Fallout 4 Theories, Top 15 Crazy Predictions, Story Ideas (Post E3)

Fallout 4 Theories, Top 15 Crazy Predictions, Story Ideas (Post E3)

Hello and welcome my name is Nate from Video
Games Recon and in this video I’m gonna be throwing out into the ether 15 predictions
for things that will feature within Fallout 4. Some predictions will be based on Anecdotal
evidence, some likely and obvious continuations from Fallout 3, and some downright crazy and
off the wall shit, so with that probably not something to get all worked up about if you
don’t like my ideas as it’s just meant to be a bit off fun and I’d be surprised to see
if even half of these come true but non the less it will be interesting to see how many
of these theories comes to pass, and as an F.Y.I. this vide was posted a few weeks after
E3 so some things in this video could of been confirmed or denied by the time you watch
it, and also these predictions are in no particular order. Anywho without any further adieu let’s
do it to it. Okay so let’s get shit started shall we, well
we all know that there will be base building within Fallout 4 and that those bases will
sporadically be getting attacked by raiders, well it’s my belief that this will also be
dynamically activated by decisions within the storyline, i.e. if you were to make friends
or enemies with groups or factions in the story it will effect your bases within those
relevant areas, increasing or decreasing the likelihood of being attacked by certain factions
or could even effect trade in or between said bases potentially alienating trade partners,
on top of which it may also cause easter egg character interactions within those bases,
be they positive or negative. With all the talk of dynamic weather featuring
within the Fallout 4 engine it’s also possible that within a post apocalypse nuclear war
that said weather also extends to radiation, in that appose to Fallout 3 where radiation
spots where stationary it’s entirely possible that irradiated areas will become more dynamic,
potentially opening up areas previously inaccessible and shutting of paths previously trod. As we’ve all seen in the trailers that part
of the story will be set prior to the nuclear fallout that created the wastelands which
I’m sure we can all agree is pretty cool, that said I hope it’s not the only time we
get to see a pre fallout world as for me that would be a wasted opportunity to only explore
the pre fallout world once and for a short period of time, however I have a feeling that
Bethesda shares this opinion, as it seems like they put a lot of emphasis on a pre fallout
world, and with the carrot on the stick that is the Mystery Den, which appears to be a
place where you can relive old memories and thus the possibility of flashbacks to the
old world, perhaps in some sort of sub missions. Otherwise for me failing to implement the
old world in a significant way would be such an oversight after making such a big deal
of it at E3, that said I’m confident that Bethesda won’t disappoint here and we’ll get
to see what the old world would of looked like on the brink of a nuclear war. Got a few quicker ones now also some ideas
based off the concept art, there’s some real interesting stuff in there, after watching
this video I highly recommend watching the Fallout 4 press conference with the slowed
down setting on youtube and checking out the concept art. Anywho there will be a cool jet
engine gun, kinda similar aesthetically to the jet gun from black ops 2 zombies, let’s
hope that’s the only thing they have in common though as that gun was poop. Like many of the games within Fallout there
will be an alien based Easter egg, and this game will almost certainly be no different,
however thanks to this concept art I think it’s highly likely just like in New Vegas
we’ll get to see some alien life forms in person and maybe we’ll have the choice to
make friends or as it is fallout crush there bulbous heads with a baseball bat, either
way sounds fun. This one’s pretty much out of nowhere. Although
we know of travel via a Vertibird and that travel via land based vehicles like cars has
been ruled out, it’s not entirely impossible that a horse could be a form of transportation
later on in the game similar to The Witcher 3 or the Red Dead series for example. I’m
not sure whether I’d like that or not, (feel free to post your thoughts on this in comments),
it could be a fun way to get around or mess up the dynamic, either way it’s a possible
trick up Bethesda’s sleeve, and you better believe they’ve still got some tricks up there
sleeves. Seeing as Boston where the game is set is
right by the cost and all the little snippets in the trailers I think it’s highly likely
that they’ll be a mission or missions at sea perhaps on an old tanker or oil rig that you’ll
need to travel to via Vertibird to get to. The Airships in this game have been given
such prominence that I’d be incredibly surprised if one of them wasn’t a town of some sort,
most likely ran by one of the bad guys, akin to Tenpenny Tower. Whilst looking up stuff for this very video
I came across a group from Boston’s History called the Boston Brahmin, who were an influential
group aristocrats who helped pioneer American institutes and culture, now it would be a
hell of a coincidence to have the Boston Brahmin have historical significance in Boston and
not feature in this game in some way as one of the pillars of lore in this game is the
Brahmin animal and there caravans. This one is one of those crazy ideas I promised
you, but again with all the prominence the Deathclaw has gotten in the trailers, I feel
it deep down in my balls that the Deathclaw will be a possible companion in Fallout 4,
and that believe it or not there is something much worse out there in the wastelands. Now for a few storyline predictions, let’s
start off with this one, (robot voice) androids, everybody’s an android!!! Lol. In all seriousness
somewhere around or in M.I.T. is supposed to be where Harkness and the Synth Retention
Bureau are from, so it’s incredibly likely that they will play a major role in the story.
My thoughts on this are based around a war of independence, seeing as Boston is so steeped
in history in that regard, and that on one side there will be the androids seeking independence
as sentient independent beings from the humans and on the other is the Synth Retention Bureau
or their pay masters seeking to subjugate and control the androids. The Introduction at the start of fallout 4
wasn’t set 200 years in the past and is in fact a farce or an implanted memory within
the 2277 timeline i.e. when Fallout 4 is set and didn’t really happen, well not at least
in 2077 anyway. and all this so as to be tricked into doing someone’s bidding whilst looking
for your family and answers to why your still alive 200 years later, perhaps again relevant
to my last idea of an android war of independence theory. This one’s quite a quick one. Fallout 4 is
in fact a prequel and set just before the events in Fallout 3, separated only months
apart. And following on from that is my next idea,
that the Synth Retention Bureau will feature quite heavily within the Fallout 4 storyline
and during this story it makes sense that we would bump into Harkness and DR. Zimmer
pre Fallout 3 when Harkness was still working for the Synth Retention Bureau catching runners
and thus quite likely we would have something to do with Harkness’s change of heart and
help him escape from DR. Zimmer and his cronies, as well as wipe his memory and create a new
identity for him just prior to winding up in Washington. Just before we go on to my final shooting
for the stars prediction of Fallout 4, I have a bonus prediction or honourable mention or
whatever the hell it is, and that is, CATS!!! What the fucks with all the cat pictures,
is just for lol’s a troll or a secret companion, either way as cute as they are what’s with
all the cat pictures, just putting that out there. And now on to my final prediction and this
is probably one of the craziest yet, and that’s CO-OP play, what a coup de gra it would be
to announce just before release that Fallout 4 would have optional co-op play, even if
it’s just 2 player co-op. I know a lot of people would have mixed feelings
about this as would I, as if they made it so you had a bunch of people all in one game
messing with the typical balance or where you need multiple people to do harder missions
ruining the traditional Fallout experience it would be highly negative and would create
such hysteria that the internet would probably blow up.
However that said if it was just one optional player, that say for example could drop in
or out at your whim and would simply replace your companion and thus not create any balancing
issues or mess with the games dynamic and is still the fallout we know and love, then
personally I would be all for it, even with the trepidation I would have, I’d be cautiously
optimistic that Bethesda would do it right and it wouldn’t be some bolted on multiplayer
nonsense. I know this is a controversial topic and is
by far the most unlikely out of my predictions, but in all honestly I wouldn’t put past the
guys at Bethesda and like I said if done properly I personally don’t have a problem with it,
either way I’m telling you maybe not this but they’ve got something up there sleeve
that’s still gonna knock us for 6. So that was 15 or so predictions ranging from
the likely to the outright crazy, again this all meant to be just a bit of fun and not
to be taken too seriously so do try not to lose your minds if there’s something in this
vid that you don’t like, that said I’d love to hear your opinions on the things discussed
in this video and with that it just leaves me to say if you enjoyed this video please
like, comment, share and subscribe for more B.S. of a similar nature thank you and goodbye.

28 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Theories, Top 15 Crazy Predictions, Story Ideas (Post E3)

  1. I feel that Co-Op would be a VERY interesting mechanic if VATS was disabled for both players. Since there are two of you working together, it would be a challenge and technological requirement. I wouldn't mind having it disabled; hell I think that would make it more fun with another player.

  2. Really nicely put and thought out theories but I can't help and litteraly facepalm whenever someone pronounces nuclear as "nucular"

  3. In Fallout lore, aren't horses extinct? Maybe you can ride your potential Deathclaw companion, that would be badarse as fuck

  4. It seems like you cant play much in the pre war because todd is talking about a saturday morning and the bombs fall 23.10.2077 at 10:47 witch is a saturday morning.

  5. local multi player as the companions might be a good way to do it. for instance, someone pushes start on controller 2 and a menu of unlocked companions opens up,allowing them to play with and help P1 but not seriously unbalance the game. sound good?

  6. Absolutely no chance of horses. Part of the law is that shit loads of the earths species died from the war (obviously excluding dogs) and new species were created from the radiation (2 headed brahmin, lake lurkers etc.)

  7. If i were to make a fallout 5 it would be in California because California is really fuckin big your main character would be a slave (im not kidding) and your player is going to escape with a bunch of other of the slaves and you would be able to pick your own escape route then after u escape you will venture out to the wasteland because you have been a slave all your life of course u would be able to talk but you will be able to pick your own voice there also can be a face scan like how 2k had it as soon as you get out you will be greeted by dogmeat (i forgot to mention that you get your pip boy from one of the guards you kill) you can either send dogmeat to the camp that has been cleared out or you can take him with you once you start going out into the wasteland you find a injured bos agent you could either help look for a stimpak or you can kill him either which one you do he will give you a map to a locale settlement that is named junktown this is where you will find a man named Ralph. Ralph will attempt to kill you and take everything you got (he wont kill you though he will just take your stuff) when you wake up you will realize that he have kidnapped your one and only 20 year old son nate( oh yeah i forgot to mention that while you where a slave your son has been hiding out at junktown) and you have to go save him. Im adding a new faction called the snakeskins they think they own everything in the wasteland you can join them though. When you do find your son he will try and kill you because ralph has brainwashed him you can either kill or if your charisma is high even you have a small small small small small chance if it actually working your chances are better if you are with a companion

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