Fast Food Salad Taste Test

Fast Food Salad Taste Test

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to see all the details and join up! – But now let’s talk about fast
food, the pulse of America. It’s kind of an irregular
pulse and quite high for a resting heart rate. It’s a little worrying but that’s okay because they have salads! – Salads, so if that’s what
you’re driving through for, we’re here to help you find the best. It’s time for We’re
About to Turnip the Beet on These Fast Food Salads
and Celery-brate the Winner, But If You Disagreens,
We Won’t Carrot All. All right, we wanted a
taste with no biases. – Mm-hmm.
– Each salad is gonna arrive in front of us in an unmarked bowl and we’re gonna taste ’em,
we’re not really guessing or competing against on another. We’re keeping this purely about the taste and ranking them on this board. – Yeah, scale of one to six,
starting with it’s kale-ing me. Lettuce eat something else. Romaine calm, this salad ain’t bad. Cool as iceberg. Radicchio-ly good, and aruga-lovin’ it. – In the end we’re gonna
pull off the stickers from the bowls and reveal the
salads in their ranked order. We only know that these
are mostly different styles of grilled chicken salad except for one, and they will be from the
following restaurants: McDonald’s.
– Jack in the Box. – Burger King.
– Wendy’s. – Carl’s Jr.
– And Arby’s. – Arby’s?
– Arby’s. – Let’s do it. (elevator music) Let’s tasty this salad
and see how tasty it is. Again, I’m getting some grilled
chicken, oh, some bacon. Some ranch. – There’s a lot of chicken in here. – Doesn’t seem to be–
– Almost too much. – The healthiest of
salads, I’m just saying, but it may be tasty. That’s a pretty good salad, I mean, it’s just an average salad, honestly. – It’s pretty hearty though. – Mm-hmm.
– That’s not a shout-out to Carl’s Jr. – I know what I’m guessing.
– East coast, east coat.
– But I do think that this is, I think this a McDonald’s
salad, not that it matters. – I mean it’s got some bacon, I know you don’t like tomatoes. Of course, this is all iceberg
so we’re not getting fancy. – Nope, where do you wanna put this thing? – I think you gotta just put it, I think we just gotta put
it somewhere in the middle at this point ’cause it’s not bad. – Nothing’s jumping out at me. – I’m not getting excited though. – Mm-mm. (elevator music) – I feel like this is a step up. – It looks much better. – Well there’s three
different shades of croutons, and that sounds fancy to me.
– Right. I love an inclusive salad.
– Oh look at that I mean– – Whoa.
– That’s all chicken. – Whoa, what have you done?
– Sorry. Oh.
– Yeah look at that. That’s a whole chicken patty. – They didn’t do a
great job of cutting it. They want me to do the work.
– And then the red onions. – I don’t wanna work for this salad. – And look at the red onion.
– Look at it, Link. – Ya gotta cut that too. This is a lot of work. I like a good red onion though. – [Rhett] I’m gonna take
some of that red onion. – I’m gonna take some of it as well. – I’m gonna get some
of this tomato as well. – We’re acting as if we’re
having to kill this salad with our forks before we eat it. – I’m glad we typically
don’t share salads. – That’s right.
– That’s something that I’m definitely learning. – I’m gonna eat a dark crouton. This is easily a better
salad than the last one. – But not a whole lot better.
– No. It’s not as good as it looks,
I’ll put it to you that way. But it’s better than that one tastes, so we’re kinda in this zone. Don’t you think?
– I agree. – We agree. Let’s savor that moment. (Rhett chuckles)
(elevator music) – I spy corn.
– Yeah, corn, black beans.
– Oh yeah. – [Link] Not sliced
tomato but grape tomatoes. – Oh you’re willing to try it or you just gonna touch it with your fork? – I’m just, I’m willing
to touch it with my fork and that’s gross.
– You know what, it is. It’s a step in the right direction, Link. – It’s got some–
– Solid cheese. – Some white cheese. – [Rhett] Lots of dressing. They want you to work
for your chicken too. – There’s some really green–
– I don’t want a cutting board with my salad. I do like beans, I like
black beans, I like corn. I like salad. – Black beans give you the farts. You know what that means. Later on this afternoon,
just tootin’ it up. – You sound like you’re
looking forward to it. – I’m warning you. Hmm. Hmm. – Well, I don’t know if
it’s because of the corn and the black beans but– – The corn is sweet.
– And also look, we got red lettuce. Doesn’t taste any different,
but makes you feel fancy. – I thought that was purple. – This is a front-runner
for me, without doubt. The quality of the lettuce, better. – The chicken itself is very tasty. It’s got some kind of marinade situation. – It’s definitely a marinade situation. – Mm-hmm. – I think you gotta put this at two. – Yeah definitely. – Because it actually
does have radicchio in it. – Ho ho yeah, is that what
that is, the purple stuff? – Mm-hmm. (elevator music) This looks like a fancier
version of the first one we tried because it’s got all the same ingredients. It’s got, oh you know what–
– That’s sliced meats. – [Rhett] It’s got a sliced meat. – So you don’t have to work as hard. – Cold cuts but it’s got green, it’s got some romaine in there. – See the thing with the
other chicken breasts, oh man I accidentally got some, it’s hard for, I’m trying to
get some space without tomato. They take chicken breast
that you would usually have on a sandwich and they
smack it on their salad. Here, it’s much more fork accessible. – But first they cut it, they
cut the chicken in such a way to make you think that
you don’t have to cut it. But it’s really just they put
perforations in the chicken to give you an idea
where you should cut it. A little frustrating. – But this is just deli meat on a salad. That’s not great, man.
– It’s not great. – And the meat itself
does not taste that good. I think that’s turkey. – You’re not wrong about that, but again, I’m going off the quality
of the lettuce a little bit. – Yeah I mean that helps it, but I mean–
– It doesn’t push it into top tier territory. – It’s certainly not a front-runner. – It’s better than that one though. – Yeah. We’re still in agreement. Are we storing up our emotional explosions at one another for later? (chuckles) Stay tuned. – Do you feel that strongly?
(chuckles nervously) I’m a little scared. (elevator music) – What do we have here, a lime wedge. This is like a southwest situation. What are those Cajun fingers on top? – [Rhett] That’s some sort of
advanced crouton technology. – What is that? It’s very crunchy. – I might call that a tortilla strip. – Yeah. A tortilla finger. – You ever seen a tortilla strip? (chuckles) – No I don’t have that kinda cash. (crew laughs) This is a spinach. Am I right? You’re calling that radicchio? – So we have three different salads here. Three different– – Iceberg?
– Lettuces. We got iceberg, we got spinach. – [Link] There’s a carrot. – Oh this is really, really hitting on many different cylinders. – [Link] You got cheeses. – Two different cheeses! The chicken is well seasoned, but it doesn’t have the grilling. Some of the other chicken
felt like it had been on the grill.
– Mm-hmm. – Had a little crispiness which I like. – Oh there’s a black
bean down in there too. – And one black bean in every salad. – See if you can find it. Hmm. This is good. I don’t think it’s as good as this one with black beans and corn. Something about the corn in this one. – The chicken in this one is better too. – Yeah.
– I don’t know. I’m not disagreeing. Right now I feel like
this is the second one. This is the front-runner but
I feel like we might have to come back and taste these side by side before we make a final decision. But we got one mo’ salad, y’all. (elevator music) Okay, this one has apples. – What?
– And it has, let me see if this is feta or blue, because I know you don’t like blue cheese. – It has a apple. – [Rhett] That’s a feta
so it’s not gonna be– – I don’t hate feta.
– That’s what I’m saying. – I don’t like blue. – I didn’t want you to rule
it out because of blue cheese. Blue cheese is good but this is feta. And there’s a cranberry in there. – Oh shnap! It’s cranberry time in salad land. I love a good cranberry
and a crouton together. Are there croutons though? – No, you don’t need croutons
when you got cranberries. – You get the crunch from the apple in lieu of a crouton.
– And there’s bacon in there. And fancy lettuce.
– And un-fancy lettuce. Let me get some of that bacon. – And I’m gonna isolate the chicken here. – The chicken isolated did not wow me. – Were you wowed by some chicken? – Yeah, the first chicken
I think was the best when isolated.
– Okay. I feel like, I don’t wanna
confuse things too much but I feel like we gotta
bring all three of these down. Because– – I definitely feel like
this one with the corn is– – [Rhett] This chicken,
again, which is tough to cut and then this one, which has got the, I just touched all of it. – This one gets real southwesty. – I like the taste of this
one better than this one. – Yeah. – I know it doesn’t have, so right now–
– I’m actually, it’s between this one and
this one for number one. – Right. – I don’t love those tortilla strips. They get old quick. Cranberry and apple, this
is a refreshing salad. This is a savory salad. I don’t know, I’m on the fence. Which one do you like better? – Okay first of all, I know
we’re moving all these down. – [Link] Mm-hmm. – We know we’re taking this
one and putting it in third. – Yep. – This is tough, it’s like, it’s just like how am I feeling today? Do I wanna go to Martha’s Vineyard? Or do I wanna go to, you know, New Mexico? I don’t know, it just
depends on how close I am to either one and what
their air fares are. – I believe that this is missing croutons. Makes me a little frustrated. I’m saying let’s put
this one at number two. Cranberries and apples, refreshing salad. And then number one let’s
put the southwest salad and then we’re kinda
sending the message that maybe you don’t want
southwest, then you’re gonna go for number two and that
becomes your number one. – Okay yeah.
– You in agreement? – I agree with this. These are almost tied for me. I do like a little spice so I’m gonna land on the southwest side. – So let’s reveal
starting with number six. This is from– – [Both] Burger King. – Okay, all right.
– Number five. – [Both] Arby’s. – No surprises here.
– Number four. – [Both] Carl’s Jr. – Not a bad salad.
– Number three. McDonald’s.
– McDonald’s. Oh McDonald’s got the corn. I didn’t know that.
– Number two. I think I know where this is from. Wendy’s, yes, which means
that the favorite salad out of these was from Jack in the Box? – Jack in the Box? – Jack in the Box does it! – Congratulations, Jack. Oh, man. (Rhett laughs) Check it–
– Oh man, you should try that Jack in the Box salad. – I might have to come check out your box. – Uh, mm, thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – My name’s Callum from England and I’m in South Caroline right now. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! Woo! – Whoa. – Having fun in South Carolina! Click the top link to watch
us rank fast food apples in Good Mythical More. – (chuckles) And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Move at the speed of conversation with us. Subscribe to Ear Biscuits
wherever you listen to podcasts.

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  1. Not sure what McDonald's they got the salad at, but the Southwest Salad isn't supposed to come with tomatoes.

  2. I don't get it, every time I have McDonald's salad the lettuce is all warm or wilted or old… I do like their south west when it's fresh

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