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  1. I hate that u can’t use menstrual cups with IUDs. That’s my favorite purchase of all year—hands down. I went with Lunette model one and love it. No leaks and 12 hour wear, medical grade silicone. And I don’t even feel it in. It’s awesome.

    Some people still wear them w iud’s but it can cause a vacuum suction, so I’ve heard it discouraged.

  2. Big Mouth, the animated Netflix show! We're on its third season, very binge able, even with its controversy over bi/pan definitions, which they're now aware of! It tackles such great taboos such as masturbation and periods!

  3. hoping there's an alternative for the marina coil soon bc in my early twenties I'll need one for pcos and I'm definitely shitting myself

  4. Fecial transplant is use when you have C-Diff and it's not responding to antibiotics. It is preferred the person lives with the recipient.

  5. Check out the Musical "Spring Awakening"? Especially the Deaf West Version! It's about how important the conversation about sex is and the Deaf West Version plays with sign language how these sexual conversations can get lost in translation, because adults and children don't find the same language.

  6. The Curious History of Sex went straight to my pre-order lol – wait, Kate Lister is WhoresOfYoure?! I love her!
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

  7. Oh my GOD Hanna, your so beautiful !!! You do know WHEN you get pregnant, your boobs are going to be much bigger then they are now ? Your going to need a Nose Wheel so that you don't fall over – Ha Ha !!!

  8. The vagina is a passport to privilege.I believe when referring to cisfemales the correct term is “front hole”. To refer to it as a vagina undermines the effort transwomen undergo in order to acquire one

  9. What is the How To Have Feminist Sex book about? I worry that it's kink-shamey… Also, faecal transplants sound really gross but if they help people then great! 😂

  10. actually fecal transplants have been around for a while, the idea behind them is your colon has a very complex and diverse bacteria collection in it. If they get thrown out of wack it can change a lot in your health. By adding bacteria from a healthy person it can help re-balance your digestive tract. It's still being research because there are some weird changes it can have to your body. One of these is a change in food cravings.

  11. "What do you mean when you say that?" is a really handy trick in children's helplines too because we often don't know the wholey story and it gives the child the chance to give you context in their own way. Really useful phrase!

  12. Something that was advertised to me on Instagram which was super interesting was Dipsea which is an audio porn app. They have scenarios acted out, narration and guided masturbation. Really interesting

  13. I do think children should learn correct names for their body parts…sort of. But then we’d lose the fun discussions about what you called yours when you were little. We’d lose all the ‘minis’, la las’, pennies’, popsies’, and ‘pee pees’ 🤪

  14. l also jabe a special iud which is called gynefix. It is a string with kopper pearls where the knot at the end of the string is implanted in the uterus wall. It is much much smaller than the t-shaped ones so that you get less cramps and blood loss than with the t-shaped ones.

  15. I would love to see a video going more in depth about ways to talk to and teach children about sex related topics. Not a parent nor am I planning on being one any time soon, but just for the future I would love to know more about how to approach this with children especially with regards to what the parent experts have said

  16. Thank you for the video, it was very informative with many cool things, I even marked the Vagina Museum on Maps because by bf and I want to visit London someday to remind me when we plan a trip 😆 your openness and positivity on your channel inspire me to make my own videos, which I hope to start trying soon. I would love to help inform people like you do about things there aren't enough videos about

  17. The poo transfer has been done with horses (maybe other animals?) To reintroduce the good bacteria into the digestive tract 🦄

  18. I just went to a veterinary conference this past weekend and the one lecture was about the microbiome! A huge part of treatment for chronic GI ailments in dogs and cats had to do with fecal transplants. The company Animal Biome has a test kit to literally figure out every bacteria in your GI tract's population percentage and then capsules of freeze dried poop from a donor animal with a healthy GI tract to help stabilize the GI tract in the sick pets. The speaker was a microbiologist talking about the microbiome being essentially another organ in the body and I had never heard of it until a few months ago! Really tempted to ask my Gastroenterologist if my IBS qualifies me for a human equivalent.

  19. I love the idea of the mini conversations about sex things starting early with children. My mind set is that if a child is educated even with the proper terms for their genitals it's easier for them to tell you if someone has touched them inappropriately. It's pretty hard to dispute if a 3 year old says that a person touched their penis or vagina vs peepee etc. I was even guilty 22 years ago of telling my daughter her vagina was a doodoo, was even more interesting when her day care worker called a doodoo a soother. Wheres your doodoo and my daughter was stripping naked ☺️🤣

  20. @5:16
    There already is…it's called a vasectomy…been used on human males since around 1899.
    And of course penis condoms have been around since 1839.

  21. Okay but “what do you mean by that” would’ve been REALLY helpful for me when I was a kid and my dog was pregnant and I asked my parents how you know that two dogs are husband and wife and my mum took that to mean she had to crack out the “what’s happening to me” and “where babies come from” books, when I just wanted to know what doggy weddings are like 😂😭

  22. The whole 'what do you mean when you say that?' thing is what my mum asked when me, aged 7 is, asked 'what's sex?'

    Turned out I meant the other term that's called sex so it saved me the talk haha

  23. Would love a more in-depth video dedicated to what kid's sex education would actually look like, I mean I totally support it in theory but I have no idea how I would like have a conversation with my (future) kid about sex, like what words I could use to kid-ify it and how much detail would be "too much" etc. Also shout out to Ariel's editing, always makes me laugh 😄

  24. I am all for the open education for children. My mum was always very open to me and always answered my questions 😊

  25. Thanks for talking about the new type of IUD! I had a miscarriage/IUD expulsion situation this summer that was honestly pretty traumatic. I'm currently on cerazette, and am dealing with the experience/weighing the risks and rewards of getting a new IUD placed. Looks like only one place in norway currently places it, but if it lives up to its claims, it seems like it could be a good solution for me.

  26. Seems like the age to learn masturbation techniques would be around puberty. But it’s understandable why they have the 18 policy.

  27. a few years ago i was studying early childhood education & we were taught to tell children the right names for all their bits and all that good stuff, it was pretty cool!

  28. Vaginal fluid and fecal transplants.. the idea really grosses me out.. I can see how it might help, but the idea of putting that stuff from another person into your own body.. my mind

  29. Have you seen Big Mouth on Netflix? Think you’d like it! Creators of that show were guests on The Sex Ed podcast, haven’t listened to their episode yet, but I have a feeling it will be a good one. Also, bloody love pleasure trove, think it may be my favourite series on YouTube atm ☺️ xx

  30. Fecal transplants are already a thing in the States! My aunt had one for IBS (or something else??) and it worked really well for her!

  31. DO NOT try new medical devices before they have been deemed NHS worthy. The medical device market is extremely sketchy and many products have not been tried in humans AT ALL before they’re being sold. Even if you go to a private doctor and they tell you it’s safe there is no guarantee that it actually is safe. So wait it out until the product is a bit older

  32. There's a clinical trial for male hormonal birth control (with apparently relatively few side effects, on par with female ones) consisting of hormonal patches being carried out right now at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Will be interesting to see if it gets out on the market in the end. Almost made me and my partner sign up but it turned out I didn't fit all the criteria.

  33. I’m a gay guy who’s also a virgin

    Literally no reason for me to want to go to a vagina museum

    But I’m gonna fucking go because that’s incredible

    And I love to learn

  34. I'd love a review of the book "beyond the pill". I think it is extremly important to educate women on how the pill affects the body. I see nothing on this out there.

  35. The IUB name makes me want to sing, "Balleriiiine, balleraaaa, ballera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…" Wish it were available in the US. Literally got the Paragard two days ago. Maybe it will be by the time I need it replaced. Or there will FINALLY be something practical for men. 🤞🤞 Love this video series! So informative!

  36. The IUB is already available in Germany and Austria, however the expulsion rates are way higher than for more traditional IUDs. Another option would be the gynefix (a copper coil string) which isn't used in the US/UK but very effective in comparison to the "new" IUB.

  37. Hey Hannah! So fun fact: it’s relatively common in veterinary medicine to take rumen contents from a donor cow and give it to a recipient cow with a condition like acidosis, similar to what you’ve described with the faecal/vaginal research. It’s called rumen transfaunation because you’re trying to give them lots of healthy gut bacteria (fauna). 🐮🦠

  38. Im pretty sure its out in January!!! Or hopefully bc thats when the first season came out!! So excited!! Trying to tell as many ppl to watch it !!

  39. I wish the site was free cuz I am 18+ but am on disability but need tips on how to do it but i have so many medical bills and such i cannot justify signing up to site just for that :/

  40. Thank you so much for mentioning the IUB Ballerine! I'm a British expat living in Poland and I got the IUB two months ago. I had literally never heard of any other IUD device that wasn't T-shaped before my gynaecologist recommended this one to me. It blew my mind! I also think there's something psychological about having a flexible ball of beads inside your uterus rather than a T-shape, but maybe that's just me! Like any other IUD, it's not a painless insertion by any means but I believe it is a lot smaller than the traditional T-shaped copper device, depending on which size you get of course. Mine's only 15mm in diameter, so to think this tiny thing protects against unwanted pregnancy is just insane. I really hope it comes to the NHS in the UK soon! Also, I'm a girly girl so trust me to get the girliest IUD there is out there haha… a string of beads in your uterus…you just can't make this stuff up <3 Anyway, love your content, you go girl!

  41. I would loooooove if you could do a video on education experience, with your uni and specialising in sexual history please x

  42. Was so excited to hear you mention Kate Lister's book as she's one of my lecturers at uni! Such an incredible woman and the work she does is so important ❤️

  43. Honestly, my catholic school sex Ed made me uncomfortable and sickly so I had to be taken out. Shout out for how good it was, it was intended to be medical and detailed. Never any contraception, just lots of very detailed, medical, videos, to make you not want to do it.

  44. Hi everyone,
    Unfortunatly the ballerina IUB has been taken of the market in many countries. The concept is great, a non-T shaped non-hormonal contraceptive. (Which are the two main problems people have with classical IUDs.) But this perticular one has many complications. There are, however also other options that are not T shaped and non-hormonal. Like the gynefix (also copper based, but a string), which they are working on introducing in the UK and the US right now. A lot of EU mainland countries already have it approved and available!

  45. As I kid I never asked my parents anything, they were too conservative and still are so I still can't tell them anything so I just ask online or my friends. I think with even babies playing with iPads these days, I think kids will just google everything instead of asking parents

  46. IDK if it's related, but my class just recently gave a sex ed talk to a bunch of 6th graders! It was pretty cool, TBH, and I was pretty nervous about it, but it all went well and the kids were actually listening to us and paying attention and asking questions!

  47. I know that my sisters children never had "hoo-haas" and "foofs" or whatever bullshit people say nowadays. They will happily say vagina or penis just in a normal healthy way without embarrassment of their own body parts and will happily talk to their mother about what is appropriate for their age. Her 9 year old is now learning about periods and hormones through books and questions, not as a "just in case she has them early" but just because she has the right to know what she is up against, and if she knows what is good and ok from a young age she ~hopefully~ wont have to many issues.

  48. There was also a study done if you transferred faecal matter from a skinnier person to bigger person that they'd lose weight. It's super interesting stuff that happens with faecal matter!

  49. I want to pay you on a bed with your legs open my mouth at your labia and butt hole and make a poem movie the two of us!!!

  50. Two of the performances at the Vagina Museum are being performed by my friends from uni. The pieces are called ‘Holes’ and ‘Fat Sex’. Seriously recommend! Watched these performances when they were first created and were brilliant, so can only imagine how great they are now!

  51. This IUD has been in norway for a while now 😮 I've heard about it under the name "Gynofix". I've heard many great reviews, and are planning to switch out my Jaydess minicoil (aka God of Acne and PMS) at the start of the new year!

  52. About the IUB – I think the Margaret Pyke Mortimer and Archway clinics (London) might insert it. There is also another copper IUD called Gynefix (it’s not a T shape, but a metal bar) and it’s supposed to have less effect on period blood intensity and cramps. I know the Mortimer and Archway clinics insert those. So those are 2 new copper IUDs which I know are very popular in Germany but I hope they also become popular in England. 🙂

  53. I fucking love this channel! Always learning so much new stuff that I otherwise would have not heard about…
    Thank you so freaking much Hannah ❤❤❤

  54. People you need to come to Auckland New Zealand and sleep with Mia from Dark Angels Escorts!!! She looks like Hannah Witton!!! Hannah I dare you to try her I know you're looking 😉

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