Excel in Depth – Excel Web App: Podcast #1270

This Excel Podcast is sponsored by Easy-XL Excel IN DEAPTH Chapter 37, The Excel Web App. The Excel Web App. This is pretty cool. So I have a little spreadsheet here. Especially, just a little calculation, and I’m going to do file and scroll down to Save and Send and then up here to Save to Web I’ve already set up an account on the Skydrive to search for sky drive. You can sort of a freak out yet, 25 gigabytes up there, and I want to put this in my own. Ok so, I’ll save this. I’ll just call it LoanCalc. So, it sends it up to the SkyDrive now will pop back here. I’m going to go to my SkyDrive, and we’ll see how this actually renders in the browser. Ok see here we are at the SkyDrive, I clicked on office clicked on Recent Documents, and there’s my LoanCalc. I can either view this or edit in the browser. Let’s just view it first It sounds actually opening this up, and rendering it right here in the browser. Which is pretty cool that means you know if you have a computer that doesn’t have excel. Which I don’t know when that would happen. Maybe at your grandmother’s house or something like that, I don’t know. So, we can actually see. So, we can actually see, the results here in Excel, but I have a choice I can either open an excel which download’s to this computer, or edit in the browser, when I edit in the browser. I actually get something that opens up here I, and it’s like Excel I can go change the numbers, I can put it in different numbers, and it will automatically recalculate I can add new formulas, two times here press enter so press enter, and it works, so it doesn’t have all of the functionality that Excel has. But for just a quick little Spurgeon’s you might need to create, a very very cool feature. Thank you for stopping by. See you next time for another necast with MrExcel.

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