FBE PODCAST | From TV to Teens React, More K-Pop Love! (Ep #15)

100 thoughts on “FBE PODCAST | From TV to Teens React, More K-Pop Love! (Ep #15)

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  2. shout out to becca for being such a good representation of us fans and shout out to this podcast for not belittling or making fun of bts like the recent drama that was going on with another podcast, thanks for doing this guys i hope you can do more kpop reaction videos – especially to bts’ new mv and their comeback stages like mic drop and go go

  3. react to BTS – DNA mv, and GO GO and mic drop comeback stage performances
    and you are the first YouTube channel i subscribed. I ❤ your reaction videos

  4. React to DNA BTS!!! DNA hit number 11th the most watched video online in 24 hours, and number 10 is despacito, so yes bts can be as big as despacito!!!

  5. #ReactToThat Woah, conspiracies continue, the X-files music plays on: as a fellow theatre nerd, the original Cats soundtrack has been on repeat in MY music for the past two weeks, and just yesterday my equally theatre-nerdy sister heard me and we made a pact to go to the show the moment it comes by on tour! And she had just taken me to see The Lion King on Broadway for MY last birthday! And yes, Benny's right, while so many people sadly miss it, the plot of Cats is actually quite powerful and beautiful and meaningful. #ThisWholePodcastWasAboutCats
    I did see both vlogs up so far and look forward to more.
    #FBEpodcast The recent video of kids reacting to a phone booth made me wonder, will we be seeing these 'react to technology' videos any more frequently in the future, and might you include other age groups such as adults, where you could have them trying to work much older (maybe like antique) technology?
    Also, I agree with Becca, if we should (God forbid) come to have a final podcast, Benny MUST do the #Macarena!
    Also also, SQUEE!!!! Benny shouted me out, and pronounced it the best I've ever heard anyone else say it, even with ending it "TahTeeUh" instead of "Tay". And a woot woot to those who watched also from Michigan, we initiated a cool little spotlight on our state at the end! And Becca was so funny getting so confused at the instant-hand-maps of Michigan!

    …🤔 wow, I know I talk a lot, but 👆that is ridiculous 😅

  6. This is such a great podcast! Becca and Reina were wonderful. Also so glad Jon mentioned Marshmello! As a lover of EDM, I got so happy when he was mentioned. College Kids should React to him along with Zedd, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto!

  7. This is just a suggestion can u pls creat Philippines react to babymetal pls thx or react to kpop and jpop I LOVE BABYMETAL

  8. React to
    BTS- DNA, Go Go, and Mic drop
    Exo- Power, Ko Ko Bop, The Eve
    Seventeen- Nice Very Nice, Don't Wanna Cry
    BAP- Honeymoon, Feel So Good, Wake me up, (1004) Angel

  9. Sorry I'm late, I've had a busy week at school. I'm loving the FBE2 vlogs! The vlogs are well edited, created, and include awesome content. The audience engagement team has an awesome roster full of many of my favorite reactors. I'm so mad but I'm not allowed to get any Social Media but I still keep up with your Instagram on the website!

  10. I have once or twice in the past gotten mad at fellow kids (in the comments on kids react) for not knowing thing I, as a child, would be horrified not knowing and growing up with. The episodes I've gotten most mad about are: Do Kids Know Looney Toons Characters and all kids react to rock bands. It was absurd to me that kids my age could not know Looney Toons. I have seen the kids become more accepting of the rock genre, though.

  11. #reacttothat I'm so happy that I found these podcasts! I find the behind the scenes fascinating and all the thought that goes into the videos. I love being able to get to know the reactors and staff better. I love all the series and yay for the 5%

  12. Yet another fun and interesting podcast.
    Love the energy from Becca and Reina
    Looking forward to Ep#16
    #reacttothat #5percentfamily
    p.s. Get well Rafi !

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