Find Career Information in Ebook Central: Academic Complete

In this video we’ll look at Searching Ebook Central to find information on Careers. Ebook Central: Academic Complete has thousands of in-depth digital books covering multiple career areas including business, health, and more. Once you’re logged into LIRN and choose Ebook Central, you are on the main search page. You can search for and access books without signing in to the bookshelf but there are many benefits to doing so. Click on ‘Sign in’ at the upper right. If you have an Ebook Central account you can sign in with the information you already set up. If you do not have an account, click the Create Account button. Fill in the information required, and then click Create Account. Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to save ebooks to your bookshelf with annotations and notes. Now let’s search for a book. I’m going to search for the terms ‘careers in business and resume.’ Depending on which career you are searching for, you can adapt your search to another field or job. When I do this search, I get over 18,000 results. Let’s see if we can narrow this further by clicking on the Business/Management box under the Subject Limiter on the left side of the screen. This narrows the results to about 2,400. Note that results appear for resume books, but I’m going to select the result titled Bound-for-Career Guidebook. If I click on that title, I will be in the book’s information view. I can see how the book can be used, author and publisher information, and links to each chapter. I’ll click on Read Online button. Note in the left panel, you can look at the relevance bars attached to each chapter. Another feature that will let you zoom in on specific information is the ‘Search within book’ box. I will type in the keyword term ‘skills.’ Chapter 11 seems to have the most in common with our keyword search. Click on the arrow to the left of Chapter 11 to see all instances of the word. I’ll save this book to my bookshelf. When I click on the add to bookshelf icon to save the book, note that the book is saved into my Research folder. Now, back to the book in front of us. You can see the first page of Chapter 11 with the word skills highlighted. You can also use the highlight tool to continue selecting text. Highlight the text of interest. The highlight tool will appear and you can choose a color. To create a note, click on the note icon. Type in any thoughts you want to keep about that highlighting or page. Click save. A note icon now appears at the top left corner of the page. To open the note, double click on it. To access all of your highlights and notes for this saved book, click on the star icon in the left navigation panel. You’ll see chapters you annotated there. Click on the chapter to list the annotations. Click each annotation to see it in the reader panel. What’s great about using the bookshelf is that the book and any annotations you make will remain there as long as the book is part of your school’s Ebook Central collection. If you would like to learn more about how to use other databases available from LIRN, take a look at the other videos and playlists on our YouTube channel.

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