Everything You Need to Know About Todoist Foundations

Everything You Need to Know About Todoist Foundations

Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel it is Francesco here and in today’s video we’re going to be diving into the todoist official update I’m gonna be guiding you through this application Well first start by talking about all of the new abilities and I guess some of the stuff behind the scenes So do you guys can get my dear and get a picture of what this application? Will be having over the next 24 hours because this is rolling out as we speak 24 hours around the globe. So as you could imagine it’s gonna be focusing a lot on the Foundations. So without further ado guys, let’s dive into today’s video So guys I’m very excited to be sort of diving into this today because this is an update that Really changes the way that to-do list is formed in my opinion Now as you can imagine two newest has been around for a while. I’ve been using myself for six seven years and I can’t remember an update that was really like this in terms of the change I remember the to do is 10 update which changed pretty much the foundations of todoist But this reach angel in terms of upgrading them making the most ability Focused. So let’s start with the first update that they talked about which is the new sections You can add new sections anywhere inside of your projects And as you can see here They’re really easy to add and they’re almost like the bolded sections you’ve had before but they don’t appear as tacit their section headers So they work in the same way that you have would say things three. So for example if I wanted to add a chocolate section to my shopping list I can do and whenever I add a new task so for example let’s say I go to my inbox and I want to add a new task say like You know Dairy Milk Diary milk. I always put dairy milk bar say I add a p3 to it and What I traditionally do on that my macbook version of todoist is you know Select it. Move it to a project And as you can see what appears is a new brain of all the sections so I can choose chocolate can go over to the chocolate area and it has been added to The drop the tab, and obviously I could minimize this quite easily You can see here that that pops down and pops up whenever you need to so I quite like that Because that can be utilized. So for example here I could you know, move it to the project In this case, I could go to the project Which is daily and I can add it to the things to do our area there So that’s quite a neat way to begin utilizing. Your projects is a section headers now one thing I actually noticed Whilst doing this feature is you can add section headers to your inbox Which I was a little bit confused by but I hope this isn’t a bug I guess This is something a bonus. Say for example You could have no articles you could begin separating your inbox a little bit out in case you wanted to filter down certain tasks that you add in So that’s one of the things I did notice, okay So the second major update is the task view now inside of each task you have insider todoist Whatever view it is. You have something called an infobox So for example if I click in this info box, you see this panel up here. I absolutely love this panel I think it’s a brilliant new addition. So inside of this panel, you can see subtasks you can see comments You can see your activity They’re all sort of these like tabs to some extent and of course you can go in you can add subtasks to it now What touch on subtasks in the next moment after after we talk about the task for you? But the things you’re gonna have to task for you is obviously changed to date so you can move and reschedule that You can add a label really easily so for example If I wanted to add a focus on that one – could I have two labels popping out of here? I could change the project and the priority set a reminder and even go into Archiving and in comments via email and also copying link to task as well as showing the completed Subtasks now that’ll come important in the moment now I previously use this area to pretty much add most of the Subtasks and I had to do but I’m in love with the way that subtasks work I will also say there are a few things that bother me about this is obviously, you’ve got your comments and the one feature here and You’ve got another comment tab here, which I guess why the annoys me but then really necessarily Annoy me too much to not use it I absolutely love the fact that you have this pops up and I’ve got more detail in my tasks I love this car for you And this is where it should play into future todoist features which we’ll talk about near at the end in terms of setting out down the groundwork in which way you mention a little bit more detail so you’re probably wondering how the sub tasks work sub tasks are obviously something you’ve been around for a while people and I would say myself hasn’t necessarily been that warm into some tasks if I pop open I can see all the sub tasks that I’ve got there but in the new tasks for you You have your sub tasks in this lovely view here now If I do this with this one here You can see some tiles appear you can add labels to them and dates all the stuff you would to a relevant task But you can also add more sub tasks to them So as you can see here You’ve got a sub task within a sub task and I can hand as many sub tasks as I like So at there’s a lot of confusion at how these are changing I’ll talk through a bit more about how they are changing in terms of a worked example near at the end But I really liked the way that this is structured It is allowed me to break my tasks down even further and I know a lot of people are finding Value from now now just touching on the task view as I said I really like this but one of the things I’m still getting used to is on the iOS Version if I open up a tasks there I actually have to have pretty much open up a task every time I touch one which is a little bit of a pain and I feel that this could be even more subtle in the way that they’ve done this But I guess this will play to the strengths of this application When I begin adding more sub tasks to it now This is definitely changing the way that I used to do is because it’s it’s sort of ripping You know the task into smaller chunks and making it more manager or for me to do so I’m really liking this new update So one of the things on mobile is changing is a quick and ability I’ve mentioned is in the beta version But you can now quick add and it obviously add all the detail things like tomorrow Priority the actual project that you’re putting it into and you can do this really fast Clipping is so much faster I honestly can’t tell you about the reliability and speed in this Application as well as on the mobile version If you’re quick adding you can use a new dynamic button, which is just using the plus button and dragging a task You’ll either create a task or a sub task using that button just by dragging it across this is coming soon to Android But really looks good and is something that I will be using on the go now that I know it’s there so one of the things that I don’t particularly use in this version is the Labels, so I only have three labels I need to utilize and more but there is now a way for you to have your own personal labels and shared labels Allowing other team members to be able to interact with tasks that are across maybe some of the shared tasks that you have so they have now broken that down into shared and personal for you Now one of the things that I want to finally note as well is the iconography I originally was not so happy with the iconography I don’t know why I felt like for example, let’s take Inbox today in next seven days I thought the blue the green and then the purple sort of was a bit confusing But they’ve really grown on me and I find them really attract and I think if you like these you should definitely comment below with some appreciation for Alex and a team for putting this together because they look absolutely fantastic in terms of like how they feel on the application and especially when you’re inside of this task view like that just looks gorgeous as a task queue and I’m looking forward to adding emojis and Utilizing it even further Now one of the final things I’ll note on task view as well. I’m obsessed with tasks for you Um is the fact that? I’m going to be using this more and more so The actual abilities in terms of like templates and subtasks and using them more and more often is gonna play to this new structure so let’s go through a couple of your questions and opinions that we picked out from the two duis made simple group that maybe You know get people for you people coming and aren at how subtasks will work Oh, uh Arturo asks I’m still trying to understand how subtasks will behave when the parent task is recurring Will complete subtasks reset after the pitar parent task is completed, or do I have to repopulate? subtasks every time as of now completing a subtasks makes it go away and that is completely right if you complete a Subtasks in a recurring task it will go away I sort of found a Hank to this for example if I wanted to create a morning routine, and I set this at p3 Added it to my daily project and I said every day That’s 7 a.m and added The home label to if I went ahead and create that task and I went and found it in the next day I open up this I can obviously add a few subtasks So let’s add a few subtasks here. So you could say podcast meditate books, etc And let’s say I go hide ahead and take one off. There we go. It doesn’t necessarily follow you the subtasks But what you can do is press show completed tasks subtasks and then fetch the previous ones you’ve had so you could technically Keep that on so that you can bring the previous ones back So this actually works as like a task. That is lineal So for example, if you complete stuff in it, it will go into the completed area So that’s a one way that you could do it I’m sure there’s another way and I’m sure we can probably utilize that in templates This is something I’d like to have and I definitely like to add as an addition. So Diana put hi I’m wondering if switching to todoist foundations affects your current set-up and data. I even invite debating whether or not to join Will it’s out now, which is good, but it doesn’t necessarily affect anything in your setup Um, what I’ve particularly noticed is I’m much more reliant on soft-ass now now that they have this task view and I’m really enjoying it Kahan, but can put how the pop up for her subtasks comments and past activities displays makes it much easier See smoother to me also the colors in the interface are more attractive. I can’t agree with that more as well This is something that a lot of people fighting a lot more easier to use So obviously you’re probably wondering how this affects the bigger updates in terms of the boards that they’ve mentioned they’ve also Mentioned a new proposed view which is undisclosed and also new powerful sharing This is meant to be a groundworks update now amny has posted on Twitter Obviously in comments to people definitely not this month, it will be coming out the board view at a Kanban style view So we’re probably expecting to see that maybe November or December but I don’t necessarily Think that’s one of their pure focuses. I think they want to see the reactions to foundations because foundations is so important but they’ve really gauged how foundations has worked through a lot of the comments now people like John us as sent in feedback and Really? A lot of people are curious about the subtasks work But in my opinion I think if you didn’t use subtasks before it definitely is a lot more attractive to use them but if you use sometimes before you Created some rules for yourself That worked at the time now obviously things have changed. So I guess you have to read learn how subtasks work Maybe we’ll do a little bit of a works Well, maybe Carl will do a workshop on them because he’s just so good at way that sub tasks work But it’s really a lot of people finding it. Um a little bit about sort of learning club for them at the moment Especially in beta. Okay guys to wrap up What I want to say is this update is absolute gold as a new user for six seven years I have found it to be one of the best most reliable updates that they’ve pushed out like I am happier using todoist on Desktop than ever like I really love this application. I think there’s two things Really? Improved I’d say in the last week of my workflow. I’ve got time to spend with it because I was recovering from an operation so the things that I say is task view just makes being able to interact with tasks so much easier being up to add information and focus and The subtasks just help break down tasks a lot easier than before. So I’m gonna play around with this I’m probably using templates a lot more Labels a little bit more and I just find this whole experience to be a really attractive One and I’m looking forward to how they implement boards how that affects the way that I’m using it in interacting with tasks. I just think this is We’re about to go into a new era of todoist. And I think this is the way they’ve places Maybe I’m like a massive fan boy But they have just done a marvelous job. So guys, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below As you can imagine this is rolling out. So it’s gonna be with you in the next 24 hours so let me know what you think on Twitter at francesco verde underscore ALDS and I’ll happily be all ears. I’m looking forward to some of your direct dependence So guys a big. Thank you If you’re not subscribed do hit the subscription button, and I will talk to you guys very very soon. Cheers, everyone. Bye You

32 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Todoist Foundations

  1. Let me know what your thoughts on Todoist are!
    In my opinion, it's the best update that Todoist have released to date.

  2. First? Sharp haircut! All I want from Todoist is adding a start date (which they refuse) and I'll be back as a customer. Omnifocus remains king.

  3. Highly overrated app. TickTick and Any.do are ten times better. But I guess, you people are used to it, and so, it's easier to continue talking about it…

  4. Good video. Just a small point. Stop doing video from your bedroom. Really comes across as amateur. I know people will probably think that is just being picky and that the content is the only thing that is important but…

  5. One thing and the biggest thing about Todoist I have never understood is why on earth the team thinks that subtasks r some rocket science. Just look at Microsoft To Do or RTM. This update does little in getting me to use Todoist again. A missed opportunity!

  6. Todoist is so overrated. I understand it's easy interface and all that stuff such as language prediction, but it has a lot of stupid flaws that they're from common sense to fix

  7. Todoist is so overrated. I understand it's easy interface and all that stuff such as language prediction, but it has a lot of stupid flaws that they're from common sense to fix

  8. so, whats the best "do it" app now for people who want to share tasks? Todoist, Apple Reminders or Microsoft's To Do ??

  9. Not such great Update….

    – No Multi Window Support on iPadOS
    – No Multi Select on Mobile
    New Task view on Mobile take to much space in my opinion
    – Why still cannot Control the App with just my Keyboard like Things 3 ?

    @Todoist I do not need new icons every few months.

    My Opinion: i´m a Todoist User since last 3 years and saddly i must say that Things 3 is at the moment more Powerful and propably my new Task Manager of choice

  10. Interesting. I don't use sub-tasks all that much but I can see a use case, in my situation. An example would be for Uni, where I can add each week then add the various activities, associated with that [week's] unit, as sub-tasks!

  11. Not a fan of Todoist, but gave this video a look-see to find out if they’d made any changes of note, to help Todoist stand out as compared to, oh, every other task manager out there… and nope. I don’t get why tech reviewers etc. are so enamored with this app.

  12. Hey Francesco! Great review. I'm pretty happy with the update.
    About that "two comment sessions" in the task, I feel like one is for adding the comments and the other one shows you that the task has comments (and how many). The other button only appears when you hover over it and the one that tells you how many comments is always there as long as you have one or more comments in the task. Nothing that important but maybe you'll feel better about it 😂

  13. Why are people hating on Todoist? I've tried other apps and this one is by far the cleanest and most reliable. It's simple yet powerful. Once boards are a thing I think it will easily be the best task manager out there and even take on Trello.

  14. I'll keep waiting for the Kanban boards (though I like a lot of the changes). What I'm waiting most for is to be able to put a task in 2 projects at the same time. When I update one, it flows into the other. Or rather, 1 cannot be completed until the first is. Or something to that effect. I've seen NO app so far that allows me that multi-project layer of control.

  15. Well..nice update but it is not even in the same league with TickTick now. I wish TickTick would changetheir name, but it have everything that works. Francesko at this point of time you probably should know that todo lists doesnt work. And the only thing that really helps is calendar, so why bother with todoist since they dont have it?

  16. I have no idea why I'm watching this video as a TickTick guy. Yet, it is always great to hear your thoughts on Todoist, Francesco!

  17. I have found the points system on Todoist is not developed well enough. After you get to level up a number of times as a new user, it just keeps stockpiling points for a very long time, until you reach their Grandmaster level, and then no more levels. There needs to be more there to help users who want to note milestones and to reward themselves for accomplishements, especially when real life doesn't do this as much as you'd like. I'm a homemaker, so I have a lot of repeated tasks that don't get much recognition. Computer-based rewards help me a lot. It doens't have to be gimmicky, just consistent, and maybe with a bit of eye candy to enjoy when you get to a desired point.

  18. I like the colors in the inbox, today and next 7 days as well as the dates in the tasks. They really pop out using dark mode which makes it even nicer IMO.

  19. I don't understand how they've been working on this for 2 years, nor how this is a "huge" update. It seems fairly minor compared to the level of changes that come to e.g. ClickUp in a similar time frame (recent 2.0 launch). ToDoist is one of the biggest and most popular to-do apps, surely they have a team big enough to implement as fast as ClickUp and others do. I've been using ToDoist for over a year now, and still a Premium subscriber, so these comments don't come from a lack of experience with the product by any means. I'm moving away very soon though precisely because of the lack of features and notable development.

    It still mystifies me how ToDoist is so popular, honestly, but I know that sounds almost mean. I don't intend it to be, it just really does surprise me. It's not that it's bad, it's just not any better than many other ToDo apps out there ultimately. And this "Foundation" update doesn't really seem to change that, as far as I can see.

  20. I don’t care that much for the new sub tasks view (or maybe I just need to either find a use for it or get used to it) but I really hope they don’t drop the simple, arrow based, subtasks, pop down thing. It makes life so simple and it’s one of the big reasons I like this app. I do wish someone at Todoist is watching this. Thanks for the breakdown Francesco.

  21. I made a comment on your last todoist video about sections, because this features was missing and was a little upsetting…. but now it’s here and it’s perfect for my use!

  22. I personally still find that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of subtasks. For example a projects taskcount should only show the amount of base tasks (IMO), you should have the ability to filter tasks that don't have subtasks (to show unplanned work at the lowest level) and you should have a count of subtasks per task with the format [amount of completed, direct subtasks]/[total amount of direct subtasks].

  23. Nice intro vid Francesco – thanks.

    To be honest, from an end user perspective, this is a little underwhelming for me. Sure some things look nicer, and the task view is good, but sub-tasks are the same (just visualised differently) and sections, although useful, don’t move the needle for me (as non-completable tasks were similar before). At this very early (first impressions) timescale, I’m not seeing a lot of added value here yet.

    Clearly a lot of work has gone into this release and I applaud Todoist for taking this important step. However, foundations in themselves don’t massively change the game. It’s what these foundations will enable down the line which is more exciting.

  24. I am in full agreement on almost everything you say. A couple of exceptions that I have- recurring sub-tasks and searchable sections. Everyone has different workflows, and I have been able to find a workaround for almost everything I do. However, I would like to have a single task (i.e.Morning Routine) with several recurring sub-tasks (i.e. feed dog, run, check mail, etc) and have the sub-tasks repeat inside of the parent task, but not as separate tasks in the today view. It just seems to be a cleaner way of managing a day. Also, it is a way of having a kind of recurring template (i.e. "Saturday routines" such as "Recycle", "Mow", "Go to dry cleaners", etc.). Just my opinion

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