Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)

Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)

Today we fall asleep on GMM. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Sleep: you gotta do it. Everybody’s into it. In fact, uh,
scientists say more and more how important – it is to get eight hours of sleep…
– What’s with scientists and sleep? – Seven to nine hours if you can.
– Scientists just want to… – Do stuff while people are sleeping?
– No. They just wanna have an excuse to – sleep. Scientists are sleepy people.
– No. I think they want people to sleep and then they want to invent things that
we don’t know about ’cause we’re sleeping. Illuminati. Now, listen.
I am in love with sleep. Well, that’s what we’re going
to talk about today, is… If I could only do one thing for the
rest of my life, it’d probably be sleep. – …is how…
– If I could only choose one thing. …is how to get to sleep. And Link in
particular: he’s good at a lot of things, he’s not so good at other things, but if
there’s one thing that he is a champ at, it is falling asleep. And falling asleep
quickly. And I can say this from experience. Not because we’ve shared a
bed, but because we’ve flown together many different times. And we’ll be having
a conversation, and then I’ll like turn around to like get my headphones out, and
I turn back around and Link’s GONE. The sign of Link sleeping is mouth open,
(snores) sometimes a snore will happen, sometimes his eye kinda go half-open.
It’s a little embarrassing. Mouth full-open, eyes half-open.
You know I’m in Dreamland. And then when the pretzels and peanuts
come, I just take ’em and just put ’em in his mouth for him. I feed him. But what
we’re gonna talk about today is for people like me who are not as good at falling
asleep– ’cause, I mean, how long does it take you to fall asleep? When you hit
the hay, you hit the pillow… – 120 seconds.
– I mean, that seems crazy. Two minutes? It seems particularly surprising to me
because I’m an anxious person. But something about laying down on my
pillow… I’m able to check my worries at the foot of the bed, so to speak.
Or at the… at the… at the… – The door?
– What is the thing called – that you go through?
– The headboard. Hm? If I go through the headboard,
you better call the urgent care! – Well, I get what you’re saying.
– The doorway. You fall asleep quickly, and because you
don’t sit down and think. And I think for – me, and probably for a lot to people…
– My wife’s… she’ll lay down and think. Boy, I’ll roll over sometime and
I can just see think fumes – just coming off of her head.
– (laughing) Well, I can think about like a previous night and I think, “You
know, it probably took half and hour – to go to bed last night.”
– Really? – Maybe sometimes an hour!
– I’m very thankful for this gift, – and I don’t take it lightly.
– Well, here’s what we’re gonna do: there are some weird techniques. We’re not
gonna talk about the standard ones that people talk about. We’re gonna talk about
the weird ways that people have suggested for going to sleep. And then I’m gonna
go through these, see what you — a sleep expert, a guy who can sleep really
well — thinks about these. – Okay.
– And then we’re actually going to try to implement these and see who can go
to sleep faster right here on the GMM set. Okay, experiment. But so first you’re
gonna walk me through these, but – we’re not talking like counting sheep.
– No, I’m talking about squeeze then relax. – (laughing)
– Sqee… squeeze what? Squeeze your muscles. This is a technique
that involves squeezing and relaxing your muscles starting with feet and going all
the way up to your face. – Okay.
– So squeezing and relaxing. You gotta go all through the thighs,
through the buttocks… – …region, stomach…
– Start with like the toes? And you go all the way through. You don’t
have to do it now, but you might have to do it in a second. Squeeze and relax. How about this one? Rock yourself to
sleep. You know, you rock a baby – to go to sleep.
– How do you rock yourself to sleep? – You can rock yourself to sleep.
– Like in a rocking chair? No, (stammering) well, some people say
that they can use like a actual – rocking chair, or an office chair…
– Well, yeah. I could do that. But then you fall asleep in the office
chair. I just think this is laying down and just… (exhales) just kinda
doing a little side-to-side action, – and then eventually you’re just like…
– Well, it sounds funny, but I do think – that is what they’re saying.
– Yeah, rocking yourself to sleep. – Like giving yourself…
– It’s weird. – …a little ocean motion.
– But it works for some people. – A water bed helps.
– Inhale through your left nostril. – That’s a technique. This comes from yoga.
– Really? It’s thought to reduce blood pressure and
can calm you. You lay on your left side and then you rest a finger on your right
nostril and close it and you breathe – slowly through your left nostril.
– Why your left nostril? – Why not?
– Well, laying on your left side… – You’ve gotta pick one.
– …enables the passing of gas. – My grandma told me that.
– Because what? Your butt’s on the – left side of your body, or what?
– No, my butt’s in the center, but… – Your appendix?
– I think that more intestine goes left than right. I honestly don’t know, but
multiple people have told me… – She’s probably right.
– …from the medical community. If you need to pass flatu-liss…
(nasally voice) flat-ness, I don’t know how to say it. Lay on your
left side and then… but don’t do this. – Like the genie.
– Well, you’re gonna try that today, or I might. Sleep inducing pressure points.
Apparently there’s a pressure point – right there where your glasses are…
– Really? and if you take your thumb and you press
there for 20 seconds and then relax, you do that a couple of times. That has been
known to help people sleep. Now that’s… uh, hoodoo. – Mumbo jumbo? Hoodoo?
– That’s hoodoo. – You looking for voodoo or mumbo jumbo?
– My grandma also called it hoodoo. – Well, she was wrong. She’s a great woman.
– I’m not stabbing a doll. I’m pushing – my glasses. That’s hoodoo.
– Visualize falling asleep. Some studies have shown that people
who can actually… ’cause you know in athletics, if you visualize the shot or
the swing or whatever, it can help you. But people who sit down, who lay down and
then they visualize themselves falling asleep. And if that means your mouth falls
open, you visualize your mouth falling open. – I think I kinda…
– Next thing you know, your mouth is – open and you’re asleep.
– I get that one. And then finally, creating your own
fantasy world. Some people say that they have created a world, a fantasy
world, in which there’s… – A dream world.
– …other people, and, you know, it can get really advanced and complex.
It’s a whole ‘nother world, and you go there in your mind. You have
conversations with people. And then you enter that world every single night,
and before you know it, when you’re trying to get back into that world, you’re
asleep. Maybe you’re dreaming about it. – Okay, I mean that just seems like…
– How does this sound to you? That seems like more of a burden to think
of more things. I just shut off all – thoughts and get stupid.
– Okay, well… – Like the Black Eyed Peas.
– You can try that. I’m gonna pick a couple of these techniques to see
and we’re gonna see who can fall asleep more quickly. There’s no prizes,
other than just a nap. – Okay?
– Well, that’s good enough for me, brother. To the sleep lab! (whooshing sound effect)
(harp glissando) (whispering) Welcome to
the sleep lab, Link. (whispering) Thank you for
having me here. – I uh… (laughing)
– And for dressing me like this. – I’ve got on my… V-Day —
– (laughing) and that doesn’t mean Valentine’s day —
war-themed pajamas. I got you the plane theme and
I got the dinosaur theme. Okay. So I’m gonna fall asleep, just
because I’m going to. You’re gonna do what you do. This is
like we’re at a lock in, first of all. Isn’t that cool? We haven’t done this
in forever. It’s like a sleepover. So you put your glasses up. You just
do your normal thing. I’m gonna use a couple of the weird techniques
that I read about. – Which technique are you gonna use?
– I’m gonna start with left nostril. – Do you want me to tuck you in?
– No. I don’t need any help. – Will you tuck me in?
– No. So I’m gonna just breathe through my
left nostril. You can ignore me. (exaggerated breathing) – Is that too loud?
– It’s a little loud. I’m a little stuffed. (breathing again) – You should close your eyes. (laughing)
– (Rhett laughing) You’re staring at me,
blowing out of your nostril. Okay. You don’t normally try to fall asleep with
your eyes open, do you? – Sometimes. So I can see robbers.
– (Link laughing) – You’re such a dork!
– I don’t think that left nostril — I’ve done it just a couple of times, but
I don’t think it’s gonna work. I’m gonna do the pressure points. (laughing) – Shh shh shh! (et cetera)
– (Link laughing) I gotta relax. ♪ (lullaby music) ♪ Ahh… (Rhett) Mm. Wow. I can see that working. (laughing)
(sheets rustling) I’m gonna combine a couple of ’em. I’m gonna do the pressure points,
and I’m gonna enter a fantasy world. (laughing) Okay. – Do you want me to tell you about it?
– (whispered) No! It’s called Blondor. – It’s not filled with blonde women.
– (laughing) It’s just a name I came up with. – I’m really trying to go to sleep now.
– (Rhett) Blondor. I’m really trying to go to sleep. – (Rhett) I’m a knight.
– (Link sighs) – I ride a two-headed dragon.
– You’re making it very difficult. (laughing) For me to go to sleep.
(inhales) All right. (Link sighs) This isn’t gonna be easy. ♪ (harp glissando and windchimes) ♪ ♪ (calming music) ♪ (sheets rustling quietly) (lid pop) (light thump) (squirting)
(Rhett laughing) (Link inhales) (both laughing)
(sheets rustling) (Link) I wasn’t asleep! It’s amazing how much it just sat
right in your upside down hand. – Did you see that? It like defied gravity.
– Why are you pinning me down? I don’t want — don’t hit me.
You already got me. – What?
– Don’t get me in the face. – What were you gonna do.
– I wasn’t gonna do anything. I was gonna scratch your
nose a little bit. (both laughing) You didn’t fall asleep, man.
I was hoping you’d fall asleep. – I came pretty close.
– I was gonna get you. – All right. Let’s go back to the desk.
– ♪ (harp glissando) ♪ – Well, that didn’t really work.
– I know. I’m a little disappointed in myself. I got almost in the zone. But then… there was pressure, and I
knew that there were cameras and I could hear more breathing
than I’m used to in a room – when I’m trying to go to sleep.
– Yeah. I’m usually hearing the breathing of my
wife, not the breathing of like – other people behind cameras.
– Right. And I would zone that out, and then
all of a sudden it would come back in. – We should’ve brought her.
– And I would go… – My mouth would…
– (high voice) Heh, smile. – I’d smile a little bit.
– I went to Blondor. – I accomplished quite a bit.
– (laughing) Became king. Uh, but every time
I would just realize, – “I’m just laying here on the floor.
– (laughing) – I’m not really on Blondor.”
– If you’re in your own bed, – Blondor might work for you, so…
– Blondor, yeah. It’s not off-limits. Let us know in the
comments what’s your chosen method of falling asleep, and maybe you
can join my ranks of quick sleepers. (laughing) Yeah, not that you proved that
today. Thanks for liking and commenting. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Brandon. And I’m Ian. (snaps) – And it’s time to spin…
– The Wheel of Mythicality. We’ve got a Twitter because we were
forced to, because we’re on the Internet. You’ve gotta do that kinda thing. And
so were you, so why don’t you – follow us. Is that creepy?
– (Link) Click– yes. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where I share my secret to falling asleep that I didn’t get to tell you yet,
and all manners of falling asleep. “Rhett is Link’s tattoo artist.”
(southern accent) So, uh, you ready for a neck tattoo. That’s why you came
in, right? Lemme see. Uh, uh… yeah, man. Is it gonna hurt?
Because it seems like a– – (Rhett making a buzz with his mouth)
– Ah-ah-ah-ah it seems like a – very sensitive place.
– Hold on. Hold on. We’re gonna need… I don’t think I can make
it over this thing. (Link moaning) I don’t think I can make
it over this thing! – I’m gonna…
– Over what? Your adam’s apple. I mean, I’ve
never seen one like that. Oh, well what about this?
(singing a high note) – Still there. There it is.
– (singing a low note) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

100 thoughts on “Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)

  1. I read to fall asleep. I angle the words in a certain way, lay my head down and wait until the words start to go blurry

  2. I had bad insomnia for so many years it was awful went through depression, then I had my 1st born then I discovered napping and slept like a baby at night with my baby.

  3. I’ve been doing the fantasy world for basically my whole life now, I’ve become so self reliant on it if I don’t have an idea yet I am just O-O

  4. If you want a fire proof way to go to sleep, then work a full shift 8-16 hour larbor intensive jobsite….. trust me you will fall asleep when you walk into the door.

  5. For myself to fall asleep. I move one of my ankles/foot side to side and/or think of things that matter to me.. things, people I love or things I want or look forward to. Sometimes that’s hard because I have anxiety so before I go to sleep sometimes I’ll have fears/ negative thoughts in my mind.. and I get some pretty bad, crazy & weird dreams. I dream everyday when I sleep.

  6. I literally cant imagine a world where one doesn't share a bed with their friend. Like, I've cuddled with all of my friends–its just what happens.

  7. I actually find myself falling asleep every night telling myself a story/going to my fantasy world. It's so weird but for me it works SO well!

  8. Well I drink milk before I go to sleep. 😴😴😴 Because I love milk so much and It helps me go to sleep. 🍼🍼🍼 I love to sleep. 😍😍 I am not a morning person. I am a night owl. I love you guys and GMM so much 😘

  9. My fiance can fall asleep within seconds but it takes me minimum 20 minutes when I deathly tired. Otherwise it can take hours ¯_(ツ)_/¯ probably the insomnia

  10. So all the ways of sleeping work for me Muscle relaxation works Imagining going to sleep works Making your own fantasy world works
    However I never tried the pressure point before. I’m going to try that tonight

  11. Will share for the insomniac that randomly watches 4 year old videos. Imagine yourself in a fantasy world, and try to project it onto your eyelids, so your actual eyes are moving to look at that world. Works really well for me.

  12. You plebs need sleep? Ha! My depression and anxiety keep me up. I haven't slept since I started college. bow before me mortals

  13. I do number 6 ! It’s the only thing that helps me! I have 2 worlds ! Just depends on my mood on which I go to!

  14. I’m watching a video about sleeping and not being able to sleep while trying to sleep and not being about to sleep because of a video about trying to sleep easier.

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