First Time Surfing (Big Stacks)

First Time Surfing (Big Stacks)

Hey – we’re at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and Dom’s about to have his very first attempt at surfing! You know why I’m really excited about doing the FlowRider here, Zach? Why’s that? Flo Rida’s actually my favorite musician Yep – you gonna get low, low, low, low? That’s what I’ve been playing on the whole drive here I think you are, ah gonna hit the floor… …pretty hard What we’re gonna do, Dom is we’re gonna get you to commentate how you think you’re gonna go on the wave and then see how accurate you are So can you commentate as if you’re just about to drop in? Alright – well you can see that Dom now is gathering his balance This is a man who you wouldn’t believe has never done this before as he completely holds his balance now on the water gracefully gliding between the currents What’s he doing here? It looks like a backflip! Oh my gosh this is incredible! Such a thing has never been seen! You know – it’s almost as if he is one with the water the way he navigates these currents and moves his body with each little rip I don’t know Zach Where is the next international surfing competition because I probably need to book my flights *pained Dom noises* *laughter*

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  1. Awww, you guys were at Dreamworld and I didn't know? I could have come out and watched…and totally not laughed…at all…much…

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