Exclusive: Uber’s CEO on its new app

Exclusive: Uber’s CEO on its new app

(music pops) – So Uber is making
some changes to its app. – This is the beginning and not the end of our moving to really think of Uber as the operating system
for your city life. – It sounds good, but it’s
not exactly ground breaking. Uber is moving things
around inside the app. Streamlining it. Making it easier to us. And they’re also adding some things, like public transportation,
which makes sense when you consider what
Uber’s ultimate goal is. Now for years, Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi has been saying that he wants Uber to become the – Amazon for transportation. – [Andrew] And now they’re
finally making it happen. When we sat down with
Khosrowshahi recently to talk about some of these
new details exclusively and he also walked us through
some of the challenges that Uber’s facing too. He let us take the new app out for a spin, which we did on a subway. (upbeat music) – Then you can go down see
routes and it says leaves in two, five, eight minutes. It’s a six minute walk. Shows you where to walk
to get to the station. – That looks good. – Should we roll? – That looks good. Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – [Andrew] Do you think
this is a better experience than your Google maps, your city mapper? – It’s a comparable experience,
but ultimately it’s better because you have all of your choices here. It’s Amazon product
search versus, let’s say, Google product search. Because we’re so focused
on city transportation, which is where the majority
of our business is. Because we’re so focused
about the complete experience. It’s not just information,
but ultimately we want to integrate information that
allows you to take action and purchase this transit option. – Uber doesn’t want to just be an app. It wants to be a platform for every mode of urban transportation you
could possibly think of. Even if it’s not making money
off of some of those modes. You see, the more stuff that
Uber can cram into its app, like bikes and scooters
and buses and subway, the better chance it
has to squeeze money out of all that engagement. – [Dara] To some extent, we’re
competing against ourselves. – You’re not making money
off of this, so why offer it? – One, it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right solution for the consumer. Usually if you aim at the best
solution for the consumer, you’ll win longterm. Second, we have seen
experimentally that increases in engagement with app. That more people they wake up. They use the app more often. And if more people are
opening our app more often, then there will be business down the road. We’ll be able to monetize
that one way or the other. – [Andrew] Of course, Lyft
offers a lot of the same things in its app. And Uber’s a lot bigger than
Lyft and operates in cities outside of the US, but in the
US drivers work for both apps. And sometimes it can be
hard to tell the difference between both apps. Now Uber used to say it wanted to compete with public transportation,
but now it’s changing its tune and says it wants to compliment, not kill transit. But it’s not so simple. There have been a number
of studies over the years that show that Uber has
been leading to a decrease in ridership on public transportation. And that can lead to
things like lossed revenue and service cuts. Now Uber can say it wants
to put public transportation on an equal footing with Uber
X and that could help shift more customers to buses and trains. Or it could have the opposite effect and accelerate the decline
of public transportation. – Ultimately whether or not
our users choose transit or rides, et cetera, I can’t predict. You know, transit has
competition anyway, but we with data, we wanna make
sure that transit data is available to all the users
and we think we can be a constructive part of transit
growing over a long period of time. We wanna integrate ticketing. Right now we only have
information, but over a period of time, we’ll integrate ticketing. So that the experience that
you can have taking transit is just as delightful as the
experience that you can have taking a ride as well. – Now there’s more to the app than just public transportation. Uber’s adding new firewalls
to help improve safety and regain people’s trust. Now there’s a new pin
verification system that riders can opt into, so they
don’t accidentally get into the wrong car. You can text 911 from in
the app, in case you need emergency services. And your phone will get a
notification if you get dropped off near a bike lane, so
you don’t accidentally door someone. Now Uber is in the news a
lot these days for reasons entirely separate from its app. The company lost $5 billion
last quarter, which is a record for the chronically unprofitable company. Cities are being overrun
with car congestion and Uber is partly to blame. And California is on
the cusp of forcing Uber to reclassify its drivers
as employees, rather than contractors, which could
blow up the company’s entire business model. Meanwhile, Uber sued New
York City for the second time this year over new rules and
restrictions on ride hailing. Cities and states across the
country are cracking down on Uber and Democratic
presidential candidates, who are talking tough
about the tech industry and wanting to improve driver’s
lives are cheering them on from the sidelines. – My concern is that the
politicians right now are playing to a reactive base, which ultimately is not a better solution, for society and definitely
not for our drivers and not for our riders. – And Uber is still growing,
just a lot slower than people were expecting. And the challenges it faces
are a lot more existential than the ones it faced in the past. There are some who think
that Uber will just keep losing money until it
eventually goes out of business. Now whether Uber becomes
the Amazon of transportation like Khosrowshahi
predicts will depend a lot on how that future turns out. What does Uber look like in
five years, do you think? – You’re gonna use us to get to places. You’re gonna use us to get packages. You’re gonna use us to have
your food and I think we will be seen as an
incredibly valuable partner for cities everywhere. Is there jaywalking allowed? – Oh yes. – Is this like true
– Oh yes it’s encouraged. – Is it like true New York
or like fake New York? – It’s encouraged. All right, there we go. I used to live her so, if I don’t jaywalk (laughs) I feel weird. I feel odd. – Yeah, exactly. You’re not true New Yorker
unless you’re jaywalking.

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    That’s quiet a statement when you introduce context and facts.

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  10. So they treat drivers like disposable items and now they want into my daily commute? How long can uber lose money before goes kaput?

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  15. Add another 5B to the tab. Why encounter more problems and trying not to fix the ones UBER already has. Why instead of trying to be like AMAZON why not trying to be like WECHAT like in China. I know I know there's a lot of regulations that are different from China but there's always a way to get around.

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