Facebook Live to Podcast How to Convert Your Video to Audio

Facebook Live to Podcast How to Convert Your Video to Audio

Have you used Facebook Live to cover
things that you would love to say in your podcast? But now you kind of feel
like, “I’ve already created that piece of content once. I don’t want to have to do
it again. Is there a way to use my Facebook lives for my podcast?” That’s
exactly what we’re gonna talk about today. Hi, I’m Krystal Proffitt. And today I’m gonna share with you how you can repurpose those Facebook lives that you’ve created to use for your podcast. This is such a great time-saving hack, especially if you’ve already done tons of Facebook lives and you’re just
starting to get into podcasting. People ask me this all the time, “I’ve done all of these amazing interviews on my facebook lives. How can I get these on a
podcast?” So that is exactly why I did this training and why I want to share it
with you here today. So let me show you exactly how it’s done. There we go okay
so like I said this is all about how to repurpose Facebook lives to podcast
episodes. This is not a super fancy presentation at all. This is just
something I threw together in the last few minutes. But I realized, obviously, if
I’m on Facebook doing a Facebook live, I can’t actually show you how to do this
process. So, I took some screenshots and I can’t see the comments right this second
but if you put some comments below I will definitely be more than happy to
answer any questions that you have. And then if you’re watching this on the
replay, then just let me know, “Hey I watched this on the replay and I still had
a question. Or I needed some further guidance.” But okay, so…this is my Facebook page. And I kind of cut it off that way it’s not as distracting. But there is a
“Videos” tab (if you’ve gone live then that is where all of your live videos show up).
And I did this with a live video I did yesterday that way I could show you
exactly this whole process. So, you’re gonna go to your “Videos”. And then I, you know, I just highlighted the one that I wanted to use.
Again, I blurred everything out so it’s not as distracting. But if you are doing this –
depending on how long your actual video was (your live stream) – it’ll depend on how, it…like how long it was. It’ll, I don’t know, it kind of takes a while to
download. So just know that going in, like if you’re picking something…if you want
to piece together a few different videos, it may take it a second to download. Um, I
just picked one that I did yesterday because I knew that it was, you know, it
was – about 20 minutes long and I wanted to see how long it would take. I know a
lot of y’all do live videos that are up to an hour. So just know that it may take
a while to actually download that file from Facebook. But this is how you do it.
So this is the video I want to select. And then, as you can see, there’s an arrow. And then, there’s the ellipses at the top. Right, okay. All I did…was let’s go back
here. I just selected this video and then I’m…this is what it looks like when you
actually select the video and automatically start playing. You just hit
the pause button, and then click the arrow, and the ellipses, and then you will
get this little drop-down menu. And from there, this is where you can download
your video. And I really think that, um like I said, you can kind of be strategic
about when you want to do all of this. I suggest batching all of your downloads
at one time. Yes, it might take…slow your computer down, it might take a while. But
I would do this all at…in one sitting that way you aren’t constantly trying to
work on your computer and download stuff because it does slow things down a bit.
So, once you have it downloaded…okay, I’m going to get out of here all fast. But
I’m gonna keep my screen up because there’s some other things that I need to
show you. So, right here…so, this is where I have my video I downloaded – my video. And this is where it lives. I took it from my “Downloads”
file and I put it here. So as you can see, it shows the length of it. And it’s 21
minutes, just like the other one. And it’s just a video file. So I can open this and
it’s gonna play. (Look at that name.) So, just like on Facebook, it’s gonna play it.
I want you to comment below if you already use Facebook live pretty
regularly for whatever it is that you’re talking about. Whether it’s on your
business page or your industry or your business or whatever it is your podcast
is about. Do you often “Go live” and talk about the things that interest you? Or
that would interest your audience? And if you don’t already do Facebook live, I want you to tell me…what’s holding you back? What is keeping you from trying to
connect with your audience in a different way? I want you to comment
below and let me know what is on your mind. Okay, let’s get back to the tutorial.
Okay, this is my saving grace. Okay, I’m gonna come back so you can see me. Okay, CloudConvert.com. And I’m gonna go back and I’m going to show you, but this can
be used for so many different things. And it’s totally FREE! I’ve never once paid
for Cloud Convert. And it is amazing! I use this so whenever I do an interview
for my podcast, I use ZOOM and then I use Cloud Convert to convert it. Because
whenever ZOOM is finished, it doesn’t give you a beautiful audio file that you
can just drop into your podcast…and then it’s just like…No! It does not do that. It
gives you a file that you cannot put directly into Audacity. So if you try to
do some other things and it doesn’t work, Cloud Convert works amazing! So this is…I’m gonna go back. And I’m gonna show you exactly what we do here. So this is Cloud
Convert. And I’m gonna pull up…this is what’s so cool about this…So, here is the video that I want to use. I literally grab it. And I drop it here. That’s all I
did. And then it says it’s, “Ready.” And this is where you have to change how you want to convert it because it is in an mp4 format. Now, if you use ZOOM and you want to convert it, it’s going to be in an MP4A file. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about…it’s fine. Ask questions! But all it is…is an mp4. It’s video. That’s all it means. MP4 means video. MP3 means audio. So we want to convert it from an MP4…see we’ll go down here to audio. And you can do an
MP3 or a WAV file. Audacity likes either one of those. I normally just do an MP3.
And then it says it’s “Ready.” And so down here…I’ll click on “Start Conversion” and
it’ll take a few seconds – depending on how large your file is. Again, I know some
of you do hour long live streams. So if it’s a really long one, then it may take
you know a minute or two. But usually it doesn’t take longer than just a few
minutes to convert it. So it’s almost done. It’s converting our file. So while
it’s doing that, let me switch back over here. I just really wanted to reiterate
that…Repurpose your content. Like, reuse your content. You don’t have to feel like
you have to come up with new things all the time…and feel overwhelmed. Like, “Oh , I don’t have time for this I do this so that means I can’t do that.” Y’all I’ve
published…or I post on my website twice a week – which is kind of like a blog post.
I have podcast episodes that come out twice a week and I’m going to start in
August doing two YouTube videos a month. And I post on Instagram. And I post on
Facebook. I understand all of the things… all of the moving pieces that you have
to keep up with. I’m a solopreneur. Okay, I don’t have a whole team of people
working behind me. It is just me getting up at 5:00 AM, trying to make everything work. But, if you can find systems to repurpose your content and reuse it…do it! Do it!
Like, I cannot tell you how much easier it will make your life if you can learn
to repurpose and reuse stuff that you already know how to do. Okay, so I’m going to go back to the screen. Okay, so we’ve converted the MP4 file. Now, it’s an MP3. I’m gonna click “Download” and then…here is this terrible name I should
probably change the name of it but whatever…you’ll know what it is. Okay, so,
now…while that is downloading, I’m gonna come and open Audacity. Now, Audacity is the podcast software that I use. It’s the one I’ve used from the beginning. And
it’s 100% FREE! You can Google Audacity Download and be able to download
Audacity today if you want to start playing around with it and doing some of this stuff. Okay, so it has downloaded my file right here. And it is…because it’s an MP3…it is as simple as dragging this file and putting it into Audacity. And
Audacity is good about telling you if…we have a few seconds…it’s good about
telling you how long it’s gonna take for it to convert, or to download, or to
export it, or anything like that. But once this is finished…that’s it! Like, I mean
it took less than 5 minutes to actually convert it. It took a few minutes to walk
you through the steps and, you know, that’s why I wanted to do this video
because I wanted you to be able go back, watch the parts of it that you didn’t think…if you missed something or if I went too fast – I know I’m a fast talker. But I’m trying to be, you know, aware of your time, aware of my time, and I wanted
to just get this information out there because it’s a question that I’ve had
people ask over and over again is… “How can I use, you know, my Facebook lives for podcast content?” So let me go back to my screen here. And we now have a
full-blown podcast episode. Like, look. And you can
see I’ll open Audacity. It is a little over 20 minutes, just like the video was,
and I can press “Play”. “Hi, everybody. I hope everyone has had a fantastic week.” So there we go. And I can literally do the other things that I do for my
podcast episodes right here after I’ve downloaded and converted my Facebook
live. Well, that’s it. Those are the steps that you need in order to use your
awesome Facebook lives for your podcast. I hope you found all of this helpful and
if you’re just getting started in your podcast journey, I invite you to check
out our FREE 5-Day Create Your Podcast Bootcamp – which you will find in the
link below in the description. And I encourage you to Subscribe below and hit
that bell that way you’re notified anytime we put out a new podcasting
video, like one of these that you see here. Go check those out and see what
kind of great podcasting tips that you can find. And remember…Keep it up. We all have to start somewhere. (Alanis Morrisette – “Ironic”)
“It’s like raaaaiiiiiinnnnnnn…on your wedding day.
It’s a free ride…. when you’ve already paid.
It’s the good advice…”

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  1. Great topic! Will save people so much time! We did weekly Facebook Lives for 45-50 mins, and repurposed them into 25-30 min podcast episodes!

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