Final Destination 2 (2003) KILL COUNT

Final Destination 2 (2003) KILL COUNT

Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. I’m James A. Janisse and today were looking at Final Destination 2, released in 2003 With James Wong and Glen Morgan preoccupied with other projects, Like Jet Lee’s “The One” and Crispin Glover’s ratastic “Willard,” New Line Cinema had to put together a new crew Sticking stunt coordinator David Ellis in the director’s chair And giving screen writing duties to a pair of new writers who would go on to make that crazy Butter Fly Effect movie with Ashton Kutcher That shake up at the top may sound like recipe for disaster, but Final Destination 2 is actually a worthy sequel That successfully builds upon the first movie and in some ways, is even an improvement Although death’s mechanisms are still a bit byzantine, Final Destination 2 burns off some of the frayed ends of the first movie like feely connections between characters and leaves things just a little more clear And speaking of clear, Ali Larder returns to help the new cast of characters navigate through Death’s traps Tony Todd also returns in another creepy cameo, but for reasons that are still disputed, Devon Sawa did not return, and so Alex Browning’s fate is relegated to an offscreen death that took place between the two films. For the most part, Final Destination 2 sticks to same format as the first film, but what’s most notable is that the sequel is much more graphic Not only when it comes to the Rube Goldberg deaths, but also

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  2. The other day I dropped a water bottle on accident while my husband was driving and he said, "are you trying to final destination me?" And I knew exactly what he was talking about

  3. I'm not sure, wouldn't Eugene been transfered even if Valerie didn't die at home? if she died with the plane, wouldn't he be transfered sooner?

  4. How they thought grease can easily catch fire? To flambe without match you would have to heat it to 425 Celsius degrees (high % etanol no additional sources of fire, just etanol catching fire by itself from high heat) and fat is probably LESS flameable.
    BTW remember kids DON'T waste food or at least throw them to bin, not through the window.

  5. The pregnant lady has almost the same face as my French teacher, and she also was pregnant. It makes it more scary.

  6. FD2 Definitely had the most, uh, "impact" on audiences. Despite being the second in the series, the pile-up premonition was so effective, it's actually the FIRST thing most people remember about the series, NOT the plane crash. Crazy, huh? I do feel a little sorry for logging trucks, though. Ever since then everyone on the road gives 'em the side-eye and they're treated like they have a car-borne plague. XD

  7. I think the doctor's name, "Kalarjian", is an intentional sound-alike for "Kevorkian" – as in "Dr.Death", one of America's most well-known proponents of physician-assisted suicide, a.k.a. euthanasia. At least, that was my theory years back, the first time I rewatched the movie as an adult.

  8. The guy that died in real life: so, uh I made a movie about death chasing people

    AND then I died

    Everyone In heaven: Hahahaha

  9. This movie is the reason I NEVER get behind a log truck.

    Edit: And why I freak out if someone drops a water bottle in my floor board.

  10. Death’s mother: hay death honey?

    Death: yeah mom!?

    Death’s mother: have you been killin people again!?

    Death: noo…..

  11. this movie is single handedly responsible for me to think "wouldn't it be crazy if there was a giant accident" every time I'm on a freeway

  12. Wouldn't it be dope if they made a short film explaining where the "random brick" and it turns out to be the most elaborate kill of the entire franchise. Like something small in his hometown causesa huge chain of reaction after reaction leading all the way to wherever alex is shooting the worlds MOST RANDOM brick from a completely obscure location that has nothing to do with the area alex is standing in.

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