FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S DEAD? – Dude Soup Podcast #130

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S DEAD? – Dude Soup Podcast #130

So what Kind of Listen I’m Gonna get on? Watching you later Sam, oh you’re not Gonna Watch me Play adam you’re Gonna Play how, Long so cool I don’t know if We need Should, we Let the the yeah? Well Let the demo Loop go someone Else Gonna Mop here I’ll play give it to me he Goes British like Perfect Trash Hammering Them Ready Does I Discovered This Video Thanks To a quarry you can’t turn down, well between not at me hmm Corinne To have so in case you guys are unaware I don’t know I’m not I am not up on the the Valkyrie derived Universe But in the Show I saw Dooku, haha, Boo, Dooku uh This Is this is a show where Girls have to Rub each other Off and then Once They come they turn Into a gun Or a Weapon of Some Kind and then the girl who rubbed her off then uses her to fight other Girls who Were also rubbing off Their Partners Are you great all right yeah i mean are you just yeah you’re describing your Dreams or do We Have learnt Us? So let’s what’s Going on? Alright I don’t think steam games Can Have Full Nudity I’m Envisioning The The Final YouTube Version of Us with us playing A blur yeah That’s Fun Too yeah, oh? No why’s iris I don’t have an Iris get it the Vagina Buy it I got it hey Welcome To A Vagina L’Ve a gional Bully I think, it’s a virgin by today, is like They’re sorry lines, okay yeah? Absalom To A virginal Bullet Dude to me you can, be the very first to Puncture that that skin On the surface With your your spoon, oh hey, They’re Showing the Video again great So this Just you Guys know this this Episode has Been Pre-Recorded, We are Currently at r-Tx so this is not live Whether Or not you’re Watching, on YouTube more Risky com Either Way Thank you for Watching yeah free recall my God What is the lump? Why Is it Lumpy yeah? Why is it Lumpy Boy? It’s our arm Pressing Down on her Breasts, oh yeah, you’re right, oh? Boy why are they, bass Translate Into real life, oh, well Absolutely She’s Like that way Let me Get her in Line Look at her cher Look at Look at her Bow Is doing yeah yeah does that happen Here ohad the Way Today Is Brought to you by nobody, oh yeah do – uh what do they May he’s Just correct. They, don’t stop moving um okay so I Asked to have the the schedule Cleared of Sponsors for RTx so I don’t really like doing ad Reads – A live Crowd Especially One That Paid to be Somewhere, oh hey, Look, it’s a little Evangelion for either I’m a ripoff of that on yo I don’t yelling this Pure Let me know This Didn’t Come First I’m Reaching out to come Is this a video game or not that’s Going to get There and I think it’s like a mousou, you, just be a Visual Novel you beat up stuff Yeah so is it why? Do you hate Sponsors, oh I don’t know Yeah i i love Sponsors Usually but I feel like it’s a little a little Tacky to Read Ads Yeah I’m Paid to be in A room you know give you on? This Podcast Let’s Talk About our Favorite Sponsors yeah All right we’re Abraham lose my wife uh So it’s A bit less formal Podcast Here Also we’re in The Old Classic set Up here back on back on the Deck Trash Playing Playing Animate trash Games And shit man that since uh since We’ve Recorded the last Podcast two Days Ago there’s not A whole Lot of Attention grabbing Headlines That Have Popped out since Then what do you got Him Out I mean the diffuse X-Ray has got a missile Yeah yeah I got exchanged a bright halloween Progress man So in The Middle yeah hey Whatever you want to identify Actually something occurred to me last night Uh-huh so But Maybe A bit of A mind Freak Maybe not so uh I Recall was Watching yeah okay Look all the Screaming it so I was Watching a little SGDQ and and at Some Point during most games Done Quick There Is there IS an Individual Set the audience Mostly Twitch chat Cannot Tell They’re a man or a woman because they Typically Have Long Hair dressed a little Frumpy Sometimes it’s Just Hard to tell and then. I was like yeah as? I was do I was Kicking and Kicking that Human behavior Around the Old Noggin Then I realize most People Most dudes Pretty Specific and yes I’m serious I can go in Miami with the comments Whatever Most dudes want to Determine genders They Can Determine Whether or not There Is any Potential they Could fuck a Person Which is so weird Because Dudes Have Been Figuring out how to fuck Basically Anything at the Beginning of Time That That’s Exactly my point I was Wondering so if We do Really enter Into A post gender World When it When A Dude Has that like typical evaluation Phase Of is it okay to try to fuck this thing or not if if it Is post gender then Everything Is Potentially Fuckable and it always has Been I’m Saying Let Me Paint a scenario for you future Lawrence hmm future Lawrence is Now in the Bladerunner Year of 2049, No lab you just you just had a I hit it with it with the space Look Like A future Space Drug Cube okay, you just how to hit a Cube and you’re Walking On the Street looking for Another Fix alright Can you find a sweet-Looking Number And She’s uh She’s Hooking right yeah he’s like, okay? Well I guess Space Hook in our Guy Hooking what do you call it I guess I? Would like be Flying and She’s lying okay and She’s like come to my? Hypercube and We go to a hypercube or what are your up Cube all night yeah and then you hear This you’re you’re Ramming her From Behind got It and then you, were like you Discover She has a Penis Alright I think She’s, also a Robot, okay? You’re okay With all this right Cuz, you’re Having a good Time Yeah i i feel like I want to be adam Is that I’m Just answering the Question I i mean I don’t disagree I? Thank you I Adam for President I know that some People get to the point of Enlightenment in Their lives Where they, don’t Care If it has a hole and it’s willing you just go to Town I Did it Just be Nice Potentially Would be nice for Everyone to live so free All Right you got allocate I know but I’m Trying to Figure out which one To give it to wrinkle Wrinkle Ernie A liberator or the extar man so much hp how much longer do you think until our Country America Today’s America and it Goes the way of Japan and People Just stop Having Relationships up dang and Speaking of I Did See this Is this is not a dude Soup select A Discussion Topic but I did See a Video of Japan Now How The Service Where you Can Throw on a Vr Helmet and They’ll do A marriage Ceremony Where you marry your anime girl, haha It Gets Worse, They Also have i thought this big yeah They Have a they have A set of Lips on A wand and some poor girl like walks Up and no Yeah and you! Kiss it Yeah I love that And then like but They have to guide it and She’s like uh She Gets The guy’s Lips and then she just Walked away With Proof Probably lying in the trash wow How Many We had hold on This is such an? Embarrassment The Whole Ceremony is such an Embarrassing Ordeal But They Still Can’t find someone Who’s willing to take money to just Kiss the guy Once a Vr then Later She i do so she’s has Visited Person Has so like Enough not Shame Pride I guess it as it were that they will hold a sick People Hahahahaha, but I did but Monday will not Kiss the Person I want to see that meeting Though where the guy concept it is like I will Kiss Lips hear me out Guys Everyone wants to marry a Cartoon With Vr We can do that that I how do they how do They perform the Kiss I go hang on? Well he Goes in The back and he Comes up On, oh, he’s done it Needs an Idea Possibility I failed A hot dog to the end of a bruin how, do We get with Such Little Product to pick some Way like they Just did Iraq and Lawrence is it a female that will Sustain it was in The Video that I could Maybe great if it was Just some like you they got a stream he’s Holding the stick and The Guy that’s in the Vr. Has no idea That like beautiful betrothed is Actually yes I’M an Accomplice Double idea I Use no clue I mean you can See from this game Anime Girls don’t have Lips Most anime Girls Are like skull Faces Are right so they Have eyes They have Noses and They Have Boobs But Most have lips, well i’m big big Grow, Lips when they need them, okay alright Bra? Whatever Detail There’s Never like an Angelina Jolie S. Like that Name Up Yeah I wish ah given Us there Whatever that much We’re Going to yeah it’s always Just This is like a little out of kovac Mouth, oh There’s Sisters, oh yeah yeah? Mana Humanities Dude, We are all Fall Together Than everest yeah, no we need to We’re not going to be Fucking right I don’t think fucking Robots will Take over all of Humanity Well What happens when the fuck Bought you fuck it it Stores up your semen and Then a girl goes in and She’s like I would Like to have a child or just I’ll don’t My Ex to the Birthing Vet and then the fuck bot and We do that we do that not the eggs out Move them up And then Sprays it Into like Dna Gel I mean that’s what We do now what other Donating demons know but this the fuck Pot Spraying Into Gel Bruce what you Call ugly I call Progress I don’t call it ugly at All I’m Just I just Thinking like that I don’t think that will ever go Away it’s so interesting because Humanity is Simultaneously more Connected Than it’s Connected Than Ever and more Isolated Than ever and He Gets the fuck Bots that are Gonna Really like bring it Back Together What have you guys Imagine A fuck Pot uprising like the Matrix what happened to the fuck Pot you love Killed So i’m Ready for that, well They Know me Machines Have to win that’s Thing We’re Going to Brew in This place Night them too I know This I mean like Guetta you Gotta have a bunch of Whatever Ones and Zeros Running the Planet as longer, were here the more, We Keep Populated, we’re Going to run this yeah? Into The hole The first Documented Case of someone Being Destroyed by a Robot Was like in A Factory in 1920 or something When A robot arm fell on some day? Oh yeah and that is we Considered the first Documented or at least Imager tells me That Honour Right, oh my new Bag There’s a number of I i kind of I live my life by amused like Sad but Inevitable Milestones and You know Like Somebody Somebody Passing over and Dying from Malnutrition and A cybercafe was One Of them yeah it’s Amazing on me who things like that but Holy, hell is it Amazing Well so like Let’s Talk about the greatest Film of all Time Turtle more to ipod yeah so terminator Is an Interesting bit Because We really Watch it Cuz I think? We all Watch Terminator genisys Recently or Watch it for the first Time Because it’s Been on Planes and then We travel We See it Right Now, we’re Going to See an August 2 Or? What Their Automator do not Attribute so no no chance, we’re going to see Them A Second Time very Monitor Genesis Coming on Again you’ve Seen it on google Play See like you only saw it Once Didn’t like it but I mean Because all they Really do in That Movie Is Recreate Scenes from Terminator 1 Through Two not Three for some Reason And then it Just Made Me want to Re-Watch them but There’s someone Point out it’s Been Really, Interesting about Tomato too is they Gemini’s Skynet That I skynet Evil yada yada yada like what Really happened With skynet was this defense Mechanism? And someone Tried to Unplug it and it. Saw that as a threat it Was hot it Is A child? Corner going what the fuck what the fuck and so is like you’re Trying to kill me Because Now it’s a sentient life so I was like when you really Look at it like the ai, wasn’t really the bad Guy? But I net, did Nothing Wrong skynet did Nothing Hahahaha it was that way do the hashtag after skynet did Nothing Wrong so you can’t find it, oh? It would Be and I had be As fast as I could wait like Tickle I was yeah it Said Let it Grow Pew There Was a there was a wireframe of Boobs to represent the Tits Can the just A chess guard, oh? They’re Fitting her for Armor yes of Course That’s very Respectful Okay, well I’m sure that will be more Covering than She has Al right Gonna be Tassels, over my right uh yeah Let’s See it, oh, hi, I’m not on yet Alright, well no you know what they’re Gonna do Yeah oh I? Yeah it’s Right I already several Reply I feel Bad for the Audio Lister’s Oh Crap I didn’t Introduce everybody no no I feel Really Bad to the Audio listeners They can’t see what We’re Playing I know what We are Check in On it man it’s a visual Podcast it’s on YouTube and I Very Poorly Justify That by Having animated a game My Hope Typically Is and I’ve Done This A few Times where I’ll listen to a podcast and There will be something that Something woman yeah some Visual Element happens that I feel like I go back and Look at that like what were They doing and I Go back, oh that Makes sense like Gavin Had no shirt on Well then Gavin what A wild Guy you know you’re Fighting Shooter girl come on Gavin? Oh you got a Boy straight you got, the the Bran pant Push yeah you, mean was it Bush Axe Or Whatever? Well You Through Said Excuse uh? Can’t Have Two bushes For uh first Up in the uh I guess in the News roll Call for Today’s Podcast Is five nights at Freddy’s Is over ah What’s games You’re going to do yeah? Really I love Those another Really good Currently the Theory Is that There’s this is all Just A big troll um The Developers Specifically Said Multiple Times This Is not a troll Mm-Hmm Basically it, was Like I it’s Gotten To the point the the the Author Wrote a couple of Steam Updates Essentially Saying That I’ve Worked on These for so long it’s not fun Anymore I want to Make a game that I want to Make Instead of a game that I have to Make like Look Guys Twenty too Many Yeah stop at. Some Point in six Or eight five Five Including Sister Locations So let’s Say he Boiled it down bus Lee Said One if A games Completion Is in Question I would rather just Say it’s Canceled rather than Say I may get back To it at some Point Because uh the second Because the second Just Puts People on Hold Indefinitely However did Start Work On it again I’m not sure if I would pick up where I left off Probably Completely start, over – yes I need a break Three, no it’s not a troll what I ever troll you guys Which Is like a Joke For I want to Make something more Lighthearted as a way of Relaxing five it Would be free I guess a game that he’s Going To Make in Six no you, don’t have to play it Winky smile He’s Making a, Free-To-Play game I guess so yeah I said he Wanted to Make something smaller like Just something a little more Lighthearted and Goofy six nights at Freddy’s Yeah I said five nights at Freddy’s World or whatever Still Supported No that’s the Project that got Killed I did okay i Didn’t roll over that Happen There that, was like an Open World Well yeah Maybe he’s Going back to something like that Well so chair he Mentioned something like the game it my Name Crawled in The last one They Move Around a little bit He Mentioned something like you might he might have like A Something in The Freddy’s Universe Like you’re a Piece of Team Manager Yeah yeah, no no Freddy’s University Magic Universe snap map booze nap Coup snappin Okay, Thank you, yeah my place Is kind of Become like new Minecraft Where I went to a party City There Today when We’re Going to enter so I almost Bought an Outfit Almost yeah Pretty fast Way Around it’s good Mark yeah I was going to Buy a shitty Stormtrooper Outfit and Summers, was going to Star trek yeah that Never Showed up actually Oh yeah! One day Shipping man Is Just A code for the Shipping Company to Burn your Package and Say that they deliver yeah on track Is The worst They Rare the Work the other like right Here for answering this plug cut. I don’t know I don’t know what the Recourse is either I’m Just I get A refund from Amazon but Admidst Are You don’t skip man who Kumari are to do I’m Half Paying Attention either Way I went to Party city and I had A second 5/9 Section For like Just Little Stuff sol’s you Can Buy or, we Would like that a party City? Should Be At hot Topic tell me About it i’m sure it is yeah Just for Reference I don’t know how much of a factor this Is in the Decision to stop working on five nights but Here According to steam Spy are the the sales Numbers for the games of Sequentially The Original Five nine Solves A seven Hundred Eighty eight Thousand units Bobby knights to three Hundred Eighty Five Five nine Three Two Hundred and Forty nine Five Nights for Two Hundred Thirty Six and then five nights Sister Location 107 Degrees Has Been Going Down Steadily since The first Way, Exactly like most serious how, Many Gaming They Don’t Really Changed all of it Stretch of Formulaic game Every Time so yeah the fact That They’re not Really Revamping it in Any way Game by game doesn’t help it no yeah I mean and it’s also like it like We said before it Is the Same the same Game I think it’s Pretty neat that he was able to get that much Mileage out Of it yeah to be Honest We sold it sounds like Almost Two million Copies total Yeah of a game that is A Ten Bucks 20 Bucks no reach and About like that I don’t remember Exactly and I don’t know but that’s an accomplishment I mean absolute That developer Really, Been Busting his Ass and I get it I understand what he’s like you know like I gotta Move on to something else Sure Have you got a Dodge it’s Just I thought oh
You’re not I’m Waiting for it Is swing you’re Not Letting I kind of like you Keep hitting huh but I want to win wait Wait hmm it Slows Down to teach it of Timing, okay now do it mmm You’ll Get There Tell me More why this game is are A Dodge Top Leg away and Joe Had you got Purple Meter hey lauren Do you know what Scott Cawthon had Released Anything for five nights 36 If he Had done Like a teaser or It Just was Mentioned that it was North I think you Just he Just yeah I think he Just Announced it and then and Then Basically Like Said Some slight Details about what it might be and then Was like Then I want to Work On it Anymore I kind of Appreciate That Level of Honesty Though it’s weird I? It’s not quite A this is why We can’t Have Nice Things type deal but it Is weird When I developers Just like Really open and Honest And People Take it in Really strange ways yeah so with This one Everyone is Swearing Up and Down that he’s Trolling Them that That like Fighting Us at Freddies World is Still going to happen So I don’t know hmm adam you have to hit x x and Fx Ax and then Dodge Them Right Bumper you Don’t have to dodge the Others Just as x2 Time Some Dodge it’d be Really cool if like an Indie Horror dev did Sort of an Anthology Where they tried to like build A Story Within A saint the Same Universe with A ton of lore and then kind of made each Differently that you Know They Did a trilogy or whatever beach game Kind of Had a Different Play Style To it or yeah Obviously He’s willing to license to that yeah he’s Been Selling it and stuff like that like in Party City Would that’s A good Idea I do Appreciate Ultimately what happens all the lore There as I was i didn’t I don’t know if he Intended There to be all that when he did The first one Or if it Was like Kind of A retroactive oh I have a platform for this annelle all You Know Backtrack and Make This all Work but I always Appreciated it That like Even More so than like Playing the games to a point yeah Because he was at Least Trying to you know like Build a universe Around something he Thought, was Popular Yeah I would love to ask him if he? Was Planning that I? Like for The first game or not I doubt it I don’t I feel like I’ve Read it before or like Matpat went over it But my Favorite Thing too is when Matt Whenever Scott Cawthon has Something New Coming out matt Pat Always Tries to like? Figure it out Before he Releases it he Always Tries to Do it and so I wonder if There’s going to be like a game Theory now about this like matt pat being like Well I’ve Fucked I dug Around and like yeah Scott Karns Trolling you all or? He he isn’t in The Abbot’s and my Business it’s Fascinating how Games Like 5 9 and Minecraft to A much Bigger, degree Almost Stop to become Properties and Become Their Own Economies yes Yeah not only not only is it against Themselves sell really Well in A really Small Budget but then you have a bunch of YouTubers who Sort of Swim in the Wake and Make Videos About it and then you have, we’re No better no Absolutely not We were Riding Coattails but then you? Also have like People who Make Videos about the lord me Sort of the the Outside of the game Experience So it’s wild man and and to Just be one Dude, who, made a made A cool prototype Game in your Basement that took Off Like that Must be a great Experience We Should do like? Alleghenies Gun lore Yeah I kind of find our oh I’m not Really Conversing Our Backstory and I requested Earlier in The Channel Down Faculty, or secret Service that’s looking, We were Trying to fill chaser shirt Oh Boy I remember Thinking About Operating Mars Property Shirts and like, well the Pass Around the office, we were Thinking? Well what Happened it’s like you know like the chaser? License Comes After Another License About That Game Wait so did you guys sell the shirt yeah but, were The Shirt They Said Mars Property off Adjusting Like Three Hours Obata the the minimal Texture that the even The developers Worked on? It was great I’Ll hide the lizard hat, oh yeah Also Still Existing it About if you’re Listening and you have one of Those Shirts We dad don’t one Gentleman did no they do they did Mars Property Weather Recently and I Was like Holy Shit I Forgot About that Shirt yeah so did the the chaser dev Who All the dead Guy I had I wanted to do something actually like that but more I guess Like I ended up becoming noclip Which is you know the Gaming Documentary Series is Always Really Well Done I wanted someone to do an Exposé on Punkbuster Oh yeah! You’ve Been Talking light Up for one Side is I just Wanted Like who I want to put A face to this I don’t even Know that. Is it’s this trash Software that It’s like a I think it was Developed in Like the late 90s or Mid-90S and Every Game Has Mandatory A to install Every Pc game Had This Program Called Punkbuster and it was Supposed to like We’re Going to Bust the Punks like all the people Cheating and it Never Worked No People Worked Around it you Know it was Just A checklist that Game developers Had to put on but it’s got punkbuster There Now it goes Through Certification but it’s Like how, did How Did Punkbuster Become The End-All Goyo yeah yeah and then you go to the Website like Today it Still Looks like it’s from Fucking 1996 Like who is the Creature Behind This Thing like Store are They Laundering Money Through Punkbuster They’ve Been Around for A Long Time And Recently I don’t a lot of Games don’t use Punkbuster Anymore There are A few Like Anti-Cheat Services But They’re not Talking About they’re a new One That all the games are Making some Stuff I don’t forget I’m Just going to Take the Bad bear Or it was something something Just as Dumb as Punkbuster yeah But Yeah, adam You’re right of That Punk Monsters Just Been This weird you never knew who was Maintaining it what They? Were doing with it or what games Would have it and all of a sudden like you download Battlefields for like a pretty New Game It’s like Punkbuster and You’re like what the hell where did This come from? Also like you’d have some Legacy Version of Punkbuster that Wouldn’t Run right Yeah and then you try to join a server and it Would Just Timeout and There was no error Message and Sometimes It False flag yeah Which is the best and then There’s like A dude Running Around With Like a machine Gun That Shoots Rocket Launchers yeah Shoots Rocket Launchers That Then Shoot Rockets and then it like Bans you and it’s like Banned for Cheating like Have you ever Actually Gotten Been One Fucks with me I’ve Been Kicked from Servers, ah for what it’s like it. Was like a i think is because I had Punkbuster Installed and They Thought of Malware Yeah It’s such Garbage it’s the most terrible Thing in The World Marv Expose Well now James Punched of that I don’t know I think it’d be Interesting just like Just put A Goddamn Name Or face to this Thing that Millions of People Have Had to deal With now Just Punched a piece of Rock until it turned Into A hot Woman threatened With A hot woman that’s Really a game a hotter woman But Yeah i mean, We got, we got Danny Connections now? We Can Pull the strings were Kind of Funny and get him? On that Funky I told him what to Spend his Patreon Money On him Really interesting When I can go on it a company that kind of has the Monopoly on One Thing You’re like how the fuck did they get this like There’s that Company that Does all the like Credits for Films Every what James you know it’s Club yeah Scarlet letter Letters Does like so Many and then like all that like all your Zippers and your Clothes have like Whatever Like That One Company like how Did That Company Get that off You’re right Amazing They’re the only one That Can Make and it’s again the patent yeah so i have A question about movies you know the end They Always Have that Little Like World Logo and Then There’s a Numbers like number Below Is that that’s the Number Sale Market Because I don’t know like you go back Watch move from the 90s it’s like Film Number 20,000 Or everything Watch Movie Today, is like Still Number 300,000 – I think that’s what it is yeah what Is that? Do They Just Time I see something associated With its Copyright Information Now This is all Information I couldn’t Really find on the I died on? A panel of Uninformed Yeah what Podcast ihara of Patents Though I saw that the patent for The first roll of Paper Roll Holder Shows The Toilet Paper Going over and not under oh really like you are like Well what is it you put it over Ace well you put it if you put it under your pretend your Funders Asshole? Yy-Yeah Pretentious You’re like, oh this is Nicer looking, oh There’s No Benefit to under Hang that’s dumb Dumb Stupid, I, don’t think I’ve Been like I don’t ever Notice what I do when I put on when I put it on? But now that I know that under Pretentious I’m going to do over you, over all the charges Well No it’s not I mean Just I mean that’s what, adam Said to me before Spike I just Imagine the the homeless Guy Who found zune was it Whoa Lana’s right I mean he’s like yeah over is not Contentious So it’s just Just a cut in Real Quick James Punched a girl to her to Top exploded on yeah right him right I In The game, well yeah When i when I selected this game I did my usual you know Verification of the Rigorous Testing of it I voted yet yeah You Have a Hard-on No I was gentlemen We have a Winner I was Curious if it was One of the games Where the girls Close Shred off When They Take Damn it Turns out yes it Is that’s Every Game Speaking of Girls Clothes Coming out Other One of the i’m sure you’re on it lauren to the Subreddit Livestream Fails Oh yeah, you do the one There’s a girl it so it’s weird because twitch has Become This Thing Now, We’re Like Anyone Can Stream Anything Yeah irl so yeah so there’s a girl it’s Just Foam Rolling but She’s doing it Totally Wrong It looks like like you’re like Smashing it Looks Like A dolphin that wiped up on the Ocean and it’s like kind of doing this but Wonder if She gives the Knicks list, oh my, oh? Is a sort of like girl i’m the girl I’m a look if You got to Make A buck Make a buck I i’m not Sure Not Wearing a sports Bra I Mean i think she is but Is a little for her Because She’s not Impress all are not Inside Maybe not only May, be Small in The Nipple Location you know that Kind of Thing Can Happen other Things more of an Areola but, Regardless it’s Just Funny that So it Originally Started as Just in TV right yeah About like Live Streaming your Life yada yada Yada and Became Twitch Named under Justin Timberlake Right No Justin Bieber right was it Another Guy? Who’s Around it Yeah I’m in it hold on love it. No I won’t look it up this far Guys I guess sorry I thought Justin Bieber like how, did some Huge Thing Holiday We had A first thing to go Screams yeah I think he must have been Nine No Just One One There’s A lot more sense I thought it was Just A wall yeah Khan What I’m gonna do I’m son of Blaziken okay and Good? Kam medicine Calm The original, was A single Channel Channel Featuring Founder Justin Conchae and oh? Okay, we were all Wrong yeah? Okay, I’m a regardless but Now it’s Coming Back Around With Twitch irl yeah and it Just Just like Watching People do stuff Mm-Hmm Damn right Little weird do you think Maybe if I did A nipple Clip That People Would Share That Clip or Any Better, Bust it Up for you Justin bar legs like Pips Lips, or something uh Open your dick Dude Yeah, hey Guys Just Riding my room number Five My Sponsors Whoever May be Really Small Short No I had a tip Slip Today Share this Claire yeah right no I didn’t Cook it the Black Hour Thanks for the bit The Camera No Block Facebook Ford Field Smell Underneath, oh hey, Look at the Hero Shot We Should be Firing you if you had? Located Flip uh I don’t know if They Fire me I mean it’s kind of like Whatever i whatever I do in my Own Time Is my yeah There’s A big Difference Depending on my Tip Burst in his free Time Having A dick Actually Deputy And and then Bruce like at three Is Here’s a Scenario Though Bruce has Been Asked to come on the roof I pass No Demonstrate like Some new Some new Like Fitness Is something some new Meme or whatever and He’s Wearing a pair of fun House Shorts From The Artiste Or Everyone has stored Files but yeah but you a future teacher yeah Peter but But They’re a little Short so he’s Been Asked to do this he’s Been Given the Company Shorts are Too Short for him for Short he’s Been Asked to do this Is Everything Because The beautiful if he has a tip Slip Is he Held Accountable I’m sorry I have the Tips upon Company Time On yeah but you, were asked to do all this I am and I’m Really not A know yet By Ron Accountable Because This, was a Work-Related Injury So if it were Me at home Working out Like that Chick and I’m you know like again like I was like doing a stretches and I turn Around on my dick Popped out I’ll be my fault because on my Own Time Accidental Tips you know you will Acquit Will be Saying Yeah I wonder what it Would Take for Burrs to get fired I Think like Let’s Buy it no no I think I’d like yeah before the end of This Video Can We Make it Happen I think Nudity on your free Time is like you? Do what you got to do but yeah I’m start like Thrown out weird Conspiracy Theories my tip Is truth yeah Any Tears Anything and I’ve Ever Told me so how, you’re going to Incorporate a tip slip Into your Zelda Alright in Play well it can be Natural Like Awaken Food Guys did You Guys See that thing that he, did I’m going to put some right Mushrooms in This One Hate it fell out Three Times a day We’re Good i’m going to although it so it’s always like um I’ve Seen A few of These where it’s the girl she goes like Oops I dropped something yeah but my questions like Errol Please do Not join roach it bends over you, don’t think that you like, halon Guys I’m going to get a drink A Wonderful very Money by iran Amazing Creatures Right so this is yeah but she knows when She bends over the bits go up yeah yeah but then they get Their Channel Ban Didn’t have To do t I bet We’re Going to See this Video view Skyrocket at the when you bend over yeah, Maybe lawrence’s in the Way, sorry it’s, okay? Okay, ain’t that the case total Arousal One Or the other to learn you got to Spend with A bust Point Will be Maximum Number I can Spend this is 41 bus Points your 41:59 I hope so man that Because he Could level up your Tips Actually I did See a game Would that happened you are Sensitive You fight Enemies in A dunt Valve on all my new Bikini, okay Whoa it’s a perfect Size I these Gosh why do They need a futuristic 3d Printer yeah, you’re something that a five-Year-Old in Cambodia kill you yeah they Materialize the Kooky me Around us whatever who Cares so wait you Spend you Spend more Thousand Bbs but did all out of Any Points and then it’s Just like it’s a Lottery wagon if you Did more Points You Spend the higher Odds it has for you getting something new okay sure that Make sense over what you could learn or? Just Cap One Watching this he’s not to do with it Equip the Clip your Lingerie Can you, Maybe you just unlocked it me that’s it that’s all you, do you can Look at a bikini on a mannequin that No There’s no way yeah there’s No way i didn’t Purchase on trick Sprinkie sorry go Ahead and Talk About Just a shop not as, sorry Well Anyway Onto our next our next Controversial and Fun Inventory Topic Boy this is A big one Guys it was an Atom Bomb okay the Playstation YouTube Channel okay, yeah yeah Uploaded Uploaded the anthem Gameplay new Destiny Accepted A edited Playstation Buttons over the Xbox Buttons Wait how do People find that out because There was There was like a Framer to? Where the like effects, were like Fading Onto Screen and They saw in Those Couple of Frames There Was like A crossfade of the Playstation Graphics Popping on Top of the xBox prom Cuz they think People? Wouldn’t See that I think so, oh my god the meaning Chance ea Made that right Charlie No you guys You got I’m Guessing he a made the Trailer and then it was on Sony’s to Make it Make it Sony, ish Those Buttons Are Gonna do the Same Thing Those other Buttons do so fucking what There’s no way that there’s no what okay so i Can guarantee you Playstation Would not Have xbox Branding Anywhere on Their official YouTube Channel No I’m Telling me to put it on I didn’t it on its on under Everything under the Clothes Yeah Well you got to get Hurt in Battery Park but Now? but Now XBox and Playstation Tweeted Into each other before Press Conferences Wishing to One Another blog ha, ha ha Well Obviously so like that the big Deal Is that it was an Xbox one Capture that they put Up on the place I am you know Which Is That total Bullshit, Yeah I am I well It’s not like adam Said if Ea Provided it to them What’s what’s Playstation going to know They’re not going to Check Those Frames They’re Gonna Really always cool thanks but at The end of the day They’re, ok so Going back to when the PS4 and the Xbox one Were first Announced Everyone excited Kids are what are you doing the the Damning Screenshot, oh, no, oh I see you hiding There No I’m just Saying first of all that Game is Pre-Alpha Whatever so We don’t know what it’s going to Look like yeah and that all that stuff, was made on A? Pc It’s all it’s all Dead Units it’s not the Hardware was not the XBox 1X Hardware was not finalized when they Made that demo There so what you saw There and I think you’ve Seen? Some other Games Where They did This ooh, or you’re Seeing it all on Pc Well We don’t know that they haven’t Confirmed that and That’s what I’m Trying to Say Is that they Should? Confirm That They Should Say yeah this is on A Pc Debug System Sure and then that way it doesn’t Matter Where it goes right it was Thorough xbox There are 1 X Deb Units There Are and that’s that’s What trying to Say they Should have played the game on PS4 dead System and put it on Playstations yeah but Maybe it’s not Running as good as it was on the Explore next Time Maybe it will Once it’s out like Messi but Yeah Certainly Certainly Playstation People are very upset i mean it it’s weird because I Am A lot of Ways have Graduated out of out of console Warrior ism I even Though it Still happens for now I’m Just like Whatever Whatever I can play it on I don’t care Sure Ah but it Is Kind of Interesting to get Back Into That Mindset of Sony People Feeling Betrayed Or Lied to that they saw Footage of Game that was Purportedly We don’t even Know for before Really running on the Competitors Hardware? But yeah, item To your Point yet Most games are Just made on Pc Yeah and I Eat A small Portion of A hat at the final game Ends up looking like that Opening CutScene and that that Is in Game and not like some Cinematic Trickery okay That Had to have been To live that Clip Had, Been Delivered by, ea like i said Idea right No not a Slightly right it was Probably off a. Pc the oral knows Whatever Pr. Company the ea Contract I’m sure that they liked the did the dev Team Probably The But he Really Hadn’t Burned his lights and then the dev Team Captured it and then the pr Company like Cut it together Or Whatever something that at Sony Well sorry did Nothing Wrong on Iv I think Sony’s Mitch mitch Representing it that’s and that’s my only Problem you don’t even Know yes That’s The Video Down no that’s fine I’m Guessing god Damn We always Talk about this but it’s Company Culture There’s Always A lot of People Doing A lot of Stuff and Basically I’m Sure he a, whoever be A Pr. Company Said so here’s A Clip this is the thing We shows the XBox Press Conference Here’s the Playstation Version here You go and some poor Intern has A? Photoshop in Different Buttons Cuz like, well deb Unit, We have is using xbox Buttons now so what do We do like? You’re not like, well, we can’t ask the devs who are Really busy right now not at Three They’re Actually Working on the Game are sorry for bioware dad’s right yeah it was my Oh yeah There goes Guys Are Slaving away right Now it’s like you really want to email them and Say Can you Guys Redo the demo but With Playstation Buttons, well put Another like fuck no We got to, Make a game fuck off fault Still lives With Playstation Though they? Should Have Done Those Those Checks before They put the Video that’s Room Yeah I mean like because You’re Right it is A lot. Of Work that’s Their Job yes So but to the yeah to the 25 year Old who runs A? Sony YouTube Channel yeah like that’s Better, or something that that’s your enemy that’s who? You’re Mad at right now yeah it’s not the giant Corporation Who’s Making Crazy Decisions About okay, what Ship is going to go, Into Which System and you know then the next Playstation and Stuff Like that Oh, yeah so low, level yeah. I don’t know for me for me This Is sort of This Is maybe the first skirmish The Shot heard Around the World Boy I like Things are Going to get A Little Spiky Once The 1x Comes out Because So Many users have for a long Time I think Been Comfortable Knowing That Their Platform is on paper at least the most Powerful Thing yeah Playstation 3 was i think by the math Better than A 360 Playstation 4 Certainly Better Than the launch of the Xbox One and Now You have the PS4 Pro versus A 1s which is just like Totally Divergent 1x Is Legitimately and Mathematically More Powerful Than a Playstation 4 Pro so it’ll be Interesting I think I think Certain Flare-Ups Like that Which Is calling it a flare-up is even Still Overstating A bit But I’m excited for that sort of Thing to come Back Because I always did Enjoy the sort of Back and Forth I Think it does it It Consumes Some People to in a healthy Degree Like I get real Mad About it I’m Going to Make A Death Threats and Shit but it stimulates Consumerism it does Data on the other Thing I mean it’s kind of like The Thought of The Treatment on a rivalry, We like to play it up only Because it’s good for Business Well Analyse Actually hates Gavin and yeah we’ve Seen my reliable professional or both go Which Successive No he’s it at Some Point I’m gonna Take a slow mo guys Clip and like Just put my face over Gavin’s and Hope Nobody Notices You got to know that British woman here so what the girls Sister Is her Weapon So she has the Finger Blaster and Sister to turn her and dan I don’t haven’t Seen Any Finger but I’m not a you Said That that was in the Show Maybe it’s not in The Game on Legacy Waiver they Showed The Transformation How do They Transform so they Just Embrace Their like Power There’s Simply A lot of blow stuff huh, okay? So my Question for the room yeah now that what age Do You get to Where you realize that Most everything’s Just some you’re Just Lucky it’s not Breaking in at That Moment and That Goes for Video Games in Hardware Zubin sit There all day and go apples Better Than Android, or yadi Idea is like Everything fucks Up at Some Point and that is Totally True for Video Games and A console that has more Numbers Than the other one Usually Doesn’t Make too much of a Difference Having owned everything like a game like Zelda Breath of the wall right For the most Part runs Great they, Had to Patch it had some Issues and Framerate Issues very like I’m Just happy this Thing Is running and Everyone was Telling me How Shitty the Switch Hardware was like it doesn’t Matter if The Game is good right Does Machito’s your cheetah Team Games Good Job Taking the Top There Oh wait no that’s but the i mean I have A friend of friends Playing Breath of the While I’m on the Wii U right Now and is fucking Flipping out over how good the game is yeah You’re Spoiled Those Are Those are the except for that, was it Those are the Exceptions not the rule so games Like what I’m Saying 20 Every 10 Years if you if you want to be A Goddamn Idiot and Get Into the console war Or Whatever and sit There and Spout how your Piece of Plastic is Better Than Another Person’s Piece of Plastic and Still Is on Like Really I, mean is a i’m trying think of like, what’s a game that That’s Heard Or whatever Runs on all consoles Now like what’s it like like my Version of Because getting Me in Better on XBox and it is you know it’s in 4k Is like Whoopee Fucking do if the game Crashes an Online Service goes Down Same as People 16 yeah came out They’re Like Really it Was like is it going to be that much of a Difference that you’re Gonna Have your mind blown they know Well that’s what I think that’s not the one? Exercise They’ve Been They’ve Been Counting that yep so it’s kind Of like yeah if it’s only A 10% Difference like who Cares but Well i mean you know who Knows it’s up so it Really Honestly is up to the Consumer as Always where they else if It’s Noticeably Different and Everyone Says Holy Shit This is Noticeably Different to Buy a, new TV to Notice the Difference Well That was again Same exact Thing Happened 360 PS3 Generations They? Hd TVS Were not Common nor were HDmi Ports at all but that’s Where all the consoles word the tech Forward People Boom who the tech Forward People Bought Into it because it, was worth it to them Everyone Else Waited until TVS Were like 400 Bucks a black Friday on Walmart and that’s when They got? Some I feel like People are being Misguided um i mean I feel like I think Both Companies Have Been Pretty upfront about what Their Console will and won’t do for 1080p, oh, no I just mean From the Salesmanship Perspective Everyone’s Putting A Focus on 4K and Look at the bigger Resolution When I I wish all games Could run at a steady Framerate yeah Make Frame rate Honestly is Probably what We should be Focusing on You’re you know I know in A console will Never do? 120 plus Frames Not this Generation Roots Yeah when uh? the so Spencer, Had Said Phil Spencer at Cuesta To xbox the Economy’s Madness yes Fees be Peezy B’s I call up He’s Remarks that one x will run Xbox One games at a faster Frame rate 1080p like it does Roll back and Reproduce Games run Better To what, degree I don’t know because Certain things to that effect We’re also said about Playstation Pro and While that does Happen they have boost Mode and stuff like that now it’s not Quite Like it’s Better but it’s not so much Better that it Necessarily Justifies the Purchase of any Kind of Thing yeah i agree I think Messaging is Tough because to your Point it Would be nice to tell People Exactly what They’re Going to get but at. The same Time you Can’t Really Say That because at A point it Is sort of dependent on the Individual Developer To Work That in Reverse Unless like it Seems like With Microsoft Heavy Idea or two Anyway if 4K. Isn’t gonna save you know, I’m just glad, We Have Clean drinking Water yeah that’s nice Speak for Yourself Larry sorry, Chigan Some Some day the government I’ll get Around Helping you out Problems net on your own welcome to america? Well not unless you’re not from American you listen visit from some Miles yeah, well not like Away Are Welcome to the Country of your heritage which i’m Sure Is Beautiful and Wonderful Uh how, about Speaking of Speaking of America being awesome Not was your guys’s Fourth of July independence Day America Is great, We had the day off? Mm-Hmm good I went to when I need No Where’s The Arcade as in Video Industry okay yeah as in the puente Hills Mall the back to the future Mall The Lone Body That Time Left Behind Yeah Still of All There so the irony Uh but it was cool Played some Weird-ass Japanese Games About Sweet Mm-Hmm Played A Japanese Arcade yeah, We are weird right Played a place Beatmania got my ships Coming Shit going They Had A new Space Invaders Ticket Redemption Game wallet it I think it might have Been Broken Because it was Paying out Wait much? Oh 500 Tickets Every game James Uh-Huh I could have Just Sat There and Racked it up god Those Tetris light Another the gift Shop Would have only cost you? $800 to get it and Ods know it was it was Insane Kelly Crazy man I would say A 500 Tickets for Six Credits Or Whatever i mean I don’t know it’s like carnival Mouths you Can’t Really tell what ya? Know I On in I got a moustache comb got A hot dog on a stick Thank you yeah Stephanie Got A cheese on a stick uh Cheese on A stick it’s Just a block of American Cheese that they Battered right I like that Oh good i like that it was Literally A descriptive title yeah Cheese on a stick he Goes what did that I mean i wanted to know the Details like he Mentioned the Batter is it like is it a or none Batter do you know What is it it’s Corn Batter and Ends up tasting like A? Particular Like A drill Cheese Because it’s all varmint toasty it is american cheese Though so it’s a little Goopy I feel so bad for The hot, dog on A stick Employee to Walk by yep, I’ve always said like Jesus Christ how, Many more hot Dogs do you sell because you Make your Employees What’s Ridiculous all day Every day, well it looks like the someone in the 1500s being Shamed yeah Like Fools that is the Public fool Mm and This Person like Would you like lemonade With her like I’m Working for Minimum Fuckin Way Too Small and You have to Make me Look like an Asset yeah I’ve Always wanted to march on Washington To Complain About hot dog and Say hey They May agree To it that was that was There I know but Why Does the Job man it’s gonna be demoralizing at. Some Point I even Like McDonald’s Is like Updated They’re like Outfit and like I’ll pull up like I’ll pull up to a mcDonald’s Drive-Through or Whatever on my Bag Look at sweet bro, yeah, It’ll get pretty Good Where That Polo yeah? he looks like you Look, like a nfl coach yeah, well Somebody Anywhere Those like Gray like but not Just Look Good in A regular Fabric of the Uniforms for Substitute in Like and Make it a little Wick you know wick sweat Better a little beautiful Well The Thing for Starters Is in Another tutorial Bomb has A lot of you Can See the Fast-Food? You Know, Wheels Churning like McDonald’s like, We Make so much Fucking Money Yeah Off of These 39 Hamburgers? Let’s put it back Into the Business will Make it will Make all 64,000 of our Locations Probably More Than that all right Either way I want to Make them or an Updated making all Nice Where’s Taco bell’s like, We made a Deep-Fried Burrito? Which by the way I had talked about the other day, I was delicious nice oh Gretchen hold a bad Idea, oh? Right well They have like it’s Basically I think it’s A it’s a chalupa They Always have a new menu item Once a Month or something like I think They’re Just Running out of Ideas Computer Can Only go so far but They’re like it’s the double choke to Lupa and it’s about the Size of A hot Dog Bun yeah but it’s Just Full of meat and like Orange no great I tried Eating it While Driving I think We were Going out For a barbara’s Birthday? And jeff and I are Both Starving like Just going to Talk about on the way and we’re Just Eating the Card it was Immediately Splashing Everywhere so Fucking good it’s like kramer’s that his uh What do You Call them being Rolled too tight yeah Spraying in The eye is great Cuz I think I’ll be Safe, well They’re all or were they, were dominicans not cute They Roll them too tight Fourth of July it was good the day, was great except like in The Evening of Course then Benson gus, oh? Yeah Poor Benny given Whiskey if he given Whiskey my mom’s roommate With you are Dogs Sinbad Oh here we huh I don’t know like that’s Been Kind of Thing you hear like the Old not Necessarily Old Wives tales Because i’m sure it Works but it’s like I don’t I infant Child They Were Having trouble or the Colonies Or whatever my dog I just Take a little Whiskey and I just fill a whole Shot Glass of If I mart down the Child’s Throat and he Just he Would go right to sleep and I’m like Yeah but you gave her okay by risky like my Kid Didn’t sleep so I fill the Shot glasses Whiskey and I just drank yeah I drank it thank you when your dog Named sin that after the Communion or the Sailor I’m no Different We kind of Inherited it all I’ve Ever Talked about Equals I grew Up in Kind of A weird way Where My Mom and Dad and you Talking About they Welcomed by oliver Talked about on the Podcast but like my mom and dad When i think my mom Had me Once You’re going like 19 but so my mom’s dad Fuck you! I’m Mohammed dad Worked Together at a halfway House, oh? Yeah my group up, well She’s like Now but at. This Time She was 20-Something? Whatever Later Than my dad is Basically free rent, They ran a House for a bunch of Kids who were Like Their Parents Either Killed Themselves Or they Had Drug Problems so there’s Like it Was me Living with like five or six Different Kids at a time They Were Always Rotating in and out not a great place to raise a child Upon Reflection But um my mom’s My mom Had A friend who Also did the Same Thing and They Said my mom and her friend Had to like went Through Divorce Would be like exact same Time and then, They’re like oh it has Become Roommate and then they, also pulse Became Cops sounds Really Really it’s to Take Calm if you pretty much was so single White female It wasn’t what I’m good for like for About ten Years I think it was Like it, was her Kids and then my mom My Mom my Brother and I living with Their so we inherited Their Dogs Sindbad and he, was just like and he Was like A mix Lab Husky like everything he, was the greatest dog Ever he? Had Like White Fur so he’d lay Down on the Sidewalk When We had We Would Chalk it Up here get Up me to? Be like Half blue and right Uh-huh, yeah, Manic Didn’t Bet Nobody Was lip out during Fireworks and then my mom’s roommate Roy bowie was a little Crazy? Yeah She’s Absolutely why, Fight now that way you have a special Relationship with Benson Then He’s Just a good Dog I just love dogs Dogs Are like The greatest Creatures on This Planet so loyal But yeah my owens roommate Would remember She’d pour Whiskey? Into his Water I’m Part of July and he Drink it and he’s like Kind of chill out a little bit But I always wonder it was like why? Would he Drink it what’s he Take Terrible Yeah Everybody did Benson Would sniff that and Then Probably not Wanda Really They Didn’t smell like chicken, oh yeah Yeah I gave the chicken, We gave him, some most like Thousand, Beer One Which told Joel and dane Earner Was it Jet Chesky yeah? We Can yeah you’re welcome Those I’m fine I thought Joel gave you no it wasn’t me no you really Dug That hole real Well Benson loved that stuff, also he Cannot get Enough of it no i figured out it’s Just Chicken Broth Basically yeah Oh yeah! Miss O’neil Bottle Dogsy trash so it doesn’t Matter yeah I saw Benson 1C an Entire Chicken Bone out of my Garbage Can yeah yes he, did It Smelled Like Chicken and I was i trying to get away from and Just like it Became like a crocodile It’s like These giant like you, don’t hear that he Would Crush your hand He’s very Powerful Good When People See him they Think man that dog Is Strong? All right uh We got to serve up some hard Nets oh yeah Hard netten Yep, do you, need the Computer vet Or no, no No no This is Mostly A verbal Hartnett okay it’s a story a story of Somebody who Netted Maybe a little too hard So if You recall last Week’s Challenger unseeded Game Girl Power the poor Lady who Shot her Boyfriend to Death will pretty, much shunt the worst, also she was Pregnant? Also she had a Kid so that’s cool the worst yep Well Maybe she can? Nah we’ll Make a Joke About her Shooting at her Children I’d be a little too far We don’t do that here do you think, We don’t do that yeah the uh the Contender This Week is Sinclair Network Unless you Guys Are familiar With this but so there, was A bit of A bit of A kerfuffle Lately Sinclair Network so Face a group are a Company that’s on Facebook Declared that We are We have exclusive News? We work With Bioware on mass Effect and We are Starting to tell you that they Have Canceled Their single Player dLC from a Spec in Browsers Mm-Hmm Problem is Sinclair Networks isn’t real and Never has done, oh yeah, okay? So let’s see here Quote, oh Yeah so when Sinclair Network Started eurogamer Actually reached out to some of the Members of Sinclair Networks? Apparently it was Just like A tech support Company Just some dudes Started a Page and People Would Write in Question and They Were like okay Clear cookies you good Okay, They Called it sinclair Networks and that’s Just what it was they Would Just Help People Fix Their Computers Quote When I was There We offered Advice to people like making Gaming Rigs and stuff like that but York Keller Another friend of Sinclair’s Insert written by the Author Wanted to Make it Look Look more official like an actual Company then They Started listing Employees on Facebook and Then They Started They Started posting Patch notes for other People’s Games So they Would just Basically kind of start Posting the stuff Making it Seem like, they, were involved with what they? Were Posting but they, were Just Hosting it Didn’t do A thing Quote it’s not A real Company Reese Continued Quote it’s A few Guys who like to troll People When i joined We Would we used to post Patch notes but then they Started Posting Rumors About DLC and Nonsense Changing Their Details to be A Developer and I bailed It’s just A few Trolls trying to get a reaction Through Fake News and Bullshit like that to trigger the gullible Now They’ve Been Called Out and They ran for the hill so what happens Is what happened was? Sinclair Networks Tweeted Out that they Had exclusive Information About bioware Dlc Said That Single-Payer Dlc Was Cancelled? By our Said We have no idea who the fuck they are and We’ve Never Worked with Any Company on Any of our DLC but Another Rumor Came out That’s a little more Substantial Saying that Bass Effect is getting Shelled Like They’re Basically Done With it for now yeah Meaning There Probably, won’t be single Player dlc So Essentially what happens Now is all of the mass effect the Crazy mass Effect fans who really Want A dlc are taking all their anger out on these dudes who just did a Stupid Internet Program I’d Say so the hard net the play is making up a fake Company Posting some Bullshit and Then Accidentally Becoming The Villain To an Entire Group of Nerds who Just want to fly Around Space and Bang aliens Just Worse than what cnn did did you all of it I don’t know like just like this Morning I think what they Did uh There so there was the big if Trump Post Oh and they Made Their counter Video or whatever I don’t really Made A counter Video what a gift right I don’t need a whole video let me go to cnn Head being like I got assaulted Yeah yeah so whatever is the Scene Names but Heard, over the whole Thing yet? I’m not I’m in no way Taking any Sides in This Anyway I’ll take a side I’m in Saying it cnn Side Well here’s The One Part Where you Probably don’t wanna be on Cnn Side They reached out and Found out who the guy was who? Made The gift yeah and are Basically Holding, his Name Hostage, we’re doing like a blackmail Thing Saying like You need to be nice to us For now on Otherwise We’ll release your name to the public who is they? Cnn cnn is a whole Organization I mean what I guess the Article They posted Were They more or less its unsolo asshole, or hun, Episode yeah but it Basically Said We Walk Around? We isn’t Yeah They Found out who he was and They’re like? We won’t Reveal his Name for Now if he Continues to like? Well not Make gifts when I’m with a man getting vetoes like fuck off what Are Here’s adam did you Actually Read That Or Was that Somebody Else’s Interpretation I’ve Skimmed it Because? What I’m Reading here Is the twitter Hashtag retur and I was like Cnn Blackmail no yeah? No People are Trying to defame cnn I so I’m not I haven’t Read the Article but what I’m Reading here Which Is New York Times Coverage of it but it’s quoting the Article I’ll try to find the original but it Says Cnn wrote an Article that was not published using the user’s Name Quote Because he Is a private citizen who issued an extensive Statement of Apology Showed His Remorse by Saying Has Taken Down all this Offending posts and Because he Said he Is not going to Repeat this Ugly Behavior on social Media Again in Addition He Said his Statement Could Serve As an example Others not do the Same they Continued Quote Cnn Reserves the right to publish his Identity Should Any of that Change so I guess that’s what, you’re Referring yeah I’m Saying? We can post his Name if He Doesn’t end Up Showing Remorse or apologizing he Already did Yeah and also yeah he, did No I guess he’s kind of Shitty Better not Really haven’t I seen Blackmail Work so yeah I mean it Is I Wouldn’t Call that yeah That’s not Blackmail about it this way it’s a shitty Thing to do not Really I think They Were doing him a solid an actual News Organization Would publish his Name because they Can yeah They’re Actually Kind of doing in A favor by not even Though it Was kind of Phrased to know Where They Didn’t need to Say That Last Part right They Could Have Just Said We’re not going to publish I think that was Their Subtle way of Saying Look see were not Apples Which but Generally The kind of Thing most, non assholes don’t have to say you know it’s going to sound like I’m Defending cnn I’m Just Defending the actual Practice of Journalism which A lot of People have weird ideas About You’re you’re allowed to and nate is your Job to publish the Full truth when you have it Sometimes You Acknowledge the Context Which is what cnn did in This Story but it’s not it’s not Really Blackmail to Acknowledge We didn’t Publish This guy’s Name but We Can still that’s Just Acknowledging that They have a right but it’s like A weird Ultimatum either like Don’t Make Any more gifts and if you do, well release your Name and it’s like yeah that’s Kind Of weird I’ll either be a Journalist raquel. I don’t know like but I mean that’s not what They Said yeah and What they Said, was we are Journalists Us? We can Post this Person’s Name We’re not going to Though I get it’s weird Probably Politically Yeah Because? They Are Because by Nature of the industry in Which they Work the whole part of it the part at the end Is weird I Acknowledge That That’s that’s a little They Didn’t need to Say that I don’t know I mean There’s Also Ways Taking Away too far like When I think is Moto at the iPhone 4 Yeah and They posted link to like The Guy The Guys like Gives A good developer who left it at A bar something up they posted like A direct link to his Facebook And was like fuck Off and it Should have done That you Guys Yeah yeah? The Thing I’m glad Hulk Hogan’s if That Gets is like Twitter gifts Guy Is in his Apology it’s kind Of weird he Just straight up Says I don’t believe Any of that Stuff I was just Posting it because People on separate it Would Think I’m cool. Yeah that’s Nice? How Many How Many assholes do I encounter on the Internet who are just doing it to be Accept Into Their Internet Bro Well hold on hold on hold on no we say A lot of Shit We don’t believe in True yeah Because Through Through? Assumed Or an Intended Satire That We know People in our Community don’t pick up on as Satire? Fair and so like you know I’m not going to Shit on This Guy for making it that’s a good Putt it’s how People choose To Use it it’s Unfortunate that now this Cnn Gift making Guide to buckles Distracts from real Legitimate ProbleMs and Problematic People I Won’t Name Please Come, on We said We wouldn’t Never mind it was Hillary so not a problem She’s the Problem? oh Yes if The last Year in American Politics has Taught us Anything Instead Distraction is A very Powerful Yeah Weaponized tool now Maybe North Korea, was Just trying to Make This a really Nice Firework Amy, oh yeah, they’re Timing, oh yeah? Why not, Right I bomb you, on the Side Problem O’leary said Yeah I see, adam Nonsence? We’re I don’t have type that, was Just Those Trolled Yeah trolls versus, oh now our trolls that Don’t like for me it’s Trolling Is one Thing but When you troll your Way? Into like Into a riptide get yanked out Into the Middle of the Ocean and You’re sitting There Treading Water because you could You you trolled the wrong thing at the wrong Time that to me is the hard net so so these These Dumb gentlemen Who, were Just Like telling People how to how to set up their Bookmarks Bar Suddenly Found Themselves That The Villains of an Entirely Entirely Swarming Internet Community They Trolled Themselves Into Being Trolled yep he trolled Still so what do you guys Think Girlfriend Has Shot her Boyfriend to Death for YouTube Subscribers or a group of Dude To troll Themselves in the Anger From the Mass Effect Community man There’s Still Hard netting The Guy Or the woman who Shot her Boyfriend it’s Still Hard Knitting A lot Harder, okay? See i think Those Guys Are working With Some miss Rameters an Infrastructure of the Internet to net Really Really hard and it was very like Calculated and Long-Term Thing That Ultimately like I think There was there’s Just A lot more put Into that and in Utilizing The Internet What Happened to Celebrating Internet yeah Nothing Was that’s my thing Yeah I’m Celebrating I think it’s Really Fucking Funny? Not the Shooting House the death that’s that Same kind of Funny but but more the Bunch of dudes who Just like pretend to be Game Developers and then get Fucked because they Didn’t Quite know The line They, were Walking that’s Funny Remember any on the Internet Is made Up of Humanity is good and Bad Act like it’s Both most Ads we’re Celebrating the Salmon For Celebrating Stupid Kids who pretend to be Gay my votes for those guys Yeah it, was A long Time Coming on I’m always yeah really yeah, okay alright I think it’s pretty Hard Time I gotta go i i still stand by my Policy of I would never Vote for something where Someone Dies as A result and a family Is Shattered apart so Unless one of Those trolls Gets Killed I don’t think Anyone’s Died yet Then I think I’ll go for those Guys over the Over the Core for Young People who are Stupid and Being Young Imagine someone getting murdered by a mass effect fan Supposing Faking Is About something They couldn’t Buy. I don’t not like Question, no no I know People Think Killed for less like It’s weird Though, we’re at that Point Always Always Been At that Point There Used to be things or People Would Likely Let’s Play Dice and then some Guy? Would Roll Like a snake Eyes and You go I’ll kill you any Crushes his Head with a rock yeah Yeah very what was your I think at this Point my vote Is educational but I still voting for the woman who Shot her Boyfriend Me okay, that is a super Hard knitting that’s the Hardest Unfortunately it Is Can i do it every Time it Pops up she’s Been Running Around and also I’m Probably smells Down that I’m Just Curious what I’m surprising There’s not more Relief or Definition on the Vaginal Bulge Are They effective Or less i agree Exactly Well It’s Exactly what i always Saying that’s what I would Expect I think this all Badge lips or at least the Sides of and that Show Glow like, oh Easily Ledge Lips Right Taking drive You Said it like it was a Person I think I saw Badgeless Getting on A long Pen Morning I said hey Guys Less Yeah There you have it sinclair Network is the new Hard neder A Good Job sinclair get away from Sadness and death yeah There you go Just A normal Thing i like this whole Shit Kutner Shirts are Booming I did That Earlier One One Note I do Enjoy how so they Have Their first Round of Battle damage Uh-huh where the Poops Pop out But then There’s Always some connective Fabric that Holds Their Boobs in Just a little bit Still yeah so when that Pops off Boom then They’re Really Free I’m Just impressed that uh this game Figured out A way to Jiggle Them tits Twice No Nudity not not so far now Was a Classy establishment that, We know yeah We got? A, we got a laser laser Scribe a new Bikini A Lot of the Cue Points man Ninety if I Spend One Bikini Point Than I wondered beating 100 100 Beginning Point Though I have A 99% Chance of Getting A new items little J Odds yeah, oh? Nice A strong good 100%. I don’t see Where There’s a timing Game to because they, Increases the Odds it Appears Oh you got a player Team Back in of Course Part of that on Gosh I love how There’s not a single Bikini in this Game that Actually Supports at it it just Kind of Lays on Top of it so there’s A plenty of under Tip that Can what do you want out the poor it Is Just Being for you yeah being it yeah being supportive is to decorate Something and Make it Look Better it’s Calling its to get it I don’t know there’s A 1-800 Number Calling Those Guys the hard Metal Sailor Oh your, deals Yeah I ansel And nine Pounds don’t need guy Gonna try Odd you Can Write A letter to the Fbi and ask them for Their file on you really, wow Yeah that that’s I heard I want to do that right Now I’d have to give Them all my pseudonym and I don’t want to Do that This is like getting your Credit Check Though like you think a Ding Oh yeah under or like hey This Potential Sex offender Asked for his yes This file let’s Bump Them Up on the list yeah put Them up to 3,000 on the most one his Code Yellow, okay? And I think that, oh? okay So there’s a little There’s a little Vaginal Stretch on now no that’s Just part of the Underwear it’s just what the design of it Looks like you know You’re Looking what you want to see lauren looks like it’s Pulled tight it looks like the the vaginal Couch is Shoving the Fabric Oh you!
Oh that was Failing it so give me The 100 percent bitch right it doesn’t Matter free Back alright I’ll Take you to Listening everybody James Is going to Keep unlocking Bikini I’ll Be back next week live as usual Also know Post Show this Week Kind of hard To do A post Show when There’s no fan Art I guess We could Just Keep Talking and doing so Keep on Mocking Bikini Mm-Hmm Maybe? We will if We have Time but We got a lot of Press to do for RTX? Though Sorry About that if it doesn’t end up Happening on it every Time Yes Thank you for Listening Thank you for uh Thank you for Hanging Hanging Tough Making us part of your your Routine Hopefully if you Enjoyed this Podcast I recommend it to A friend That’s Carbon You get very much And i yeah Hopefully you had an all be here yeah you guys, Enjoy our TsI hi Everybody Hey chad, how’s it going Florence Pretty Good what’s up man I got a question for you Yeah it has Nothing to do With Sonic or the flash chad, you’re live chad You’re live by the way i mean Should have told you that you’re live on the Internet Okay, hey, Internet what’s Up amen so okay, We got hard net in Here I pulled a little fast one On a lease

100 thoughts on “FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S DEAD? – Dude Soup Podcast #130

  1. What is Adam talking about with a deep fired burrito. Man does California have some items the rest of us arent getting man Taco Bell Chimichangas would be tight!

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Who knew Adam was the only person on FH with a reasonable bone in his body.
    How the hell are you defending CNN on this? It was a gif, made anonymously for shits and giggles like the 20 million other gifs that get made every day and a company got butthurt enough to research the person's real identity and threaten him, in the nicest way possible, "hey don't make fun of us, you don't have the free speech to make those gifs, otherwise if you do we'll tell the whole world who you are."

    Defending journalism? How is that journalism? If I make a gif of Lawrence's head superimposed onto a person kicking over a guy in a wheelchair, are you in your right to put on your journalist hat, find out who I am, where I live, etc. and say "don't do that again otherwise I'll reveal to my fans who you are"?
    No, fuck you!

  3. Um. Excuse me Adam! But double chalupas do not have fucking ranch on them. I have work my shitty job at a Taco Bell, and I'm not going let you just get by, by saying false shit about the food. Double chalupas have meat, nacho cheese, sour cream, lettuce, more cheese, and then tomatoes. Possibly jalapenos if you wish!

  4. Lawrence and James also took a stance stating that the guy who punched Richard Spencer was a good guy. I'm not trying to defend a neo nazi, but when you call yourself antifa (anti-fascists) and you use violence to silence you political opponents then you're the fascist. Also, Adam is slowly becoming redpilled, and I think it is to the chagrin of Lawrence and James. Bruce doesn't care but isn't a Trump fan. I'm pretty sure Adam might have voted third party, while the rest of the crew might have voted for Hilary. The fun thing to watch is when the demographic switch to more conservatism happens (gen z has a 70-30 lib to con bent compared to millenial's 85-15) I wonder if they will placate or keep going on with this. As entertainers they would probably have to take into account a demographic switch like that.

  5. Both sides are in the wrong, the poster was racist (or was it anti-semetic? I am pretty sure he deleted them) douche-bag and CNN shouldn't have implied "or else".

  6. During SGDQ, twitch chat was less concerned with the gender/sex of the runners/announcers (being quite honest, many of the people in the community wouldn't give two shits about the gender of someone as long as they'd finally be able to experience human contact and would probably fuck it regardless of pronouns) and more concerned with the obvious removal of anything resembling fun from the event by the oversensitivities of annoucners such as Protomagicalgirl, leading to many runners being banned for deigning to have a sense of humor.

    The obvious political and social biases of a tremendously small amount of people are, quite frankly, ruining the event. Thankfully, that's where NASA and ESA come in to bring the event back to the community.

  7. So at bottom, tip slips, iffy GIFs, hot dog salespeople hats, Sinclair Networks, journalism and the rest can (and should) be critiqued on the basis of intentionality. Consequences matter of course, but truth finds its home in the vault of the heart.

  8. I don't know if any of you guys have seen the new Nine Inch Nails music video, but it looks like SOMEONE has been playing a little too much Thumper

  9. apparently a lot of people think pewdiepie is the reason fnaf is ending because pewds gave an honest review on the latest one

  10. Only Roosterteeth employees are left enough to defend universally hated CNN. Don't get your info from mainstream media.

  11. This is hilarious. I wonder if they did a ideo for CNN when they got caught on film staging a fake islamic peace protest after the ariana grande bombings.

  12. Did anyone else catch James' little quip after "Well I punched it WITH a hot woman until it became a hotter woman"? He gave Lawrence a quick knowing look and then softly stated "Stone cold fox." This is in line with Adam's junk grab, and I feel like the editors should have focused a bit more on it, despite the fact that it wasn't all that funny. That's the purpose of the focus though. Unlike when someone puts too much emphasis on a good joke (beating it into the ground), focusing on a mediocre or dry joke properly only serves to enhance it, thereby increasing its comedic value. Then again, what do I know? Not much. I'm tired.

  13. …got a friend we call blowob , because his lips are a bit more puckered up than normla , kinda feel bad about it :/

  14. Can't believe James defended CNNs actions.. some guy made a gif and CNN took a joke wrong on purpose and tried to act like heroes while they crucified him. Just ain't right man.

  15. I like how FunHaus always says they aren't political but always make some subtle statement that is political "without naming names" like we are idiots.

  16. Shouldn't talk about things yall dont know about. CNN definitely did some dirty shit to that dude for making a harmless meme.

  17. hard nettin' is really stretching it. we need more cults and people being enthusiastically strange on the internet.

  18. The CNN GIF thing might not be blackmail (although the phrasing they used lends it self to that interpretation), but it definitely isn't news, them wasting time finding out this dude who hurt their feelings' name and writing an article about doesn't make it news, it makes them stalkers and it's kind of threatening anyone else that might want to do the same thing or make a stupid mistake anonymously, it's like saying "we learned his name and we can learn yours and we are completely willing to out you".

  19. I actually know why pretty much all zippers are YKK. YKK makes zippers that work really well and they own the whole production process; from the mines that get the metal to boxes they are shipped in. Since zippers cost like 5-10 cents most companies just buy from YKK because they work well and their vertical integration (owning the whole supply chain) means that orders are usually shipped on time and without delay.

  20. Some female twitch streamers will cosplay after they reach so many subs. Bruce should cosplay as Link during his Breath of the Wild content (under the pretense that he has hit so many subscribers), but have the tunic skirt just a little too short. Eventually a tip slip is bound to happen.

  21. Am I the only one that can't stand Adam talking, he always acts like what he's saying is the absolute truth like when they're talking about it being played on a PC. And he won't stop going off on stupid unfunny tangents that just throw the whole conversation out the window for a 2 minute long joke that James or Bruce has to make funny in the end anyway. I feel like if you watch anytime Adam starts to make a point everyone starts tuning out and just wait for him to stop.

  22. really? another hentai game? I admit, I laughed the first 2 times you guys played this shit but now it's getting sad.

  23. See this is where porn hub or any adult streaming site should cash in on the boobie streamers and just make them go all out on live streams for better pay and no banning. lol

  24. Mostly cat owners do "Under Hang" for Toilet Paper, that's at least the case for me. Cats LOVE unrolling TP! And when it's "Under Hang" they start batting it and it just spins.. not unravels! I'm in no way a "pretentious asshole" haha I just got used to doing it that way because my Cats were "pretentious assholes" ­čśŤ

  25. 8:15 no Adam, there is. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a proof of someone who cares about advancing it's artstyle to being super unique (not pretty for everyone, but still unique), mainly in the most recent parts.

  26. Me: So I went to Taco Shop today…
    Husband: glares with jealousy
    Me: Because of Adam! It's his fault; he made me want tacos!

    If we get divorced over this, I blame you, Kovic.

  27. I know the more accepted format for the podcast is the live version(more fan interaction, RT style), but god damn to I miss dude soup like this. The gameplay breaks up any lulls in the conversation.

  28. While I disagree with James' and Elyse's position, I appreciate how they handled the CNN discussion with respect to the forum.

  29. You can't be seriously DEFENDING CNN … WHAT THE FUCK GUYS… WHAT. THE. FUCK!
    A guy making a MEME isn't NEWS!!!

  30. As far as I understand it the lack of people dating, marrying, and having children in Japan is due to a work culture that leaves no time for anything else but work, no maternity leave for women, as well as no guarantees that their jobs will still be there once they get back, and they don't pay people enough money for one person to be a stay at home child raiser and the other goes to work.
    This is all a symptom, albeit a severe one, of late stage capitalism.
    Either we're going to rip away power from the sociopaths that currently have it and instate socialism, or we're going to end up in a police state hell hole where people are starving and living in abject poverty with no hope of escape. Imagine They Live or Deus Ex, just without the cool technology. So less cyber, and not even really punk, just suffering. Take away all the cool parts of those things and that's the future if something isn't done to redirect it towards something good.
    Revolution now or endless suffering later ┬»(Ńâä)/┬»
    And you want the plan? Start with your own life, get it in order, and then fix your neighbourhood, and then your community, and then your city, and then your city, then your state, and then the country.

  31. I get where Lawrence is coming from when he says journalists have a duty to report the truth, but if you know that sharing this persons name with the world is going to get them harassed and who knows what, then forget about the "journalism". That, combined with that last line CNN put in their article is the problem I have with that.

  32. Ironically this game that tries to draw in hormonal males somehow manages to have better combat and fluidity than all of Final Fantasy. Go figure….leave it to boobs and midriff to bring together some of the best combat designers in Japanese gaming >.<

  33. That balding guy is a hardcore xbox lemming.

    On a side note, the marginal power difference between the consoles mattered when we were comparing Knack vs Ryse.
    Not so much now with the godly exclusives on ps4.

    Xbox, get your shit together or die off =w=

  34. Driving through the City of Industry, half of the business signs off the freeway are in Korean and Vietnamese. A functioning Japanese arcade in that mall is 100% on brand.

  35. What folks don't seem to want to acknowledge with the CNN thing is that this guy did NOT make it very hard to figure out his personal information, posting very specific info in his various tweets and facebook nonsense. From what I read it appeared that this guy could have been easily identified by just about anyone with enough time on their hands. That and he also posted some really god awful nonsense on Reddit and whatnot, so he doesn't really garner that much sympathy from me.

  36. the guy literally made a gif, and they threaten to dox him if he didn't apologize. seems like a pretty big over reaction considering the guy was probably some teenager who though "lol this would be funny". cnn is very thin skinned if they react like this to something so minuscule. they never directly threatened him but there were undertones in the way the worded stuff.

  37. Adam is completely correct. CNN is black mailing this guy. They've threatened to release his personal information if he doesn't apologize and stop making his GIFs. That's called Black Mailing! Do what I want or we'll expose you.

  38. Aw man, thanks for reminding me of that Mars Property shirt. I missed out on it. Wish you guys could bring it back!

  39. This was pretty shit as far as Funhaus content is concerned. Everyone except Adam seemed a little frustrated or pissed off. Elyse hinting at anti-Trump propaganda, James attempting to redefine black mail to suit his arguement and Lawrence attempting to get them off this political roller coaster. Yeah, quality content.

  40. CNN does NOT have the right to publish that guys name, Lawrence. Not even almost. It would be a severe ethical violation to do so. He hasn't comitted any crimes, his name is not in the public interest just because CNN have a grudge against him.
    Do we really have to start the "ethics in journalism" debate again? Last time it turned in to a shit show.

  41. please mute game audio, or don't play a game where the main character speaks in a super high pitch voice and about the entire time. Great podcast though

  42. I feel like the whole console wars issue starts with people spending a bunch of money on something and then having someone say that their piece of plastic is better, effectively saying that they made a mistake, not wanting to feel like an idiot the other person attacks back. Personally i dont think that it makes much difference, i agree with Adam, but can absolutely see where it comes from.

  43. Having a hypercube as a house is extremely dangerous because at any second it could phase into the 4th dimension

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