Find the Lie, Super Snoops | Cat Vlog, Episode 2 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

Find the Lie, Super Snoops | Cat Vlog, Episode 2 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

– Hello again, audience. In the spirit of not knowing
how to kick things off, let’s just get right into it. Today I will be sharing
two lies and a truth. Professor Moynihan put a
spin on the old two truths and a lie game because, as he puts it, the majority of people will use any game about sharing personal
information as a vehicle to brag. It’s obnoxious, so I’m twisting
the game to make it harder. And honestly, I couldn’t have
said it any better myself. So, in the spirit of not bragging, I will be sharing two lies that
hopefully register as truth, and one truth that I guess
I’ve never told anyone. Let’s get this over with, shall we? Number one, my dad died in
a car accident last year. How’s that for coming
in hot with the honesty? I still don’t really
think I’ve allowed myself to properly grieve over it. I mean, college doesn’t really teach you how to deal with a dead dad. Number two, I cannot
stand romantic comedies. I don’t really think this
one needs much elaborating, but the plots are always so unrealistic, and the guys always look like they’d be douchebags in real life. And why is the ending scene
always have someone running? Running to say I’m sorry,
running to profess their love, running to catch a plane,
I mean, if love is really that much of a workout, I
don’t want any part of it. Number three, I took horseback
riding lessons as a kid. I rode a pony named Pastry
until I hit puberty. And I hated how much alliteration
was in that last sentence. I quit because I overheard
my parents arguing about money one night in
the kitchen, and I knew how expensive those horseback
riding lessons were. I didn’t want to add any
stress to their relationship. A lot of good that did. Anyway, that’s it for this episode of Sad Things You Didn’t
Need To Know About Cat. Until next time, bye.

85 thoughts on “Find the Lie, Super Snoops | Cat Vlog, Episode 2 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

  1. Am I the only who noticed that she looks like Nadia Mohebban here? Even how she speaks? At first I thought it was her.😂

  2. First could be a truth the other two lies also cat could be in love with Wilson could cat be innocent or could she be the guilty party?

  3. You don't fit this class Cat; everyone else seems suspicious but not you, which is at least odd. I'm not sure if that makes you less of a suspect or more 🤨🤨🤨

  4. I think the first one is the truth because if you lied about that it makes me question if you started the fire

  5. I think your truth is that you don’t like romantic comedies. It makes perfect sense! Also I think you’re innocent, I don’t think you would’ve started the fire

  6. Everyone else: I had a sERcrEt RELatioNsHIp
    Cat: my dad died in a car accident and I haven’t been able to grieve properly

  7. I'd say that number 1 is a lie right off the bat, but maybe it's not far from the truth. Lying about a death is the least likely to be suspected (since it's so depressing), but you don't seem like the type of person who would completely make something up for sympathy, so it's probably just a nuanced truth about your dad. I'm very sorry if that's correct, and I hope you are able to process it better and grow happier after the event. Following that, it's a hard split with two and three, but I believe that you may like certain romcoms (there's exceptions for everything!), and knowing this lie would be believable based on your personality, you chose this to throw people off. That makes number 3 the truth.

  8. Well if the truth is something she never told anyone then I dont think it's the dad one. She would of told her best friend no doubt. So that's a lie. Also pretty sure someone that goes to the movies as much as Cat is gonna be into Romcoms so that only leaves the horse one to be true.

  9. "if love is really that much of a workout I don't want any part of it" ME THO. Don't worry Cat, bring single allows us girls to become strong 💖👌👏👍💖

  10. Okay well i know you don't like rom coms but lemme tell you Gerard Butler from P.S. I love you doesn't look like a douche in irl AND the ending scene is not someone running, its honestly a pretty good movie 😂😂

  11. The only way I can think of 1 being a lie is if your dad isn't literally dead – rather, he's just out of your life. Maybe he just left with no explanation? So not a complete truth, but not a complete lie either.

  12. You dont seem like the person to lie about something as serious as the death of a parent or family member, although, it could be you lied about the cause of death or maybe it wasnt your father but another family member so I will say the first 1 is a lie in a way (Also if it turns out thats true or i was right that its a different family member/cause im very sorry for your loss) and I feel like 2 is a lie because of how much detail you sort of went into as to why you wouldnt like romcoms, i can see them not being your favorite type of movie but i dont think you would hate them, so with that said, I will say i think 3 is the truth, it feels the most pure (although maybe thats just the one i want to be the truth haha who knows)

  13. Hey, Cat, if you want a good romantic comedy, check out "Love, Simon". I hate romantic comedies myself, but yet that's my favourite movie to have ever been made ;D

  14. One seems like a lie but I bet it’s not far from the truth. I bet your parents divorced or something especially because of that last detail in the last truth or lie. Two seems way to obvious because on the outside you do seem like that person who hates romcoms which makes me believe that you secretly do like romcoms and I guess that leaves three so…

  15. 1.) false
    2.) true (nobody likes those stupid movies)
    3.) false, you don’t seem like the horse riding kind of person (and in the middle you looked off to the side like you were trying to gather your thoughts for the lie)

  16. I'm thinking the truth is number 3… Or the whole dead dad thing is just to throw off my first throw off to thinking it's a throw off… If that makes sense. I think it's could be possible that parts of the dead dad story of true but possibly there is enough of a lie to make it a lie… If it is true, I'm sorry for my unsympatheticness.

  17. Hmm. Really good subjects to talk about, Cat. Well, except for a few. I feel like they're all truths, or I'm that dumb to realize that it was a really good lie.
    To be honest, I can't tell the difference between them.

  18. Cat your so good at lieing! I still can’t figure out the truth from the lies. Also your so lucky you got to film this at UCLA!!!

  19. I say two is likely the lie as it breaks theme; the first and second are related to family drama and she ended stating that which somewhat pushes the one that isn't about said family drama into a shadow, suggesting it to be uninteresting. Also I feel like one and three are things that might have happened in some RomCom that she watched sometime to tie it in with that middle one. Idk.

  20. 1 is a lie, for sure. In her interrogation, Cat assumed that she was being questioned due to the way her dad died, and that she must have a grudge against the admin building. Unless the car accident happened in front of it or something? Also who wouldn't tell their best friend that their dad died? Cat said no one knew her truth. And, I feel like 3 is also a lie. Her parents don't seem like the type of people to fight? I'm not sure, but she loves movies so it might also be 2

  21. The truth is supposed to be something you never told before, right? I'm sure someone knows her dad died. And I'm sure someone knows she took horseback riding.

  22. I'd say 3 is the truth, she's probably half-lying in 1, maybe her dad died in a different way, or he died more than 1 year ago? 2 is a generalised statement which can't really be true, and your dad dying isn't really something you wouldn't tell anyone.

  23. Okay my thoughts: the lie is the third one, of course no one would suspect the lie to be about her dad dying bc its pretty dark but maybe its not a question of if, but when. She said it was last year but it could've been when she was still a kid or 2 years ago?? idk just my thoughts!

  24. I think 2 is true.
    1 is a smart choice to pick as a lie, because it’s a very sensitive subject and people wouldn’t expect you to lie over something like loosing your father. Lying about loosing someone like that is wrong and I don’t see Cat do something like that, so maybe her dad did pass away, but from another cause or at a different time.
    3 is a very easy lie to get away with, because it’s not very dramatic. So is 2, but she gave more detail and reasoning behind 2, so therefore I think 3 is also a lie.

  25. first is a lie. i believe their was something with your dad but the car crash doesn’t seem right. their may have been a crash but i don’t think he died. second is the truth, just because their cheesy and unrealistic doesn’t mean you don’t like them, but it’s believable with your personality so you would think you would get away with it. the horse one must be true. also you seem to be like ‘the horse girl’ that we all knew when we were kids

  26. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that there are still 0 Dislikes? 😀 be blezzed ❤️✝️✨

  27. All of these sound like they definitely could be true, but your voice has the same sort of vocal variety (changes from high to low to medium) in both 1 and 3, whereas your voice stays super consistent in 2. Not sure if vocal variety has anything to do with lying, but if I'm going by odd-man-out, I'm gonna guess that 2 is the truth.

  28. i think 1 and 3 are lies mostly by process of elimination (i honestly don't see her liking romcoms mysteries and horror movies maybe?) but she said in her talk with the professor she would be considered a suspect because of the way her dad died and her possibly having a grudge against the admin building because of it which wouldn't be to likely if it was a car accident that killed him and the "a lot of good that that did" comment at the end of #3 makes me think they got divorced

  29. Man, you really need to watch everything more than once. It really gives a new perspective on what they say in these blogs.

  30. CAT IS THE FREAKIN BIOTCH WOOOOOOOOOO (or yanno, shes just really, really, cool. however you want to put it…) @ @ @ @andrearussett

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