FAKE NEWS Media & Confirmation Bias – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #41

FAKE NEWS Media & Confirmation Bias – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #41

So I found an interesting, an interesting
fact! fake So I want to do something a little different
starting, this podcast off guys, I wanna I want to do a little vote. Who here, a show
of hands, is not wearing underwear? Is not wearing any underwear? Look, two hands! I
knew it was you, but can we check first show, now does anybody here believe
that there is any news outlet out there, be it CNN, Fox News, or any particular web
site you go to that is completely objective? Yahoo! I have no idea. I don’t
know if you guys can piece together why I’m asking that is because I don’t
believe, personally, that there is anything as objective news, and I think
that is why we’re seeing so much of the fake news narrative being pushed all
over the web these days, and it’s obviously become a problem with
elections. Foreign countries interfering with elections. Luke, you were just
telling us before we popped on about sponsored content influencing certain
things? I did it! Hey look, he was saying things! I said things! So I guess the
question I want to ask second to that as you guys basically didn’t answer, but I’m
assuming you guys, we all agree that there’s no such thing as an objective news. I don’t think there’s such thing as an objective person. So why did you have
totally objective channel right and I think that it may is correlated with the
news outlets out there so that I guess when it comes to how we get information
how do we trust sources because this leads to a problem which is confirmation
bias is now you’re being reinforced a certain perspective from Serbia like say
you lean to the right you probably watch Fox
News and you agree with everything they say you probably disagree with
everything that CNN says yeah I don’t believe the word but that’s not true
because there’s a lot of things that see and then does say that is true so how do
we suddenly trust anybody that maybe not Falls that doesn’t toe the line for our
exact ideology how do we trust anything they say now like how do we become more
objective and get away from confirmation bias you just dug you get 10 milligrams
of DMT what is DMT you gotta you gotta meet a shaman and yeah or you just you
just get a pipe full of ayahuasca suck that sucker down get a cardboard box and
cut out a hole my own can you give it to Aneesa you record it and then play it to
yourself again thing is you end up arguing with and you end up dismissing
half as glasses for the tie-dye shirt that’s that’s is the uniform for his own
news channel glass isn’t a tie-dye shirt it was regular clothes for drugs
hippy next on hippie news flowers I know I think the only way you can really
really know is is by doing a lot of homework and I am NOT gonna do that and
so I just don’t watch any of it you just don’t you don’t look into it any further
so how do you just take everyone’s word for what they say no I do the exact
opposite I take no one’s word for anything I think that’s the safe way
yeah I guess it’s something I actually am self-conscious about because I’ve
disengaged from like current events and political stuff I used to engage a lot
more I learned about other things but I just am tired of of the constant like
debates that happen on top of the debates because the debate like like
here’s the actual subject and and the actual thing that’s that needs to be
debated actually has like a reason to be debated
because there’s probably good arguments on both sides and then there’s like a
layer on top that’s debates about who shouldn’t even be debating because they
are just fulfilling one and so it’s just frustrating because I unless you’re
gonna spend the time to really learn about it you don’t know mm-hmm and and
most and most any subject that’s worth debating about usually it’s pretty
sophisticated and you just the only way to really know is to really do your
homework and there’s probably a bunch of like news sources that aren’t on like
primetime channels or or whatever that does have good information but yes the
the argument against that and this isn’t necessarily how I would view it because
I agree with you I would look at multiple sources and say if four out of
five sites are saying it’s true then it’s probably true but the argument
against what you just said is well every other site you looked at is probably
just as bias it’s the first one you looked at so it’s kind of all roll yeah
but you have to look at enough and you have to I’m sure there’s some there are
less bias than others like there are some that present both sides there’s
some I’m sure there is because there’s so many news sources now like it’s not
gonna be like on again it’s not gonna be on Fox it’s not gonna be on CNN there’s
too much because there’s too much money involved in both of those enterprises
yeah to be able to be totally objective yeah but that takes a lot of time and a
lot of effort mm-hm and I’m not gonna do that I was gonna say this kind of is along
the same lines but especially in terms of like social media I mean even the big
news outlets like heavily participate in social media and and our online you know
24/7 mm-hm so a lot of what plays into this is like getting clicks and getting
more views and all this stuff now the thing that doesn’t really play with with
all these big outlets where they have like tons of cash and money to you know
do their business it’s like a lot of news outlets like smaller
ones have to they have to get those views in order to be relevant right so
they push the sensational news they push this the the headlines that are gonna
get click clickbait all the all that stuff so that just kind of perpetuates
this whole issue even more on top that’s why the thumbnail to this video is gonna
be me pants off and just spread eagle million subscribers yeah you mentioned
yahoo news and Yahoo News it drives me crazy if you can call it news yeah yeah
because a lot of it is just it’s well I like it just say it depends on your your
your bias because there’s a lot of it that I see that I disagree with and some
of it’s like alright you got me you click I totally baited me and I’m
curious to see what this art was Kim Kardashian just wearing what now you
have to see what this is about yeah now say but I agree if you look at
a lot of it is being like it’s motivated by just we need you to click so we’re
gonna sensationalize this more in a certain direction just because we’re
trying to you know get you to look at this page and therefore we get our money
but I think that’s like I think Josh mentioned earlier that’s across the
board and any site they’re trying to get you to be interested in the story that
they’re trying to get across and they’re also trying to play to an audience I
think the problem though is once it starts interfering with elections and
there’s all this proof out there that Russia interfered with our election last
time it’s like well how are we supposed to know it’s not gonna happen every time
from here on out and it’s still not happening and it’s kind of like well now
like how how are we supposed to take anything at like face value yeah I hope
we supposed to look at this and say yeah totally makes sense but it’s just know
everything I see on the web absolutely false until I look into it wait forget
it you gotta ask Jeeves yes google it you stole where in my mouth and no but
yeah because like you were saying like it when it comes if your goal is to get
clicks or views whatever it it your goal isn’t to objectively provide information
to inform the public your goal is to get money I don’t have a problem with that
that’s the beauty of capitalism is is if that’s what it makes the money then you
can do it but then it’s up to the public to be responsible for themselves and
know that like okay this is why this might be why they’re doing it but that’s
what I’m saying is you like I think when it used to be less bipartisan and and
the term fake news wasn’t as applicable like that’s how you were educated is you
just like watch the major outlets and there’s only a couple and they didn’t
have to pander as much as they do now and so you were able to be educated that
way but now you’re not because your education is really slanted in one way
or the other but that just means it’s a to be educated you can’t just flip on
the tube or just go on the first site you see you have to do more work you
have to say okay they are there debating about this economic issue there’s
economic policy of this tax policy or whatever all right that the news channel
that just happened to be on when I tried to help the television is no longer
reliable as the as the one source so I now have to get up and go to my computer
and I have to go look at this one site and then it says this okay are there any
arguments against that are they biased I have to go to this other one that’s on
the other other side does that seem relevant let’s go to one that doesn’t
seem like it’s complete completely commercial or like they’re just trying
to make money it’s just some dude who’s like a professor who’s just has a blog
okay let’s go to that read that mm-hm and then you have to synthesize all of
that and say here’s okay my best judgment about this topic that’s a lot
of work yeah it seems like a lot yeah it is just to get to the bare bones but in
the end like it always should have been it’s like you need to educate yourself
about these really complicated issues but like but that’s the thing is like it
that used to not be as nice as well I think you know you kind of enter the
Josh sources I think back in the day weren’t
as polarizing as they are today like seeing it there wasn’t as many was that
there wasn’t as many wasn’t as many and I mean the few ones on they’re all kind
of reported the same stuff yeah so what it wasn’t like there wasn’t like a you
know there wasn’t a argument of who’s right and who’s wrong it was just like
oh here’s something that happened and we’re just gonna tell you about it yeah
whiteout yeah and now it’s everybody’s trying to pander the audience and
everybody’s audience is different which means their story’s got to be at least
look a little different which comes that bias yeah so and I think there’s a
couple layers to that too because and Luke kind of hinted this earlier when
there’s you know a by it like a general bias which you you know may see in Fox
News or CNN whatever where it leans kind of left or kind of right and then there
are smaller news sources that are just flat-out
creating false content that aren’t even biased is they’re just not true at all
like they never that those facts never existed like dr. photos or doctored
videos or whatever and there’s like posting them as like true facts and it’s
like no you guys made this up this is an image of the real thing weight on the
air on the internet on the inner things aren’t true
on the Internet yeah and it sucks too because I was just watching a smarter
everyday video on this and they’re talking about how to distinguish you
know what may be true and what may be false in the news and they’re looking
they just kind of found this random article is about like global warming
they found this photo of like the you know Arctic
whatever like a telephone or a you know satellite image from like I think it was
like nineteen was like to like the year 2000 and then compared to like 2010 or
something like that and like it just shrunk like in half and it was a
doctored photo only because it wasn’t actually from 2000 it was from like two
areas from like 1980 or something like that it was a bigger gap in time which
is still just as irrelevant lucky to get the point across like global
warming is happening like that would certainly do the trick why even doctor
the years like you’re really just shooting yourself in the foot it makes
no sense to try to you know hit that nail even harder it’s like no just leave
it as is and everybody will you know know it’s true I think there’s always
just narratives that people are trying to push because there’s a there is that
bias there that they’re just trying to constantly reinforce and there’s plenty
of evidence to suggest that people are a lot more prone to reinforce those things
if they find somebody that is constantly telling them what they want to hear so
it they’ll like if you lean to the the left yeah you might be more prone to go
to a certain site that tells you everything that it was already correct
with you know your previous preconceived notions of what you already believe it’s
like oh well then yeah like of course I was right it makes you feel good and I
think that’s a problem because enjoy you’re right like if there’s something
there that we need to look at this objectively and say all right what is
the issue is this really happening let’s look at the evidence and make a
conclusive case for it why would you doctor the evidence to reaffirm a
position already like why would you do that yeah well you all you will always
have a for any subject zealot who is the ends justify the means for them meaning
like I already know this is true people aren’t getting the point so I’m going to
do this that really makes them wake up isn’t it kind of like right that the
basis for like most all evil people though when they do that yeah I mean
it’s every evil dictator was like I know what’s best they didn’t think they were
evil it’s like I’m doing what’s great for the people yeah but but you might be
doing something evil because like you want your neighbor’s wife but or you
might be doing something evil because you want you want to wake people up
because they’re destroying the environment there are you know
everything’s a degree to wonder to one you know like not all sins are created
equal so but he said that it’s Trump Apollo Apollo Creed Apollo because I was
gonna mention this earlier Joel but you said the word already which is pander
and that is like my I absolutely hate when someone is pandering to an audience
or to anyone an individual and Trump Ike and I’m not like a Trump basher to like
is that popular thing to do nowadays but because I’m sure you could think you
could find a case of this for anyone in politics especially but I remember Trump
when he was campaigning he was talking to some southern crowd and she forget
like in what context but he was like like my book is the best I can’t do a
trumpet my book is the best he’s like only second to the Bible the Bible
that’s the best the Bible that’s just the best book and I’m like dude you’ve
never mentioned the Bible before and you certainly don’t live like you and so all
of a sudden not only are you talking about it but you were talking about it
like it’s the best thing ever in the world and and and even in that plug your
own book that to me was like the most like explicit unabashed in case of
pandering I’ve ever seen and and what’s even worse than that was the crowd’s
reaction which is just too much are you saying that politicians are hypocrites
and liars I never would have thought yeah that was the case might be true
right up what I was saying I was I was talking about wife about this she’s like
oh like my life is pretty liberal with when it comes to the most viewpoints so
she’s just like oh we got you know we gotta get a literal and they were gonna
turn turn the tide essentially mm-hm and my viewpoint is like no we don’t like
like if we’re just gonna keep flip-flopping we’re not gonna go
anywhere like we need someone who’s gonna join who’s gonna join everyone
together like we need someone who like both parties can get under right
right in order to get some progress Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves yeah yeah he
might be the one guy that could do that yeah right now he might be ever not too
out you Cody but however like after the the 2016 election after it was like the
next day and like half the country was in mourning and the other half was like
you know ecstatic hi and we were mostly surrounded by people that were like in
the morning side was we’re in California and you and I you know we didn’t care
either way yeah but we were just because he had the
best way you said it which is so funny I was like it’s absolutely true you’re
like is anything gonna change yeah I’m like at the second thing I was like
nothing’s gonna happen it’s gonna be the same BS as it always has been like yes
this guy is you know we all have our opinions of Trump whatever but yeah it’s
like I’m really gonna pretend that something that the whole world is gonna
fall apart we’re all just gonna die like I would be afraid I would say I would
say a more accurate sentence would be are that really are things really gonna
change you know in the long in long-term yeah because they’re gonna flip back
again right it just like they did just like they do every four years or eight
years yeah Adam Carolla has a really good bit about this and and he just says
like I forget like the all of it but the main point is like if I were to like
dart you and you were to go unconscious before the results of the election and I
woke you up in three years and I said you just walk around and do your
day-to-day go to work talk to your family hang out with friends go to the
bar and then do that for like three months but you can’t watch any news and
you can’t find out who’s president and he came back and I asked you who’s
president you’d have no idea could be exactly the same unless you were in
Mexico and the wall was being built well no cuz if your Mexicans like I don’t
know Satan ya know it’s it’s literally like I mean
they talk about it again business you know get a big company trying to like
really make a change or make a difference and the metaphor is oh it’s
like trying to turn a cruise liner like it’s not easy like you have to takes a
lot of time and effort and inertia and momentum and to make any difference and
joint effort yes and so when it comes to like policy or when it comes to anything
changing at a country level to do anything like overtime is incredibly
difficult and to think that you can do it in four years is stupid I do I do
think that we have to be careful when we talk about this just because I’m sure
there are many people many like lives that have been changed due to you know
new presidents or whatever in just new policies or policies taken away or
whatever yeah it is like on immigration and all that stuff and it’s like you
don’t want to I think sometimes some lies were being ruined for sure yeah us
middle-class white guys are not really the only was about there are going to be
people who are affected for sure but it’s going to be pockets of people and
it’s going to be probably temporarily yes as well that’s my point it’s gonna
be temporary yeah so I but without those specific instances overall yeah you’re
you’re not gonna really know and if at the end of four years as a president the
United States the only people who you can say that you actually made a
difference in their lives in their day-to-day lives were these immigration
people who dealt with immigration it’s like really like that specific thing is
the only is the only place that they could tell you were president like
everywhere else it was kind of just business as usual from the last 20 years
of their life it’s like alright well if that’s like your big as impact then the
people that I’ve talked to about it as well as it’s just a funny how human
beings operate we all idolize like sports athletes we all idolize like
movie stars rock stars we’re starting to the same thing with our politicians now
especially in these days where it’s like I I don’t
we’re giving we’re giving them way too much credit given the way too much
attention and it’s like a whatever side you lean on like you probably shouldn’t
give them two seconds of thought outside of hey look to you are you gonna do the
things that I need you or I I mean are we in agreement on and that’s the only
time maybe I should care but for the time I don’t give two squaws what you do
it yeah what people tip people are forgetting that like all these people
all these rock stars that they’re like worshiping work for us yeah we’re the
ones that voted them into office yeah like they do our bidding not the other
way around yeah it’s it’s just so funny how human beings I mean like I think
when you mentioned it one of the last podcasts Joshua it’s is everybody’s
culpable in this which is the only reason those people exist is because
other people made them exist it’s like absolutely reflection of us it’s
absolutely it’s the only reason why that is a thing and it’s the same thing for
like the fake news sites to bring it back full circle here is that or
whatever site you’re listening to or looking at those sites only exist
because there’s a lot of people that are like I want to reaffirm my my truth
which I always thought was the stupidest thing we mean by truth there’s no such
thing as your truth there’s just the truth yeah the Bible took the words out
of my mouth Josh throw down on the table no no it’s like I mean if we all want to
talk about like might my truth is that like you guys don’t really exist oh yeah
well that’s I was like you can pick that apart in like two seconds and but people
just they pick onto these slogans it’s a thing one of my favorite that one of the
things I don’t know is gonna say related to this but it’s the no regrets no
regrets and we’ve talked about this many times us five guys but we hate that
phrase I think the phrase is stupid because here’s the thing is that it’s
okay to have regrets it’s totally okay and actually it’s a good thing to have
regrets it’s really egotistical to say yeah it’s because like you’d the way you
always put a Josh which is how’d you put I don’t wanna steal your
well no it’s just like know everything I did was exactly what it should have been
and even the ones that were wrong like I learned so much like know some things
you do you don’t learn for a minute just sucky and you should have done it like
some things you did you knew were wrong and you did in many ways and and if you
don’t regret that that just makes you that much worse yeah yeah you know I
completely agree it’s an egotistical kind of an arrogant thing to say and
it’s a very ignorant thing to say biz I’m like what are you talking about you
like you’ve never made a mistake you know you’ve never looked back and said I
shouldn’t have done that yeah and then if you if you try to cover
that with well I’m glad I did it was now I learned this I’m like that still
doesn’t make it not non mistake well what it means is you’ll never make the
same mistake twice and anyone who says they have made the
same mistake twice then is wired to be again like it’s okay to have regrets you
don’t have to beat yourself up about it there’s a difference here you’ll have to
sit there and dwell yeah on it and get depressed about it cut your thighs in
the shower it takes that pain right away I mean it
comes back to politics again I think that kind of segues into people have
trouble admitting that they’re wrong about subjects yes yeah well and that
comes back to ego mm-hmm right yeah it’s and it’s and that’s partially because I
mean we’ve kind of seen that I think you know with the news outlets becoming more
biased as years have gone on people have become more biased as well so it’s like
and and nobody wants to be wrong nobody wants to admit that the other news
channel was right and you know my news channel mate has made a mistake because
then then that’s just like you think that’s the nail in the coffin it’s like
everything I believe is wrong now and you can’t accept that so it’s like they
take it so personally and have to be right about every single thing even if
they are wrong and they kind of know they’re wrong they’ll try to spin it
where it’s like not completely wrong it’s just stupid or they’re gonna pull
the old ostrich and just bury their head in the sand it seems like yeah it’s it’s
like people can’t like cordially disagree with
one another anymore or like debate until one person like wins it’s just
everything is I’m gonna scream at you until we hate each other even more and
then the show is gonna end play like there’s yeah oh I got my news for the
day yeah I I I literally cannot I don’t remember the last like public debate
where someone has said something and the other person is like got me on that yeah
yeah yeah like I don’t remember that I don’t know that wouldn’t that be
refreshing yes well I’ve actually only I’ve told many people this is that like
when they say like what’s the quality you like in a person and I this is no
joke this is perfect that Joel said this is that I have always told you about
it’s when someone can admit when they’re wrong
yeah because to me it displays so many things because it tells me one that
you’re you’re not gonna be stubborn you’re not gonna be prideful in your
position and try and backpedal and get out of it you’re actually looking at
this from an objective standpoint and trying to see my side of things or
whoever’s side of things because that means that you’re actually like being
fair about it and I’m like oh that gives you a chance to grow that’s also the
reason why I hate you guys because you guys don’t do that oh come on Dylan I’m
that’s not true Dylan yeah it will never be true yeah you’re wrong all so it’s
funny because one of my favorite qualities would be around something
similar but it’s like the other it’s like the other side of that coin which
is Alyssa they never admit when they’re wrong you’re always right exactly when
they tell me I’m always right no it is when they they don’t have to admit I
mean yes it’s good to admit you’re wrong always but more often they admit they
don’t know right like but and this gets back to like in the rebel politics
around like what they call identity politics meaning like the reason it’s so
hard to admit that you’re wrong or to accept any other view or even to give
that view the time of day is because your entire worldview your entire
philosophy is is built around like this batch of beliefs and you will and in
order for it all to remain intact it’s like a house of cards
like if one Falls they all fall and so you are so incredibly sensitive and
defensive around every one of those pieces that build up the components of
your worldview that you have to scream because you’re panicked
anytime someone challenges it and the more effective that someone is it
challenging it the more you have to become loud and abrasive and mean and
you have you have to go on the attack is because it it’s not just threatening
your position in a particular subject it’s threatening your entire worldview
your identities building and usually usually the smartest people are
constantly trying to knock down those their own house of cards absolutely
because yes and those are the best people ever and we need we know that
similarly in politics they can’t know they can’t be in politics because
politics requires pandering right but like I feel like back to your point drug
that it’s scary that that has become the norm and what people expect because I
like what you were just saying like if if somebody who was seeking political
office was up there and like was you know doing like I don’t have all the
answers I’m gonna try my best you know like everyone’s like you know I’m not
sure I don’t know yeah they could be right not to that extent
you know that the quarter ends up being the president because if they just flip
them every time what so what so what so so make is great I’m trying to I’m
trying to flip or yes we can I’m trying to flip one of them make us indifferent
again yeah trying to transport those things
into that again perhaps you will wait maybe this isn’t a good yes we could I
know this is totally biased but like this podcast is like I know that we’re
all brothers and cousins we have a history here I totally get it but we can
all agree that we all have we’re as similar as we are different we
all have very differing viewpoints on politics probably unreligious and a
bunch of other stuff but yet we could probably talk about those things and
then afterwards like go have a beer and laugh about whatever again I understand
that we have family and blood and everything like that so we probably
don’t have a choice but nonetheless like wouldn’t this be great if everybody that
was like someone that you differed with ideologically politically religiously or
whatever you can sit across like yeah I just disagree and we can just have a
conversation but just have a beer afterwards so what so I found an
interesting an interesting fact don’t immediately get fake lashes on you
immediately put those on that was your one marry waiting to wear these oh no
gosh dang um no I found it the interesting fact that in the past years
ago decades ago even Congress members of Congress and the house had to actually
physically live in Washington DC they all lived there they they all worked
there and they all work together that was like part of their job they had to
live in Washington DC now that is not the case they go to Washington DC when
cosmic artisans is in session session and they go back to their home state
interesting now like that to prove your point the mix of
Democrat Republican back decades ago I mean the entire country was purple
now it’s just like I mean yeah it more than mine yeah it’s basically it’s
polarized like like if you want a simple a simple policy to be enacted that would
probably remedy a good percentage of what’s going on with having dorms like
seriously make them make them live together because the people that you’re
arguing across the aisle you have to go and like hang out with the map or or
something similar to that which is I think they used to do in like Greek or
back in the olden days government that’s where the phrase in vino veritas comes
from so in in in wine there’s truth that like they would all just drink a little
bit before because they thought was like you become a bit more honest so like
everyone just need to take a shot right before it’s it’s actually in that and
that translates to just normal society to because you see racism kind of form a
saint’s pattern where there’s pockets of neighborhoods with like certain races
living in those neighborhoods right yeah and it’s like everybody’s a little still
divided on like you know on a subconscious level what however it yeah
you know guy generated but it’s like yeah it’s all like Josh hitless I’ll
just live in a big old dorm sorry it makes some soup Wow heard was soup well
we heard does make some say week some soup sound like the glitch was should
have been like 10 minutes because where it ended up was far from where it began
I got the gist it was not bonding over wine yeah no wine soup no combination
no it’s so one of my favorite authors got him Tom Campbell he was like a
physicist and he’s also into like a consciousness research for public law
and but a lot of what he talks about is people just don’t like to say they don’t
know people it’s really uncomfortable it’s it’s makes you insecure to just say
you don’t know that goes across the board about any particular thing be it
God or particular policy Socrates said and got himself killed I know so great
so great so yeah yeah and so people you know they grab on to whatever truths
they believe like whatever truth is around if it’s from their parents and
you grab onto that from your friends and then anything that reinforces that and
anything it challenges that so people become so incredibly entrenched that to
challenge it now is not just oh I’m gonna change my mind on this one
particular thing it’s oh I have to become like a liberal now and now those
the people I hate or it’s I have to you know whatever you can fill in the blanks
but and I think the best way to challenge that is you get shaman I always say vitaminwater blue six but yes
know it the best way is exposure because if you live in an echo chamber you have
no choice but to be entrenched in whatever dumb thing you’re into and so
it you have to get out and you have to expose yourself yeah are you like how
comfortable can you possibly be if you’re just if you’re just constantly
absorbing the things that you believe in most like come on you have no choice
it’s just of course you’re gonna of course you’re gonna believe it if you
have fox news running 24/7 and that’s all you want yes of course you’re gonna
believe freaking Tucker Carlson or you grow up in Berkeley and and all you
watch is CNN yes you’re gonna be an insane liberal yes that’s just the way
that works yes exactly like read read a book from across the aisle well the
reason that people do that is because it’s that confirmation bias makes you
feel good human beings never usually do it’s like
going to the gym yeah going to the gym sucks
no one likes going to the gym they like the feeling after they went to the gym
it was like oh that was a lot of work but it was worth it but going outside of
your bubble requires work you’re like all right I’m not I’m gonna hear things
that I don’t like it threatens my worldview which Josh mentioned earlier
so it makes it a problem so this is where I human beings are just so
predictable to me because they will always go towards the easy answer is it
something I agree with already know well that I
want to hear it that’s a like you’re not governing yeah but it’s a yeah and the
longer you wait to do any of that the harder it is because the more you have
to lose and and that’s why it’s funny cuz it actually comes back to one of the
things I said the thing on the last podcast comes down to parents just don’t
let dumb get a pump out kids that started parents well I think what we’re
talking about like Congress members or presidents whatever I firmly believe in
term limits for all Congress members but I also think yeah I think you pointed
this out Cody I’m gonna I’m gonna put you on the spot yeah I never said a
thing this is totally what you said but like what are the requirements this is
specifically for the president the requires to be President you have to be
over thirty-five be American citizen I think there was one more I can’t forget
to be voted in yeah we have to be born here I think not just an American system
yeah but there’s no requirement to like have a certain IQ there’s no requirement
to be like you could be the dumbest person on the planet and or a dumbest
person that was born in America that’s over 35 and still be the president that
seems like that’s kind of silly but we’re not so I would say here’s one
better is require more things than people who are voting and that your
outcome that’s so Neil deGrasse Tyson has a great has a great like spiel on
like everyone always asked well what do you think of Trump what do you think of
Trump because you know it’s obvious yeah question obviously everyone what that
and and his answer is always look I have no gripe with Trump its we have to
educate people on how to vote and like and like to actually vote because like
you said Trump is just a blatant reflection of the people that went out
and yeah that’s all he is and what yeah yes like like like Trump
is not no he wasn’t he wasn’t born and magically like like say or didn’t how
did the president make him out of nothing he showed up like he we voted
him into that off yeah Luke you voted I was the only no one else no I hacked all
the voting machines yeah near the Russian back
I’m the rosenbaum yeah yeah it’s people people vote on on criteria that has
nothing to do with like what they should be voting on but here’s the thing it’s
like I said in order to really vote in a way that’s intelligent and to cast an
educated ballot would be would require a lot of you like you because it’s just
it’s not simple it’s like economics on a national level is super complicated and
that’s just like the easiest one example there’s a thousand of those and so to
get all of those right in a way where it’s like here’s my man and I could tell
you why autobiography here’s my man i’ma tell you why he’s bound by the way
cradled yeah it’s all of those things take a lot of time and research and you
either do that or you do it based on the guy who pander to you and unfortunately
like and and here’s so where it’s like I to to your point which was pointing out
my point which is saying we’re all culpable I’m cobble in this because I
I’m a pathetic like I just disengaged so there’s my culpability in this I’m not
helping by trying to do this for myself I just know what’s required in order to
do it and on my list of priorities it falls under the ones that I’m doing it’s
just that’s the way it goes scale hierarchy yeah it is I mean I could say
I think I’m contributing by like I educate myself and a lot of other things
and I’m like I’m trying to work hard and and you know I pay taxes and all that
good stuff but when it comes to like politics and voting yeah I am a casualty
of a lot of what is happening that makes you apathetic that makes you cynical and
you disengage George Carlin has a great bit about voting where he says people
always say if you don’t vote then you can’t complain he’s like he’s like I’ve
seen if you voted someone in and they screw
things up which they always do you are responsible yeah who I who did not vote why am I doing this
yeah no it’s it’s just really difficult to get it right on complicated political
issues and not that it’s impossible or that you shouldn’t try it
just in order to talk about well at least just like don’t take a hundred
percent of what your chosen politician says is that like the truth God’s honest
truth Yeah right like when they’re on that
soapbox and given they’re like I’m gonna do this for you like come on come on
like don’t be that gullible yeah it’s not gonna get you anywhere I’m gonna to
revert back to the original topic of just like news outlets is I I think the
problem with when you mentioned Joshua like how do we educate voters like this
is the thing but when we see news outlets we see lots of fake news be it
from different foreign entities or just biased publications or wherever I don’t
know how we can educate people when the truth is so misinformed and you have to
do constant digging to just find the truth on the most basic story because
that influences people left and right in a certain process all you have to do is
convince people that they need they can’t take anything at face value they
they have to resource or whether they research it or not at least they know
that there is a chance that what they’re reading is not sure right that healthy
skepticism I think is all that people need the knowledge it doesn’t
necessarily have to be there mm-hmm for every single thing right if you’re
interested research it but like don’t like you said don’t just believe
everything but I don’t think but I don’t think that’ll help because that’s not
the problem the problem is but is believing in things that reinforce what
you already believe in and so like they’re gonna be like oh yeah I know you
can’t believe what we always read especially the Liberals that’s all eyes
but it’s like this guy like yeah I know you can’t believe anything you read but
this is right because I believed it before I read it right and so like
that’s that the problem is is people the people’s inability
to entertain the idea that what they already believe is right isn’t and that
I don’t know how you do that the only way you do that is by like literally
getting in a helicopter like on the Serengeti and just like darting someone
on their way to work and then and then and then airlifting them and like
putting them in a different country and just being like waking them up and be
like hey here’s how other people live mm-hmm these people are way different
than you and they believe something way different and they’re just as sure as
you are and here’s why and you’re gonna be here for the next thirty days and you
have to engage and live with them and then we’ll take you back we’re gonna
dart you Morgan Spurlock that’s that’s come what we’re saying that there has to
be a way to convince them that what the reading is is not the full yeah I just
don’t know is Edom not true or not the full story I just don’t know if there’s
any other way other than physically harming people and you have to own a
helicopter yes yeah well I think we’re out of time on this one but interesting
conversation we didn’t really talked about politics that much on this show
it’s usually kind of a faux pas to talk about politics on this particular
podcast because one everybody talks about that stuff and two it’s not kind
of really don’t know one here’s gonna change our minds I don’t think any of us
research it enough to talk about you’re all wrong and I hate you all but if you
guys are out there watching or listening you should check us out on soundcloud
iTunes Facebook Twitter and Instagram they’re all totally non biased sites
guys yeah but don’t believe us yeah but don’t believe anything we say
yeah we don’t really why podcasts have become so popular because people got
tired of listening to the Talking Heads on the mainstream stuff which is they’re
like hey just segments and you know what the truth is out there I can relate to
that that’s the one thing Cody said during this but yeah but you should
subscribe to our YouTube channel as well and I’ll see you next week okay

2 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS Media & Confirmation Bias – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #41

  1. Great content Gentlemen.
    My take: Bias it is unavoidable, but that doesn't mean that bias absolutely corrupts what/why someone is saying something. You called it out perfectly that you are all different (and will have different inbuilt bias) but wanting to actually communicate is what makes the difference.
    There are few things in the world more enjoyable than an open honest exchange with someone of a differing view. It is a great chance to hear new perspective and give your own views so they can be bounced back with that different perspective also.
    Unfortunately there are few experiences more frustrating than thinking you are in that view sharing conversation and then realizing the other person goal is not to share view but to convince you they are right.

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