Free Rams Offensive scheme ebook madden 16 mut  split ram

Free Rams Offensive scheme ebook madden 16 mut split ram

buddy what is happening ish dela ish and I am bringing you the first
edition of my Rams three scheme free ebooks came here and we’re going to
start off with a shotgun stuff right now if you are familiar with this program if
you’re familiar with a TV box if I did earlier this year or last year’s the
first place you are going to recognize this is the PAF slide right here on this
when I am going to be taking a we’re going to put him on a wheel route we’re
going to take why we’re gonna put him on a swing to the right and we’re going to
take action put him on a streak we have a a man route right there on our be so
that’s why we take the expert on my street because we don’t want them
colliding with one eye open up the space in case they run a man coverage and
otherwise we’re gonna be floating this out to the right you want to watch the
right and the right tackle tackle see where he comes out if you can get around
him that so you like to clear him a is gonna be the bigger target downfield I
would you are right path light that’s a right bullet on that one there’s gonna be a few different ways it
breaks just depending on the coverage and how the pressure comes in at the end
of the writer any of that so again it is a on wheels gonna be why on a swing to
the right and exercise on a streak so this will this will not again if you’ve
got no pressure as we will have to get free release and and then we’re gonna
get down a pretty nice now if they do crash in on the right hand side and
looks at their blitzen you can just check it down to why release the
pressure coming in then you want to kind of kick it out that way let the title
he’s gonna become a blogger for you so you kind of just want to move around him
and even get you some extra yards out there she can even bring it a little bit
further and do the same sort of thing you see the way they break down here and
you’ll even get that kind of closed now uncovered three cover for sort of stuff
if you want if you have time that the receiver on the right you still can go
and put him on a streak just do give yourself a little more separation if
your gonna try for that tight n roll around but it’s not really always
necessary I see coming out there follow the blocker but thats that so
again now the other thing is when you’re washing you’ll see there’s there’s the
man better when I’m hiking the ball and kinda watching linebackers watching the
flow of the defensive I see them breaking to the right I know that my I’m
gonna actually try to hit that played a left if you have man coverage also and then
that and you’re not gonna open you can run like I did that play right there was
kinda more of his own as well as show that’s one of the possibilities that you
be looking at though I definitely because you know there’s only one route
crossing so there it is right there is a quick pressure he’s gonna be a bit but
if the user is out there and he’s in he’s hold that down immediately could
just run around the edges up to feel that had a big game doing the same thing
but normally there’s a couple of those type of routes are not quite slants you
know they’re kind of in between but they’re really good again not recovered
at these gets real good separation so and the second one again that would
normally never had both books is the white circle here is called something
different Randy Raiders book but it actually runs better in this because of
the running back route so we’re going to take on this one the white circle here gonna take a more
emotion the running back BRB sorry the tide in motion him out to the left were
gonna put X on a streak so this compilation do this either through
unblock it or not we run this just like this right here as you see now why is
gonna get open a lot of their if they’re not running a live blues out there so
that’s the easy little check downplay real quick if you expect pressure you
can do that it’s gonna be optional whether or not you want to block wire
not what I basically decided on is whether or not you know I see pressure
or and how much you are genuine but if you let it develop that’s really what
you want to hit that tight and coming back to cross he will normally get
behind most all zones I think only a purple zone is about the only thing
that’s really gonna get in trouble or a really really good outside linebacker
who might sniff that play out you know but normally you will get behind them as
you see it if it’s taken too long you’ve got to check downright therefore
for a comment underneath so that’s you know and all these plays were doing you
know take the check downs when you need to force passes now at the gate yet man
coverage out there depending on the separation you get your gonna have to
use a lot but if it’s close if if you get it at the right time you can also
bullet that in but for the most part you gonna have to find a lot over the head
if you’re if they catch man coverage there and you don’t get the check down
with Y or eight of those and I did forget to mention in the first minute I
have different settings is the first time I’ve used to shadow play to record
it have been talking about that recently so
its which is in the first minute 280 between a light and a dark so if you
guys can go back if you paid attention let me know what you prefer would which
settings you would rather see my game plays in the future come as the way they
look in the first minute or the way the rest of the video is played out I think
it’s just a lil bit darker and some of the sharpening and stuff and all that I
so it plays a stable block in there you can always do the czech towns like i say
i mean you take what the defense gives you got a lot of plays there to give you
are so we’re gonna hear after we had these first two done and now we’re gonna
be looking at the Y shallow cross his setup is gonna be going to take the able
to put him on a street we’re going to block our be and we’re gonna put ex girl
you know this right here it’s not going to be a big play really just looking at
getting the running back is your main one so we’re going to run this too often
here but if you can get a cover to some of that stuff you will on occasion be
will split them but for the most part we’re gonna get the running back out
here and we’ve cleared a lot of room for him a lot of them and stuff like that so
they run man you’re gonna have that opened lot of field open over there if
they run you know covered to zone something of that nature going to be a
blast let them down the middle so this one’s not not a huge won a second went
both ways right there I still could hit the other received that’s why we’re
putting the girl on the left as you know it’ll sometimes suck those deep tones
down and really should as much but they do and that’s also on occasion you can
head down early the receiver early on that if you get the right break but we
don’t want to force it to much really I’d rather just kick it down here and
get a few yards on this one you know you wanted with lot of schemes
that I’m doing you want to really keep the user off-balance not exactly known
we going to hear it here again coming through the middle there that’s going to
be your number one receiver coming across on this your number two receiver
in this I believe I’m coming across though knows what kind of pay attention
when I’m running these formations and you realize
who’s gonna be the the big play and then take your personnel and Andino match
that up to who you want to be getting the ball who used to run these routes
best for me it with my receivers for this one doesn’t really matter between
12 to the ball stud so I I can get by with that but that play fairly simple
you only got a couple of reads there so we’re going to get into the next one out
here and we’re going to be looking at the easy spot so on this one what you
want to do is we’re going to take there’s a couple ways to run this one
really I so much so you both semantic why I put him on a streak of emotion him
out left and we block RBI and we put beyond attract what we’re trying to do
is take why and we went to fast receiver really want to slow running back out
here we want to fast running back who want to drive him deeply get ex attorney
just like this so he didn’t come up ill even see a block for a more likely and
that is so that’s why we don’t want to be running your power back so we want to
be a good receiving back is is is nice to have some speed in this so looking
for that and don’t be afraid to throw that the street right there the same the
first read is really that in a lot of us place where you’ll have streaks come
acrossed I don’t hear very often but there you do you do want to take it but
again we’re just looking at creating the separation allowing allowing the X out
here to read your double and receiver to cut underneath he had a right about then
it’s going to get every so often see right there is kind of jumbled up then
you sit down if it looks like they’re going to be kind of you know crossing
sometimes know the timing of this game will be that way to get bumped whatever
it is so take the check down because again we’re going to create a lot of
space on that so it’s fine so here’s the other way to do this now is by taking
the are bearish you tighten put him on a street in motion him left and then take
be put him on on the drag down its gonna leave you again you’re still going to
have this you’re still gonna have that play cross in the same thing is going to
happen there but we’re also going to do is gonna give yourself that that little
check down a little swing route out there but you also have five people
blocking so you have to take that into consideration lot of places I’d like to
run you’ll notice I’m normally leaving six I don’t believe someone in the
backfield the block on occasion the tide in but I like to eat because there’s a
lot of you wanna make sure pressures not gonna Street is closed up also there’s one thing you know when those
windows little wheel type routes the timing will sometimes mess that up and
you will not get that to work because you know just a dangerous miss you know
the past the quarterback will just miss it if you don’t time arises just keep
that in mind also run a couple times get used to it and again see you doing very
well and both of those we do pretty well again I did I always have tight ends
with decent speed so i know i dont it is recommended for those two plays
therefore that you really do need to drive the top off now we’re gonna get
into the slot cross here so on the slot cross basically you’re going to take the
R be tied ever gonna just take him good emotion to the right we are gonna be
blocking the running back who is why and we’re gonna take be and we’re going to
treat him out and that’s basically because we want to create the separation
we’ve got a great man beater on a and and after running his own out here we’re
gonna hit underneath with the IRB if they see he’s down then you want to turn
turn the corner looks like he’ll light blue on you way to turn a corner now
this is practice mode and as Gresham he’s nothing special so when you’re
running your players it’s your gonna get better results here as you can see look
at the separation on the man beater definitely definitely gonna be like this
breaks even better than the first only showed you and you out here is kinda
chime in on this if you catch it if you throw in a little bit too early that’s
what’s going to happen to hit sidelines and sometimes I’ll just catch it and
fall out of balance and all that right here so you same thing now if you wait
until he begins to turn know if you come out and make sure he hits the turn and
then throw it and that’s where that’s what you’re kind of looking for for the
bigger play out of that out of you know and it’s nice play out there but Johnny
B and I’ll tell you right now guys I mean this this woman is pretty nice this
this plays out here they go to nice but what I have found in the shop in number
2 I’m gonna put the video out for that next really great I’m really excited
about that a lot of new stuff that have it run the floor and really looking
forward to getting that out so make sure if you guys want to subscribe or
whatever just don’t miss that video you know what I get these series out if
interested in this and here’s a final one this is under out in up this one I
run mainly I’m not running if they’re running some
easy based up and I’m not worried about the user but if they’ve got a user who
seems to be on point into and chasing you down this is a good one because why
we put on a street in motion out to the right and I’m gonna blocks running back
right now you can also be the Titan sorry again if you can hit if you got a
good receiving running back as he showed you hit that streak but what he’s mainly
gonna chases us all back and he’s gonna go to the a and and you can only hit be
underneath them bring him up I’ve done this one been worked on this site uses a
handful of times it has worked you know get a decent user you guys can allow that I didn’t just do
his route right there and check it down again you’re gonna have five blocking
but if you’re not really worried about a lot of heat you that’s just another
little out for you there you go ok ok Carson that’s why you did not get
the position heroes card ok bro so that’s basically all the plays a key
role in on this one was not a lot of great writing options in here you’ve got
a dry and you’ve got kinda like he was a power off to the right there nothing too
strong really go ahead try to fix it if you want but other than that there we’ve
got a lot more to come in this free RAM scheme that we have Evil series will try
and do and I it next year I’m gonna try and get a lot more of these at least if
I’m just doing schemes and wanna get a lot of playbooks covered I plan on doing
a lot more reviews back to how I did the first year on the regular and I plan on
doing a lot of these because I know that’s really what helps people in my
public at the most requests for on a regular basis are definitely like the
free ebooks it’s not just anybody should pay for you know so I am glad to help
and thank you guys for checking this out and I will see you next time

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