Everyone Loves Everlast – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

Everyone Loves Everlast – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

I wanna watch you murder
your family in your pool. And you’re all, “Yeah, cool,
do you want it tonight or what? Is Thursday good for you?” “Yeah, I want to bathe
in the blood of your children” She goes,
“I can arrange that, babe. Is that what you’re into?” She goes, “I would totally suck
your dick if you went home and fist fought your mom.” Whitey Ford, himself,
from the House of Pain; Everlast is gonna be
coming in the studio with us which is very, very exciting. Didn’t feel a pop in the room
when I said it, but alright. Would you want us all
to start hitting each other? We all know it.
We all know who’s coming. Yeah, yeah. You should have
maybe not told us, also. Yeah, really. We’ve been
talking about it for hours on this thing. The camera people
didn’t do anything. Yeah. White Lou who I know
is exploding with excitement for this. Did he want to ‘jump around’? You dick. You son of a bitch. Then maybe if you delayed it then you would know
what it’s like. Bro, Everlast did this freestyle
on a Ice Cube compilation album in the 80’s
that I’m dying to ask him about. Yeah? Syndicate? When he was
part of Syndicate? Oh my god, I’m so sorry. That’s exactly what
I’ve been looking for my fucking entire life. Yeah.
Yeah, the Syndicate. Jay’s deep knowledge
of Everlast. Are you being serious? C’mon man, that’s not even- that’s Ice-T
background shit, too. But what is that song?
Do you remember- I don’t. Everlast’s rhyme on that was
my favorite. It’s towards the end. Is this it here?
Is this the Syndicate? Yep. Everlast had a long ponytail? No. I thought he just had hair.
Just had hair. It’s just hair, bro.
Oh, there it is. Dude, I remember
listening to this in the back of a jeep
in Clearwater, Florida. Hey.
High as fuck. Do we get to the Everlast part? Yeah, it’s toward the end
I think. Go Boca Wildcats. Or Bobcats, Dan. God damn it, I knew I blew it. That’s three bear crawls
for you. Okay, back it up, back it up.
Here we go. I’m curious to hear
what he sounds like a little bit younger, too.
Pretty cool still. We’ve got ten minutes,
we’ve got to put this together. Yeah, it’s almost put together. I just don’t know if it’ll be
funny if – give him a break, cause they said he’s been
going around playing music on all these shows,
having to sing his songs. Do you think he’ll play? And we have
an acoustic guitar here. I’ll just be playing it
on accident, and then be like oh I didn’t know you were gonna
be here, oh maybe you can play. Well we don’t want to hammer him
with it when Susie walks in, but … Maybe just have Bert hold – You can be holding
the whole time and go “Oh I brought my guitar
if you want.” Yeah, do you wanna
take your shirt off already? And so you have your shirt off
and the guitar on, so it’s like you
just been fuckin’ wailin’. This is Bert, he’s been hittin’
some tasty licks. Tasty licks? I’ve just been shredding’
in the corner of the fucking studio. Yeah, yeah I’m into that.
Whatever you need – We’re just gonna talk to him
for a while and have like
a nice conversation. Everyone would be- You have to have questions
for Everlast. There’s no way
you don’t, right? Okay, yeah, what was it
like scoring Judgment Night? Remember when you got
Judgment Night, you wanna tell me
what it’s like? Was he in Judgment Night? I think he was
in Judgment Night. I think he threw Jeremy Piven
off a building. He’s one of the guys
that did, yes. I’m gonna ask who he was
in Judgment Night. Bro, can I tell you? He was one of
Denis Leary’s crew! You’re Denis Leary’s crew. Don’t ever come back … And the fucking best song,
‘House of Pain’ and ‘Helmets’, the best song
on that soundtrack. I’m sorry, I love that song,
please pull that up, oh my god. I am the biggest
Everlast fan in the world. “Just another victim, kid!”
It’s the best. Dude, I, his, like – We’ll play it when we come back
from break, actually. Let’s play it when we
come back from break. Oh is this it? Yeah. That’s
Helmet House of Pain. Oh shit, here he is right here!
Just kidding guys- Oh dude! By the way Jacob
should’ve walked in and gone “Suck my dick assholes!” “Suck my dick assholes” “You know what else
is everlasting? My balls in your mom’s mouth” What if we just played
Everlong the entire time? Dude, I was saying
we should play Everclear every time
we come back. “Bam, bam, bam, bam,
father of mine”. Can we get the thing before
we have to go to break again. Just saying what I think
it would be funny to do. If we can get him- If we can get him to do it. If he will agree
to play the song ‘What It’s Like’, it’ll be so funny
if we all take turns, try to keep a straight face
and singing a verse of it. But like,
singing about whatever. I just don’t wanna do the thing
we were doing when Bert first came in. If we all take turns going
(mumbling) But we were at this, the verse
where he goes what is it- someone got- what’s her name? I don’t know,
we kept doing Jacob. Something that pra- yeah. “pranking from a kid
name Thompson use love” (singing) Mike, can you hand
Bert the guitar so we can do what we were doing
when Bert first came in? (singing) (singing) Jacob got a producing job,
said you’s in love. He said, “Don’t worry about
that shark tooth, I’m the man
you’ve been dreaming of.” (singing)
met himself a girl, didn’t know she was a whore. But wait- Watch that sixty dollars
go out the door. (singing) I think we might be
borderlining- if someone’s like, “Hey do an impression of Bert.” They’re like, “I’m a drunk
idiot, I take my shirt off.” That’s what I’m wondering,
cause it’s like a shitty Tom Waits. I would not do of him to
himself. Yeah, you go like this;
“You wanna hear my Dan Soder?” (mumbling) Hey, Rogan. Let me show me
my impression of you. (screaming) That’s horrible,
I could tell, too. Are you guys saying
I don’t sound like Everlast when I’m doing that? No, not at all. You don’t sound like it. (mumbling) Then I’m not gonna ask him
to do it, then. Well, can we … You guys have your own
radio fun, then. You let me sit on that
as a great idea for ours. Well, then you also get
other chefs in the kitchen to realize it’s maybe
not the best idea to do an impression
to someone’s face. Maybe Bert bullied you.
I think so. I just think if you- He’s got a good point. Imagine if you sound like that.
I think that’s what blackface- the problem they have
with blackface. This is what we think you look
like, and people are like, “Hey, that’s not
what we look like.” So don’t soft shoe either. You know girl, when you stop
jumping around it makes me feel all- I’m the creepy crab. (singing)
rise to the top. (mumbling) It sounds like we’re just
doing Tom Waits. (mumbling) And I hoped I don’t fall
in love with you. Really should break, brother. You should break, bro. Alright, we’ll break brother.
We’ll break brother. Alright brother. Brother. I’ll break anything,
except bread with a Jew. Woah.
Whoa. Whoa. I bet you turned on that.
Let’s do it. I gave Lou every opportunity. Sometimes we think
we’re gonna take a break and then we find out our guest
only as very, very limited time- Yeah, so we actually probably
could’ve just played that song for him,
he’s in the hallway. Yeah?
Yeah. We could’ve. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.
Oh shit. First thing, you walk in, black
Lou makes you fill out forms. He goes, “You mind signing away
some stuff? We’ve got a non-compete waiver.”
How ya doing? That’s my children and my soul. Yeah, come on in man.
Welcome. Everybody, Everlast joins us
on The Bonfire. Fuck yeah, man. This is great. They never give us cool guests,
this is the best. Oh, yeah, they told me
I gotta pop in, and I was like, “I’m literally on my way
to the airport,” but I was like,
“I’m not just gonna flake.” Let’s go. Then we would’ve been-
Jay would’ve been destroyed. Heartbroken. You want a drink? Oh, hell no. Hell no,
I’m about to get on a plane. This is exciting for me also
because less than a year ago, at a Deli by my house, a month after I saw you perform
House of Pain at Irving Plaza, I bumped into you at a Deli
and told you that on my radio I said on my radio show, we voted you the cooled white
boy in all of white boydom. Yeah, we shook hands.
I was certain after you left, because I said to my girlfriend
who was with me at the time too, Christina over there,
I did say, I go, “I was just any one
of those guys now who just did that thing.
Hey, here’s how me and you are related
in some weird way, anyway.” You also did a weird fringe
thing where you go, “I got a radio show
and I voted you something.” And they’re like,
“I’m gonna die here.” And then I think I listed
some of my TV credits. It was not a good look. I was on Comedy Central,
I was on IFC. I was in flip-flops and socks,
man, I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know I was gonna
bump into Everlast. Does that happen when
you’re out getting food, do people just look at you like,
“Oh, shit, hey!” It depends if I’ve got my
‘fuck you’ face on or not. Yeah, hell yeah. You try to keep it on sometimes? A lot, a lot, yeah. A lot. So what’s the thing that people
can say to you that hits where you go,
“Oh you’re a legit fan.” Where you go- some guy
just mentioned my new special, one of the jokes. If I say that, at least
whoever’s listening to your show is gonna use it
every time they see me. These are good people. If I approached you
at the airport, I’d be like, “Judgment Night
changed my life.” Yep. Here we go, this is mine,
Syndicate. The Syndicate. I’d say the movie
or the soundtrack? Soundtrack. Syndicate, with Ice Cube. Ice T.
Ice T, sorry. Yeah, he signed me
to my first deal. That would let me know
you’ve been rocking for a while for sure. Alright. It makes me so angry he
stole that from me. Joe Rogan acoustic. When you did that,
that’s a fucking badass- Yeah, I was the first one
to do any music on it. I don’t know
if a lot of people still do. I know one or two other bands
that went on Joe’s. I’m about to go hit
Joe’s show. Were you guys are
the Irving Plaza where I was singing every
word up in the balcony. Oh, you guys were probably
too busy eating cereal and playing video games
or something. Oh, cool, I don’t know but- While you guys were probably Tough Mudder training
or something. While I was over there
fucking white boy rapping it up
in the balcony. Do you realize that you’re
giving in more to the myth that you’re the psycho fan
that’s like, “I voted you the best person, I was up
in the top of the theater mouthing along
every word with you.” I waited for the backstage door
for three hours, you never came out. I had a Father’s Day card
for you. I totally- like your face- I don’t remember
any of the other stuff- It’s fair. -but I was looking at you like,
“Man, I fucking know this guy I think.”
That makes sense. Want me to list
my TV appearances again? That’s what you said
in the Deli, I started listing off
what I could’ve been from. Well maybe you’ve seen
my Netflix this, or Comedy Central that. I was probably high if I was
walking into a Bodega. I was probably looking
for a sandwich or something. Yeah, Bodega sandwiches
are great. No, that’s what it was- Only in New York, I won’t eat a bodega sandwich
anywhere else in the world. A nice target ham sandwich
in fucking Dayton. I’m not walking into
a shitty deli in Paris and ordering something on a hero.
I’m just not trusting. Yeah, Boar’s
Head is what sells me. You were getting a sandwich,
that’s how I had you hostage. You were probably high
and you probably were waiting. You were waiting it out,
he goes, “Do I talk to the fat
annoying idiot who’s wearing a tank
top comfortably?” The biggest psycho move
would’ve been if you finished
the sandwich order for him, and you go,
“He also likes regular mustard. I need to back
the fuck outta here.” He goes, “No salt.
Your blood pressure.” Excuse me? I was at the doctor’s office, I tried to talk to you
then, too. Hey, where did the name
Everlast come from? As a fan since I’ve been a kid. I used to be- originally
when I first started rapping I would call myself E-Rocky, which was Eric Rocks
Everlasting. I just chopped that shit. Right to Everlast. To Everlast. I’m such a huge fan
for such a long time. Such a long fucking time. Since I was eight-
seventeen years old. Seventeen. I know ‘Jump Around’ is probably
to some degree the bane of your existence
in many ways, but I mean I’ve heard
it go different ways. John Popper told me
from blue’s traveler that he’ll play the
runaround song whenever
anyone even asked him to play it on the street
because he’s like, “That bought me
everything I’ve ever had.” So people don’t run
from it at all. The only time ‘Jump Around’
was a problem to me was when first released ‘Whitey Ford Sings the Blues’
I put it away. Right. And I wouldn’t do it for probably about
two or three years. And you do acoustic versions
of it which is awesome too. Yeah, that was a few years back. I did an acoustic album,
I just was like fuck it, I’ll do it
before some hipster does. Yeah, you just bummed out
a barista in Williamsburg, where he goes, “Remember the idea I told you
about where I was gonna do ‘Jump Around’ acoustic?
Well he did it.” I ruined that for him. Yeah. Dude, he kitted
furiously that evening. Can I ask you a- you don’t
have to answer this, just- there are some lines
you leave out when you do
the acoustic version. I own the album.
Why did you leave them out? There is? Yeah. Maybe I’m old and I forgot
a couple words or something. Everlast, this is how we
approach you about having CTE. How many hard hits
to the head did you take? I love- I bought the album,
I love it. I watch you live. Now you’re gonna make me
fucking listen to it. What lyrics did I forget? I’m just trying to get you
to play it, to be quite honest with you. We have a guitar right there, we
have a camera set up. If you can play it, I swear
to god I’ll get totally naked. Whatever you want, I’ll do. You just guaranteed
it’s not happening man. Keep my clothes on. Bert, no one’s gonna accuse
you of being a good vibe reader. Nothing about me thought-
first off, he goes, I’ll do whatever you want,
I’ll get naked. I’ll suck your dick. I’ll give you my entire
collection of gay pornography. Are any of these things
striking your fancy? He goes, “You play this song,
I’ll murder an enemy of yours. Choose the enemy,
I will track him down. I will find him.” Oh man, I gotta start
listening to this show, man. It gets weird. When Comedy Central finds out
what we’re actually doing, they’re gonna fire us. That’s why the camera
started going up. Dude, we are legit
fucking fans of yours. I’m not even joking, we’re all
really successful people, but we fucking love you. I have a Netflix
special out right now, I’m really fucking big. Dude, I’m fucking obsessed.
I’m friends with Joe. I go on his podcast
more than you. I fucking love you. I seen you with the belly
in the picture. I seen it. Yeah, he recognized you Bert. You wanna get fucking naked? I told you
I’d get fucking naked. I know who you are dude, I’m saying I need
to listen to this show. Bring out the fucking Tito. Hit the vape pen.
I can’t fix my headsets. That might be my favorite
explosion ever on the show. A completely positive meltdown. That was like a positive
Brian Dawkins speech. He’s like,
“This is what we do. This is what we do,
and god dammit I love you.” That’s how I started to feel
in the deli when he goes, “Your face looks
familiar to me,” and I went, “Here’s
everything I did,” he was like, “I don’t think
it’s any of those things. I’m gonna be outside eating
this gluten free coconut ball.” Enjoy your sandwich, sir. The new album ‘Whitey
Ford’s House of Pain’ is it all new music? Yeah. It’s my first studio album
in about eight years. Is it more singer/songwriter
this one? No, it’s kind of like
everything in the toolbox. I brought back
some more hip hop and a couple hip hop producers,
friends of mine, I got Aloe Blacc singing on it,
I got my guy Slug from Atmosphere
doing a song. Slug’s the shit. I know him, he’s a great guy. That’s awesome.
Is it to the point now where you’re having fun
making the music? I’ve always had fun. Writing ‘Jump Around’
and what it’s like, and then put your lights on. I can do whatever
the fuck I want. I don’t have to-
I can make what I wanna make. It doesn’t matter
if it wins or loses. That’s great. Luckily I never lose too tough.
And I win pretty decent. Yeah. I own my own masters,
I own my own label. I do alright. I look at cats that are way
bigger and richer than me, and I know they’re
slaves to the game. Yeah. And I don’t envy them
in a lot of ways. I’d like the bank account, I’d love to have their bank
account, don’t get me wrong, but not if it comes with-
one of the first times I was ever on Rogan,
I said something like, “I like going to Ralph’s
and sitting at the olive bar and getting my own olives.”
And like “Jump Around” is playing
and nobody knows I’m fucking there, dude,
I love that shit. I heard an interview- Then you walked in that deli
one night thinking, “I’m gonna get a sandwich
and keep it cool.” Mr. Everlast? I like New York though,
New York’s different, the city’s different. I heard Dan Castellaneta
from the Simpsons say that about doing Homer,
he’s like, “I have a life. I can just go have a life
and I’m one of the most iconic-” And he’s fucking super rich. Super rich. It’s funny
because you’re saying- Doh. You’re saying own
the master stuff, and I just know I’m dumb that
even if I got success there would be a thing
where they’re like, “No you signed
that away early on.” Fuck, I knew it. That’s the money right there,
is owning your own shit. Well I don’t own the ‘Jump
Around’ masters. Okay. I own all the masters since I
left the major label system. You’d be jetpacking Homer. Do you get it back
at some point? No, but I mean I own
the publishing, I still own my publishing. It’s just when
you did record deals, they own the masters,
that’s the way it was back then. Yeah. It’s not a horrible thing,
I still get paid. Do you get excited
when you’re in a bar- When you own the masters,
you get all the money. Which is nice. When you’re at a bar
on St. Patty’s Day and they play ‘Jump
Around’- Okay, so we’re talking ’94’
the last time that happened. I don’t go to bars
on St. Patty’s Day. Next St. Patty’s Day,
me and you. If you hear ‘Jump
Around’ at a bar- I don’t need a house-
no actually that’s not true, St. Patty’s is a big payday
for me, I forget all the time. Fuck, that’s why
I brought this up. If any of us hear ‘Jump
Around’, we lose our shit. It’s inevitable that all of us
start just bopping. Oh shit. There’s a funny thing,
usually around December I start getting competing. Who wants me on actually
St. Patty’s. I usually do four things
around that weekend or whenever St. Patty’s
Day falls, but there’s always
a nice little fight between who gets him on
St. Patty’s Day. You also wrote the anthem for the NBA’s
first second of the game. I haven’t been to a stadium
that doesn’t start playing Jump before the jumps. I think it’s most sporting
events, honestly. I don’t think there’s
any sporting event I haven’t heard it at. I went to the world cup
of cricket and they played it. Really? Dude that’s so funny. Yeah. It was a while ago,
but it was Pakistan vs Australia,
so I don’t know how long That might be every one,
for all I know. You were falling pussy to that. My brother plays cricket,
would you like to come? Alright. I had the day off in London
and somebody had tickets to the world cup of cricket.
I was like fuck it. Yeah, dude. It’s funny,
because you think in baseball, the MLB, they come up to songs
and in cricket they do- they’re like,
“No butting for Pakistan. Weeeeeeeee! Let’s just play ‘Jump Around’
and you’re like, “Oh fuck,
that’s the song, cool.” I would make
another cricket reference, but I know nothing else about- (imitating foreign language) Caw, or whatever their fucking
weird point scoring thing is. Is that weed or? Yeah, I don’t smoke anything
that isn’t weed. Oh, dude, you should try this
one. I got a dispensable one- I won’t touch it if your lips
have touched it too. Cool, I get that too. Well, Jay welcome
to … Real quick, one of the reasons
I say shit like that, I’m a germophobe because
my oldest daughter was born with cystic fibrosis.
Got it. For real? I don’t know,
I always bring it up because we like
to raise awareness. Yeah.
So look it up. I’m a big ghoul, so when you say
that I’m like, “Alright, yeah,
I get it.” I just won’t-
it’s one of the things. Walking up to me
and sticking your hand out is gonna get
your feelings hurt. Yeah. Most times. Knuckle pound?
You do a knuckle pound? Yeah, that’s the thing I’ll do. Alright, I’ll give you
one of these, and people get
that look sometimes. Alright Howie Mandell. Is it because you don’t wanna
bring germs into your house. I don’t wanna touch you.
But I try to show some love, but I don’t wanna any-
this is wet, this is dry. It shouldn’t be wet, mine isn’t,
but most people shouldn’t be, but sometimes
I just can’t do that. I’m gonna use and entire fucking
pint of sanitizer afterwards. Do you always have it on you? Do you always got
the hand sanitizer on you? I just ran out today, but yes. I gotta get some more
before I get to the plane. How are you with doorknobs
and stuff like that? I have alcohol wipes. So you just constantly
do that all day? Yes. I just watched a couple get on
the subway on my way up here and they were
wiping down the bar, and I was sitting across,
I was kind of like, “Why am I offended by this?” You touch that dirty ass
thing every day? I’ll lick it,
I don’t give a shit. Bring it on, world. I’m stronger than anyone. Jacob’s giving me the word
that you gotta go, you gotta catch a flight. Dude, yo, I’m gonna come back
though, for real,
this was fun man. Please do. I wish I had the time. Real quick, are you gonna
tour on the album? Yeah, I’m in Europe-
I believe today I go home for two days
with my kids, then I’m rushing to Europe
all September. Are you doing any- I’m coming back, I gotta-
we’re doing a UFC pre-party thing,
I’m doing a show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas the night
before Conor McGregor, Khabib. Shut the fuck up,
that’s awesome. You should come.
You should come host it. I will.
Yeah? 100% I’ll do it for free.
I’ll do it for free. I wasn’t gonna be there. I’ll still do it for free. Everlast’s new album
‘Whitey Ford’s House of Pain’,
hopefully we’ll see you when you come perform
in New York, man. Absolutely. Or in a deli
where I can find you. It was fun, man. Don’t turn off your GPS. I’ll be on the top row,
singing every song. Everlast.
Alright we’ll be right back. It is ‘The Bonfire.’ I’m fucking hammered
by the way. Yeah. Your eyes are closing-
cause your eyes are closing. Dude I’m fucking. I need more ice the catch up. Dude, you got hammered
with Everlast. I tried to get high with him
and he shot that down. My only regret was me going,
“We’re famous.” My regret was basically me
asking Everlast if he wanted
to have a catch. You guys, by the way, you guys- You wanna smoke weed?
He goes, “No.” You guys made my
deli interaction seem downright awesome. Oh, nice shit. But we’re legit
famous comedians. He goes, “I swear to god
if you sing a song, I’ll get butt fucking
naked right now.” (mumbling) How bad do you think
that would’ve been? It would’ve been great.
Bert’s getting naked, Dan’s licking things
in off room two and I’m just going,
(mumbling) We should’ve just
fucking bombarded him and just had him
leave right away. Mike’s heavy nose
breathing staring at him. You think you can take me
motherfucker? I’m bear crawling
around the room. Do you know what
my core strength is? Do you even know
what my core strength is? You get me in a fucking
small two bedroom I will fucking light you up. Jay’s just going, “Hey, hey,”
and then it goes like this, just touching
his shoulder going, (mumbling)
I’m going like this, Do you want some? This is weed. You want some of this pizza?

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  13. I can't believe a tv station is letting you call black people black on air! start the riots lefttards!

  14. Everlast is such a pompous, talentless, has been, one-hit wonder with delusions of grandeur still holding on to respect for success he had 25 years ago. What a fucking example of how not to rest on your laurels and buy into your own hype.

  15. 19:12
    Everlast: My daughter was born with Cystic Fibrosis.
    Bert: For real???
    I mean WTF Bert lol You fat sloppy father of 2.

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