100 thoughts on “Frank Abagnale: “Catch Me If You Can” | Talks at Google

  1. Just a dude, exploiting the system, and stupid companies. I think if anything he has taught the world that the system can be broken

  2. He is a "real man". It's not how he started his life, but how he learned and applied decent principles and made himself a new life on the right side of the tracks.

  3. احنا العرب يا ربي
    بعد في حدا ما سأل من وين جايين!!! yeah wow جايين من قرية العجائب اشو هل الاستكشاف الغظيم. يا أخي هل عندنا الهبل معدي ولا ايش

  4. لايك .. اذا انك تحمست من قرية العجائب وجاي تشوف خشّة فرانك وهو يسولف ❤️

  5. so did all you did and still believe in the mythical god crazzzzy the 11th god to be resurrected n born of virgin simply amazing

  6. bruh this guy is like really good at memorizing.
    he says exactly the same thing in every speech, damn.

    i bet he knows his timetables very well.

  7. Wow. Congratulations, you are more than a good dad, husband but also a role model. God bless you and all good that you do.

  8. Ogi Ogas: "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" | Talks at Google

    Comments are disabled but that wont stop me. So if someone is not interested in Shemale Porn, statistically that means they are gay, from you video. Strange logic

  9. True persona sounds like a system that would require a pretty huge amount of personal information about you. Fine for a military agent. Probably less fine when you want to collect that from every citizen. When that information bank is abused or hacked, it might be a bit worse than when passwords are hacked or abused.

    When you want, you can change a password. Truepersona sounds like they would have the ability to impersonate you for the rest of your life and you couldn't fix it.

    (To fix it, you would probably have to do something like start using a password)

  10. Frank Abagnale.. No 'um's' and 'you know's' in his smooth measured deliveries.. ain't the FBI lucky he came over from the 'dark side'.. then again he may be cooking up a huge scam.. Hehehehe.. watch this space..! 😊😑

  11. Just come across this longer talk by FA , very interesting indeed and he really did think on his feet and conned so many people and big companies so I had him down as a likable rogue ! This was until I just read he almost caused the death of a baby due to his ‘ incompetence ‘ while pretending to be a doctor , well this has changed my own views in Frank quite a lot …as interesting as his story is which having watched the movie a few times which was really well made too.👍

    Just shows how all our actions have consequences …until now I never knew he had ever harmed anyone in any physical way , let alone a baby.👎

  12. Plot Twist:: He never was Frank Abagnale. He convinced the real Frank Abagnale's parents that he was Frank Abagnale, and after the real Frank Abagnale ran away to never return home again when he discovered that his parents were divorcing, he ran away as well too. He also impersonated him to set all of the other events in place in order for a motion picture to be made about him.. He's now also impersonating Bernie Sanders to become President of the U.S in his spare time…

  13. Fuck you and your credit ASSHOLE. Nope don't give a fuck about credit. If i can live with out it for 24 hrs don't need it. Buy a house, NO you'll buy into the system. Every fucking charge they think of you'll be paying.

    This ASSHOLE is a criminal minded moron. Seems pretty proud of himself. Fuck you He's a thief and a lowlife con


  15. Smart guy. With a little more self control (lower key cons over a greater period of time, and laundering the money), he would have gotten away with it.

  16. ألي جاي من قرية العجائب يدك ليك ولكن أنا لا أفهم ما يقول الأن هل من مترجم 😍😘😘

  17. He sure does kick some knowledge at the end. Also pretty sure he just dropped some top secret bizz😱🤷‍♂️

  18. Interesting commercial for Trusona at the end of his talk. He speaks as though the FBI is objectively and actively interested in Trusona as a solution to identity theft. In reality, it's a company that Abagnale was a paid consultant while he was giving this talk (and still is)! He's on their website still and has been part of the company since a year before this talk.

  19. You should be proud of what you are. You have learned from your mistakes and changed. There is no point in life if you don't learn from your mistakes.

  20. You're truly a great man. You could inflate your escapades into heroic stories of your genius–milk it for all it's worth–you undeniably are capable of doing that with ease. Yet, you not only tell the truth, but say everything to escape any credit for your actions.

  21. I feel like this guy just went up to the people he was trying to fool and started talking, and then to get him to stop, they just agreed with whatever he would say.

  22. So we’re a few weeks upon approaching that 24 month mark. Any new updates on that tech that will rid the use passwords?

  23. A white man that’s a criminal and gets to be recognized and gets a job at FBI. A black man sells marijuana and gets life in prison.

  24. I realized this when I was younger as well… As long as you look like you're supposed to be there, people will assume you are.

  25. And this is why Google is selling all of our secrets to China. Try to find anything negative on youtube or google about China. Kinda makes you wonder…

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