Extremities: A New Scripted Podcast from Wendover

Extremities: A New Scripted Podcast from Wendover

This is a building, in a town, on an island,
in a territory, in the South Pacific—an ocean so vast that barely any planes transverse
it; barely any ships sail through it; an area so empty that when we talk about how many
people live where we look now, we do not talk in magnitudes of billions or even millions,
we talk about the mere thousands of people who live in this immense precinct of our world. But in a territory, on an island, in a town,
in these buildings live just fifty of them. Fifty people, on an island, where the only
way in or out is on a boat that comes a few times a year. These people live hundreds of miles away from
the closest other people, thousands of miles away from the closest city, and ten thousand
miles or sixteen thousand kilometers away from their country’s capital in London. That’s because this is Pitcairn Island—Britain’s
smallest, furthest, and most isolated overseas territory. These fifty people live a life so removed
from those of Belfasters or Edinburghers or Cardiffians or Londoners that believing that
they’re part of the same country is just as hard as believing that Pitcairn itself
even exists. That’s because to all rational minds Pitcairn
shouldn’t exist. It just doesn’t make sense for there be
an island of fifty people living in the UK yet on the absolute extremity of earth. That’s why I sought to make sense of it. In the first season of our new podcast, Extremities,
I explore over six episodes why and how Pitcairn exists—why people settled there, why it
became part of the UK, why people still live there, how they get there today, how they
get food, how they make money, how their government works, how they communicate, how they plan
to continue existing, and much much more. You can find Extremities on all major podcasting
apps, at ExtremitiesPodcast.com, or links are in the description. This is just season one and in future seasons,
we’ll be exploring why and how other of earth’s most isolated settlements exist. This is something I and others have been working
on for a while so I do hope you give at least episode one a listen. I believe it’s something any Wendover Productions
viewer will enjoy so I can’t wait to hear what you think.

100 thoughts on “Extremities: A New Scripted Podcast from Wendover

  1. I love how videos on wendover productions are serious and the videos on HAI are laid-back with funny jokes and outdated memes.

  2. Two videos that have the exact same meaning but provide completely different information. Nice job Sam, I will definitely listen to it!

    I feel mercy for those people because they haven't got an airport :-/

  3. That moment when more people have watched this video about an isolated island than there have been people on that island.

  4. HAI's vid about this is very different than Wendover's. just like the channels!

    (hai and wendover are the same person)

  5. Would it be possible to upload the audio of some of your videos as podcasts as they would be brilliant for not burning data but still learning. Thanks

  6. They can live a simple life without needing much to live on, some fish to eat and they have a unique way to go on the internet and everything that comes from beyond their island is due to those few times a year ships.

  7. He sounds smart when he says….

    A house in
    A town on

    Then you remember…….isn’t that any house in uk or Australia or japan?

  8. Just wanted to say that i just listened… Awsome, has usually. Waiting for the next episode. Keep the good work.

  9. What amazes me the most about this island is that it has a Pizzaria on it. And even better, on google maps this Pizzaria has 45 reviews. So only 5 people on this island didn't give their local Pizzaria a review on maps

  10. Hey, I love your Videos and your great Research! Could you make a video about why people start airlines?

  11. Most of Pitcairn is on Google Streetview. It's pretty fascinating. Honestly, it kind of makes me anxious just seeing pictures of it. I can't imagine living that way.

  12. It was really great podcast, but I'd love to have a text of what you're saying.
    Everything else was pretty great

  13. Nice. Just an inverted criticism: I'm so glad you've tapered back your almost wall-to-wall pronunciation of "a" and "the" as AY and THEE. You use a quick "AY building" right at the opening, but then we're free of it! Please, only "thee" before a vowel; or, along with "ay", for great emphasis—usually to be avoided. "She is THEE one and only expert". It's thee aortic valve. But elsewhere, neutral vowel, quick. Thanks for your great work.

  14. Your content is mid tier trash. The lack of effort is a little crazy how popular you are. Cya never again

  15. Barely any planes traverse through it, barely any ships sail through it, barely any Toyota Corollas drive through it- OH WAIT WRONG CHANNEL

  16. I was convinced you were going to make an analogy that much like the Island is irrelevant to the greater world, so is your podcast.

  17. I’ve been watching HAI/Wendover vids for 7-8 months now but it took until this video for me to realize they’re run by the same person, not just 2 people who sound really similar 😭

  18. >>more places to listen
    and none of them is youtube where normal people (as opposed to podcast nerds) would listen
    not even soundcloud

  19. Why Pitcairn exists? One word, Incest! People there are taking the saying ”keep it in the family” to an extreme :p

  20. I listened to the first episode through Spotify and really enjoyed it. It fit perfectly with taking my dog to the park. I’m trying to find if you posted some sort of schedule for episode releases? When does the next one come out and how many are there? I’m looking forward to listening to the rest and just want to help track it

  21. Do you know what Wend means? I think you're using it as a play on words for "Bend over". Wend is the ancient name for "Slav" – also Vento, Veneto, Vendi, Venetti. As in Venice.

    absolutely mind blown fr

  23. Loving the podcast!!! It's honestly like a tiny vacation for the mind every wednesday 🐬 Wish the episodes were a bit longer 😘

  24. You should have really put something about Pitcairn in the title, that way atleast a million would have clicked it and accordingly more people listen to your podcast

  25. Damn, everybody knows the story of Captian Bligh and The Mutiny on the Bounty. Wait, he just stops after 2 fuckin minutes? WTF there is NO CONTENT? What bull shit!

  26. I don't use apple podcasts. Apple robs people when you buy on iTunes when you change computers you lose you purchased media. FUCK Apple.

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