I promise you’re gonna love this podcast, it’s so good! Today’s episode of ghost stories is brought to you by biondi’s the best undies anywhere You can possibly All you have to do with enter the promo code: code hop space therapy on the go So you can- You thought I didn’t know how to cook until I tried Hello Fresh ___________ love has over 900 bra sizes And that’s it for today’s spooky ghost story be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app Oh My God, that was… AMAZING! I know, right! That’s so good. So good! That’s the best podcast I’ve ever listened to Every podcast ever! Yo, what up welcome to the pop culture Bros podcast our first topic memes. oh bro, memes. Bro. Bro! Bro! Exactly, bro. Bro. our next topic Rappers. Dude, rappers, bro! Bro! Bro! Bro, rappers, bro. I know bro. Mmm yeah, let’s let’s get into that Damnitt! Another dead end! we dont got any more leads. Don’t worry. I’ve called in the best expert I know Why am I here? Rachel you’re the only person who has listened to every true crime podcast released in the last three years Your expertise is what we need for the McDonald’s playplace murder It was the husband. The husband! say your obsession with true crime is not weird. It’s extremely helpful. Thank You Rachel. Cool. Bye. See we go from here to here. Welcome back to the ASMR podcast. (lip smacking) Oh. Hey, I just remembered do you want to be a guest on my podcast. Gus I didn’t know you have a podcast Yeah, I just started one last year, you know, I just felt so behind the times with this whole podcast thing Yeah, I get that you’d have to be so out of touch to not already have a podcast. Right? I mean, who starts a podcast in 2019 (laughter) (sniffling) Oh, hey Smosh. Yeah, how’s the new podcast go on? Good… (Shayne crying loudly) I’m-not-aware-of-the sound-of-my mouth Welcome to the first episode of the true crime guys solving true crime I’m Tim and I’m Greg. We know there are a lot of true crime podcasts out there, but we’re covering the cases They’re simply too afraid to talk about That’s right, Greg. So today in this episode We ask the question Did somebody key Greg’s car or did he scratch his own car with his belt buckle? on Saturday May 20th 2017 I walked to my car wearing my signature hot naked lady silhouette belt buckle and noticed a scratch along my door What happened? And would this make me late for my dentist appointment? Would Greg have to reschedule his root canal? The answer is no. I made it and it honestly wasn’t that bad. Wow. Crime solved. Crime solved. What’s up, welcome to our podcast its number one podcast in the world probably maybe not. Well that does it for this podcast. Thank you so much for listening to the audio episode If you want to see bonus highlight clips along with video clips, you could check that out on our youtube channel Also for the patreon subscribers out there Guess what? We got, exclusive still images of this podcast and don’t forget to subscribe to our new podcast it’s the making of this podcast and you can also watch a video of us reacting to the making of the podcast podcast and don’t forget to also watch all our ads please and donate I’m still living with my parents. Been doing this for five years (in a sad voice) Welcome back to radio lab. We upload twice a decade Cynthia went to the farmers market- hey karen- -hey- in hopes of finding vegetables. Oh, podcast! Which one is this? Oh, no, it’s actually an audio book It’s fruit and lust in the Midwest. dude, audiobooks are way too much of a commitment Do you mind if I put on the constitution podcast? I’m actually on episode 60 of a 230 hour in-depth explanation of the sixth amendment -Chapter two- Why? Does everyone talk like this? ( in a voice constantly changing tone) Man this convention is going to be awesome. I know I’m so excited to meet all the different kinds of podcast creators (low voice) Is actually made of a fine Corinthian leather. Which I really like the fact that it is Corinthian. Audiable.com. Audiable.com. You can do some post-processing your net and make it sound really nice. Woah! Everyone looks so different. I know dude. We are truly blessed to be a part of this diverse community every podcast ever 300 episodes! Ah. Jam it… on. Rappers are popping. Rappers are popping! (laughter) Ano-Another lead gone. I’m on episode 60 of a 230 hour in depth I’m on episode 60 of a 230 hour in-depth explanation of the- of the sixth amendment Mmm, thank you so much for watching and subscribing We actually just launched our first ever weekly podcast called the SmoshCast. If you want to watch the very first episode Dropkick that box on the left. Or if you want to watch the second episode where we address all the where’s Anthony comments? Dropkick that box on the right. And if you want to hear the podcast before it goes on YouTube you can find the SmoshCast on any podcast app that exist in the world Woah! Yep.

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  1. To everyone who wants Smosh to add in the "shut up" intro.. they arent gonna do it if you keep bit bitching about it. And no, Anthony will never come back, grow up and move on.

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  3. Did anyone else notice that at 4:35 Shayne’s mustache practically blends in with with face lol

  4. They should have actually just put in a clip of one of their podcasts and let that be the joke. It would be so hilarious

  5. “Not if you listen to The Ben Shapiro Show, The most listened to conservative podcast in the country…”

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