Fresh vs Frozen Taste Test

Fresh vs Frozen Taste Test

Can we tell the difference between fresh – and frozen food?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ Good mythical morning! We live in the future. Anything that you
want to eat, you can get it in prepackaged frozen form. You just pop it in the
microwave and it tastes exactly like the fresh thing, right? – Wrong?
– Question mark! – I don’t know!
– But we should find out today because today we’re gonna put our taste buds
to the test to see if we can tell the difference between the fresh and its
frozen counterpart of foods. Let’s do this. As you can see, we can’t. Okay, we’re gonna be presented with a dish
in two forms; one is fresh, one is frozen. – We taste bose of them – both of them!
– Bose of them. After we taste both of them, we put the
(Both) frozen flag in the one that we think is frozen. The loser at the end of these shenanigans
has to wear a Frozen costume that is frozen. Yes. Let’s do it. Okay, the reason we’re blindfolded is
because a lot of people think you can just tell the difference by looking at these
and the thing is, people say, “Oh, when it’s frozen, I can totally tell. It’s just
not as good.” Well, maybe that’s true, – maybe that’s not.
– Yeah maybe. – We’re gonna find out just by the taste buds.
– You don’t wanna be swayed by the looks. Let’s go for the left one first.
And this is – um, okay I got a slice. – Some weird entangling that’s happened.
– (laughs) Sorry. – Awkward.
– I wasn’t trying to hold your hand. – It’s a thin crust.
– I’m just feeling it here. It’s got a good smell. I am hungry,
not necessarily for pizza but okay. Mhmm. – What is this, a barbecue pizza?
– Tastes like California Pizza Chicken. Pizza Chicken (laughs) – But it is a barbecue chicken pizza?
– Yeah. – They’ve given us nothing to go on, here.
– I have an immediate impression of this one. – I don’t wanna give you what I think that is.
– Give it to me, it ain’t gonna help me. I don’t listen to you anyway. – I’ll tell you right now, I don’t think it’s good.
– (crew member laughs) Yeah, well that’s what I was going to say.
It feels like this, like that– – You know what?
– might be frozen. And then over here.
(Rhett) I’ll take this one. (Link) Okay.
(Rhett) This one feels so similar, though. It does, the weight and the thinness. (Rhett) What pizza is this y’all? I went for crust first, that was a fail. Huh. – This one tastes exactly the same.
– It’s the same pizza. I mean, I’m telling you right now brotha,
they have duped us from the sti-zart. I think I know exactly… I’m trying to put my pizza down. (inaudible) I was trying to trick you, man. (laughs) You trying to trick me? (Rhett) Yeah, right there. – Alright, I’m making my vote.
– I made my vote. I’m taking my glasses up. – Oh, we agree!
– Okay, alright. Okay.
(Rhett) So this is frozen town over here? – (Link) Is this frozen town?
– (Drew) Yes. – Alright.
– (Drew) You guys are both right. – Yeah we are both right.
– And I think by looking at it, I mean the chicken is a little more cubicle-ized. Yeah that’s, you know what,
that’s why the blindfolds help– – Uh huh.
– because that would’ve been a dead giveaway. – (Link) We’re just frozen geniuses.
– (Rhett) I thought this was pretty good. – Mac and cheese.
– Let’s start over here on my side. – Okay. I’m told there’s a spoon for
you and there’s a spoon for me. – (Rhett) Are you out yet?
– I’m not out but I’m hovering and I’m getting close to the mouth. I don’t have any idea if I’ve even got
stuff on this spoon but I’m going for it. – Should we feed ourselves or…?
– Yeah we should feed ourselves. (Link laughs) Wow. – That is really good. If that’s frozen…
– Then take me to the frozen aisle. – Yeah buddy.
– I like the pepper in it. – Yeah I’m getting a little bit.
– (Link) What are you – you going in for seconds? Then I’m going in for seconds. – You know what, forget it.
– Man! Man, you over there having a good time,
I couldn’t even find it again. Alright, and then we’re over here. That’s my hand. – (Rhett) That’s my spoon.
– (Link) Alright, so this spoon’s – I’m – assuming it has something in it.
– Oh I feel weight, I feel weight on the end of that one. Hm, bit of a letdown.
But it’s very classic tasting. – You know what?
– If I hadn’t– – This could be a curveball!
– Just tastes like straight out the box. It’s fresh pasta, not fresh – you know
what I mean, never frozen. Hmm… Man, if that’s frozen, I’d like to
meet the man who freezes that. Either this is nasty frozen or that’s
frozen but trying-real-hard-to-compensate- for-being-frozen frozen. I feel like…you know what… I think you’re over here so
I’m gonna go over here. I feel like…There’s nothing
to stick it in at this point. – Oh wow, there’s a lot to stick it in.
– (Link) Alright. – Take your blindfolds off.
– Oh we did disagree. So you believed – against the curveball.
– This definitely tasted better but it– – This is amazing.
– be like some gourmet– – I really, I think–
– frozen dish. This doesn’t look like the box stuff. It’s got
like some crumbs on it. Alright, let us have it. – (Drew) Rhett, you’re right.
– Yeah, I’m right! – Woo!
– Who made this ’cause I’m coming over for dinner. Let me just a little bit more
of this, it’s really good. And we’re gonna get some green beans
going on here. Now, I’m used to like, green beans fresh out of the garden. Am I actually
grabbing a bean? What’s happening here? I’m just going – I’m just
going straight bean. I grabbed a bean, I’mma eat the fork.
Are you on the left, first? Yeah, your side. Okay. – (crew laughing)
– (Rhett) Huh. Dang, these are raw. Pretty al dente. That’s a fresh bean right there. It almost just tastes like
I’m eating grass, though. I don’t think if you thawed a frozen
bean it would be that crunchy. (Rhett) Not true because they’re fresh
frozen versus cooked frozen, Link. – (Link) Where’s my fork? Where the fork – okay.
– These are better but they’re not seasoned. (Link) I’ll tell you right now, this one
has half the flavor of the one on the left. (Rhett) Really? I feel like one of them –
this one – that one – this – this one – feels like it’s had a constitutional
change in its – in its makeup. (Rhett) Looks like we’re…
(Link) Oh are you voting? – (Rhett) Little agreement over here.
– Oh, we do. Yeah, look at that. So were we right? – (Drew) You’re both right.
– Yeah we are! Yeah, I really – I mean I really
thought it was half the flavor. Constitutional change. I think this is like the quintessential
fresh versus frozen debate. I know that my wife is always like, “We have to get
the frozen fish because I can tell the difference.” She talks just
like that when she says it. – Well, I’m staying out of this one.
– (Rhett) Let’s start over here on my side. (Link) Now – but is this a salmon patty
because my nanny would always make a – salmon patty but not a salmon steak.
– There are no patties on an actual salmon, Link. I’ve looked salmon up and
down, one side to the other, I never saw a – patty. But I’ve seen a fillet, though.
– Okay. (Rhett) Go ahead and take your bite. I don’t really know how I’m doing here.
I might have to bring in a– (Rhett) Why you keep hitting my fork? You might have to bring in the left hand. (Link) Ooh, okay.
(Rhett) This side smells good, that’s all I can say. Alright, I got something here.
Have you got yours? – No, I was waiting on you.
– (Link) Sorry. – That’s more than a bite.
– Yeah, I thought I had too much at first. Had to touch all over it. Are you ready?
Alright I’m eating. (Rhett) Yeah, I’m eating. – (crew member laughs)
– Mmm, that does taste good! Hold on, I didn’t think
you were a salmon man. I’m not, I should’ve blindfolded myself. Are you telling me you’ve only ever eaten
salmon in patty form and now this is your – first introduction to a salmon fillet?
– Yeah. Well welcome to the club, man! – I didn’t like the way it looked.
– (Rhett) You’re telling me you haven’t – eaten it because of the way it looked?
– Maybe it’s I really only prefer frozen salmon. (Rhett) Alright, what have
we got here, oh there it is. (Link) Nothing? There’s certain points when being
blindfolded hinders the process of eating. – I got such a small amount.
– (crew laughs) (Link) Dang, you know what?
(Rhett) This is good too, man! Also good over here! What is happening between
sticking it and bringing it? (crew laughing) Something tells me you’re
having a little bit of trouble. Man, I brought my fork over like
four times now. And it’s just… – (crew laughing)
– What is– Use your finger. Oh, I feel weight now. – Oh!
– (crew laughing) – Where did it go?
– It’s not over here, man. – (crew member) On the ground.
– It went on the ground? – (crew laughs)
– Dangit! – Well you’re gonna have to vote, man.
– Hold on– – I’m sorry.
– I’m coming– – Time is up, dude.
– I’m coming in two-handed. – I gots to say…
– I don’t know man, they’re both so good, there’s no clear choice here. I might
just have to bow out on this one. – (Rhett) Yeah there’s no clear choice.
– But we probably should vote. You should – go ahead.
– Yeah, I did. – (crew laughs)
– Oh, me too. – Oh we disagreed, too.
– Oh! Yeah, I thought this was better
than this one just by a little bit. This felt like it still had
some of its muscular… (Link) But even looking at it, I can’t tell the
difference. Drew? Am I tying it up or no? (Drew) Link, you are incorrect.
(Rhett laughs) – Two down, man!
– Man, Link. I’mma have to put that Frozen dress
on if I don’t play some catch-up. You are! – I’m down two to four! Man!
– You could still come back because rounds – five and six are both two points apiece!
– Oh yeah! You can make up the difference.
This is the breakfast sandwich round. (Link) Bringing out the spider hands.
(Rhett) We’re gonna start on your side? (Link) Yeah, over here. Okay.
This one’s soggy on the bottom. – Is that just a straight up egg on the bottom?
– No, I don’t think so. Oh man. It’s good, though. Yours is good? – I just like to eat, man.
– I caught the tail end of this breakfast – sandwich and it threw me for a loop!
– You don’t like it? (Link) Tough, man. – It’s like bread jerky.
– That’s an English muffin on top though, man. – Oh, is it an English muffin? Yeah, okay.
– All day long, the English like their muffins a little tough just like them.
Just like them. I’m coming over here. – I thought they–
– I’m only touching my side, okay? I thought they were crannies. – (Rhett) I only touched the one on the right.
– (Link) Wasn’t there crannies in nooks and crannies? – On the inside.
– It is that, isn’t it? (Link) I didn’t believe in these
in my house growing up. Really? I didn’t even know these existed
until I graduated from college. (Rhett) I’ve almost eaten
the whole sandwich. (Rhett) I just like a breakfast
sandwich, I really do. I’m getting good at just
finding my paper towels. This is tough but you know, I’m making my
decision based on the taste of the sausage – alone because–
– I know where the sausage comes from and – I’ve had this particular one.
– Mhmm. – That’s my…
– (Link) Yeah. (Link) Are you putting it
back or are you voting? – I might be throwing you off, man. Did you vote?
– (Link) I did. – Oh!
– We disagree again and I think I’m nailing it. Clearly, I’ve nailed it just
by looking at it. Tell me I’m right, Drew. – (Drew) Link, you’re right!
– Hey! This sausage, it was actually too
sausage-y, like – is this from Mickey D’s? – (crew member) Yes.
– Yeah, Mickey D’s, the sausage is not overly sausage-y, it doesn’t dominate the
sandwich in a way that uh…a frozen – (Link) sausage does. It’s trying too hard.
– (Rhett) That is good, I gotta just keep eating. You tied it up. If I may say so, I’ve eaten a whole lotta
lasagna. If lasagna is on a menu, I’m gonna order it and if I go down a frozen
aisle and it’s in there, I’m gonna pluck – it out and microwave it.
– Okay, let’s start over here on my – oh! – (Rhett) Oh, it’s just a plate with lasagna on it.
– Alright, I found a fork. That’s a big slice. – (Rhett) You’re in my territory, man.
– (Link) That’s a slab of lasagna. – We cut the same piece?
– I think we are, yeah. – I have no idea what’s happening.
– (crew member laughs) (Rhett) I’m gonna go for it.
I have no idea what I’ve– (Link) I feel good. (Rhett) Oh, no that’s not gonna work. – (Rhett) Hold on, you’re already eating over there?
– (Link) Mhmm. – How much do I have?
– (crew laughs) I’m just gonna try. – I’ve never been done wrong by–
– Oh, I got – I got a big bite. – You got a big bite?
– Yeah – oh! (Link) Open the hatch! It’s like
you’re eating all of Italy. – It’s so good, though.
– It is good. I’ve never had a lasagna do – me wrong, that’s why I think this is gonna be tough.
– It’s the perfect thing to freeze. – Right, right.
– Where we coming, over here? (Link) I’m getting a new fork here.
There’s your fork. – Oh, new fork.
– (crew member laughs) (Rhett) This a corner piece? (Link laughs) You just forced my fork
through the lasagna. You’re trapped! I gotcha right where I want ya! – Okay what have we got here?
– (crew laughing) (Rhett) I’m really glad.. I’m really glad that uh… – Oh!
– (laughs) You were faking your– I was trying to get in there and I
wanted to deliberate. I was trying to– – I know, I was gonna do the same thing!
– And then we – our flags hit, man! (Link) We were both gonna fake
each other out. Oh, I don’t know. You can do a rule change?
Now that we can see it? If you allow me to. I want to change
my answer, are you cool with that? You can change it if you want. (Link) I wanna change it ’cause
this is better and it’s frozen. – That’s–
– I stand by my decision. – I might have screwed up.
– Okay. – (Drew) Are you ready?
– For the win, who’s right? (Drew) For the win… – (Drew) Rhett.
– Yes! – Dangit.
– Hey, but you know what – who made this – lasagna?
– Stouffer’s. – Eddie made this lasagna, guys!
– You made this from scratch? You’re gonna get a second title
around here: Lasagna Man. – What about Lasagna Boy?
– Lasagna Boy. – (crew laughs)
– And uh…how about Tuesdays and – Thursdays you do that for everybody?
– Well then he would be called Lunch Lady. – (crew laughs)
– ‘Cause he’s got a job to do. But you know what, congratulations. – You got lasagna on your hand.
– I do. I made a mess. Alright, so I will wear the frozen Frozen
costume and distribute it all over social – media. Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Ryan from Nashville, Tennessee
and I made you guys a snowman! And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. You wanna see Eddie make that top notch
lasagna? Well you can do that on this week’s episode of Good Mythical Crew.
That’s tomorrow morning on this channel. Yes and click through to Good Mythical
More ’cause I’m gonna put on this frozen Frozen costume and we’re gonna play
Don’t Break the Ice: Frozen Edition. – Oh I get it.
– I’m gonna be good at this, better than lasagna. Rhett and Link learn how to blink. – Hey, are your eyes very dry?
– Yeah man, we gotta do something about it. – Yeah I know.
– We should learn the blinking thing finally. I think I just accidentally did
it but don’t worry about that. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. I think blinking is when you… – Close. 3…2…uh…can’t do it! Try again. 3–
– I don’t think there’s any muscles there– – 2–
-It’s just weird. Uh… Captioned by Lovely Luna
GMM Captioning Team ♪ (outro music) ♪

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