Fast Food Secret Menu Taste Test

Fast Food Secret Menu Taste Test

Did you know that some of your favorite
fast food joints have secret menu items? Lets talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooood mythical morning.
– I hope you’re hungry today because– – I’m always hungry.
– (laughs) I’m actually really hungry and – I think it’s because I’m smelling that’s
– I’m surrounded by food. in this episode.
Typically, when we’re surrounded by things that we smell something’s gonna– – we’re gonna eat nasty stuff.
– “Surrounded by things that we smell.” Today I’m gonna feed you some stuff,
ain’t nothing gonna be nasty. – Alright.
– Might be a little old, – A little not as warm as it should be but
– I’m used to that. it’s still gonna taste good.
Are you aware that in many of your favorite fast food restaurants there are secret
menu items? – Yes.
– And there are websites devoted to categorizing said secret items and I have
gleamed from those places some of the best that I want to highlight,
the ones that I’m most excited about and I’m sure that you’re gonna be excited
because – Yeah.
– I know you, Rhett. – And I know that whenever you go past a
– What are you talking about? fast food restaurant and you see they’re
advertising, like a new sandwich – or like–
– If it’s in a window, it’s in my stomach, – man.
– Yeah, immediately. – Yeah.
– And if you see a – Sometimes I will see a commercial,
– commercial, I know this! I have gotten up from my couch after
seeing a fast food commercial and gone to – that establishment.
– Got in you car. And that’s not the intention of the
commercial, probably. To get people to leave their homes at that
moment but that’s how it works for me. – You act as if the commercial at the
– I’m impulsive. bottom says “if you’re– the next 20 people
who show up get this item.” – Yea, yeah.
– (makes panic sounds) “I gotta get there.” One time it was one AM and that happened. One of the most famous secret items out
here because it’s only out here, It’s starting to expand but In and Out
burger – Yes.
– has “Animal Style” which I’m actually– There’s a little show and tell happening
here. – (Rhett) I have a plate.
– (Link) Instead of having raw onions it’s grilled onions, it is a grilled burger.
Grilled in mustard. – Mustard fried burger.
– Yeah, this is the only way that I order – an In and Out burger.
– Extra spread and pickles. And I’m just gonna give you a little bite
of that. It’s a little sacrilegious to do this,
to pull it out of this. Now, everybody knows about this one.
This is not one of the ones on my list, but I just wanted to go ahead and–
Hey, hey. Go with one of the most famous – secret ones.
– I wanna– I wanna show the people. – I wanna show the people.
– If you want some extra spread, they’ll give you that if you ask for it.
On the back it says intended for immediate – consumption.
– Look at that. So there you go.
Consume that immediately, Rhett. While you’re at In-N-Out–
Let’s just stay at In-N-Out. I’ve got a McDonald’s one but I’ma come
back to that one. – Can I take a bite?
– Take a bite! (Link) I know you’ve had animal style
before, but have you ever heard – I’m an animal.
– or ordered the Flying Dutchman? – No. Haven’t heard of that.
– From In-N-Out, – Mmm. Man!
– if you order the Flying Dutchman, this is what you get.
It comes in a box people. A collector’s edition box.
Check this out. – The Flying Dutchman.
– (crew and Link laughs) – This is for real!
– Wow. – Quite a flight!
– It is– It is two burger patties with two pieces of cheese inside of it,
and it’s taking every ounce of strength – I have right now not to take a bite.
– Take a bite! I don’t care! – Bit if I–
– Fly that Dutchman. – Mmm.
– But don’t put it back in the box! – Give it to your buddy!
– (crew laughs) – Fly the other side into your mouth.
– Oh. Yeah. It’s like a double down from KFC,
but it’s burger. – So good. So simple. Flying Dutchman–
– Why is it called the Flying Dutchman? Mmm! Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship
that was said to be sailing air over a phantom ocean.
Like a pirate, mythical thing. – Like a flying saucer?
– Yeah, I guess that’s what it looks like. – A flying saucer?
– It kinda looks like that? – You know, it’s funny–
– I don’t care! It tastes awesome! – It doesn’t need anything.
– Right! It doesn’t need anything else. – You would think that it needed something.
– Yeah. – It needs nothing.
– Here. I got some animal style fries too. – We can just eat those later.
– Oh. You can get animal style on fries.
If you go to McDonald’s for breakfast, in certain regions you can order a
Chicken McRiddle. Now, you can order a sausage,
egg and cheese McRiddle or a bacon, egg and cheese McRiddle from anywhere but
if you wanna have a chicken and waffles experience and I have it here.
Look at that. – Look at that.
– This is inventive. Chicken and pancakes, – You can just ask for this?
– it’s like chicken and waffles with pancakes.
Yes. – Take a little bit of that, brother.
– Wow, this is– – We need to do this more often.
– I should have waited until your birthday – for this.
– You just talk about things and hand them – to me and I eat them.
– Aren’t you excited? I mean, you get to go back and–
Like I said, in the south they’re starting to do this.
I’m told– You want a bite of this?
You want me to cut it down the middle. They didn’t have the chicken ready
because they don’t have it ready for – breakfast.
– I love it when the bread has that emblem – on it.
– So, Chase had to go back and get the chicken and add it,
so we actually hacked this one ourselves. Tastes like chicken and waffles,
that’s pretty amazing I think. I would eat all of these,
I’m gonna eat them all later but I wanna keep talking since your just like–
(chomping sounds) Okay, I can eat enough for the both of us.
I’ll take a bite outta the other side – for you.
– Dedicate this bite to me? Or you could have left that for me later.
They have it at too flavored as a bagel. – Mmmm
– And it’s not secret. (Link) You know when you’re a kid and you,
like find a secret, like colvert under, – like a highway and you go in there like
– You feel like– – “Oooh, this is amazing.
– Some kind of special agent when you – can walk in and ask for it.
– I’m in danger.” – That’s what it feels like to order
– It’s empowering. – something.
– I’m not normal, – I don’t read the menu.
– It can also be dangerous. Lets go to Arby’s.
Or lets Arby’s to to you. I got it sitting right there.
Bring that thing out. – This is the $10 meat mountain.
– Oh buddy. – I’m ready to excavate.
– Look at that. Expose the–
Oh my goodness. This has eight different types of meat and
two different types of cheese, two crispy tenders, one point five ounces
of roast turkey, and the same amount of ham plus Swiss cheese, corn beef,
brisket and angus steak, cheddar cheese, roast beef,
three half strips of bacon– basically every piece of meat they have
sitting around in an Arby’s they stack – up for your enjoyment.
– Now, you should have at least a minor – in geology to cut this thing.
– (laughs) But I’m–
And I took a geology class. I just love the fact they just said
“You know what? We’re not gonna get fancy with this,
we’re just gonna call it the meat mountain.” And Lizzie, you ordered this this morning? And you just said “I’ll take a meat
mountain.” – They we’re like “for here or for go?”
– I’m gonna need a bigger knife. It’s like to go. – Whoa, look at this.
– They were ready . (snaps fingers) You didn’t have to explain
anything. Look at this.
Look at this. – This is like going on to the Grand Canyon
– Look at that. – and learning about the history of the earth.
– (laughs) But all I need to know is the history of
this sandwich. It was probably, you know five minutes at
Harvey’s. – The present is it going into my mouth.
– If you ate one of these everyday you – also would be history.
– I’m gonna get a full bite. While you’re eating that I’m gonna give a
fun Hardy’s fact. My mouth is not–
Your mouth is bigger than mine, you should probably try to make a bite out
of this. – Think you can get there?
– Read the fun fact off my notes there. – Harvey’s actually owns–
– Are you gonna try to take it or are you – gonna just gonna feed it to me?
– (laughs) you can hold it. Harvey’s actually owns Pharrell’s hat from
from the 2014 Grammy awards. They bought it after the now famous
Twitter exchange with the singer for $44,100 all proceeds went to Pharrell’s–
Or Ferrell’s charity. – Pherrell.
– You remember this, – he wore that hat and it wasn’t–
– Like a feral cat. How was that?
You went to the corner bite. – It’s like–
– I expected more, Link. I thought I was gonna get a cramp under
here. Which I’ve gotten many times from eating
meat mountains. – But I didn’t this time.
– Man. – That’s amazing.
– I can taste the history. Yeah, so all the proceeds went to charity
for Pharrell’s hat. And that wasn’t a publicity stunt I don’t
think. – No, it wasn’t.
– I think it was just – Something that just happened.
– as they say “organic.” – This is not organic but that exchange was.
– I don’t have the items from Chipotle because they don’t look that amazing but – they are.
– You telling me I gotta take another bite outta the meat mountain while you talk
about Chipotle? – Yeah.
– No problem. This is amazing. We went to Chipolte–
Eddie, you told me about this one when we were there.
Said, “Order a Quesorito.” This is basically where they take a–
They take– What’s that called? The tortilla?
And then they make a– They make it–
They put the cheese into it. – They make it into a quesadilla.
– They make a quesadilla. – I’ve heard about this.
– That’s the word I forgot. Quesadilla,
and then they make the cheese quesadilla, and then they wrap that as the surroundings
for the burrito. Absolutely amazing,
but don’t ask to do it when there’s a lot of people in line because it
takes a while, – People get mad.
– and then there’s a lot of pressure on them and that they hate you,
and shouldn’t do it. We did it one time when there was like
four people together and they got really – upset.
– Right. Shouldn’t do that. Also, moving on to Del Taco;
They’ve got this thing where you add 39 cents to anything and say “Go bold.”
and they will add special secret sauce – and french fries to any menu item.
– Including a milk shake. Yeah. So we got that there.
This is, like, the half-pound of bean and cheese
burrito. Add some green sauce.
Add some fries in there. Add some secret sauce.
Don’t smell it, just don’t think.
Just taste. (Rhett) Here. There’s another end
for you, friend. Another end for my friend.
Now I know this is gonna be good. – I’ve done this before.
– (thud) – Dipping fries into this.
– Solid. – Oh.
– You’ve dipped your fries in your– – Yeah, I’ve dipped my fries into
– In your shake? – everything.
– I wanna keep moving because I wanna get a couple of these real quick.
At Taco Bell you can order The Incredible Hulk for $1.89.
That is a beefy five layer burrito with guacamole instead of nacho cheese,
hence the Hulk because it’s green. Kinda more of a hack but they’ll do it for
you. – They did it.
– I love guacamole, – Now I have to bite it,
– I might go– – sorry.
– mhmm, mhmm. Jamba Juice is kinda famous for their
series of secret smoothies, that’s hard to say.
They got one– I’m sure you’ll love this one, Rhett.
Gummy bear smoothie. – You love gummy bears, dude.
– That’s it right there. Drink that.
It’s got raspberry juice, soy milk, – Lime sherbet, pineapple sherbet,
– Does it have gummy bears in there? orange sherbet, strawberries, ice.
No actual gummy bears, just gummy bear flavor.
That’s a red gummy bear. You can order different colors of gummy
bears and they make it differently. Not really tasting like a gummy bear but I
like it. Oh it doesn’t?
Try the butterfingers smoothie. – Oh.
– Chocolate and peanut butter blended, two scoops of yogurt,
carrot juice. And carrot juice?
– Oh! Oh!
Mmm! – Is that nice?
– I don’t taste carrots but– – But you taste butterfinger.
– You’ll like that. – Ice.
It just tastes like peanut butter. – Here, take a clean straw, friend.
– Yeah, give me another one of those. See how I did that?
It’s like I work there. – It made a little mess but–
– Now, I don’t love butterfingers. – You’re gonna love that.
– But I love peanut butter and chocolate. You’re gonna love that.
You need to be– – excommunicated from the show if you don’t
– Oh. – like that.
– Hmm. – Mmm.
– “Oh, mmm.” It’s good.
It is very butterfinger-ry though. Yeah, they somehow–
The carrots– – It’s amazing.
– They got the butterfinger flavor with – I can’t believe that.
– the carrots. – I wonder how they do that.
– Hmm. – Is that all you got for me to eat?
– That’s all– I got some more stuff for good mythical
more but for now I’ll just say let us know in the comments what’s your
favorite secret– I was gonna say secret recipe but you know
what I’m trying to say. – It may not be one that I mentioned.
– KFC! – (both chuckle)
– Thanks for liking and commenting on – this video.
– You know what time it is. – Hi, this is Nick.
– And this is Johnathan. (both) And we both live in Reno, Nevada,
and it’s time to spin the Wheel Of Mythicality. Remember, it’s your last chance to
pre-order a case of Clearly Canadian. Clearly Canadian is your ticket to the
live streaming event this summer. Pre-sale ends May fourth at 3PM
Eastern Standard Time. – So get your Clearly Canadian.
– Get a studio tour. Live event. Click through to Good Mythical More where
we make some more of these things. – Gravy the Musical!
– ♪ Ooooh! ♪ – (makes beat)
– ♪ Sometimes I need it! ♪ ♪ Sometimes I want it!
You know what I’m talking ’bout! ♪ – ♪ Gravy! ♪
– ♪ Gravy. ♪ – ♪ Gravy! ♪
– ♪ Put it on my meat mountain! ♪ – ♪ Gravy! ♪
– ♪ Make my meat mountain a little slippery, ♪ – ♪ but I don’t care. I got some spikes! ♪
– ♪ Awkward! ♪ – ♪ They’re my teeth! ♪
– ♪ Awkward! ♪ – ♪ I put them inside my mountain, ♪
– ♪ So awkward! ♪ ♪ And then I (makes beat) ♪
I kinda lost where I was going with – that but you know what I’m saying.
– (makes guitar sounds) ♪ Resolved chord! ♪ – ♪ Gravy! ♪
– (makes symbol sound) [Captioned by Hayleigh and Whit:
GMM Captioning Team]

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