value to bring, right? [Austen] She’s like every second I’ve been with this guy [Austen] I have felt nothing but amazing and I can sense that [Austen] He is just offering abundant energy and and he’s of value. He’s high social status. What he’s bringing me to is cool. Let’s go [João] I could hear that here I [Austen] Don’t know if I explained the exponential thing properly [Austen] But basically to get to the top, basically. *Illuminati* [Austen] To get to the top that there are lessons that you go through, to get to the top not everything that [Austen] Will work for you will be found in one place, right? [Austen] Except on my channel [Austen] Everything can be found in there
[João] Link in the description [Austen] What was I gonna say? [Austen] Yeah, so basically to get to the top there will be [Austen] Things that you learn along the way, there will be [Austen] Plateaus that you go through and that you kind of have to find a solution for [Austen] So a lot of the plateaus that I got into were [Austen] Because I didn’t have certain habits in place, so you can only get to a certain level in game without doing some kind [Austen] Mindfulness and meditation right? Because if you’re projecting the stressed anxious inner self [Austen] Overly thinking self, not many girls are gonna be attracted to that. And then [Austen] You can only get to a certain level without lifting, right? Because if you’re lifting, working out, you have higher testosterone [Austen] You look more attractive, like you were saying the other day girls just like feel you? [João] Just feel and touch you yeah [Austen] What’s gonna help you get laid more? [Austen] Looking unattractive or having like a large ripped physique that girls are just like when they see you. They’re like, oh my god [Austen] My pussy’s getting wet. If her pussy’s getting wet looking at you, it’s gonna be a lot easier [João] Yeah, of course, you know when I was back in shape [João] Sometimes was much much easier because you being in shape is it’s [Austen] I agree. We have the opposite issues [Austen] He gets, you’re naturally big. Yeah, I’d have to like what like trim down a little bit and just go muscle? [Austen] But for me, I look like Auschwitz survivor. So I have to like put in a lot of effort [João] I would rather be like you. But when I was a kid I was really really fat [João] I was really fat, you have no idea. I’m not gonna post a picture but, you know [João] So I started working out at some point. And worked out for like six, seven years [João] And then I stopped for an injury, but [João] My metabolism changed a lot. So in these two and a half years I’ve been injured [João] I feel I’ve been eating a lot and not very healthy, because that was before but you know [João] And I would think that I would be much much fatter. If it was before I started working out [João] I would be really fucking fat. Just for the things I ate and I ate a lot and I’m not, like I’m almost [João] thin you know? But I ate so much, didn’t exercise, like didn’t sleep a lot because I always going out [João] So training changes your metabolism for life. It’s not just a thing like now I have a good physique [João] You know? When you be like 40 and 50 and 60, your friends will all be fat [João] You know? With their chins falling and you’ll be like, mr. Olympia [Austen] And another thing I want to say a new on the nutrition side is [Austen] Sometimes people think of nutrition only in terms of body composition, right? [Austen] You can eat garbage and have a good body composition
[João] Yeah, but not health [Austen] Yeah, but your nutrition affects everything [Austen] So it’s like, some people follow the nutrition experts and they get body composition. That’s that’s that’s their goal [Austen] Their like, I just follow my macros and I get my body composition looking well, and then it’s like on the other side [Austen] It’s like sexual health. Do you want to get your dick hard? [Austen] Does your do you want your brain to function? Do you want to live long? [Austen] Do you want your skin to look good? Do you want to feel good? [Austen] Do you want have good energy [Austen] So when you go into a venue or a club you can project good energy to a girl? [Austen] Do you want to eat foods that promote presence like? [Austen] There’s like 50 things on this side and then there’s one thing on this side [Austen] And their like, the strong guy told me to do that. So yeah. Yes. I just eat poop and I [Austen] And I fit my macros so I do it, yeah [Austen] It’s like so stupid [Austen] So focus on eating nutrient dense foods, sure make it figure macros good but [Austen] Why don’t you eat foods that help you like, your health [João] And it’s really cool because you don’t even need to count calories to do that [João] If you just start eating nutrient dense foods you, you know? And you just use your body, the body’s body signs to ajust the [Austen] Yeah, so those are the two main ways: if it fits your macros, eat poop or [Austen] Use your body’s built-in mechanisms for thirst and hunger to regulate that [João] Cause your body knows right?
[Austen] Yeah, your body knows [Austen] I love how seductive this sounds. So, if you’re thinking about coming [Austen] You can come whenever you want [Austen] This is great
[João] Yeah, I know [João] I didn’t build this though, so [João] Tiago is the builder. Tiago the builder [João] So yeah, the links will be in the description, if you guys want to follow Austen just follow [João] Just follow him on facebook, instagram, snapchat, the links will how up here, here and here [João] YouTube [João] No, they’re probably gonna appear in the link in the description because now youtube has some weird rules [Austen] If you guys want to follow João, I know his address [Austen] Shoot me a message. It’s a very easy to follow him because he just talks all the time [João] And loud too, so.. ok [João] Well very, thank you very much for being here [Austen] Thank you very much for being here. In your house. Thank you for being in your house [João] I hope you come again one day [Austen] All right. Thanks for listening guys. If you made it this far you are a Titan [Austen] So be sure to smash that like button, smash that subscribe button, give your boy João here some love and [Austen] Yeah [Austen] Until next time I’ll see you in the next episode in the next video, subscribe [Austen] Retweet, reblog, share with your mom, share with your dad. Send it to your dog. Maybe your dog knows this program [Austen] Maybe your doctor could get a lot of value out of this [João] Dogs can probably get laid more than men [Austen] Yeah, make sure your dogs not neutered though, because that would impact the ability to act [Austen] Actually act on this information

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