First Reaction To Seeing Rebecca’s Picture & Big Families! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

First Reaction To Seeing Rebecca’s Picture & Big Families! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ Michael: So I went back to the house and like a couple days later, whatever Michael: It was the day of the blind date and I still hadn’t even seen a picture of you. I didn’t know you looked like and Michael: My stepmom, she got like this book and it had a picture of you and Ryan on it. Becca: So,It was the phone book Becca: Right? Michael: No, it was you and Ryan dancing with Hannah I think with my sister Becca: A little video of us dancing? Michael: Or it’s a book like a little kit like a picture book or whatever and you guys were in it. Becca: Well, at the time I still had a phone book that had my picture in it. Michael: I think I might have seen that too Becca: Which is the same picture. Because I won like an artistic cover contest for the phone book for the whole… Michael: County? Michael: And your art was on the cover of the phone book. Becca: Is that cool? Michael: Yeah Becca: I sometimes like forget all these things that I did. Michael: You did amazing things. We’ll have to do a whole series all about your amazing growing up years because you are an inspiration. Becca: But that was one of the pictures that he looked at when he… Michael: Oh lala Michael: So beautiful. It was like blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile, rosy red lips. Becca: You making me blush. Michael: Well, when I saw that I was going on a date with you…I was like…oooh so nervous! Becca: You where nervous?! Michael: Cause you were gorgeous! Michael: But I knew that I had the support of your parents and so I figured you know that’s a good thing. Becca: Also, something to mention is that we both came from families with nine kids. Michael: Yeah. Well actually I have a lot more than nine kids in my family to be honest. Becca: But raised in a family consistently with nine kids both of us. Michael: Right. But then I got an extra four five six seven… Becca: He’s got a big family. But just like having him be away from his regular family or his family and then going to Utah and finding basically a replacement family Becca: that was like the exact amount of people, similar ages, similar …same names even. Some of them. We have a Jessica, a Ryan, a John. Michael: Yeah, we’ve got Jessica, Ryan and John in my family, too. Becca: Those are the same same names but… ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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  1. You guys are my favorite youtubers and can you do more full on podcasts please love you guys #TheBeachHouse #BeccaBeach #Treasurefamily #BeachTheory!

  2. Great Theory podcast, I love you guys and God bless you. Congrats Becca for having your art in the phone book😮☺️😍😃👍That's Cool. I'll be supporting for you and Also, would you show your art that you won in the contest?🤥🤔☺️ #BeachHouse😇😇😇😇😇

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