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– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Josh Burns Tech. Are you searching for a high quality mic that comes at a lower cost
than more pricey microphones, like the Blue Yeti that
I’m using for instance? Searching for high quality microphones, especially on Amazon,
can be really difficult due to the numerous options available. Getting better audio quality
for your video content, streaming, or just casually
gaming with your friends does not have to come at a huge expense. If you’re looking for a high
quality mic at a low budget, then you found the right video, because I’m gonna show
you the Fifine microphone, which has numerous five
star reviews on Amazon and comes in at a shocking
price of just $29. I’m gonna show you what
comes with the mic, my recommendations for setting it up to get crisp audio quality, and then I’m also gonna do an audio test using the Fifine microphone
compared to my Blue Yeti. Upgrading the quality of your microphone is one of the most important things if you’re looking to improve
the quality of your audio. Doing this will prevent you
from being this type of person, (game engine rumbling) I pass it, let’s go, baby! Trust me, you don’t wanna be this guy. At any point in this video, if you wanna check out
the Fifine microphone, check out my Blue Yeti,
or any of the accessories that I mention within this video, then be sure to check out the
description box of this video. I’m gonna link every single item that I mention in this video, it’s gonna link you straight to Amazon, you can click on the
link, check out the item, and if it’s something
that you’re interested in, then you can purchase
it from there as well. Now all this is coming right up. (upbeat music) so the Fifine microphone
comes in this box, and everything is really simple
and straightforward inside. When you first open
the box, sitting on top is a card that explains how
to get to the company website, and also social media pages as well. Next up in the box is the user guide. Now this is gonna explain
how to set everything up. This mic is very plug and play. Whenever I set mine up, I did
not read any of this book. However, if you have any
issues setting yours up, go ahead and use this user guide. It’s really well put
together, really simple, and straightforward to go
through the instructions, get your microphone set up and working. However, like I said, this microphone is really plug and play. All you have to do is
connect the USB cable. The drivers will install automatically, and then you’re good to go. As you can see, a lot of protection inside the microphone box as well, making sure it doesn’t get
damaged on its way to you. So this is a USB microphone, it has a USB cable attached
to it that cannot be removed. The Fifine microphone
also comes with a stand, allowing you to place it on your desk or any type of flat surface. So personally, if you’re
gonna be doing voiceover work or YouTube videos, I
would highly recommend that you invest in a boom arm, some type of desk arm
that’s gonna allow you to attach your mic to it, get it off your desk
and closer to your face to eliminate noise. If you’re not currently interested in investing in something like a boom arm, what you can do then is just use the stand that comes with the Fifine microphone until you’re ready to make
the investment in a boom arm. If you wanna check out the boom arm that I’m currently using for my Blue Yeti, it also works with the Fifine microphone, you’re gonna see that very shortly. If you’re interested in that, check out the description
box of this video. I’m gonna link in my Rode PSA1 boom arm. It’s also designed in a way that reduces irritating fan and keyboard noise for crystal clear communication. And the way to get crystal
clear communication with this mic, to get it
really sounding clear, again, use a Rode arm
or any type of boom arm to get the microphone off your desk, closer to your face. Getting your mic off your desk, in addition to how its designed is gonna give you that
crystal clear quality. Now the Fifine microphone
has a volume or gain dial on the front of it, allowing you to quickly
adjust the volume or gain whenever you’re recording or
you’re in discord, et cetera, playing games with your friends. Now when testing this microphone for voiceover or YouTube content, I highly recommend that you turn the gain or volume down pretty low. And I recommend doing
this, because if you have the volume of the gain set
too high on this microphone, what happens is you get a lot of peaking, a lot of breaking in your audio, so make sure you turn it down pretty low. Play around with the volume setting, the button can be easily adjusted, play around with it until you
get that really crisp audio. The Fifine microphone
also has a pivot mount that allows vertical and
horizontal adjustment, allowing you pretty much
any flexibility you want in adjusting how the microphone is angled. Honestly, for a price point of just $29 I didn’t expect the quality
of the build of the microphone to be as great as it is. So now we’re gonna do a quick audio test using my Blue Yeti currently connected, and then I’m gonna swap it
out with the Fifine microphone so you can get an idea of what the Blue Yeti quality sounds like. This is around $160 microphone, compared to the Fifine microphone, which comes in at $29.99. So I’ve definitely played around a lot with the Blue Yeti’s settings, I’ve got all my settings set
up the way that I want them, I’ve got the volume button on
the front of the microphone set to where I want it, and you can also see
that I have a pop filter attached to my Blue Yeti microphone. You can get this really cheap on Amazon, it’s like $10, and then you can actually attach it to your boom
arm if you’re using one, or you can attach it directly to the stand that the Blue Yeti sits on
or the Fifine microphone. This one’s like $10. Fifine actually makes it’s own pop filter for the Fifine microphone, it attaches right over it, so
you can go with that option, or you can go with another option, like the one I have here
attached to my Blue Yeti. I’ll put both of those in the
description of this video. So throughout this whole video, and as I’m talking right now, you’ve been getting a demonstration of what the Blue Yeti sounds like. It has really crisp audio quality. you’re still gonna hear some pops even with this pop filter, because I’m talking so close to it. If I modify the volume
around a little bit more, move it back a little bit, I
can eliminate some of that, but you’re still gonna hear these pops, pop, pop, pop, you can
hear it peak a little bit, just because I need to play
around with my settings a little bit more, but this is very unedited, so you’re gonna get an idea
of what that sounds like. So now I’m gonna disconnect my Blue Yeti, and I’m gonna connect
the Fifine microphone. The swivel mount, I’m
gonna take the stand off, the swivel mount easily attaches to the boom Rode arm
that I’m using right now. So now I’m gonna cut the video real quick, I’m gonna take my Blue
Yeti off the boom arm, and then I’m gonna take
the Fifine microphone, the swivel mount for it, and I’m gonna attach it, and then we’re gonna do a test
of the audio quality as well. So I swapped my Blue Yeti out
for the Fifine microphone, and now we’re doing an audio test using the Fifine microphone. So when you attach the Fifine microphone to either the stand that it comes with or a boom arm like the one I have here, you want the volume button
on the microphone facing you. That’s the way that you need
to talk into the microphone. So on my boom arm right now, the volume button is currently facing me. I’m also using my pop filter to eliminate some of the popping from peaks. As you can hear, the Fifine microphone has really great audio quality coming from a mic at this price point. I also have the volume or the gain button set pretty low in the microphone so that the audio isn’t peaking too much. But overall, really crisp audio quality coming from a microphone
at this price point. That’s why this microphone is flooded with five star reviews on Amazon, and it’s the reason that
the Fifine microphone is one of the bestselling
microphones as well. So if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a microphone to do voiceover content with, like the video I’m doing now for YouTUbe, if you’re looking to
do something like that and you’re on a budget, this is a great microphone
for only $29.99. And also if you’re a
gamer, like I am as well, and you wanna get rid
of that static audio, that horrible audio quality that comes from your gaming headset, like you saw in the first of this video, if you wanna get away from that, then the Fifine microphone is
a great step that you can take in getting better audio quality. So when you’re evaluating the microphones on a price spectrum, you have the Fifine microphone
over here at $29.99, that’s your budget microphone, in the middle you have the Blue Snowball. The quality of the Fifine microphone and the Snowball are very very similar, and the Fifine microphone
is just half the price of the Snowball. And then if you go a little bit higher in the price spectrum,
you have the Blue Yeti, which I use a lot. Now the Blue Yeti,
especially the one I’m using, the black edition, typically
comes in at at least $150, sometimes a little bit more pricey, depending on where you buy it at. So for my personal recommendation, if you’re looking to get
better audio quality, but you don’t wanna break
the bank on the Blue Yeti, and you wanna go for something that’s similar to the
Snowball but a lot cheaper, the Fifine microphone
is a phenomenal option. Again, for every item that
I showed you in this video, they are all down in the
description box of this video. Just go down there, there’s gonna be links that I’m gonna paste in,
you can click on the links, it’ll take you directly to the item. If you have any questions
regarding the Fifine microphone, or if there’s an alternative
microphone that you’re using, similar price point to
the Fifine microphone, do me a favor and throw that
down in the comments section. I would love to check that out. And if you enjoyed this video, and you got value from
the content as well, hit that like button. (upbeat music)

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