First Ever ‘Ellen on the Go’ Video Podcast!

First Ever ‘Ellen on the Go’ Video Podcast!

On today’s episode
of Ellen on the Go, Taylor Swift does her
first interview in years! Yay! Mary? Reese Witherspoon plays
a round of 5 Second Rule. Ellen stages an
unbelievable military reun– Honestly, Andy. Honestly. Andy? It’s one line. It’s on-camera, Andy. We can’t– We’re live. God. There’s no take-backs this time. At least you’re chewing gum. Ellen stages an unbelievable
military reunion. And I wasn’t– Dodger– Oh. You’re going to do all of them? No, here, you read. We were all taking a turn. This is kind of my moment,
because it’s on-camera, but go. Dodgers star Clayton
Kershaw helps a huge fan. And Ellen reveals if
she washes her legs. Not only Ellen, Ellen
and Taylor Swift talk about washing your legs. That was a big controversy. It was. Who are you? My name is Andy Lassner. You know me from the show. I’m also now the
host of this podcast. These are my co-hosts,
Kevin Leman, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin. Woo-hoo! Thank you for joining us. Coming to you live
from the skybox. Live. This is the Skybox, everybody. Are we shooting them, too,
or is it just a single on me? It’s just single on you, Andy. OK. Does anyone have a tissue? They needed four
different cameras to get all of [INAUDIBLE]. Is he spitting on you? No, he’s not spitting on me. It’s not nice. After lots of popular demand– Oh my gosh. –people wanted us to do– People have been
writing in like crazy. Saying, we want to see
what Ed and Mary look like. We want to see what
you guys look like. Your gum. OK. Thank you, mama. Gumless It’s a live video
of the podcast– Exactly. –and you’re chewing gum. And three and 1/2
people are watching. We’re in the studio. I don’t know if
you can see that. We’re up here in the Skybox. He has the attention
span of a gnat. We normally do this
in Ed’s office. But Ed’s office, we
have boards all around with all our planned shows, and
so that’s some of the secrets. So we’re shooting here today. And someone spilled some milk. That is true, too. And it doesn’t smell good. That is true, too. It’s not the best
smelling office. But this is basically how
the podcast goes, exactly. It’s pretty much. We’re all sitting the same way. We’re all– Now my office gets hurt. It’s a perfectly lovely office. It’s a perfectly lovely office. This is nice over here. I like it here. Ed, have you ever been
in the Skybox before? I think that Derek kept
wanting to show it to me– Yes, and you went– –when it was being built. You did. You showed it to him. You maybe have been up here
once when it was built. Yeah. I paid for it. And these chairs, I believe
they’ve pulled these chairs out of the mothballs for us. These were show
chairs at one point. They were? They were set chairs? These were set chairs for Ellen
and the guests at some point. And I’m your host, Andy Lassner. Oh my god. Wait. Have you ever smelled mothballs? Yeah. How’d you get their
little legs apart? What? [LAUGHTER] I’ve never heard that. You walked right into it. Have you heard it? Never! I’ve never heard that. That’s fantastic! Why are we burying the lead? Is it time or do we
still need to settle it? What? What is the lead? Literally, our lead guest today. We do have a guest. We have a lead guest today. Oh my god. Let’s not get too excited. It’s not Ellen. It’s not Portia. It’s [INAUDIBLE] It’s not even a
celebrity, but it is the person on our show,
arguably, aside from Ellen, who interacts with the most
celebrities on our show. That’s right. He produces the biggest
stars, heads of state– Right. Exactly. –foreign dignitaries. We’ve talked about
him on the show. We have. Several times. What we say is any time
a big name gets booked, we go to Matt Wright
to produce it, because he’s got now– after
31 years here at the show, he’s got a relationship with
the publicist, with the guest. He’s also very creative. He’s brilliant. I’m also going to say
he’s a reluctant guest. Yes. He wasn’t thrilled. He didn’t really want to be on. He had other things
he needed to do. Yeah, he’s already
stressing, because– He’s stressing. –he’s preparing for
Tom Hanks and whatever. He’s got other things to do. And he also said he
didn’t know it was going to be on-camera today. Right. And so he didn’t wear
his prettiest blouse. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome Matt Wright. Matt Wright. Come on in. Matt, you are now–
what is your title? How are you? So, anyway, Matt Wright
started with us as a producer. Yep. He worked his way up to? Pickle boy. Co-executive producer. No, no, no, take us
through the thing. Pickle boy! Producer, senior producer– Producer, senior producer– –supervising producer– –co-executive producer. –co-executive producer. (LAUGHING) We lost him, Glavin. And you’ve been
with us how long? 13 years. 13 years he has been producing– [LAUGHING] –the guests. What’s happening? I don’t know what’s happening. Give three of the biggest
names you’ve produced. President Obama. President Obama. Well, Tom Hanks maybe? Yeah. Will Smith. Mm-hm. Julia Roberts? Julia Roberts. Sandra Bullock. You know, but, historically,
you’re not a low-talker. I know! [INAUDIBLE] Who are you? I don’t know what’s– It’s unbelievable. When did you become so shy? It’s so weird. He literally never
stops talking. And here’s a thing about Matt. He will come into one of
us, or all of us, and go, hey, I have this idea
for whatever celebrity, and I want your honest opinion. You give him your
honest opinion. Maybe it’s not the best idea. Sure. And then he spends– How dare you? –about five minutes convincing
you, and you just get so– Yelling at you. –exhausted– Right. –you get so exhausted– Wearing you down. –that you just say, OK,
do what you want, Matt. His face is bright red. So we all kind of work for Matt. I believe I was the
last one to fall in. Ed was the last one to fall in. This is the quietest
I’ve ever seen him. Ever. He’s literally badgering
us [INAUDIBLE].. I did not ask to be here. You call Matt in for a meeting,
because you have things you need to talk to Matt
about, and then Matt will then say, well,
while I have you all here, and then you take over
the meeting for the things that you need to talk about. Yeah, he needs answers. I got to get the answers. He gets a lot of segments. And he has a lot ideas. He’s brilliant. Yeah, he has brilliant ideas. Very funny. And now that we’ve
been on 16 years, you’re aware that we do a lot
of packages showing best moments over the years, and a good– Packages? –chunk of those belong
to Matt and things that came from his little head. That’s a good one. Your little brain. He’s got a little brain, but
he thinks of a lot of things, and most of them are ideas
that he hounded us into doing. Wow. And it always pays off. He’s a smart guy. Hey, can you tell– Oh. –the story– But I had a question. What’s yours? Can you tell the story– No! You don’t want to? No? I gotta tell you, nothing makes
me happier than this seating arrangement. When I first met Matt, it was
years ago when we hired him– Well, when we interviewed him. When we interviewed him. Yeah. Andy, do you remember
interviewing him? I loved interviewing him. I remember interviewing him. He was working at a
show called Soap Talk. Yep, Lisa Rinna, big star now. And we were looking
for a segment producer. And we were like, tell us
about some of your segments. And he named some
soap opera people. Soap stars. And we were like, you know what? He seems smart. He did seem smart. Let’s give him a shot. And we put you, what,
on a one-day contract? No, we tried you out. And immediately, he had ideas. I brought my luggage
to that interview, because I was on my way to
New York City for gay pride. Yes, you were. Yes, you were. Yes, you were. I was on my way to the
airport and I stopped. But you were playing very
straight in that interview. Yeah, you were– Oh well, you know. You came in trying
to be [INAUDIBLE].. Oh, yeah, first of
all, he had a suit. He had a suit. He was [INAUDIBLE]. Full head of hair. I’m from New York. You wear suits. You did have a head of hair. Either a full head of hair
or a very realistic toupee. Yeah, you were very butch. A lot more hair. What? You haven’t seen him with
hair or you don’t remember? I’ve seen him with hair. I just can’t– He was so butch in his suit. Kevin, you would not have– This is not going
better for Matt. You would not have guessed in
that meeting that Matt was gay. Really? Yep. Cut to we’ve all
become good friends. Yeah! And one day I said,
Matt, when did you come out to your family? And how old were you? 21? 21. And how did that go? How did it go? What happened when
you told your mother? [LAUGHS] Well, I said I was
gay, and my mother said, is it because I was heavy? [LAUGHTER] I don’t know what that means. Your mother thought
that you were gay because she was heavy– Yes. –that that maybe
drove you to gayness. Oh my gosh, that’s funny. And my dad said, I
don’t understand. You’re always so
good with girls. I’m like, yeah,
because I don’t care! Wow. Amazing. I don’t understand. You’re always so
good with girls. You’re so good. You can talk to those girls. Matt, is it because I’m heavy? Oh my gosh. Oh my god. I love it. OK. Do you have a favorite
segment that you’ve produced? I don’t know. Yeah, here’s what
we’re going to say about Matt is we have
favorite segments that Matt has produced. And, Matt, when you say, oh
my god, I love that segment, Matt immediately
goes to what could have been in the segment
that didn’t happen. I like to think about the
one thing that didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to. Matt’s favorite thing to
do after a segment is over is to dwell on the
things that could have gone better, which is fun. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It’s fun when you
want compliment you. Like, you go up to him
and you go, oh my god– but here’s the thing, my
favorite thing is as– and it’s so rare after 13 years. But if a segment
isn’t going great, you can see Matt
sweating and turning red. And even 13 years– What’s new? –in, he feels like there’s
a little part of him that believes I’m serious when
I say to him on the floor, this is probably
your last segment. [LAUGHTER] And he looks at me, even 13
years in, and there’s this seriousness, and then
he goes, oh, oh, oh, you’re [BLEEP]-ing with me. I’m ready to fire myself. Who have you enjoyed producing? We know you love Kym Douglas. Love Kym. We know you have your friends. Who have you enjoyed producing? For me, I will say the coolest
thing was President Obama, just having the sitting president. And he was still
president at the time. That was pretty amazing. Just getting to meet
him when he arrived, and he was he was so nice. And tall. And I went over
everything with him, and he was like, you think
we’re going to get to all that? And I’m like, well maybe. We did not. But he was very– and I’ve done– And part of producing– Mrs. Obama many times. –just so you know, is
not just, with a lot of these celebrities,
it’s not just the day of. Matt gets on the phone with
them and talks about the things that he thinks Ellen
will be interested in. And so then when we
do the show, Ellen has been prepared by Matt with
sort of a road map of what they want to talk about. And occasionally, Matt’ll
say, and this is an area we’re not going to discuss– You’re still talking. –like a marriage. I’m trying to teach people. And the best thing
about Matt is, if it’s President Obama
or Tiffani Amber Thiessen, he cares the most
about every question– Absolutely. –regardless of who it is. All of our guests
are treated like– Uh. Uh, hello? Tiffani Amber Thiessen? She’s a pretty big deal. She’s just not a president. Like, Matt right now– She could be. –during this podcast
isn’t fully with us, because he’s actually thinking– What are you thinking about? –about his segments
for next week. What do you have next week? I have the Aladdin cast and
Tom Hanks and [INAUDIBLE].. When you say the
Aladdin cast, is there anyone in the Aladdin
cast we might know who’s going to be on the show? Will Smith. Oh! Yeah. I think he airs today, actually. Now, Tom Hanks gets
on the phone with you. Yeah, and Will, too. Yeah, he is airing today. As we speak, right now, if
you check your TV screen– Turn on your DVR and watch
how Matt ruined the Will Smith interview. Which is, like,
how do you do that? See how Matt does it. We’ll see. Let me ask this question to you. I have a trick up my sleeve. Because you’re also a
consumer of pop culture, and you enjoy it– Yes, true. –has there ever
been someone where you go, oh, wow, I’m about to
go in and prep them for the show and I’m nervous? Many, many times. I get nervous a lot. You do. I get nervous a lot, yeah. Well, he gets nervous, but no
matter how nervous Matt gets, Matt gets what Matt wants. He just does not– No. Yeah, you are. You’re pretty pushy
with them, and we’ve gotten a lot of complaints. We have to smooth things
over with publicists because you’re so aggressive
with their clients. I wouldn’t say
that Matt is pushy. I would say that
he’s just sort of– Wants what he wants. Yeah, he’s relentless,
but in a way that you don’t realize
he’s being relentless until it’s kind of too late. You’ve given up by the
time you realize, oh, he’s just pushed me into this. He’s passionate– Does anybody want
to listen to this? –and his heart– Do you understand? Millions of people
listen across the world. –his heart is in
the right place. It is the most
popular web podcast– It was– –in the world. –up until about– No. –10 minutes ago. People are interested in this! Matt, you have interviewed
all the biggest– Yes. –all the biggest
stars on our show. So tell us about what it was
like to interview Taylor Swift. I didn’t do Taylor Swift. Oh! He didn’t do– That’s right. –Taylor Swift. That’s all Johnny. Johnny, our music guy. You didn’t do Taylor Swift. That’s all Johnny. Tell us about what it
was like for Johnny to interview Taylor Swift. She was great. Taylor Swift was amazing. She hadn’t done an interview
in how long, like, three years? Two, three years. And she chose to come and sit
down and do one with Ellen, and it was as if not
a day had gone by. She’s been on this
show, what, 10 times? Now, when you say she
chose, I mean, we begged. Yeah. We begged, but she chose. She said yes. She chose. But my question is is she
hadn’t done us in a while, but she had been a regular here. We had her at the beginning
of her career, her and Ellen, and it was like one of the
most entertaining interviews this year. Absolutely. And there’s so many
good parts about it. Ellen and her talked about
shaving legs and washing legs. They talked about–
what else, Matt? I know it wasn’t your segment. They talked about– The cats. The cats, of course. They talked about the cats. They talked about– All the Easter eggs hidden in– –all the Easter eggs. I didn’t know what Easter
eggs were until that day. I didn’t understand that. I didn’t know about
Easter eggs either. Easter eggs are little hints. Yeah, I know that. But I didn’t understand– She drops hints to her fans. –what she was doing. And they talked about Joe Jonas. Yeah. Oh, people went nuts for that. Yeah, people loved that. That was something. She apologized to Jonas. Take a listen to Taylor
Swift talking with Ellen about Joe Jonas. What is the most rebellious
thing you did as a teenager? Probably when I put Joe
Jonas on blast on your show, that was too much. Was it? Yeah, that was too much. OK. I was 18. Yeah. We laugh about it now, but– Oh, that’s good. –that was some mouthy– Yeah. –yeah, just some
teenage stuff there. Wow. That’s held onto you, because
I don’t remember that at all. What is your
favorite curse word? OK, you say yours, and we’ll say
it together on one, two, three. One, two, three, [BLEEP]. [CHEERING] It’s just a good solid one,
because it can also mean really good, like, [BLEEP]. Who’d you share your
first kiss with? It was my high school
boyfriend when I was 15. What was his name? Drew. Drew. Yeah. Aw. Did you leave an Easter
egg during our interview? Yes. Really! Yes! I’m supposed to
do it every word. No. OK. Your friend invites
you to dinner. What do you bring? White wine. What kind? Sancerre Pinot Grigio
or Savignon Blanc. Good choices. Thank you. I just found a really good
one I’ll tell you about. Oh, thank you. What’s your favorite holiday? I think it’s Christmas. Definitely, Christmas. OK. What’s your favorite
place to go on holiday? Do you like cold? Do you like snowing? Do you like– I’m sorting. –island? I’m sorting. OK. I’m sorry. Quiet. Sorting. I think Rhode Island. OK. It’s a great state. Yeah. Yeah. What’s your favorite movie? That’s a tough one. Oh! How do you narrow
it down to one? You can’t. You can’t. No. You can’t. I would have to go
with favorite movie I’ve seen in the last week. OK. Someone Great on Netflix. Oh. Yeah. Don’t know that one. It’s a great movie. Well, apparently. Watch it. OK. Name three words to
describe yourself. Ah, curious, cat lover–
make it one word– Sure. –romantic. Yes. I would say creative also. That’s nice. Thank you. Yes. OK. Smart. I would add that– Thank you. –too. You’re doing five, though. That’s so sweet– Yes, because you deserve more– –giving me extra. –than three. OK, that’s– oh– Yeah. Out of time. Do we know– That was good. –what exactly she did
say the first time? Yes, I went back
and watched the– Did you? Yeah. Because I didn’t remember. I did. She took a shot
at him, because– Ellen was asking,
are any of the songs on the album about anybody? She named a specific song. And she goes, well,
things happen. And the name of the song
was “Forever and Always.” And in the old interview,
Ellen said, have you written any about
anybody we would know? And she said, yes. And Ellen said,
how about this guy? And it was Joe Jonas. And then she said– And then she said, yes. And then Ellen said, which song? And Taylor showed
her, and it was a song called “Forever and Always.” And Ellen said, is
that a sarcastic title? And she said, absolutely. And then she also said,
I’m not dating him now, and then proceeded to say– I am not in
communication with him. I have no relationship with him. –that he broke up with me
over the phone in 25 seconds. But she was a kid. Yeah! She was 18. And he was a kid. You just get the sense
now, like, as you say, we’ve had Taylor
on the show a lot. The first time she
was on our show, I think she was, like, 18. And since the first
time we’ve had her, she’s become a massive– Unbelievable. –international icon. Yeah, right. It just feels
different now when– we have an associate
producer on our staff. His name’s Alex Clark. Oh boy. And Alex is somewhere
between a Taylor Swift fan and just a straight-up stalker. He’s so crazy about her– –that you can’t really–
so when we knew that we were booking Taylor Swift, we heard
that Taylor Swift had locked, Johnny Norman, who books all
of the musicians on our show, all the artists on our show– And produces them as well. –and produces them
as well, told us that before he
published, he wanted to tell Alex Clark that– he was
going to have someone tell Alex Clark that we were sending him
to Houston to do a shoot for us on Tuesday. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding? No, we did this. I didn’t know any of this. Yeah. And then after Alex Clark
agreed to go on that shoot, we were going to publish Taylor
Swift for Tuesday, right? So the human interests
department asks Alex– Publish means send
email out to the staff. Right. So they do this, and he agrees. We publish. Now, I know all
this has happened. So I call Alex Clark
into my office. And he walks in,
and I go, so I just want to make sure you’re cool
going to Texas on Tuesday for us, right? And he’s white. You can tell he’s just
gotten the email that says Taylor has been booked. And also, I just want
to say this about Alex. He’s eager. He wants to please. Right. Absolutely. He’s a really hard worker. He really is. He’s a really hard worker. Sweet guy. Like, really wants– Smart. Good. –to do the best job,
really wants to impress. And I ask him that question,
and he goes, uh, yeah, I mean, whatever. And I go, well, what
do you mean whatever? What’s the problem? Like, do you not want
to go on the shoot? Do you not want to– he’s like, no, I want
to do whatever’s best! And I go, well, what do
you mean whatever’s best? Like, we want you
to go to Houston. So then he finally says,
no, no, I’m going to do it. I’m going to go. And I go, great. I thought there might be
some conflict or something. He’s like, no, no. He leaves. He’s white. He’s shaky. Apparently, he went from
there to his office to cry. Oh my god. Are you kidding? No, he cried. Yeah, he did that. I didn’t know any of this. He loves Tay Tay. So then– now, I don’t ever
get caught up in these pranks. But it was so fun,
I couldn’t not. It was so funny. But you felt bad. You called him back
pretty quickly. I did. I did. I called him back. Well, Kara came in and said,
he’s in his office crying, and I said, call him back up. That’s fantastic. That’s good. And then he went from crying
to shaking and just sort of hyperventilating. When did this happen? Friday morning. Friday morning. Friday morning You had a thing. Oh, I had the thing. Yeah. It was so fun. And then he got to meet her– He did meet her. –when she was here. Did you produce
Reese Witherspoon? I did produce Reese. God, she’s fun. Yeah. She was so fun. I love them together. Well, the two of them together– Yes. It’s so good. They have a history of fun. It does seem like Reese and
Ellen have the same close friends. And it does feel like Ellen
is friends with these people first, and then Reese– example, Oprah– Oprah. Oprah. Oprah. –Jennifer Aniston. There was a couple of new ones. And there’s a little bit of– Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama she’s
now become friends with. And I brought that up to Ellen. And I said, well,
they were texting. Ellen goes, I text with her. I know. [LAUGHING] It’s so funny. It’s sort of in
fun, and then it’s a little bit
competitive, like, who’s a closer friend of Oprah’s,
who’s a closer friend– But Reese, at Ellen’s
birthday party last year– Oh my god. –Ellen’s 60th birthday
party– was a badass. She was amazing. Yeah, she was fun. She led that party. She did. She produced the entertainment. She knows how to do a party. There was a stage. There was a DJ. There was– She really did. –a piano. And she got P!nk
to get up and sing. Yeah. She got all these people
to get up and perform, and it was all
just Reese deciding it was all going to happen. It was a crazy party. It was so fun. Were you there, Matt? Yeah, I was at the party. Oh, good. I don’t think I’d ever
been in a party with– Good time. –so many of my
fellow celebrities. Oh, you– oh, god. What? I know, right? THAT— I just remember I was
at the bar, and Oprah– clearly. I was in the bar. Oprah came up next to
me, and I was like– and I’d produced Oprah. I think I’d just produced
her, like, two days before. She loves you. Oprah’s always a good one, too. I’ve seen her interact with you. Oprah has talked about me– She likes you. –on the air. She has talked about you. It was about Weight Watchers. And we were at the
bar, and I was like, do I try to get her a drink? How does this work? And then the bartender– I was like, what
are you drinking? Well, she said, what
are you drinking? I said white wine. I know what I’m getting into. And she goes, you know
what you’re getting into. Then Gayle wanted
some fruity drink. I don’t remember what it was. You were buying drinks
for Oprah and Gayle. Yeah, I was getting drinks
for Oprah and Gayle. We have a pretty low standard
for stories on the podcast, and that was pretty bad. [LAUGHING] Come on! He’s at the bar with
Oprah and Gayle. Yeah, that’s all
he wanted to say. I was like, oh wait. This is not going– All you need is you
walk up to the bar and Oprah goes, hey, Matt. Yeah. Yeah, that was cool. End of story. Yeah. I remember Ellen had
some sort of secret stash of really expensive tequila. Yes. And she kept going behind
the bar herself with a tray and just handing out– it was– That was the best. That was a crazy party. I remember Jennifer
Lawrence, Adele, Oprah, and Gayle all pretty much at
the same time– and Reese– throwing back shots of tequila. And I was like, OK. And probably Gil. Yeah. And Gil. and probably Gil in that, too. And probably Gil! Our writer, Gil. Well, I do remember leaving
a holiday party once, and Kevin was on his
knees drinking tequila out of an ice floe. Don’t worry about it. Come on. We don’t need to tell everyone. So at the 60th birthday party,
Heather, Ellen’s makeup artist, wanted me to– we were
dancing or something. Even though she
doesn’t need makeup, because she’s
naturally beautiful. Go ahead. Yes. Former cover girl. Asked me to go to the
bathroom with her. So we walked into– there was
another bathroom in the back, I guess, that we went to. So Heather and I were there,
and Jennifer Lawrence came back. Now, Jennifer Lawrence told
the story on our show about that maybe she had tried some
marijuana that night that was very strong, and she
was really out of it. So Jennifer Lawrence came
back, and Heather and I offered her to go first,
because we felt bad, so let her go first. And she’s like, no, no, you go. Heather said, no,
no, please go ahead. And then Jennifer Lawrence
said to Heather, oh my god, do you have to poop? Is that why you
wanted to go first? Now, I started laughing
very, very hard, because I’d had a few glasses
of wine at that point. Now, finally– I’m
just telling you this– she told it on our show. So then I’m laughing. Heather goes in there. Jennifer Lawrence is like,
she’s definitely pooping, right? And I’m like, I don’t know. But all I remember
is a picture of me and Jennifer Lawrence
just crying laughing. Oh my god. So that was a fun story. That was my interaction
with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a good friend of mine. Cut to a few weeks later. I’m driving into work,
and she’s on Howard Stern, and she is now telling Howard
Stern this story about– Oh my god. That’s fantastic. –being there and how
the poop, everything like that, going in and
out, back and forth, and she’s laughing. And she’s like,
and then security came over and was telling
me, you got to stop, you got to stop. And I was like, was
there security there? And then I realized she
was talking about me. She thought I was
the security guard– Oh my god. –because I was just standing
by the bathroom while Heather– Oh my god. So how did you decide what game
to play with Reese Witherspoon? Well, because
they’re competitive and that we’d never played
the 5 Second Rule with them–. And I’m your host, Andy Lassner. Shhh! I thought it’d be fun
for those two to play. Yeah. 5 Second Rule has become
such a good staple. And Reese is fast anyway. It forces people to come
up with things quickly. And she’s funny. And you didn’t feel
like, for Reese, you could come up with a new game? Oh! An original game? Do you ever have– Nope, that was as good as– –new ideas or do you just– No. –rehash your ideas
over and over? I just do the same
one [INAUDIBLE].. Have you played Burning
Questions with Reese yet? Nope, that’ll be the next time. There you go. That’ll be next. I love Burning Questions. All right, here’s
Reese Witherspoon playing 5 Second Rule, and then
we’ll talk to more with Matt in a second. tWitch will read a category,
and you will have five seconds to name three things
in that category and then hit the buzzer
to stop the clock. Are you ready? I’ll go first. OK. And you’ll get a different
category than me. Wait, wait, wait! No. Do I go first or
do you go first? I just said I’d go first. OK, I wasn’t listening. I know. OK. Ellen, name three of your
celebrity best friends. Jen Aniston, Oprah
Winfrey, Michelle Obama. Ooh! That’s odd, because those
are my three best friends. OK Reese, so name three of
your celebrity best friends who aren’t Ellen’s best friends. No, you say it out first. Gayle King, Laura
Dern, and Zoë Kravitz. All right. Nice. Good. How was that? See, you hit it
to stop the clock. So you had 0.6 seconds left. So that’s why you say the
things first and then hit it. Did I lose? Yeah. Dammit! All right. OK. Ellen, name three reasons
why you don’t have kids. I like my furniture. I like silence. And I don’t want them. Oh, no. I can feel where this is going. Reese– Yes. –name three things you do
that embarrass your kids. Oh. OK, I dance to all
the new Beyoncé songs. I– oh. Yeah. And it’s after. It stops the clock. OK. All right. You’re still losing. 2 to 0. Come on, you’re competitive. You can do this. OK, OK! All right, Ellen,
tell us three things you say when you’re excited. Yay! I can’t believe this! I won. You know. Now, before we move on– And we’re back on
Andy and Friends. If you’re just joining
us, my co-host. Kevin, in a second. Ed Glavin, Mary Connolly, and
a special guest, we have– Well, we know you’re the
leader of all us, Andy, by the great seat you have. I wouldn’t say leader? Name something that you wish
would have happened differently in the resets? Because you know, not
everything goes your way. You always want something
to be different. Was there anything
that we didn’t get to? I don’t know if there
was anything that was– I think you– Here’s my other thing. I’ll think about it a lot,
and then as soon as it’s done, I can’t remember. I’ll get on the
phone with my dad, he’ll be like, who did
you produce this week? I’m like, I don’t remember. Now is there– so you’re on
the floor with Andy and Mary. Yes, and Andy loves
to ask me every time, do they know about my Twitter. Right. The bigger the star, I go, they
know about my Twitter, right? Follow Andy Lassner on Twitter. Of course you do. And so I’m in the
booth with Kevin, and a whole host people– Liz, our director. Do you ask Andy to ask for
pictures to be shown when– Very aggressively, yes. It just happened,
I think, today. So we’re standing– whoever
is producing the segment, and in these cases it’s
Matt, Ellen in our eyeline. And occasionally we’re writing
to Ellen, ask for this picture, whatever. But this one is so aggressive. And I’m saying over
the headset, there’s a picture apparently
with the re-center dog. Picture of the the family. Picture of the family. I’m like, I see the
picture of the family. No one cares. No one cares about this picture. I care. And then he’s like–
and then he’ll go, we didn’t get to this story. We have to get to this story. And I go Matt, we’re
seven minutes heavy. You can edit it. Yeah. Now we’re starting
to see the Matt that we thought would sit
down with us at the beginning. You can edit it. Can we play what happened
at the end of the re-show that not even Reese
knew happened? Yes. Set it up, Kev. Set it up, Kev. During the interview,
like we mentioned. Reese and Ellen are insanely
competitive with each other, and they’re fighting over who
is better friends with America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. my My friend. Back and forth. And both of them, you
can tell it’s joking. But both of them are actually
convinced– that Jennifer Aniston. Reese said at one
point, she goes– no, the Oprah one we joke about. But this one’s serious. This is real deal. This is a real friendship. Ellen’s texting Jen Aniston
all the day, whatever. So we’re like, oh, this
is going to be good. I mean, Ellen has known
Jen Aniston forever. 30 years. She was our first
guest 16 years ago. Yeah. So then we say goodbye
to Reese Witherspoon. She goes– She actually knows
Jen longer than I do. She leaves the building. You’re so stupid. You’re so– So she leaves– she
leaves the building. We’re still doing the show. Yep. Bring me my phone. I need my phone. Why does she need her phone? Picks up her phone, looks
out to the audience and goes, I’m gonna call Jen Aniston. The audience went insane. Went crazy. It was such a fun
spontaneous, live moment. Here’s what happened with that. I’ll do that. OK here’s what
happened with that. We’re almost out of time, but
there’s one thing I need to do. I am going to settle
this once and for all. Do I need to put her on speaker? Leave a message,
I’ll call you back. The mailbox is full and cannot. I don’t know what else to do. Let me see if I can call Reese. Who else do you want me to call? Oprah. Do you want me to call Oprah? All right. She was on the treadmill. She said call her back. That was Jen. Oh my god, hello. Are you on the treadmill? Yeah, sorry. It’s your friend Ellen. How are you? I’m good, sweetheart. How are you doing? I’m good. I’m not on a treadmill. I’m actually doing
a show right now, and this is a really
important question. Yes say hi, Jen. Say hi to everybody. I’m your friend. You know that, right? I know, I’m your friend, too. So Reese Witherspoon. You know her right? Yeah. She somehow thinks that she and
you are better friends than you and I are. I just want to settle
this once and for all that you and I are better
friends than Reese and you. Yes, honey. We’ve cleared this up. I know. I thought we had, too. So once and for all, you
and I are better friends. Yes, darling. That’s basically based
on also almost 30 years of knowing each other. Yeah. OK. So it’s done thank you, bye. I haven’t heard back from Oprah. I’m just going to
go through my list. I feel like that’s
all the time we have. Should we be wrapping up? This all has been
unusable content. Andy, you’ve pretty much
talked nonstop for 31 minutes. It’s unbelievable. We booked a D-list guest. What are we going to do? Go ahead, Kevin. I’d like to know, the writers
find Matt so hilariously funny. He’s been on camera a lot. You’ve probably seen him
as part of Kurt and Bernie. Pickle boy, obviously. A postal service boss
one time you played. My dad was a mail man. That meant a lot to him. He was? Is he a retired mail man? Yeah. What do you do
with his time now? Mostly take care of my mother. And my niece. Yeah. How old is your niece? Six, seven. Why don’t you give
her a shout out? Hi, Sammy. And Bella. Hi Sammy. Oh Bella Didn’t you sing a Hanukkah
song for you or something? I did meet my husband
through this show. I guess that’s– Yeah, that’s something. You sure did. Tell how you met your husband. Show went to Australia in 2013. It was St. Patrick’s Day. Picture it. We got there. We ended up– The whole staff
went to Australia. The whole staff. You were on an advance. No, I think almost
everybody went. Everybody went in advance, Mary. We stayed back with Ellen. Mary is an executive
producer, you don’t correct her on a podcast. Exactly. Thank you, Andrew. So you went in advance. We went. The flight attendants all told
us to go to this one club. We had gotten there, we were
all trying to stay awake. But they told us not
to go till midnight. We were like, how about 10. We got there 10 PM,
no one was there. Tony came– our old
DJ Tony was there. Everyone was there
from the staff. It’s a gay club? Yeah, they said it was
kind of mixed, but yeah. And this girl and this
guy came up to Tony, and they were talking. And I met him. And I remember he’s
wearing a blazer. And I was like, what idiot
wears a blazer to a club, but that was that. And then I saw him again
later, and I’m like, oh that’s the blazer guy. And we started
talking, and that was– And then– Hung out. He wanted a green card, and you
brought him back to America. What did you do specifically. And where. And how long ago was that? 2013. Six and a half years ago. And you’ve been
inseparable since, and he lives here with you. And we’re married. Cartier wedding ring. Yeah, look he’s got a ring. Well, Ellen did tackle
the internet controversy about washing your legs. Yes. What was the
internet controversy for those who don’t remember it. Didn’t we go to that already? It was sort of like a mini
controversy, I would say. Well someone on Twitter
posted the question, do you wash your
legs in the shower. Right. And turns out people
started responding like, no the soap
just runs down, I don’t have to wash them. And then people went crazy. Like, what do you mean you don’t
wash your legs in the shower? So that’s the kind of
controversy we tackle here. And we asked Taylor
Swift about it, as well. So here’s Ellen revealing if
she washes her legs or not. Here’s Ellen and Taylor
talking about their legs. This is the monologue
talking about legs. That’s why I do the
important stuff. Roll it. Once again the internet
is abuzz with controversy that we have to talked about. The other day someone posted a
question on Twitter that asked, do you wash your legs
when you take a shower? Have you seen this yet? Apparently, the world
is divided on this. About 20% of people say
they don’t wash their legs, 80% say they do, but that’s
probably because after the 20% said they don’t,
the reaction was so strong that even if people
don’t, they had to say they do. I know it sounds complicated
because it’s important. How many people don’t wash
their legs when they shower? Has your spouse ever
written wash me on your leg? Do you have a spouse? All right. How many people wash their
legs when they shower? How many of you are
lying, because– most people online
say they don’t wash their legs think that soap– this is what they think– that
soap runs down their body, and that’s enough. They’re calling it the
trickle down effect, which means that dirty water is
trickling down your dirty legs, making it doubly dirty. One person said, I
love this, my legs have been safe inside
my pants the whole day. What’s the problem? And then someone else
said, the only body parts I wash every time are hair,
pits, crotch, and ass. Why? Your crotch and ass have been
safe inside your pants all day. Come on people. Why can’t we go
the whole distance. What about your arms? Are people not
washing their arm? How many of you don’t wash your
arms when you’re in the shower? You don’t wash your arms? You’re not sure? Were you sure about the legs? OK, but you don’t remember
this motion happening. You don’t know about that? I think everybody should
be washing everything. You should see me
in the shower– I mean you never will– but you
should see me in the shower. I have a team of people
scrubbing me down with brushes. It’s like NASCAR in there. It really is. If you’re on the fence
about what to wash. I’m to do a little public
service announcement for you right now, OK? Head to toe It’s going to be. All right so, yes,
yes, yes, yes, no. Yes. Anything south of
the border, si. And yes, yes. And then yes. But I’m not a gymnast. I’m not going to bend down. All right so now
that leads us to– What, the longest podcast ever. Do you wash your
legs in the shower? I occasionally do,
but not always. If I play sports– if I play roller hockey. If I’ve done sports,
I for sure soap down. If I’ve gone in the
swimming pool, I soap down. Otherwise, what I do
is shampoo my hair. I get the soap. I do my underarms here. Your head soap? No, shampoo. And while the shampoo stays
in there, I grab the bar soap, do this. And then I shower, and I
feel like the soap runs down the legs. Conditioner? I don’t always condition. I find my hair gets too
fine with conditioner. It’s too limp. Really? Oh, but my story was bad? What? Do you wash your legs? Yes, I wash my legs every
time, and now every morning when I wash, I think about that
discussion had on the show. Really? I never wash my legs. You don’t? Never? I always do. Edward? Yeah, I wash them. It’s not easy for me to do it. Every time. I think so. Yeah, but you work
out every day. I wash my legs. Good for you. Sure. Well you have to, because you
have all that hair on them and so you want to– so when you say wash,
you’re shampooing. If they’re not braided. I would say that the
rash begs to differ. The rash requires
a special soap. We’re out of time. We ran out of time
for all of our clips. So if you wanted to hear one
of the things we talked about, we’ll talk about them soon. Or go watch the show. Thank you, Matt. Matt, you’ve been an
exceptional guest. When this is posted, you
may or may not be on it. We’re going to have to make
some tough choices in terms of editing. It’s going to be tricky. Normally the writers are
making me do crazy stuff. So when you tell
everyone in your family that you’re going to
be on the podcast, wait till we tell you you’re
definitely on the podcast before you advertise. I won’t spread the
word on social media. We’ll to leave the
shout out to your niece. No seriously, Matt. We appreciate you. We love. Look he’s so uncomfortable
when people give him praise. He really doesn’t. He doesn’t like it. We could really get into that. We should do a podcast just
on the size of Matt’s head. I don’t know what your poor
parents did to you, but my god. Can’t have been good. Thank you, everybody. Thanks everybody. Subscribe today on Apple
podcasts, Spotify– Or wherever you’re listening
to this podcast, I would say. Let us know what you think
of the video version. Or if it’s hurtful, don’t. Or don’t. I have a feeling this
isn’t going to go well, and we’re opening
ourselves to a lot. To a lot of criticism? I think people are not going
to enjoy this as much as– Can they still listen
to this in their car? Well, this might
be a one and done. How long will the beauty
pass for Andy take? Do we know. Explain what a beauty pass is. It’s where we try to
make you look good. Use the same technology
that they use in Avengers. Like CGI. To change what I look like,
to make me look better. Can I get hair. We should totally
put a wig on him. And let’s end on
that note, thanks. Thanks, everybody. Bye, bye. Happy Tuesday.

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