FBE PODCAST | Adults React to Being on YouTube (Ep #10)

FBE PODCAST | Adults React to Being on YouTube (Ep #10)

So I started watching kids and teens react every day at lunch, (not creepy at all.) but kind of yeah, to kind of yeah, to kind of keep- At school? -an eye, at school. before it was blocked by our firewall Honestly, my kids are always nice ’cause I’m like you guys I biffed on the foo fighters and they’re like, it’s gonna be okay and I’m like, it’s not okay *Horrible Music that hurts even listening.* Hey guys welcome to the Podcast. This is #FBEPodcast Episode 10 Uhh… We… John’s back. We’re down to one fine brother again, but we have two very special guests Uhh Trudy say “Hello”. Hey everybody… hi And Scott. What’s up? So you may recognize those two voices if you’ve watched any of our adults react series and for the heck of it: Rafi? Why don’t you say hello? Eh nah This is a podcast all about what’s going on behind the scenes here at FBE It’s a little longer that our normal reacts is for a much smaller percentage of the obvious that we think might actually be interested in all the Crazy intricacy of what it takes actually run a company that does so much stuff on YouTube and so many other platforms But it gives a chance to hang out With us a little bit longer answer more of your questions get to know more cool people cool guests laughter We have Matt Matt it was pretty ridiculous Yeah, it was fun But to actually get to just eke out for an entire hour Talking about stuff that like people don’t usually let me talk about for an hour It was amazing if you guys have any questions about the youtube algorithm go back check out last week’s episode Literally rafi and Matpat talk for 90 straight minutes around their understanding And I agree with negative that he seems to think that like Ross and matt are probably two of the most Well versed cut like creators on the platform in terms of how the algorithm actually works I try I try will not try to keep up Matt pat knows a hell of a lot There’s other people that like we could I wish it was just a good round table We’d have like eight people being able all talk about this stuff of all the different things that we’re trying and doing to try to Sales album, I think it’s kind of it’s insane but yeah Someone asked questions if you guys have more it doesn’t just have to be the algorithm our feel free to send in questions We can answer them here the other one and now ignore them Every week another on Ramon or guess So what’s going to happen on this show is we’re going to answer some of your questions specific to our special guest this week So we posted on Instagram and get a lot of questions for Scott and trudy We’re going to give you some insight than what’s actually currently in production here We’re going to talk about some questions that you’ve set into us either about Fbe or about YouTube And you get us those questions just by using the hashtag fbE Podcast whether that’s on YouTube Twitter or Instagram if you use that hashtag we have a shot at seeing it and we may answer it on next week’s episode So a whole bunch of stuff to run jers. I’m gonna get go talk about but first yeah a couple company like update Yeah, I’m going to jump into question yeah no I I miss I know that I talked with you And you couldn’t go were you able to go to the party after yeah, who is it outside lance? Oh, man. I mean It’s work. Yeah, it’s okay that you know it But like we ended up having if you were following on social Media and everything we had the annual React cast party where all the generations come together Except for the two people here. I know a lot of My eyes, it’s like when we a tell on and she was just like I kind of skimmed the podcast Love it, but you know we all get together and we were trying to do it more often But it has only been once a year and every time that it happens. It’s kind of like oh my God It’s like it’s such an amazing kind of beautiful Experience to be all together where we don’t you usually will only see maybe one person? From your fellow cast or generation when you’re in the lobby We’re passing yeah pretty much is what that was if people didn’t see on Instagram or something I Like what the actual event was the basic idea is that we all get together every generation and the staff As maybe people that can come on that day To basically just hang out and get to meet each other take pictures and eat and play games And it’s just it’s like a picnic a big family picnic, and I think that even that’s the thing everybody comes out And you’re just like oh, we’re getting to hang out with the family again. It’s like a family reunion Because it is like we all watch each other all the time like learn from one another from watching the episode So this like oh my God you actually have a moment to say hi Quickly because you don’t you from watching our content? You don’t realize that that allant or reactors almost never overlap They overlap very little right it being enough. You could be in like six episodes with somebody and have never met them at all it On your youTube channels you get a collab yeah, we collaborated after last year’s ticket. Yeah It was totally that oh, I’m totally bummed now am I gonna collab with yeah, we are and okay. It’s already happening and then another Actualities I’ll tease the idea of we are considering I think we’ve said this a little bit of like maybe some of these get togethers that are with the entire cast and staff we will start doing that where we’ll invite the rest of the family which is the audience and Hopefully, we’ll be able to do something like that where we have you man one of these events But it’s actually also getting to me. What are very apologizing because it’s probably going to be in Southern California when that happens Everybody realize. Why are you doing in Iowa? Yeah? We definitely have had people like talked about that It’s just like how do you what are we going to pick six people to go around the country to mediate like I can’t bring 150 people is bad to so 200 people around the country to meet people. Yeah, it’s so fun If we could pull it off, shut up man Talk about I mean you can find some cheap airfares depending on website to you So like that times like 200 plus like room and board plus food. Yeah like it’s just a couple hundred thousand there. Yeah So if you’re going to be in Pennsylvania, we’re going to be at the little league classic doing The it’s the inaugural event that major league baseball is putting on this cool event with little league to have an actual game taking place At the Little league complex and M/l my guy And I want to going but like some of I think like maybe like five or six with reactors some we’re hoping to have some major league players come on and play so it’s Gonna be a whole live stream that we do On Facebook that we’ll be doing different challenges and having fun and doing just some fun stuff with some YouTube stars as well But it’s been fun because we just had the first video that was helping to like tell hey This is what we’re doing and we love really love it when a brand comes on and actually works with us for an extended period of time Because one it really helps keep the lights on it helps to bring in money to be able like do all the things we’re doing here But it’s also like it’s a journey in that way versus like the one and done with a brand where it’s like Hi, this is cool. That we’re working with this person, and that’s it. We’re never working with them again. This is like. We did the Teens versus food last we immediate future is really fun. I’m serious like really loved it there. Yes He was so happy with all that food this week. We’re actually having a laugh challenge That’s all with baseball bloopers and stuff like that, but it also has hunter pence in it And then and then yeah, and then there will be the actual event coming up on Sunday. Which is awesome. It’s cool really excited Anything else that we want to tease that might be in production Because we talked about teasing. What rock is giving me eyes for this Go, let’s just go okay Alright nothing else yapping into question. So these are questions that have come across Potential like so directly If you’re good, you’re good I mean if you don’t know this is not like a pop don’t know the answers to these I was episode 74. Oh my gosh Exactly yeah, what was the third episode you ever appeared in my God? That would I know I? in question But go free the very first episode that you were both in of adult years now to ten years YouTube I was in first whenever He said it, but yes, but both of them have been on the show since episode one. Yes, all don’t Yeah Podcast episode 10 yeah I’m cool double version first yeah first podcast adult suggest pickle 6803 You like my transition there yeah Very thick data three over on Istagram wanted to know How did you guys learn about fbe it have you really familiar with the some before you’d ever like audition there should I shall? Introduce you might have different answers to them. Yeah, we might have for it. So for me It was my son sent me a link to he thought on Facebook. What was he to on Facebook? I don’t even know what the best thing was okay It was on Facebook back then and so he was like he sent he sent me a link and he’s like Mom You should try for this. We love this show. I’m like. I love that show the kids are said spell I love those guys and I was like all right, so it was a survey it was just filling in a bunch of questions like What are your favorite TV shows like this is the best survey ever were you in Tube? Thanks to having kids that were in to YouTube and such had you been watching various things on YouTube at all or not really no But I mean by I mean my kids always like you should see this one or they’re sitting there chuckling to themselves And I’m like whether I should really intervene because something’s wrong or something’s really entertaining on YouTube and either way I need in so yeah, I’m doing the the do parents know youTubers So you do all right all those uh no I do really fast you get very do so bad Which is what it’s actually like Scott’s gonna answer here in a second Yeah, I know about yeah a completely different answer but that’s also what’s so important about the show is you guys representing your generation and being parents and everything of Having the idea of its we don’t want everybody that’s going to be people then no youtube so well we need people that have Different opinions based off of those things of how they’re interacting with your kids how you’re thinking about that as an adult Etc So scott yeah, how about you with Youtube Ed sucks okay? So I I used to watch Youtube a lot and It kind of drifted away, and then we started watching me and my buddies started watching cover songs and it was Christina Grimmie action Yeah And she’s the one that kind of brought me back to YouTube and so I started watching kids and teens react every day at lunch The kind of yeah, it kind of doesn’t Lie at school people before was blocked by This pigeon center. Yeah No, I would watch it at lunchtime to kind of stay in the know of what was going on with these junior highers that I? Was teaching there’s such a head of your time teacher I feel like that’s now what everybody does anyways But like that was early to be like you’re going to say on top of it that way, right? Stay connected with the students And that’s and that’s exactly and so I would know what they’re talking about and I could connect and then they always they also thought You were cool when you’d be like. I know tori would you talk about like what where they’d be like? You should have knowed it You know I said they have to be kind of like careful. Leave it of what do you know what? They’re talking always give me that look to that side look like if you really know what we’re talking about it is But um but yeah and then one day at lunch the video popped up about adults react It was like yellow with a kind of a bluegreen diagram. Yeah, yes, I totally remember and it’s like bam Yeah, just it was like hey, you’re certainly reading glasses. Can you see us now? Yeah? I was like adults react is like if you’re interested email and so I can emailed and I was like you know I’m not in Southern California, but I’m willing to drive Cool. Yeah, yeah, and I was like Waited waited didn’t think anything was that going to happen. I got an email back saying we’re interested. Yeah, then like the rest is history What about your kid your kids are young my kids were little yeah, they weren’t intuitive but they weren’t totally into it as much now All the time I mean I get home and instantly I can’t even breathe without them wanting to see Kids react like yeah, is there new kids react today. I’m like no it’s a different episode of something else, but like they’re like you want to see in the new kids react in their goals do you have a rule that they only watch kids react right now it might be on the other one exactly I do we Do have a rule that we do watch just kids react right now Because they are so young or like the last challenges that aren’t the adult version exactly yeah, yeah Because I’m I’m a stickler in my house, okay. I’m very much. I’m the major filter I think that it’s it speaks to Like that the idea completely of like I think because kids react came So popular like and people didn’t know all the types of crazy sketch comedy that we did before they react came along that the media and entertained the industry even People on YouTube tend to think. Oh, okay kids react so this must be like a nickelodeon channel for any channel Yeah We not not generate in front of my salad with the youtubers which was showing a meme that started from a porn right? you know it’s a lightning the idea that kids are not supposed to just be watching everything to be very involved it’s very important even With our channel all right In the sense of like have you dealt with even people in your life. What did a teacher thing? I’ve always been interested even when we did parents react an adult track starting We got a lot of teachers Because they were connected either through their students or because they wanted to be involved from that angle But is that something just normal life are people your age into Youtube that much Still not really no. I would say no, and they always ask me. I mean even other teachers They’ll be like so why do you do that like and you? Enjoyed that or though or I’ll show them a video me like oh And that’s it. They just don’t get it. Yeah, and yet. If it was on TV. They’d probably get it It’s such an interesting thing of like that It’s the separation, but that’s the things that there is a specific time watch element videos on their Facebook though. Oh yeah, I do They do But it is like the that we very much have a demo that is like the older gets It like now as people grow up they’re going to always have watched YouTube and such but it’s still like the 15 to 34 is where you’re really going to get like the heart of the people that watch right youtube but it is then it becomes So random if it’s over that Completely of who’s into it, or who’s not yeah? Yeah? I share the time with the fire and now I’m not talking Okay, so here’s a question. We’ve alluded to what Scott does but let’s talk about it zak Maiella over on Instagram Wanna go, what do you guys do outside of fbe? So obviously we people think maybe you’re here all the time every day most of the reality offers me I’m here all the time every day. They’re here Maybe once a month if you have a vast personal life outside of these walls and reacting. What do you do? Yeah? That’s really overkill really fast. I’m a writer. I write. I am a content marketer I blog now I vlog thanks to You know being on react, but yeah, that’s what I do so I do it for like fun and profit So the profit part is I ghost blog for corporations any missive again, just tell us just Exactly you guys Right yeah, I guess why so I can’t really say right here. Is it like I’m trying to figure out What like industry wise like is it like text off right? Yeah? Yeah, I write a lot about remote work. That’s a That is cool. You guys come So many, NBA things I’m like, what quiet laugh, okay? Well my double secret I’m writing a web series right now and a musical and I have a short film that’s like making a short film circuit Right now so yeah, I mean do you talk about that stuff on your channel on YouTube welcome would you release that yeah? But it eventually maybe come out that the webseries that will be interesting cuz I’m writing out or the channel Yes, it will definitely be teased on my channel, but like I’m not even sure how we’re going to distribute it But I this newfangled thing youtube is so powerful that I feel like it’s a good idea to use the medium so yeah That’s that’s what I do. Oh Scott Come on. You guys have anybody nice Talking about where are you saying you’re maybe dude writer? I can’t compare with right? I’m a teacher I teach Math Junior high math in Seventh grade where does that I’m curious like I have no like in my very limited map to a racial experience I don’t know whatever they order so different like okay, so I taught elementary school for 12 years in 2nd through 6th grade and then I moved it to Junior high six years ago And now I’m doing math, and we’re basically in Pre-Algebra So you’re talking? integers and Angles Seventh in Seventh grade now it’s the shit is totally moved down from I mean can operate America’s number one in math from what I’m Listening and like you know. I know we have people listening from around the world They’re gonna hear that being like watch like we do that in third grade I had a student okay my first year teaching math I had a I had they made me do eighth grade and seventh grade and eighth grade stuff with stuff I did sophomore year of High school Yeah and so I had no idea what I was doing and thankfully I’ve had a student move in from Europe and I would look to her for the answer I Would be writing on the board. I’ll be like and we’re going this direction guys and this and I turn around and look at her Give me like the thumbs up like course you’d be like I’d be like a trainer oh
We do or her it’s exactly I’m going to look it up tonight. That makes goddess a whiteboard being like and the answer is three Like the equation. We’re going to use is and she’s like You’re like moving like towards circling something on the board you like this one is totally that is like wow But it was yeah, it was definitely a challenge, but yeah, it’s it’s tough yeah Senior high math is tough and I used to want to be a rock star I used to be in a band gotcha. Yeah. I was like yeah. Yeah, no keep up with the music I do I keep up with you attic And I used my most recent band in the beginning in my videos a lot. I would use clips from our albums. Oh nice Yeah, so just to kind of limit. Oh because he’s just alluded to you have a channel as well. Yeah I do look at that is going to be in the YouTube they’re coming for so five you guys just want to say your channel just for people that are listening Sure, mine. Is it’s the true story so much both of you Are yeah, it’s I ts the th e. True is just tr. You story, and I’m the chunky Spaniard David Jones whoa, what happened? You like start like really working out a lot or like I need to the reason I wasn’t at the picnic is because I had like Kidney stones So I need to start working out. I don’t know I could be by the way you’re going to be a guest brand yeah Go gary honey there ksenia I mean they need a simple exactly Cool. Let’s see. Do you guys just came from A Shuggie so lars in okay, all right. I’m a man can do you guys have a favorite episode of adults react and why? Wow, I could be anything it doesn’t have to just be adults react I mean, I thank you for your question, but like it could be any of the genres that you and shows you been on ok I Really have enjoyed the the music ones the most recent music ones with Ed, Sheeran and paramore But the one that really stands out was the hoverboard and I don’t think it was that memorable Except for the fact that we talked about back to the future yeah forever Yeah, that’s one of my favorite movies of all time it was around that time period That the the future was coming exactly yeah and it was that Lexus hoverboard commercial, but everything tied in and even after that I was thinking of all these tie-ins to You know lexus and Toyota how they’re connected and like the Toyota truck in the back of a future movie was like right like all The tie ins to that So I think just nostalgia wise the hoverboard was my favorite I also kind of remember yeah early on you You wrote I think in a couple times the company being like oh man. I left and had such better thing. I did I Thought of this and Jesus says like oh I sucked and I had such better answers once I left I knew I would I know I probably sucked and you probably never lies a lot I thought it would be like totally had like one of those like belt out like you’ve never had to be back But thank you for it because I just love the channel you’re coming back. I had no idea That’s awkward because I was like they’re never asking me back. I got a first one. I’m like Ben never asked me back Yeah, but that was a fun episode. That was still when Benny and I were in the room. Yeah fun. Yeah, it was great. Yeah Scotty that I can’t believe that you’re so good all the time Can’t believe you were ever like what? Which happens all literally all the time like all the time like right? I’m a moment. I just should live All right, so my it’s most memorably right can I just do memorable cuz just the ghost pepper one? Oh, God was like Yeah that was that was Intent like I just shot one maybe a little vodka and it was like I had to sign all these waivers with it Someone’s Gonna drive me home, and it’s like I’m you know it’s all like buttoned up, and then I come in for this next one It’s like you know, but um and you know they open the silver thing And it’s like a plate of hot peppers and all it is is like so it’s like a really popular challenge on YouTube then I’m like and Game doing it like I’m in it an entire bite and within like first. I’m like oh it must be like a help You know are you doing it before you came to keep talking. We’re like hey, give you a pep talk Like I can’t talk like gone. It was like Us hearing like oh my God. I had just fixed my makeup to Sideline insane first, we probably told you before head, please Extra hands just that basil and everything yeah Completely, and it was like you know so the behind the scenes so I did you know the episode eat the pepper You’re losing your mind I actually thought I might pass out at one point because it was so hot But I maintain composure got to the ice cream. Shoved it down my throat was like Nauseated then there’s that moment of triumph like I did it. I made it like I’m a little bit amazing right now and then Yeah, the bang the ride home. I was like. Oh, that’s trying to repeat a little bit. I got home and I’m like hmM Strangely enough I’m even hurley so I’m just gonna eat a little lunch. I’ll just keep it bland I like got out of pop ship and some hummus and it was like tossing a penny into Molten Lava And I literally fell on my knees and what like what like so like some of the als challenge of sweat like over my head oh, so terrifying is like great hour so Yeah that in a way. It’s kind of like that. We should we should follow everybody home and Dieters, but honestly from doing the first couple Because of getting some stories back like this and heard that one. Thank you for that That was hilarious and awful and yes, I mean, thank God marble. Yeah also awesome But we ended up now whenever we do anything like that We fully have it we contact ahead to say do you want to do one because what we ended up realizing is that? People coming in because you guys never know what you’re gonna Do now right and because you never know we’re going to do and it actually affects the rest of your day and night Yeah, it’s not like this is affecting your health long-term day and night that it isn’t just about coming in you’re done We’re like oh, you might have an event about that really high yeah I did I had tickets to go see the cure that Everybody like I’m the idiot that Didn’t follow that disclaimer. I got that email saying this will ruin rest your day, and I just stinkin Carolina reaper. Oh It’s so dumb. I’m Fine now, whatever. I’m like whatever cynthia Christine out some about it Should be like this is about to ruin your day like open an email And they’re into that guy don’t know I got actually look I Mean maybe I’m sick But I kind of like but I want to bring up because both of you guys were in an episode That was really I think important. It was really great uh The try not to get scared don’t kitty but as we’re both it Shows I know I’m so good. I would kill you that on the set that seven dress uh and you had great like terrified reactions really scared you which I think would even Ono’s even Kindly That would be just big silly, but that the you guys are bolted now turning it into serious in a second But you’re both also in the parents 13 reasons Why, yes owed? And that was a you know people tend to ask us so we’re going to do different generations two different Things and that one actually turned out to be something that we were like well We’ll see how the first episode goes with teens because it was this show was even though You know everybody watched that yeah? It was catered and specifically made for teens to be watching for that genet for that demo But then automatically with such a interesting perspective that it was the first time that we kind of went We should not only be showing this to get the perspective from parents for this But also get them to see what the teens were saying about it, Etc But I guess it really stood out as an episode for me and thinking about what? The shows are trying to find in topics. Which is you being very specifically talking for your generation and talking for your? you know people their parents and Like our when serious stuff is happening for your kids and what they might be watching Etc And so could you speak to I guess maybe a little bit about that episode? But also like of how you think about having that your opinion is the opinion of parents and adults that you guys represent For a lot of people out there and do you attend to think about that dot Etc? No, I’m a big question Heavy yeah, you gotta lay down on the couch to be the voice of parents out there. I don’t know if I’m always the best represented a think about that, but I do think about that sometimes, and I think about like my friend group or even representing teachers, especially in that and now that was a really really tough episode for me Just because we had lost so many students, and then just a couple weeks ago. I lost another one and one that I had coached with and had just seen a few months ago on campus and You know and so I I keep going back to it and are you watching and seeing are the teens cast react to it? They’re so bright And so just well informed And they’re so smart it was great seeing what they had to say because if they’re representing other teams out there That’s a great representation. You know, and they’re so they think and that’s what we need But it’s tough being thinking that you’re the voice of other parents But I think we have such a diverse group of adults. I think you do hit all those pockets of Different opinions and thoughts and feelings on it, and it was yeah, it was it was a very very tough Episode for me, but huge I think was very very important Mm-hmm It’s hard to find topics if we can kind of dive into this kind of scale Yeah, but like when you do you end up being like ah man so that for me again Why it’s kind of memorable when to hear if you had any asking thoughts around it? Yeah, I mean, yeah I know. I mean. I am not a teacher. I don’t even play one on TV but I am a mom, so I watched it with my daughter and and my son in part and it was so There’s so many facets to it there’s so many sides to it and we got you know letters home from our principal and all that stuff and it was like it’s That show was controversial so speaking out on controversial topics and taking a stance and having an opinion I think it’s good. You know it was flawed. I think but it was really good because the conversation needs to happen That’s my opinion. So that is actually my opinion about yeah, it’s just like yeah It’s flawed sure but like my God just because of us being from having the success on YouTube and knowing such a Section of the audience is that teenage age and that we started really understanding? So early before this whole boom of anti bullying and anti cyberbullying it Wasn’t really talked about much when we were first doing and we did like a kids react to bullying we did a teens react to suicide early on that became videos that were really used like in schools and Colleges around the world that we had contacted about those episodes a lot But it if you look at those episodes the way the teens were talking about it the schools had been doing nothing at that time right
But teams knew what were happening to them and so this type of show Was like it was the first time that I saw something that was like This is what teens have been talking about for literally like six years. Yes that I’ve been talking with MMM, but You know any I mean it’s changed the focus. It’s changed the way. I mean the schools weren’t talking about it It was just slapping up a poster right and just like okay. Well. There’s help if you need it It’s know and also fuck up like okay, but they didn’t understand no What follows you everywhere now with mobile phones and everything nobody was really understanding of like you can’t escape and I say yeah And I’ve been very intentional even because of that with the wave instead of my classroom You know I believe you pictures of I’m instagram. Yeah the posters that I put up about you know it’s you know you are important and me you are unique and it’s okay to have a dark side as long as you also embrace that light side and Just things like that from different organizations for with Representing suicide prevention, and it’s um it’s not just to have the posters on the wall its to get those conversations started it’s something I’m going to start the first week of school with of I’m here if you need me and if you Aren’t comfortable talking to me. I will find someone who you’re comfortable talking to You know, but you need to also you know kind of let me in and I’ll be an advocate for you Because we’ve just had so much loss. Yeah, it’s hard uh I’m not happy now behind I don’t Know it’s important to talk about Yeah Inside of study where we’re just like hanging out like these are important topics that we end up doing on the show It’s it’s so one minute it’s a weird crazy meme the many minutes gonna be just about really wanted a podcast reflects the kind of Rollercoaster of like Topics that we haven’t cover and it will some weeks It’ll be that the silliest thing in the world that you can’t even fathom why a bunch of people are collectively getting their revenge it That thing and you’re like really internet But it still turns out to be interesting Or something as important or serious as that and I think it was anything else true that you wanted to know I want it well A couple small things but for me personally Like being a part of that and being able to like yes, lose a laugh challenge And yes often be like I have no idea what oh it’s Beyonce. Whoops. You know like having those moments is like Humiliating and amazing, but having the moments where you can talk about really heavy subjects that really affect you know kids in particular But all of us is amazing and from that experience It is reinforcing. I’m actually Starting to train for the crisis text line So that was actually from watching that show and even talking about it on YouTube and just feeling like something’s got to be done so that was moving it into action, so this one is a spoke exactly actually to what uh In the sense of a lot of people are like why don’t you cover serious things all the time? It’s like we pick and choose to really be smart about that kind of thing because it is going to be Overload and it’s not necessarily. What the show is but it’s become so it’s so great of like doing all the fun stuff and doing all the stuff because they Continue to keep the audience around to then have the ability to have the impact on them Yeah, because if we were only doing the serious things And that’s what the show was Originally even it would not have grown to what it is so that it can have the ability to have an impact So yeah, you can do it yourself. So that’s really my pleasure We thank you so much, holly my lieges, okay? So not just for that but for the multiple episodes you guys have been on a question came in from Julie corn Over on insta have your kids or family or maybe students in Scotts case ever critiqued and way you react Don’t be all day. Yes Yes, it’s there’s been moments met by disbelief outraged and downright angel to Anger like why you you I um Yeah, no, I mean obviously my kids always nice because I’m like you guys I pissed on the foo fighters Really not okay. Damn girl is my spirit animal like you guys need to fix it is gonna be okay Yeah, you make up. I really got harder on myself in there Let’s put it that way yeah. I think yeah my own children I’ll show them bits and pieces of the videos that I’m in and they’re like they think I’m just a big dork anyway My own kids and so they just like dad you made a funny face You know so there’s a little that’s what there is What was their joy and their like dad made a funny face, and there’s that loud laugh again? Yeah, you know This is my students. They will ream me Maybe like you missed out on this one or like you don’t like xxx tint. I own. I’m like no I’ve never heard tribe called class back and listening to you And like that was the one where the high schoolers even came back and started coming to talk to me or texting me And they’re like Larios you’ll know xxx and like no, I don’t I’m the appalling x because that’s exhibit other other writers like way Dna like 15-20 years when you’re in my position and like don’t be so mean to me because you’re going to be going through the same exact Thing that I’m going through when you’re old yeah exactly yeah, I mean, they do the edges around but they love I Also, enjoy again, that’s more conversation Ku and so that you can tell what they’re invested And we can we can laugh about it they laugh at me mostly. Oh, sorry We’re going to get into a couple questions that came in just for Fve the company and then we’ll get into our Weave yeah We’ll get into our segment where you talk about the feedback that we’ve seen that come in from the videos over the past week so from the fans Elissa Lachman over on YouTube wants to know Ross who new algorithms were so interesting This guy sounds like that sounds like Benny and Rafi have to really balance between creating content to work with the algorithm and creating content for A Fanbase how do you make decisions when the to conflict? Very nice jen yeah, I mean so far in the podcast we’ve talked about that. There’s a variety of factors of like Of making content. It’s kind of the creative struggle I guess in a lot of ways is that to whatever degree you could have you hope to find? You wish that the thing that you love? At first the most is your biggest hit it’s going to be it and you don’t have to like necessarily do anything But would you want to do and you have that life and some artists are like those? Starving artists that no matter what they don’t care. There’s nothing that’s going to be done They only have one thing they want to do and if people don’t like it They don’t care Etc But I have never really been that we’ve always had a really wide array of like ideas and enjoying to make everything That’s why when we ended up finally we were put in a box in Hollywood And it comes back around with things like the algorithm well in Hollywood like we were told We’ll just be comedians and we were inspired by Like Kevin Smith And so we did want to go down that path of just wanting to make stuff like he was making But we then thought when coming out the hollywood specialty they were like this is the only stuff that you should write in this way To get the job and that because when Hollywood is like a bomb bomb yeah You know and it’s an actor only supposed to act in these roles or how television and film used to be oh my God nobody would ever do a television role until Netflix and all this stuff started happening and mad men and all these types of roles that was like breaking bad There’s like own televisions huge so Even on the writing side and the creative side Hollywood was putting us in a box until we finally said you know what screw that Box is where we then had something like react show up and we came up with the first non-scripted thing we had ever come up with we had never done that before so From the animation to the webseries to the future films so the TV shows everything that we do is like all over the place thankfully because when you end up inside of something like Things like that you can’t even control like an algorithm and that Youtube keeps changing And you have to keep adapting and it wasn’t even just youtube before youtube was around we were adapting and changing because we had a website at first and then we Started realizing the might phases of things so we’re kind like okay. I was at work. You’re putting up these idols online You’re like, okay? We got to start putting up Sketches and viral things that are around holidays and was the idea of like we love all this stuff We love making it all but it becomes targeted towards what we know we’ll have an extra bit of success And we were around so many people that Didn’t have that mentality They were just like they only have one thing they ever wanted doing that was it We always were willing and wanting to do so many things so when we end up having the idea of Now also running a business and that other factors come into it of being like well now. We’re kind of like our own Television Network now. We’re kind of like we have a business where we have to we have All these people to come in for talent that like rely on it to some degree some on the income more than others But then we have a staff that work there full-time. It’s 60 people that need us to pay them You end up getting even more specific around knowing? Well thankfully we have all these hit shows thankfully they all are working but they become targeted of what works and what doesn’t and Starting to cater yourself towards making things that work better than others while still loving what you’re making We do it unless we didn’t love it and then depending on the things that we still are like bleeding heart wanting to make We find other platforms for it and YouTube has becomes more epic of what you make for Youtube and then other stuff gets made for other platforms or You bite the bullet and something like the podcast and we just say screw it. You wanna make right God test because you know the pocket is going to hit us in the algorithms, but you were saying yeah but It’s something we want to do Scott right now you talking It’s hurting our algorithm placement is hurting me out with the algorithm here Right and at least for now like honestly because we wanted to make it a good experience But like we don’t know I’ll say it now like we don’t know at some point that we might throw in ads Into the podcast but because we wanted to be even an experience that we just wanted the audience to just be able to watch now Worried we’ve had no ads even on the podcast so far, but I’ll tell you hey We might turn that on just to help it bring in a little bit of my left I Might as well make it a little bit of body all of it Cool, and we talked a little bit about how some of the features and stuff that we’re talking with Youtube about is the controls to Help creators, take that hit or make more concerted efforts to be like hey We want to take a hit in the algorithm here Because we really want to try and connect or feature stuff to our audience in a different way the biggest ones that that like is Our example, and it makes YouTube feel bad. It’s like when we add the carly fleischman series She’s autistic that but she was doing the talk show and that like because those first few people might be Against people like that not find it interesting the superfans don’t even find out that that show exists like they’ll almost never find out you Know shout out to a lot of the 5% leaving comments about how they go to their subscription page And they notice how other people don’t I know right? I know right for you guys Yeah like watch you realize So many people to tell them but it’s a good way of being like look if you two would allow us to put that inside of the related video on the top right on the for the first video when you’re watching a video and it would be on the Top right the first video there, or if you’re watching on mobile It would be right below the first video there if we were able to what that is Carly’s talk show Every time that came out that thing would have gone like five hundred thousand views an episode and a lot of people would have become More fans of hers gone to her channel Maybe meet her dream come true and know that she’s still going forward in everything But instead with the way that that works because it’s the it doesn’t it’s not a react episodes Not a laugh challenge it just finds its way to falter and just get the 100 to 200 thousand views and it’s just like – and we don’t care that that would take a hit on the laugh challenge Or that would make something not get seen as much if we can have new shows and have new things that we’re wanting to get Out there, specifically So again, it makes you feel back It’s like look at this great show that you guys your algorithm made Not get seen by so many people so looking at some feedback from the leader okay. Maybe I’m not remembering offhand They’re a special song for feedback of the week. We don’t have a jingle t where we were debating if we needed a jingle. Oh so yeah one of I think the the audiences But also inside the episode that was so fascinating a watch and was fun to watch Was even just like this. It wasn’t a generational episode, but we did have in the second try not to feel old we had The the adults watch the teens talking about yes, who do you want to do remember? Why yes? I was in that one. Go ahead. Yes I mean it was talking that made you feel so old then that banter of being like oh my God, it’s Ricky Martin I don’t know if you guys saw the episodes but And they’re like it’s from shrek like oh my God like that was like that is do damage as song is anything like limited Vida Loca Ricky Bard It’s like obvious like to anybody in certain generation And that’s the thing like our grandparents probably feel that way all the time with us right that they go I go nobody knows all This biggest you know like crooners that were cydia. Good. We all are like I don’t know. What that way yeah You guys see the elders get that song episode where we played like silastic songs to the trailer wasn’t In the other they were guessing like these really old songs and they knew them and it’s like man I’m not even watch again But so this was big a do teen so 90s music and we plug in with limited Vida, Loca Nobody knew it was Ricky Martin not one and one person guess antonio Banderas Sergio a nomad he was so Mr. Gio is bad in the Very man in the El Buro the set it right and on and then you’re like four of them all went Oh, it’s the shrek song. It’s a song that’s in shrek I know that that’s from shrek and just it was so from the audience in the comments, or just like oh my God How odd people don’t know Ricky Martin? But it was just a really cool thing of Utilizing the footage with each other that you guys are watching each other and that did that really was that all hits you in such a weird different way yeah of like actually seeing Teenagers talking about how they don’t know these things right But I know that that’s kind of how a lot of the commenters feel all the time watching Do you only know 90s yeah, and how the changing when you watching? I really like exactly ah Sound familiar like oh my God. You kidding me. It’s on like 24/7 um Yeah those China fuels. I love those and uh No, I’m not touching that actually we actually I already talked about it and did ballpark Foods I talked about that one already which was just a really cool episode, but I were talking about well You didn’t talk about the feedback from the fans you just talked about the feedback well is the Fed like it was just nice that like sometimes when you do something with a brand there was just a really fun episode to See that we really kind of knocked it out of the park with that Didn’t just happen But that you know the audience, it’s so interesting when you end up doing an episode where the audience kind of calls foul for the year That it’s great like we work really hard to when those episodes are needing to be done and finding the way to do that because the company does need to do brand deals in order to survive It’s great when we find that right kind of recipe that like the recipe for the food episode You read that was really good. I got About the walk out of it Whatever that that was what the episodes were like a lot of the episodes that we do it is Have purchase or whatever that that was something that everybody was watching at home and in the episode were just like this is incredible But a lot of negativity around Americans and because baseball so known for being American and This crazy food that like these are like it became a silly thing which I didn’t even know that it became such a silly thing That there’s one thing in almost every stadium. That’s just ridiculous that they make so it’s and that’s all right Yeah, even though they’re on Facebook on that episode. There’s a lot of comments of Baseball fans from other stadiums saying oh my God. I wish you would have featured our and being like make another episode Where you feature ours that but I think a lot of the international crowd was like Are you doing you’re scalping food? Why do you eat yourself? Yeah? I guess not disgusting but just like what calories were put into things it is these are the crazy foods that they make on purpose and Also, like oh my God America Yeah, but at the same time good point. Good point world We are we do kind of eat ourselves into like obese. I I true we had it before that I’m talking like six seven years ago at my the last company before we spent before I joined, and we started up b was a Agency Company digital marketing Agency, and we had a sister company in Shanghai we used to have People from Shanghai come to La and send from people that la to shanghai, but whenever we had people from their visit here They were taking pictures of the portions they we’re taking pictures of food like Instagram They were like this is what you serve a single person like every odds right is a family dish like you know I mean We were like yeah, we just eat a lot and when in the limited travel I’ve done and you start seeing portions in other countries, and you’re like. Oh, that’s what people should eat Much never because I thought I saw I did see a question That was um just a quick question of like do you ever take? Vacations and the answer is like no we only and this actually myself are listen. We gotta take a vacation 134 years yeah, otherwise, it’s Like Benny going for like an overnight tonight Go somewhere And then come back really quick and but like that’s where we did learn about that in London where we did order can we talk about this on the PI know already we went to this hub in bath, England and With us being typical Americans we go into the pub and we see a special there That’s pay for an extra pound you can get a second entree or a second like like dish or something. So we’re like sweet we all get Along really like if I know there was a date or something just super cheap like two for one meal But we’re like no that means we get double the food and so we each play any other poising the waitress looked at us So weird and then eventually pranked all the food out it was us sitting in for like 12 place Today, but they also were like it was obvious that we could we couldn’t tell why they were looking at us weird No, like you think he was a little and like they setting with a village dollar extra Yeah, like double protein or something like that even though the plate Still thought of it is like well that’s normal this must be what everybody does here no We haven’t kind of like the thing that you just get that we would have Gotten maybe two And three of us, and they just were so confused by these Americans and being like any opportunity to order more food Buffets everywhere you have anything else. There’s a time for shout out uh Well yeah, let’s see shout out. Yeah, okay first of all we need a hashtag I’m going to pick a hashtag that’s more friendly to the international listener. No because because we pick it now grange elders that have An hour I can tell you right now That well for even for me that I mean I have never found out an algorithm correctly once in my life Right we made that a hashtag so yeah, that was bad on us But also, we’ve done this in the past was super complicated like English words that non-English speakers listening or like dudes guys come help us out here like we got to try and translate and figure out how to spell your stupid words uh You have any suggestions hot peppers at West high God Remembers you both of them yeah yeah, I mean scotty want me, but two are there that would be a hashtag like death Right yeah, I know this really dark Ages are here ya Know and hashtag hot peppers, and you guys hear that hashtag our secret Hashtag whenever we give these out in the podcast leave that hashtag wherever you’re listening in Youtube or Twitter? I think we pull the most from And you get a chance for a shout out on next week’s episode, so I think yeah I’d have a long list somewhere near dodged my mIc oh I’m Gonna trip a Lot of work, okay? time again Then they get tired of listening. We have some really terrible boom arms that were navigating in the video, right? So I’m very it’s like a limbo with your face I have a lot of hopes for the podcast better boom arms is one of them. Maybe some extra camera Angle – no That’s not good. We’re not quite there yet. So these are all people that Sat through the algorithm algorithm our last week with Matt pat and left to come and get the six and reset Over yeah, it really it was the best. I think best performing podcast. I’ve had well yeah, thank you great now. It’s good except we’re going to hold you down if it’s just Benny rafi and me if it’s a Male, it’s the duck it goes down to like the 2% once. We’re done. Yeah So here we go. We’ll just go round Robin, and we’ll just keep going in a circle until we wrap them out Do your best I’m going to murder so many names here, so you don’t feel bad a wilds anita Alex yeager, Elisa Lachman, I was Jacob utah, Elisa Fuentes I Came that anton and I amber Lee Amber Lee Morgan animal Lover Gaming Adam adds Bastard Anton A faster than Santa oh my God antonio Ramona lives live yeah good enough – Lee videos excellent wall Backwards Awkward Blueberry Pies Rock Watson Delaney Pereira Dodie Malley Dr. Lee Kegel three six seven or McKenzie again. Oh Emily Sarah, Nora, Nora Epic Narvik 95th Avia’s Immune Accord the early annoying punk Jason Devos 24 or Halina Vegas Josh poetry 6:30 Justin speed Karen checking on KCb Kendrick Harris Seven Oliver Jimmy eight when we see Cory Wilford Lord of war and Mama see Mark Winne Bay Marina Brian Maya Ja Lucar, Megan Jensen Melanie Baskin they can presume means a nicholas off against them nightfall Outer Ring CPL, Kangaroo Rollo, Leica Robert Anderson Spartans Southwick on damn Rush Sandra Xavier Santana, Sandra, Little Buell Sapphire, Gemstone Ruby yeah severus black Pareshan soon, that’s the beak Sadly Climbs down Stephanie who Mama favor Super moustache five five five comment Albert and over on Twitter I’ll run through Visa amethyst blaze juice on nine to to poopoo 1602 James Cagney, Jr. Johnny Key y h m Fillmore ss. Tena Hollis 88 Matthew geary of Maisie. Thank you guys so much, and then we’ll just go through the country list There’s at least one person in each of these countries or claiming to be in each of these countries We ag yeah pixar didn’t happen Let’s go around the grip here algeria faceful, Argentina. Love that show so sorry that’s right Yeah, or hey Ba ramos are off Bangladesh Colombia Greece, India Israel Morocco Nepal Netherlands Nigeria badoo Philippines Portugal South Africa Trinidad turkey uk and Usa, Maryland, California, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Florida special shout out to you. Thank you guys so much for Sitting through these crazy long pipe a thank you. Yeah, they make my percent another Thank you so much to the five percent out there hopefully this made Maybe folding your laundry a little bit more entertaining Except maybe you’re doing some homework. You just need a little bit in your collection But special thanks to both of you for coming on and hanging out with us I was saying before it’s like really nice to get to see you guys again Spend a little time to connect because it’s tough for us to really be around is us working so much and so hard But uh you guys mean a lot to us. It’s in two years. It’s in july There’s no preparing a lot yeah lie, so of two years ago So thank you so much for being a part of it all and representing your generation. I think just like Representing the idea of having opinions matters and like standing by it even when you’re silly even when with whatever it’s a even when you’re going to be mocked mercifully by durational former students and A and friend, but it really is uh it’s something special And I’m happy that you find it to be something special being a part of it as well And I know you do and that means a lot – yeah super. It’s a huge honor I’m not kidding, and it’s what you see these guys are awesome and like a family was having us back I still stress out about that I’m not gonna write about the podcast. I know I did that all the time. I was like totally second-guessing myself I’m the king of second guessing but thank you for for everything I had and thanks for hands you guys are me yeah, you guys my check out more Scott and trudy They do have social networks you can follow. There’s a there’s a page that not a lot of people know about I don’t even know if the 5% actually know about but Finebros ent Fim eb R os cmt.com Slash Adults – react you can find all of their social networks because we have a goal like Headshot page with everybody’s links that you guys have sent across But it’s the chunky spaniard or Chucky cream and the chunky stan you got chunky endangered on YouTube, and it’s a true story Yeah, are you I’m the story of saturate here. I like living the Howie single and Thank you. Here’s the most important question of the podcast did you have fun? Yes, I was so nervous, but it was a blast like getting to hang out like the heard first time I met you I didn’t know you were listening to the podcast. I didn’t know you were as well connected Oh, would you like like you would yeah, and I thought you were carrying all these pipes up the elevator I’m like you need some help. I’d known I would have been here I Know that kind of stuff is so it just it always gets me of just like even at the the party like that you know you have somebody that like is not even with the cast and they’re like with their own family and they come over and They’re like it. Took me an hour to come over here. Yeah, every high yeah I’m just me and like you know and it’s just Even the idea of like what we’ve grown a lot of the reactors would be like so what is it like you know all these? Hundreds of people now that are here. I’m just like it’s just it’s the same it Just feels good, and it’s great the we’re all doing this but like the idea of you know oh me versus you or knowing him or it just like really it’s hope the hope is that mold is just allowing a guy more important than Raw like yeah, so you guys have created this amazing family like atmosphere And that’s what makes this those but that and then the hope in that is that like it really should just kind of like not A lot ideas yeah are there really yeah? And that’s what I hope from anything around the world of what we’re doing and talking about and that YouTube brings us all together and all those ways in such an abuse why like I think the show kind of represents that too and hopefully you’re not feel like that when it comes to the company cuz That’s what we’re not. We’re all the same. Yeah, no, it’s cool. I mean it’s representing right there analyst be his head Yeah, it’s crazy cool Thank you guys so much for listening and with us hopefully Everyone if you have a question or an idea or a story or segment or something you wish we would share or talk about? Please use that hashtag Fbe podcast that’s kind of how I zoom in and search for things week to week and figure out What to put in the rundown and what to build out? So you guys are very much the 5% I say are my co-producers I should address the credits in the podcast to put like a producer like the pfeifer to then Because I’m so thankful for every person that’s either watching this or listening to the sound of my voice right now it’s incredible that you guys are hanging out with us behind the scenes and even care and want to learn more about these amazing people that we work with each day and just what goes on here because we Have so many talented people working behind the scenes here that we’re very thankful for. So hope you guys had fun Hopefully you guys come back next week when we’ll have even more special guests here. You never know what the heck is going to happen but we’re super excited, so I’m sure will you give me a moment? Because I am honestly pumped because I sounds like otherwise I’m just kind of like meeting these people in the lobby or I talked to them for a couple minutes here and there and this is my Real chance to actually talk to all these people that have kind of seen for so long, but anyway Thank you guys so much or we hope we see you back here next week See you later. Bye guys bye guys you

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