Fall Fast Asleep With Strange Soothing Sleep Podcast “A Walking Tour of Lost Island”

Fall Fast Asleep With Strange Soothing Sleep Podcast “A Walking Tour of Lost Island”

Intro Thanks Redittation begins Vest Assassins Creed Flashback FCC Paddy Move to country Iron Shiek Squad cast Stop Motion Snow Dog Forensics Camp Colbert Star Wars

64 thoughts on “Fall Fast Asleep With Strange Soothing Sleep Podcast “A Walking Tour of Lost Island”

  1. Hey! Love your podcast but might I suggest using maybe a darker image? I play these videos on my tv and it makes me whole room very bright. Once again loving these podcasts thanks for helping me sleep

  2. 3.30am just found these thank you these will b my constant late night companion 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  3. Am I the only one that ends up listening and laughing until the end, then actually sleeping to rain sound videos? This doesn't get me to sleep. But it is hilarious and makes me go to bed in a good mood. I listen when I'm having a lay in too. Just brilliant. 😂

  4. Heard you on Radio New Zealand, and have been dropping in since. Thanks for going to sleep with a smile on my face. Wonderfully ridiculous!

  5. you have a subtle silliness that I believe most don't detect. that Hitler/Patti bit made me laugh so hard for some reason. thanks for your awesomeness!!

  6. been battling insomnia for years now. first listened last night, and it definitely relaxed me. I got my tablet and ear buds for tonight!

  7. Wow this really works I just turn this on and I fall asleep don't even remember that I turned this on until I wake up and check my phone

  8. Nice idea and you help a lot of people. Huge like and subbed. could you do some science stuff too so not only we fall asleep but also learn something lol thx buddy.

  9. This has been a lifesaver for me as I've had insomnia for years. Your relaxing voice lulls me into a deep sleep in no time and keep me slumbering as your podcasts are on auto play throughout the night Much thanks from across the water…… Just wish I'd found you earlier.

  10. YOU are SO beautifully talented! I have had such a hard time sleeping through other youtube channels, but they always wake me up because the commercials. THANK YOU !!

  11. Dearest Scoot, You are a Beautiful Genius. This is incredible dear! Luv your voice and talent in this pleasingly calm unique way you assist us in falling to sound sleep. It works. You work. Bless you in every way n much gratitude to you. Definitely, a Happy New subber ova' here mate😄👍

  12. Rewatch on Wednesday April 18 ,2018 i work.night shift so i use you to sleep in the day and it works I was hooked on all kinds of pills now I'm off the pills and you are helping..thank you so much for you trying to help

  13. these are so helpful! but as a person from the country, his “country accent” cracked me up😂 but also, they should try and use a different background, one that’s not as bright!

  14. Been listening to you now for the last few weeks and you have indeed aided a better night sleep, so thank you for that 🙏 I’m writing this as I’m listening, it’s 12.30am in the U.K. right now and you have managed to make you giggle after a not so happy day, stressful times at the moment, moving house in a week, my youngest daughter starts school next week also..so lots of stress and not so restful nights! Thanks for being you and I love your authenticity! Love from U.K. and I’m now a regular listener ✌️

  15. This is the only thing that actually makes me sleep i was super suprized when i woke and this video was finished. Thankyou so much! It really works

  16. I've been having bad dreams from overthrowing before I sleep and falling asleep to these has helped so much so thank you 💕💕

  17. can u do a podcast that’s not even sentences? i’m talking like an hour of you just saying random words. that would really put me to sleep bc i wouldn’t be able to listen to the story! thank u

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