Free Ways to Reduce Echo for Better Sound Quality and Recording – Podcast Studio Build Out

– Hey what’s up it’s Pat
here in the brand new studio that we’re building out and we’re right in the middle
of the building right now and before we start installing some professional acoustical panels to reduce the echo in the room, I wanted to share with
you some DIY things. Things that you can find around your house to help reduce echo because maybe you wanna do
a podcast in a hotel room, or in a new space or empty bedroom in your house. Well, how can you reduce the echo for zero dollars? Well, it’s about the stuff
you find around your house. (pillows thudding) (laughs) Stay tuned. All right, so to conduct this test, we are recording into an
H6 Handy Recorder by Zoom and we’re using an ATR-2100 microphone, which a pretty common travel,
sort of portable setup that will remain consistent throughout the whole experiment here. And what we’re gonna do is just
try different configurations using pillows and blankets
and things like that, that you might find around your house, to reduce the echo in the room so we can figure out what works best. So echo is sound bouncing around the room and coming back into the microphone after that source created the sound, which is why you hear that same thing again and again and again and again. Now, there’s a couple key
things I wanna share with you, big tips so that you can reduce the echo in the rooms that you might be in. Number one, you happen to
be next to a lot of window like we are on this side of the room. You kinda wanna move away from that. So if you have windows or a lot of glass, you definitely don’t wanna record on a glass table if possible. Just that alone is gonna
help you reduce some echo. Next, you wanna be in a carpeted
room as much as possible because the hardwood floor and all that surface area is gonna include another angle that
sound can bounce off of. Now the more fabric and
stuff there is in the room, the better, actually the best
place to record your podcast is actually in the closet with
all the clothes and stuff. But if you don’t wanna record in a closet ’cause you are claustrophobic like me, find a place with carpet or a lot sofas and cushions and things like that and that could work out really well too. Now let’s go to the desk and
run some experiments there to see what we could do with our desk, pillows, and blankets
to have a configuration that reduces the echo for us. So we’re at the desk, which
is a huge surface area that sound can reflect off of and then around the room and
back into the microphone. So I just wanna see if we cover this desk with something like a blanket, how might that reduce the echo? So I’mna put my headphones on. And I’mna say, “Hey, this is Pat Flynn “from the Smart Passive Income podcast.” “Hey, this is Pat Flynn “from the Smart Passive Income podcast.” Now, I don’t know, you tell me,
could you hear a difference? Well, let’s try some other things. So another common solution
that a lot of people say to do is just to have a lot
of pillows and blankets around the recording area. So, let’s just gather
all the things we have and sort of put ’em right next
to us to see what happens. Hey, over here. Okay, so, this is with the
mic in the same position and stuff around. So, hey, this is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income podcast. Now stay there with me,
I’m just gonna move the mic a little bit closer and sort
of close things in a little bit and see if that changes anything. Actually I’m gonna bring this closer. (rustling) I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Hey, this is Pat Flynn from
Smart Passive Income podcast. Better. What if we added something on the top? Blanket me. Okay, lemme just bring this
to the top of the microphone. So I’m sort of like recording
this little pocket here, so, hey this is Pat Flynn from the
Smart Passive Income podcast. Okay, let’s see what would happen if I went completely under. I have a special blanket for this one. Hey, this is Pat Flynn from
Smart Passive Income podcast. I seem to be in a nice
sound studio right now with very nice colors around me. Hopefully, you can all see
this on camera right now. But, yeah, it’s actually
seemingly pretty good. Horrid, it’s hot in here. So, I wouldn’t recommend
doing that long term. But, I think for like
a one minute voiceover, sure that could work. I wanna see what happens when
I just have the blanket only I have all these pillows around me. But what if I just just do
the blanket over me only, let’s see what happens. Alright, next, we’re gonna run a test with my bedroom blanket fully off, and then I’mna put it on and
say the exact same thing. So, hey, this is Pat Flynn
from thanks for joining me today. Hey, this is Pat Flynn
from thanks for joining me today. Hey, this is Pat Flynn
from I have messy hair. All right, so a lot of this
is making a difference. Now, I did some research
on YouTube earlier and there’s a lot of people who have one very similar configuration
that I wanna share with you that to me might be the best one. So, I’mna get three pillows here, and put ’em around the microphone in a V. (calm music) And then I got this
other third one on top. And then, that should do a pretty good job of reducing a lot of the echo because the sound is
traveling past the mic but then bouncing right
into the pillows there, and it’s hard for me to look at the camera and speak at the same
time ’cause the mic’s here but, thankfully with a podcast you don’t necessarily need to be on video. Now obviously, if you’re
recording a video podcast, this would be really silly, and probably something you don’t wanna do. But, for audio purposes, this is a great configuration
that only takes three pillows, and something that can
help out on the cheap. Right, so in conclusion, you don’t need to spend loads of money in order to reduce the echo
that you have in your room. Or if you’re in at a hotel room, there are resources there
with blankets and pillows that you could set up already, so that you can reduce the echo and have some good
sound quality on the go. Now, of course there are
a lot of acoustical setups that you can have and pay for to help you reduce the sound and probably look a little bit better and have a little bit more permanent because I don’t know if
you take the sheets away, you will get cold at night. But anyway, the number one thing to know is that you need to subscribe because we’re gonna be covering a lot of different options that you have for reducing echo in the
next and upcoming videos, including those cheap egg crate
looking things from Amazon, versus really expensive premium ones from other professional
acoustical companies. So make sure you stick
around, we got a lot to cover but hopefully this video helped you. Let me know what you thought
in the comments section below and if this was helpful to you and please subscribe
if you haven’t already. Thanks so much and team Flynn for the win. (punch boffs)

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