Exposing America’s Broken Criminal Justice System – Podcast #31

100 thoughts on “Exposing America’s Broken Criminal Justice System – Podcast #31

  1. Thoughts on Chris Watts? Does our justice system need an overhaul?
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  2. i really want you to do a podcast about marilyn monroe. about her and JFK and her death, because i looked into it a little and it really doesnt look like a suicide at all, im really interested in what you guys could dig up on it.

  3. My god you two are such a great couple. So kind to each other and supportive of each other. You really are a true team. I love it ❤️

  4. My brother is a police explorer here in Texas! I am the same as y’all, I’ve always been so fascinated with the criminal justice system. Listening to y’all right now at work but driving, working out and even work sometimes gets me exited bcs I know I get to listen to y’all!

  5. Actually he confessed to killing Shanann but not the kids. He has a hearing tomorrow. Excited to see what happens in the future of this case. Praying for justice. I personally believe he DID also kill the girls because what kind of innocent person puts his own flesh and blood in oil tanks to rot?
    So sick.
    Anyway I love you guys! ❤️

  6. In my opinion I could careless about the drugs. People want to do it their choice. I do think some drugs are very serious. I personally whether it was legal or not would never try most of them. The sexual offenders in my opinion need more time. I know a person that got 60 days after reoffending everyday for 3 years and to a child. I also think death row should be in every state some people are never going to change.

  7. I hate the death penalty NOT because the sick freaks don’t deserve to die for what they did, but because I don’t think it’s right for ANY person to take someone else’s life. The people who perform the death penalty on criminals are still taking someone else’s life. Every person dies eventually and no, it isn’t fair that the criminal gets to continue living after taking the life of someone else, but I don’t believe that it should be okay to take ANYONE’S life, criminal or not.

  8. You two are fuckin awesome! I listen to this she I have down time and when I'm getting ready for work. It's educational and makes you think.. Thank you!

  9. Who does their nails during a podcast? The smell of nail police must be killing him lol. Couldn’t watch more than 5 min. This nail thing is irritating

  10. my husband is a satellite launch science guy ( we live in Australia and he is ex Airforce/ space program) Most of what he has done/ does now is "secret squirrel" stuff , but it seems like that eyes are on getting to Mars and off- earth mining rather than weaponising satellites. It's way too expensive to conduct war in space. Look to low orbit planes which are technically not spacecraft, for where the technology and science is focused. Just saying.

  11. U both aRe 💯💯!! We think ALOT ALIKE!!! ThaNx 4 puttin truth out inTo thiZ craZy world 🌎!!!!! MaD resPects!!!!

  12. Apparently shortly after the murders, Watts had googled lyrics to the Metallica song Battery , consisting lyrics like “Smashing through the boundaries, lunacy has found me, Cannot stop the battery
    Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession, Cannot kill the battery, Cannot kill the family , battery has found in me

  13. My close friend has a FELONY because for his job he has to have a gun which is bullshit in my opinion because he drove a carriage with horses and it was for “looks” and it misfired and hit a kid in a foot accidentally! He was fine it did no damage and the mom pressed charges. He was in jail for 4 years while his daughter was born. He’s been on parol for 5 years now and he still has to pee in a cup and get blood drawn every month and has to pay for it. I mean I know he shot a kid but it wasn’t him it was the stupid gun in his holster ! I think he was bullshit but I see both sides. But seeing the affect is so sad he has four kids and can’t find a job because of his felony.

  14. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Jerry Hartfield case, but he spent 35 YEARS in prison between trials, without ever being convicted

  15. Can you tell me, I suffer with chronic pain 24/7 after an 11 years battle with cancer and the radiation poisoning from my treatment. I've been left with no bladder, no bowel and a few organs lost from the damage of the radiation poisoning, I've also lost 6 discs in my spine leaving me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. If I could have just one day without the pain I get in my stomach and spine it would be life changing! I am on s huge battery of meds 4 times a day in tablet form plus large syringes 4 times a day of ketamin which is rotting my teeth! I was in a small mug 4 times a day of methadone (not for drugs!) For pain relief but they took me off that after 2 years as i hated it, it was rotting my teeth and tasted foul! The ketamin doesn't taste as bad but I hate taking all these meds. I take around 14 tablets in the morning and at night then 4 tablets twice a day between morning and night, I also take any extra ketamin I may need if my pain is bad! And I have extra morphine in tablet form if I need that on top too. If I could lower the ketamin alone I'd be happy! Would the CBD help me at all? I also suffer with depression and hardly ever leave my home, sometimes I don't leave my bed for weeks, and I just want my life back! I've gone from being super energetic to nothing over the years.bif you could email me or message me if be so grateful. I'm just worried it's not going to be strong enough. Many thx and great vid.

  16. As one of your better presidents said “beware of the military industrial complex) they will fill you fear and spend billions whilst Americans beg for healthcare. Be wise guys.

  17. If that’s true about the Russians , it’s sure no where near the “bad stuff” that the U.S. does to others! Don’t like having a taste of your own medicine I guess 😆

  18. I have another theory of the whole racial issue and why so many people of color are incarcerated. I’d love to talk to you guys about it! No, I’m not racist! I think it’s a huge issue I just have another view on it.

  19. The system does need an overhaul but in the case of Chris Watts they did everything perfectly right IMO. Every single thing was recorded and has been put online and the police and courts were amazing in Colorado.

  20. kendall, I have autism and NVLD ( so I don't drive) totally relatable. except mine is mostly for poor visual-spatial issues and limited cognitive issues).

  21. I do Crossfit and I have heard of a guy who was in jail for drugs got out and joined a crossfit gym. He now owns it and also trained guys while he was in jail before he got out. He is now drug free and very healthy! Some stories do have happy endings!

  22. I’ve been to jail, and and both my brother in laws have been to/ are in prison, and the people who are in for life will do anything (killing, drugs, gang involvement, etc.) because they have nothing else to lose. My brother in law is currently in prison and is very mentally ill, and they don’t care! He spent a whole year off of his meds and kept getting into trouble and nothing was done! He just recently got back on his meds and is back to his old self, but they don’t make them take their meds or anything.

    Also while i was in jail, some of the CO’s would totally abuse their power. Laundry day was Thursday, and the CO’s that worked that day, would make us stay in our “cubicles” all afternoon while they put the new clothes in bags and made the process of getting our clothes soooo much longer so they didn’t have to allow us to have “dayroom” (when we can make calls, get some fresh air, etc).

    While i was waiting to see the judge for sentencing, there’s a person that comes to interview you to make a report for the judge. Well in Tucson there’s only like one person who does it, and when she came to interview me, she was going on vacation in a day or two and totally botched up my report to the judge! She put all kinds of crap in my report that wasn’t even true!

    I have a non violent felony (i interfered with the custody of my daughter and that’s how i got my felony) and it has made it SOOOOO hard to find any kind of job! It’s so ridiculous!

  23. One of the biggest issues with our system is "the time fitting the crime". People get locked up for ridiculous amount of time where others get such short sentences. These min and max times needed to be rewritten or revaluated over time.

  24. Y’all are so amazing for sharing your knowledge. I am so appreciative of y’all. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  25. There’s no law that says jails have to let You outdoors. I spent seven months in county and never saw the sun once.

  26. Hi Dudes, we don't have the death penalty in the UK anymore not since Ruth Ellis in the 60s, Rose West is rotting away in prison for life. 👍
    I love these Podcasts and topics, keep em comjng dudes. 😊👍

  27. I took a quick look through the comments, and this is an older video so maybe you've already seen this, but there's a great documentary on Netflix called Breaking the Cycle about the Norwegian prison system and the successful (!) attempt to institute it partially here in America. There is a prison in North Dakota that has taken massive steps to overhaul how they're treating the prisoners and it's working. There's also an article on Mother Jones called "North Dakota's Norway Experiment" that delves into it.

  28. I think if we are charging a man for causing the death of his unborn child we should treat abortion the same way. Both parents should have equal rights and say about their future child. I`m not supporting CW, he`s a POC and I hope he gets raped in jail every day. It`s just something I`ve been thinking about. Women are treated differently when it comes to killing their children, they usually get away very lightly…

  29. My dad died when I was a baby by a women speeding on the freeway that hit our car from behind and made us flip and I have forgave that women for it but she plead reason of insanity and she got to walk free but I feel she should have got like a year or 2 in prison

  30. Hi, love the podcast! Just wanted to say one thing as I push my glasses up my nose. (lol) Nobody was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. Everybody convicted was hung and one man was crushed to death. (I know that was probably annoying but sometimes it's fun to throw out a "well actually")

  31. I love the way they just look at each other.. u can see the love in their eyes. & the way Kendall looks at him when she turns her chair & tilts her head! 🤣😍🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. we should humanize black kids, because they’re they ones who will suffer at the hands of the police. the police all benefit from institutionalized racism, and they get away with a slap on the wrist while innocent children are brutally killed.

  33. There could be, at the least, a two criteria system: one that deals with murder; the other that deals with all other manner of crimes. Well done guys: interesting listening (which afforded me the time to clean and shine to "as new" my stove-top).

  34. I'm commenting as I'm listening to the podcast so I don't forget what I want to say and for the jail/ prison portion of this I think a lot of the problem is that every jail and prison has different rules, they don't just all follow one system so therefore it's easier for people to cover up reasons why something unlawful may have been done. When I was sitting in jail waiting for a GPS system because I didn't have a permanent address and I was ordered to wear it until my next court date in case I didn't show up they could find me ( this wasn't house arrest ) but our county is very very poor and didn't have a extra one at the time so I had to sit in jail until one became available I was assaulted on the first day I was there by a CO and to cover up any complaints I may of had she said I assaulted her and stuck me 23/1 for two days and then usually when you get this you have to go in front of a judge to see if you get any extra time and to make sure the accusation is correct I was denied that hearing so therefore I wrote a complaint and when I got my papers the lieutenant told me I can fill out the paperwork and turn it in but nothing is going to come of it and walked away. This was at Allegany County Detention Center in Cumberland, Maryland 21502. Anyone else have an experience like this?

  35. She did NOT fight back her father said she died in her sleep. She was sleeping when the monster strangled her there's proof via their Vivid security system.

  36. Do the Water Episode!! I saw an article a while back that somewhere was considering adding lithium to their water. LITHIUM. Wut.

  37. Its also the kind of people who are being accepted to the police force there should be psychological testing for a person's personality

  38. i wish they would do an episode or kendall would do a video on that rich canadian couple who was murdered in their house like two? years ago!!!

  39. i know 4 people that are in prison right now, 3 that just got sentenced, and i know at least 5 other people that have recently gotten out. this is just prison, not country jail. all of their charges were different, but handled the same. fuck the system dude.

  40. I am currently in school and took a criminal justice class. The teacher was someone who was a CO before being a phd in the field and she informed all of us (i cant remember the exact statistic now) that a couple days in solitary confinement was equivalent to some absurd number in regular prison. She said that in most cases it would be better for the prisoner to be in solitary for a couple days then sent to a rehab facility to actually correct their behaviors. She said she has witnessed way too many times that the justice system fails time and time again because its a cycle for some people that they literally cannot escape.

  41. I can’t believe how much you guys have grown in just under a year. I’m so glad Mile higher exists, you have honestly changed my life and educated me so much.

  42. Pretty sure it's been discovered that no1 was ever burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. I think only 1 or 2 people/woman died during the trials & they were either hung or died in jail. Been awhile since I heard it so I can't fully remember.

  43. Psychopaths & all the like, cannot be reformed. Leave those demons locked up. Drug offenses, totally different, and makes no sense to me. Our legal system is a scary fucked up mess. It's just abt making money , it's a huge biz, they want people locked up

  44. I agree with yall about not sending people to jail with a drug addiction!! They should be taken to a place that will eventually help them. Like yall said there are more drugs in jail than on the streets, it's horrible. Being sumone who is a recovering addict, I never went to jail for drugs or anything, but I have had many family members and friends sent to jail for drugs. I finally got help 4 years ago and I think it would help so much if the justice system really sent people with a "problem" away to a rehab or counseling to get help. I also say though you cant help someone who doesnt want to be helped, they have to want to be clean and live that life. It's a touchy subject for some people but being sumone who has lives both lives it would be worth it to send them to get help or at least try!!

  45. Nobody cares about rehabilitating and fairness. Its the money. Its literally SOOO expensive to sit in jail. And, cops meeting their quotas. And, where i live, theres new trucks for cops and like you can barely see the black on black cop logod and the lights that are strategically placed where you can barely see. Its basically entrapment.

  46. You guys are such a relationship GOAL. I can only hope that I will get lucky with such an intelligent and kind husband that talks about the REAL shit happening on Earth &space rather than focusing on shit that doesn't matter 😊💜

  47. I totally agree with the drug sentences. I am a recovering fentanyl & heroin addict myself. Instead of being locked up, people need to be sent to a REHAB! Getting off opiates, alcohol or benzodiazopines I it is a horrible ordeal/withdrawal to go through. They need medication detox! Especially alcoholics, they can have seizures & DIE. It's just such bullshit that they get treated like horrible criminals when they're not! That shit pisses me off SO much.

  48. The Netherlands is like the complete opposite. Here you get 18 years in prison for murder lol, no joke. You can rape 20 girls and get away with it.

  49. Sadly inmates are just the sum of there SID #, there food here at Oregon State penitentiary said 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION' in bold red letters. Its quit sad how many innocent people rot in prison 😢

  50. Do people not understand that police officers are humans therefore there will be good ones and bad ones. Stop pointing out bad experiences you had with just a few of them. 🙄🙄🙄

  51. I think that if someone has a gun and is charging at you and shooting and there’s no other way to protect yourself other Than by firing your gun you can at least aim for the leg or foot, somewhere where they won’t be literally killed. Even with the use of a gun there’s a way to subdue actual threats a better way.

  52. With all the people we lock up, we some how miss all of the child molesters & domestic abusers. It's fucked up.

  53. I was in Denver Drug Court 7 years ago. After a horrible car accident that almost killed me, that then led to a 5 year opiate/heroin addiction. Drug Court was an intensive rehabilitation program that had me do therapy several times a week and an opiate replacement therapy program for 2 years. They helped me rebuild and while I graduated the program, I'm still sober and rebuilding today. It saved my life! There is also similar programs in Arapahoe County and Jefferson County but there was talk of these programs being discontinued which is terrible because I have gone thru treatments with dozens of people whose lives were saved and changed by these programs.

  54. My dad was arrested for 4th degree assault. I don’t want to get into it but this woman barged into our home and when my dad pointed for her to leave his ménière’s disease (basically constant vertigo) flared up. He was about to vomit and fall over; his finger poked her. If he didn’t poke her he would’ve completely fallen over. In the moment he apologized. 30 minutes later an officer knocked on our door. They arrested my dad based on the women’s word. At the time he was 53. He’d never been arrested, hadn’t had a ticket in 3 decades and came from a well respected family in our small town. It’s ridiculous. The officer told him the only reason they didn’t keep him in jail was because of his diabetes! Once it got to court, the prosecutor immediately dismissed the charge because of how stupid it was! Now my dad can’t get a job because of his “criminal record.” He even tried to become a driver for UberEats and was denied because of baseless charge. This justice system is so fucked!

  55. If you take a life (not defending yourself), you don't deserve a life. Life in prison is my stance for murderers. I don't believe in the death penalty purely because of the risk that they MIGHT be proven innocent later. In that case, they can at least reclaim some of their lives, and they should 100% be given monthly payments equivalent to however many months they spent in jail.

  56. Great podcast guys! Love these topics that get us thinking ‘how can we as a society get better?’ Thank you so much for the quality content and your kind spirts! I feel like I have grown sooo much listening to you guys! I wish y’all guys luck with future videos and podcasts! Thanks so much!

  57. Don't you think that the main difference between us here in the US and many of these other countries is that they're way more homogenous than we are, they have way stricter immigration laws …we are a melting pot. I don't think it's fair to compare us to other countries when our situation is so vastly different.

  58. 60 days in is for jails not prisons lol your funny!! Love you tho Kendall!! Love watching you! You need to see worlds toughest prisons if your intrested in this

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