February Favorites 2017 | books, podcast, music, meditation

February Favorites 2017 | books, podcast, music, meditation

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. So good to see you. Today we’re going to talk about February Favorites. As usual, most of these things are non-tangible: experiences or resources
that have inspired me. I guess, first, I can talk about my hair. I have new hair. This is kind of like transition hair. If you notice, the last time I had a video,
my hair was black up here. I let my roots grow out for a year basically. So I didn’t bleach my hair for a year, and
it grew pretty long. So I had my cousin come over and help me bleach
the roots because it was a lot. It’s okay right now. It’s not exactly even, so this is why I don’t
make hair videos. Because this is-I do it myself and it’s not
professional, it’s not perfect. But it gets the job done. So I might go in and bleach it again because,
you know, Asian hair going from black to blond, you need to do it in steps. You can’t do it all at once. You have to do it in maybe two or three sittings. Maybe two sittings for me. I did it once. I’m going to go back and continue bleaching out the orangey parts,
but yeah, I’m happy because this is me. I like playing with my hair, so that’s one
favorite of the month. Another favorite is: I made another Artist
of Life episode, interviewing my friend Sorah Yang. Sorah Yang is a hip hop dancer, choreographer,
teacher, and singer. She’s just an amazing, very empowering girl/person. Definitely watch that interview if you haven’t
already. Artist of Life is like my passion project. It’s really the series that I put the most
heart and energy and time into. And it really is everything that I’m about,
you know? Interviewing people who are creating their
dream lives, because I can’t teach everything. There are so many things we can learn from
all these people in different industries. What I try to do is I try to paint a picture
of that person’s lifestyle and personality in each video. Each video will feel different, depending
on that person’s personality. The first one, I interviewed my friend Karen Rosalie who’s
really girly and pretty and dreamy, similar to my aesthetic, so I wanted to start
with her. And then my second friend Clarissa Wei, she’s more of a nature-y, outdoorsy girl. And now Sorah Yang, the third interview. She’s urban, hip hop, more fierce and strong. So it’s really cool to be able to have videos in different styles that showcase this person. So please check out that video and that entire series, because that is the
core of what I want to create. On the subject of dance, I started taking
dance classes again this month. This was something that has been on my bucket
list, maybe for like a year? I think last year, I put on my bucket list,
“I want to start taking dance classes again.” And I want to take contemporary dance, because
I used to dance hip hop on a few teams. Contemporary dance, I feel like, is more suited
to my style. I actually like to flow and be more emotional with my dancing instead
of hitting hard and stuff. So I thought that I should pick it up, but
it was just something that I left on the backburner and I was scared to do for the longest time. I just didn’t do it. But this month, February was self love-themed and I thought
it was about time that I give some time to myself and do things that will really bring
me joy. So I signed up for a pass to this nearby dance studio and I started
taking contemporary dance classes and hip hop classes. It’s just so fun to dance again. I stopped dancing for like three years, and just being in a class, especially that
contemporary class. Our instructor was really inspirational. She said this quote that I posted on my Instagram. She was like, “The hero and the coward start
at the same place. They both feel the fear. They’re both scared to do whatever’s in front
of them. The only difference, though, is that the hero steps forward despite that
fear, and that makes all the difference.” She was talking about how we should step up
and perform full out and just feel it. It was so beautiful. It was totally my vibe. So it was really fun to just start dancing
again. My next favorite is actually a YouTube channel. This is an earlier favorite. At the beginning of February, I was binge-watching
videos by Amber Scholl. And if you don’t know who she is, I’ll put
her link below. Check her out. I found out about her through a podcast called
Beauty and the Vlog, which is also a favorite. I really enjoy that podcast. But she did an interview on Beauty and the Vlog. Amber’s story is she just blew up on YouTube. I think, in her first three months on YouTube, she
got 300,000 subscribers. And her interview was talking about how that
happened. It’s kind of an anomaly. Watching her videos after learning about her,
I’m like, “Yeah, she deserves everything that she has,” because first of all: she’s
so entertaining. Her personality is way out there, outgoing, really funny, really fun. Her channel is all about looking glamorous
on a budget. Her story is she was super broke, didn’t have
a job. Well, she had a job driving Postmates which is like Uber for food delivery. And she was just scraping by. You know what, I’m just going to post a link
to her video on her YouTube story because I feel like she has that Cinderella
story on YouTube. She went from super broke, having nothing. She started her channel and then all this stuff happened and there’s
a lot behind it. I don’t know, I found it really inspiring and really touching
to see her growth and see everything she’s been through. If you guys want to get inspired and also
be very entertained, definitely watch Amber Scholl’s videos. It’s just funny because our styles are not
the same at all. I’m not even the blinged out, glamorous type
of girl, but I can connect with her as a human being. I like her personality and I watch her videos
for her personality, not really for learning how to bling out my
bras and stuff. Like I was saying, another favorite of mine
for the past two or three months, actually, not just this past month, is the podcast Beauty
and the Vlog hosted by Erika Vieira. This one’s for all the aspiring YouTubers
out there. You don’t even have to be a beauty YouTuber. I don’t consider myself a beauty YouTuber. But I can learn a lot from this podcast because she interviews people,
how they grow, how they develop their brand, all this stuff. To me, it’s interesting because I like to
learn. I always love to learn about the industry, how to grow my brand and
my business. So if you’re into that, check out Beauty and
the Vlog podcast. You’ll learn a lot, trust me. Next, let’s talk about my favorite book of
the moment. I’m actually reading a book and listening to a book. I’m reading The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav,
which I LOVE. It’s one of Oprah’s recommended books. I think she recommended it in her book, and I just heard about it. It was on my reading list for a long time. I put it in my Artist of Life Workbook to
read this book. So as I was reviewing my workbook at the end of January, I was like,
“You know what? I should just pick one of these books that I said I wanted to read,
and buy it and start reading it.” My first choice was The Seat of the Soul. It’s a spiritual book and it will really open your mind to the universe and what else
is out there that you are not aware of. It explains things like intuition. We can’t really use science to prove what
intuition is, but I’m sure that you and I both know that
it does mean something. Intuition comes from something. We do have some kind of guidance from a higher
being, whatever you want to call it. I just love that book. It’s really eye-opening and I look forward to reading it every night. So that’s something. Another book that I am currently listening
to on Audible is Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. I love to listen to comedic memoirs as I’m
driving. That’s what I like to use Audible for. I like using Audible more for memoirs and people talking about their lives, kind
of fluffy, fun stuff. And I like to physically read books that are more deep and spiritual
and meaty in terms of content. I have one spiritual book that I actually
read every night and Anna Kendrick’s book I listen to in my car. It’s just fun. I like her personality and it’s just entertaining. That’s all I’m going to say about it. By the way, I do have a link where you can
get a free Audible trial with a free book. So if you want to listen to any of these books
for free, then the link is down below. You can click it, sign up. You don’t even have to pay for the subscription. It helps me out anyway if you just do the
free trial. Moving forward, let’s talk about my favorites
in music. The first song is “Electric” by Alina Baraz. Not sure how to really pronounce her name. But she’s made really dope songs. Her voice is just that sultry, gorgeous tone
mixed with that electro, underwater beats type of music. I made an Instagram video where I was driving
and I used that song as a background music. I just really like that song. It’s a song that I’ve been playing on repeat. Another song that I love is the song from
Moana, “How Far I’ll Go”. I literally just watched Moana this past weekend, and
I know I’m late to the game but yeah, I don’t know. Anyway, I heard the song online before I watched
the movie. When I watched the movie, I’m just like [gasp]. It made me want to tear up as she was singing it, just because number
1: the melody is so pretty. The people who work for Disney obviously know
how to craft gorgeous, inspirational songs. When they wrote the song, they were writing
it to be the hit song. There’s a formula to it. And there’s a specific-there are specific
chord progressions that sound inspirational and sound beautiful and always move people,
no matter what. Even if you use the same chord progression in so many different
pop songs, it always sounds good. So that’s one of them. Also just the lyrics and the story behind
it. Obviously, it’s what I’m all about, following your heart and your
calling and exploring and just going out into the unknown. It’s everything that is my life. I really, really related to Moana. I love that movie and at the end of the movie,
I’m just like, “Dang! She’s so cool! Moana is so cool!” And I love the direction Disney’s taking,
empowering females, putting them in hero roles instead of the
damsel role. I’m honestly grateful that I live in an era where I can see the
shift happening, you know? When I was little, I watched movies like Snow White and The Little
Mermaid and Cinderella, vs. now, I see things changing and it’s a wonderful
time to be alive because I’m grateful to witness this history happening, so yeah. About the song though, I listened to the song and whole soundtrack on repeat for the past
few days. And seriously, even after a hundred times listening to that song, I
will sometimes kind of tear up as I’m singing along with it. For some reason, it just really moves me. Alright, my last favorite of the month is
a meditation that I’ve been doing again. A couple years ago, I did something called
the Liberation Kriya and it’s a meditation in Kundalini yoga, a 40-day challenge. It’s very specific, where you hold your arms
up like this. Every three minutes you change positions,
then another three minutes you change again. The meditation is, in total, nine minutes. And you do it every day for forty days. If you skip a day, you have to do the 40 days
all over again. And it’s because I was re-watching an old video of mine where
I was sharing about the meditation and what I was learning from it. And I realized that it really shifted my mindset. It really strengthened my mind to really embrace
patience and perseverance and commitment. And I started doing it when I was in my first
year of Lavendaire and I think it’s because of that strong mindset
that I had that I could stick through with my YouTube channel and stay committed
to it, even though it was getting hard, even though there was no reward, all of this
stuff. So I thought that it really impacted me back then and it would be a good idea to try
it again, because now my new challenge is, I’m trying to work on my book proposal and
my book. So I’m just doing that meditation. But if you guys are interested, you want to
join along, definitely try it out. I’ll post the video on instructions on how
to do this meditation in the description, so check that out. I’ll post my old video. You can watch 2014 me as I was doing it back
then. It’s just been really strengthening already. I’m only on Day 6 so far, but the thing about this meditation is when you’re holding your
arms up for nine minutes-honestly, the first time, in the first three minutes
I was already dying. And your arms are shaking and you really want to put them down, but
don’t, because if you put them down that means you gave up and if you’ve given
up, you have to start all over again. It really is realizing that you are stronger
than your body. Your mind is stronger than your body. And just being aware that, if I have my arms
up, no matter how much it hurts, I’m not gonna die just by having my arms up. I will survive, and if I can survive this
pain, then I will be stronger. So whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Truly do believe in that. Anyway, you have to try it for yourself. There’s nothing that I can explain that will truly instill
it in you unless you do it yourself. So yeah, Liberation Kriya, it’s very, very
powerful. Alright, that’s it for my February Favorites. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to get more in touch with me,
definitely join our new Lavendaire Facebook group. We’re doing daily themed threads like “Self-Promo
Day” and “What’s Beautiful in the World Today” day and fun things like
that. It’s also a place where you can give me feedback, and I ask who you
want as a guest on the podcast and what questions you want me to answer in
the next Q&A video, things like that. Yeah, I do want to make a Q&A video coming
up soon, so if you want to get involved, links to everything are down below. Love you all. Have a beautiful day. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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