FOREVER GORDEEV by Evan Huber | The Steve Dangle Podcast

FOREVER GORDEEV by Evan Huber | The Steve Dangle Podcast

[Adam Wylde] We don’t fully know how Mark Hunter being the head of the drafting How that ended up Right we still don’t know [Steve Dangle] No [Adam Wylde] We’re still three, four years away [SD] And what is Dubas was like We need Fedor Gordeev That was his pick [AW] Maybe [SD] It’s we get Fedor Gordeev in the fifth round or I quit On the spot *laughing from Adam* [SD] He threatens to frickin Fight Brendan Shanahan And kick Lou Lamoriello in the chest Unless the Leafs draft Fedor Gordeev It might’ve been him You’ll never know Kicks him right in the chest *Bwah* Front kick Get’s his glutes into it Hips Activation Fedor Gordeev forever More like Forever Gordeev We need him And Mark Hunter is like Jesus dude chill NO and he slapped him It’s messed up man Kyle Dubas is crazy He’s a loose cannon [Jesse Blake]Can I just say I got up to change the camera I don’t like the direction that the show went [JB] Why did it get so violent all of a sudden? [SD] Cause of Kyle man I can’t control him! he’s – crazy! [JB] No? Crazy Kyle? [SD] He’s all over the place!

87 thoughts on “FOREVER GORDEEV by Evan Huber | The Steve Dangle Podcast

  1. The detail on this is great. It took me three times watching it to realize that at 0:07 Adam uses his four-fingered hand to count 3-4 years. Brilliant.

  2. The funny thing is that Gordeev has shaped up to be a good pick. 6'6" D who skates very well (can really rush the puck), has nice hands and likes to shoot. Has 17PTS in 30GP, which translates to 39 PTS over a 68 game OHL season. Good numbers considering he plays for the Flint Firebirds. Much better pick than Middleton/Mattinen. There is some intriguing upside here for sure, but I think he needs to get moved to an OHL contender for us to really get a good grasp.

  3. I’m not sure if you guys realize what this is. This is it. This animated thing is the road to….well wherever the road goes. What I mean is, it’s hilarious. I’ve always enjoyed your podcasts, but I laughed so hard it hurt during the Dubas hulk transformation and the BBQ bit. IT HURT! You guys need to run with this. It’s for real.

  4. Omg still kills me every time bahahaha… luv u Evan, you need more re2pect for these clips 🤣🤩🤑

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