First Meetings and Daily Conversations – Turkish Speaking Podcast 1

Hello friends, my name is Gökberk. I’m the founder of Turkishaholic. And my name is Tülün. I’m Gökberk’s mother! Welcome to Turkishaholic’s Speaking Podcast! In these short podcasts, I will teach you easy dialogue you can use for Turkish. Today’s topic is first meetings and daily conversations. How do you talk to someone whom you met for the first time and how do you do daily? We know how. My mother and I have prepared you some example dialogues. You can download all the dialogues as a PDF and practice the grammar used in this lecture from the Turkishaholic Grammar Bank for free! We don’t want to make you wait any longer, let’s start! Sample Dialogue 1 Hello Mehmet! How’re you? Hi Aylin, I’m good. How’re you? I’m good too, thanks. Who’s your friend? This is my friend Jack. Nice to meet you Jack. I’m Aylin, Mehmet’s colleague. Nice to meet you Aylin. Where are you from Jack? I’m American. I came from New York. Is that so? Very nice! Sample Dialogue 2 Jack, what do you do? I’m an English teacher. Where do you work? I work at a language course. That’s nice. And, where do you live in İstanbul? I’m living in Beşiktaş. Are you married Jack? Do you live alone? No, I’m single, but I live with my house mate. Sample Dialogue 3 Good morning Ayşe! How are you today? Good morning Mehmet I’m ok. And how are you? I’m great. The weather is wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, it’s really wonderful. Where are you going? Now, I’m going to do sports. And you? I’m going to meet with a friend. Ok, see you later. Bye bye!

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