100 thoughts on “FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S DEAD? – Dude Soup Podcast #130

  1. What is Adam talking about with a deep fired burrito. Man does California have some items the rest of us arent getting man Taco Bell Chimichangas would be tight!

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Who knew Adam was the only person on FH with a reasonable bone in his body.
    How the hell are you defending CNN on this? It was a gif, made anonymously for shits and giggles like the 20 million other gifs that get made every day and a company got butthurt enough to research the person's real identity and threaten him, in the nicest way possible, "hey don't make fun of us, you don't have the free speech to make those gifs, otherwise if you do we'll tell the whole world who you are."

    Defending journalism? How is that journalism? If I make a gif of Lawrence's head superimposed onto a person kicking over a guy in a wheelchair, are you in your right to put on your journalist hat, find out who I am, where I live, etc. and say "don't do that again otherwise I'll reveal to my fans who you are"?
    No, fuck you!

  3. Um. Excuse me Adam! But double chalupas do not have fucking ranch on them. I have work my shitty job at a Taco Bell, and I'm not going let you just get by, by saying false shit about the food. Double chalupas have meat, nacho cheese, sour cream, lettuce, more cheese, and then tomatoes. Possibly jalapenos if you wish!

  4. Lawrence and James also took a stance stating that the guy who punched Richard Spencer was a good guy. I'm not trying to defend a neo nazi, but when you call yourself antifa (anti-fascists) and you use violence to silence you political opponents then you're the fascist. Also, Adam is slowly becoming redpilled, and I think it is to the chagrin of Lawrence and James. Bruce doesn't care but isn't a Trump fan. I'm pretty sure Adam might have voted third party, while the rest of the crew might have voted for Hilary. The fun thing to watch is when the demographic switch to more conservatism happens (gen z has a 70-30 lib to con bent compared to millenial's 85-15) I wonder if they will placate or keep going on with this. As entertainers they would probably have to take into account a demographic switch like that.

  5. Both sides are in the wrong, the poster was racist (or was it anti-semetic? I am pretty sure he deleted them) douche-bag and CNN shouldn't have implied "or else".

  6. During SGDQ, twitch chat was less concerned with the gender/sex of the runners/announcers (being quite honest, many of the people in the community wouldn't give two shits about the gender of someone as long as they'd finally be able to experience human contact and would probably fuck it regardless of pronouns) and more concerned with the obvious removal of anything resembling fun from the event by the oversensitivities of annoucners such as Protomagicalgirl, leading to many runners being banned for deigning to have a sense of humor.

    The obvious political and social biases of a tremendously small amount of people are, quite frankly, ruining the event. Thankfully, that's where NASA and ESA come in to bring the event back to the community.

  7. So at bottom, tip slips, iffy GIFs, hot dog salespeople hats, Sinclair Networks, journalism and the rest can (and should) be critiqued on the basis of intentionality. Consequences matter of course, but truth finds its home in the vault of the heart.

  8. I don't know if any of you guys have seen the new Nine Inch Nails music video, but it looks like SOMEONE has been playing a little too much Thumper

  9. apparently a lot of people think pewdiepie is the reason fnaf is ending because pewds gave an honest review on the latest one

  10. Only Roosterteeth employees are left enough to defend universally hated CNN. Don't get your info from mainstream media.

  11. This is hilarious. I wonder if they did a ideo for CNN when they got caught on film staging a fake islamic peace protest after the ariana grande bombings.

  12. Did anyone else catch James' little quip after "Well I punched it WITH a hot woman until it became a hotter woman"? He gave Lawrence a quick knowing look and then softly stated "Stone cold fox." This is in line with Adam's junk grab, and I feel like the editors should have focused a bit more on it, despite the fact that it wasn't all that funny. That's the purpose of the focus though. Unlike when someone puts too much emphasis on a good joke (beating it into the ground), focusing on a mediocre or dry joke properly only serves to enhance it, thereby increasing its comedic value. Then again, what do I know? Not much. I'm tired.

  13. …got a friend we call blowob , because his lips are a bit more puckered up than normla , kinda feel bad about it :/

  14. Can't believe James defended CNNs actions.. some guy made a gif and CNN took a joke wrong on purpose and tried to act like heroes while they crucified him. Just ain't right man.

  15. I like how FunHaus always says they aren't political but always make some subtle statement that is political "without naming names" like we are idiots.

  16. Shouldn't talk about things yall dont know about. CNN definitely did some dirty shit to that dude for making a harmless meme.

  17. hard nettin' is really stretching it. we need more cults and people being enthusiastically strange on the internet.

  18. The CNN GIF thing might not be blackmail (although the phrasing they used lends it self to that interpretation), but it definitely isn't news, them wasting time finding out this dude who hurt their feelings' name and writing an article about doesn't make it news, it makes them stalkers and it's kind of threatening anyone else that might want to do the same thing or make a stupid mistake anonymously, it's like saying "we learned his name and we can learn yours and we are completely willing to out you".

  19. I actually know why pretty much all zippers are YKK. YKK makes zippers that work really well and they own the whole production process; from the mines that get the metal to boxes they are shipped in. Since zippers cost like 5-10 cents most companies just buy from YKK because they work well and their vertical integration (owning the whole supply chain) means that orders are usually shipped on time and without delay.

  20. Some female twitch streamers will cosplay after they reach so many subs. Bruce should cosplay as Link during his Breath of the Wild content (under the pretense that he has hit so many subscribers), but have the tunic skirt just a little too short. Eventually a tip slip is bound to happen.

  21. Am I the only one that can't stand Adam talking, he always acts like what he's saying is the absolute truth like when they're talking about it being played on a PC. And he won't stop going off on stupid unfunny tangents that just throw the whole conversation out the window for a 2 minute long joke that James or Bruce has to make funny in the end anyway. I feel like if you watch anytime Adam starts to make a point everyone starts tuning out and just wait for him to stop.

  22. really? another hentai game? I admit, I laughed the first 2 times you guys played this shit but now it's getting sad.

  23. See this is where porn hub or any adult streaming site should cash in on the boobie streamers and just make them go all out on live streams for better pay and no banning. lol

  24. Mostly cat owners do "Under Hang" for Toilet Paper, that's at least the case for me. Cats LOVE unrolling TP! And when it's "Under Hang" they start batting it and it just spins.. not unravels! I'm in no way a "pretentious asshole" haha I just got used to doing it that way because my Cats were "pretentious assholes" ūüėõ

  25. 8:15 no Adam, there is. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a proof of someone who cares about advancing it's artstyle to being super unique (not pretty for everyone, but still unique), mainly in the most recent parts.

  26. Me: So I went to Taco Shop today…
    Husband: glares with jealousy
    Me: Because of Adam! It's his fault; he made me want tacos!

    If we get divorced over this, I blame you, Kovic.

  27. I know the more accepted format for the podcast is the live version(more fan interaction, RT style), but god damn to I miss dude soup like this. The gameplay breaks up any lulls in the conversation.

  28. While I disagree with James' and Elyse's position, I appreciate how they handled the CNN discussion with respect to the forum.

  29. You can't be seriously DEFENDING CNN … WHAT THE FUCK GUYS… WHAT. THE. FUCK!
    A guy making a MEME isn't NEWS!!!

  30. As far as I understand it the lack of people dating, marrying, and having children in Japan is due to a work culture that leaves no time for anything else but work, no maternity leave for women, as well as no guarantees that their jobs will still be there once they get back, and they don't pay people enough money for one person to be a stay at home child raiser and the other goes to work.
    This is all a symptom, albeit a severe one, of late stage capitalism.
    Either we're going to rip away power from the sociopaths that currently have it and instate socialism, or we're going to end up in a police state hell hole where people are starving and living in abject poverty with no hope of escape. Imagine They Live or Deus Ex, just without the cool technology. So less cyber, and not even really punk, just suffering. Take away all the cool parts of those things and that's the future if something isn't done to redirect it towards something good.
    Revolution now or endless suffering later ¬Į(„ÉĄ)/¬Į
    And you want the plan? Start with your own life, get it in order, and then fix your neighbourhood, and then your community, and then your city, and then your city, then your state, and then the country.

  31. I get where Lawrence is coming from when he says journalists have a duty to report the truth, but if you know that sharing this persons name with the world is going to get them harassed and who knows what, then forget about the "journalism". That, combined with that last line CNN put in their article is the problem I have with that.

  32. Ironically this game that tries to draw in hormonal males somehow manages to have better combat and fluidity than all of Final Fantasy. Go figure….leave it to boobs and midriff to bring together some of the best combat designers in Japanese gaming >.<

  33. That balding guy is a hardcore xbox lemming.

    On a side note, the marginal power difference between the consoles mattered when we were comparing Knack vs Ryse.
    Not so much now with the godly exclusives on ps4.

    Xbox, get your shit together or die off =w=

  34. Driving through the City of Industry, half of the business signs off the freeway are in Korean and Vietnamese. A functioning Japanese arcade in that mall is 100% on brand.

  35. What folks don't seem to want to acknowledge with the CNN thing is that this guy did NOT make it very hard to figure out his personal information, posting very specific info in his various tweets and facebook nonsense. From what I read it appeared that this guy could have been easily identified by just about anyone with enough time on their hands. That and he also posted some really god awful nonsense on Reddit and whatnot, so he doesn't really garner that much sympathy from me.

  36. the guy literally made a gif, and they threaten to dox him if he didn't apologize. seems like a pretty big over reaction considering the guy was probably some teenager who though "lol this would be funny". cnn is very thin skinned if they react like this to something so minuscule. they never directly threatened him but there were undertones in the way the worded stuff.

  37. Adam is completely correct. CNN is black mailing this guy. They've threatened to release his personal information if he doesn't apologize and stop making his GIFs. That's called Black Mailing! Do what I want or we'll expose you.

  38. Aw man, thanks for reminding me of that Mars Property shirt. I missed out on it. Wish you guys could bring it back!

  39. This was pretty shit as far as Funhaus content is concerned. Everyone except Adam seemed a little frustrated or pissed off. Elyse hinting at anti-Trump propaganda, James attempting to redefine black mail to suit his arguement and Lawrence attempting to get them off this political roller coaster. Yeah, quality content.

  40. CNN does NOT have the right to publish that guys name, Lawrence. Not even almost. It would be a severe ethical violation to do so. He hasn't comitted any crimes, his name is not in the public interest just because CNN have a grudge against him.
    Do we really have to start the "ethics in journalism" debate again? Last time it turned in to a shit show.

  41. please mute game audio, or don't play a game where the main character speaks in a super high pitch voice and about the entire time. Great podcast though

  42. I feel like the whole console wars issue starts with people spending a bunch of money on something and then having someone say that their piece of plastic is better, effectively saying that they made a mistake, not wanting to feel like an idiot the other person attacks back. Personally i dont think that it makes much difference, i agree with Adam, but can absolutely see where it comes from.

  43. Having a hypercube as a house is extremely dangerous because at any second it could phase into the 4th dimension

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