Every Lie Trisha Paytas Told on the H3H3 Podcast | The Rewired Soul

Every Lie Trisha Paytas Told on the H3H3 Podcast | The Rewired Soul

there’s a borderline personality or me
I’m thinking of antisocial what does borderline personalities I don’t know
people diagnosed me with it so I don’t know well my therapist is tell me to go
to these DBT classes so I so maybe he thinks because I asked I said tell me do
I have my bipolar and he’s like well everyone has traits of like personality
disorders he goes you have like traits of borderline protected medication for
any sort of mental illness there’s nothing wrong with it love mental
illness talk about it all the time this is a bad person no but when she
discusses what she’s been through and the symptoms she’s been diagnosed with
by her therapist I think it explains a lot about what all of us see and there’s
a lot that we can learn from it what’s up everybody
this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but
focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel my channel is all about
mental health and sometimes what I do is pull different topics from the YouTube
community and try to see what lessons we can learn from it whether it’s people’s
successes or missteps or whatever it is there’s always something to be learned
so if you’re into that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that
notification about and follow me over on Instagram and Twitter at the rewired
soul all right so a ton of you messaged me and asked me if I saw you know I
trust your penis on the h3h3 podcast and I saw a bunch of people talking about
Twitter like okay I’ll check it out all right so we’re gonna be talking
about what went on in that podcast we’re gonna be talking about borderline
personality disorder but listen last week I made a video and I promised you I
made you a promise that any video I make I’m going to be sure to provide you with
value okay when I discuss these things and and what do you believe me or not I
really don’t care but those of you who are rewired soldiers out there who come
here to try to learn how to improve your mental and emotional well-being what I
want you to take away from this is how to learn how to deal with people in your
life and some of them may struggle with
borderline personality disorder and here’s one of the main reasons why this
guy wait here this d-bag of Aldi bags right here his name is Paul Elam okay
and he makes videos about how people with borderline personality disorder are
these evil awful person and he has like this whole like big tau community of
people who like just talking about how those with borderline personality
disorder are like the devil all right I made a video about this dude a while
back I’m gonna link it down in the description below read through the
comments okay so part of what I’m doing here is to educate people and hopefully
hopefully people can understand a little bit more all right but here’s here’s a
clip that I want to start out with I go to DBT classes where’s my camera that’s
right I go to DBT classes okay I get it under control
I’d be behind for borderline for borderline percentage toward a lot of
people think I have EBT and I go to DBT for its group therapy I make the skills
I do the lessons been going since May 8th what’s up there’s a borderline
personality or me I’m thinking of antisocial what does borderline
personalities I don’t know people diagnosed me with it so I don’t know tell me to go to these DBT classes so
maybe he thinks because I asked I said tell me do I have up my my bipolar or
some shit and he’s like well everyone has traits of like person eye disorders
he was you have like traits of borderline person for any sort of mental
illness there’s nothing wrong with it love mental illness talk about all the
time okay I have worked in addiction treatment many many many people who come
through treatment have borderline personality disorder
alright one of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder is
substance abuse so it’s no wonder that a lot of them end up in a drug and alcohol
rehab so this is just my suggestion based off my experience working with
thousands of people with borderline personality disorder but it’s for people
who might have BPD as well as people who know somebody with BPD so one thing
right here okay and this is just purely my opinion like
this and some milk she just wasn’t opening up about it fully on the a3
podcast these DBT groups or whatever no okay so I’ve been diagnosed with a
generalized anxiety disorder and depression and as well as I’m a
recovering drug addict an alcoholic like something that has helped me more than
anything is educating the hell out of myself about this stuff like it’s so
important and it’s liberating too like if you have any mental illness I don’t
care what you have right educate yourself about it like it helps you
realize like oh this is what’s going on it can explain a lot of the thoughts and
feelings and emotions that you’re going through but here’s the best part you
ready you start to find solutions okay but what I always recommend to people as
well like when I was working in the treatments in our work with a lot of
families and everything like that I highly recommend that if you have a
loved one struggling with a mental illness such as borderline personality
disorder or even addiction or depression or anxiety or PTSD
whatever it is educate yourself about them all right like if you love that
person if this is an important person in your life educate yourself about it
right because it will help you help them more it’ll help you help yourself more
because I made a video about this the other day about Trisha Paytas we take
things so personally all right but when we understand the illness that somebody
is struggling with we don’t take it as personally alright but the other part
this clip right here so shall we wrap it up is this how you experience anything
it’s like 100% this and then only got across yeah that’s kind of me maybe there’s
something wrong with me this is one of the main traits of people who struggle
with borderline personality disorder but listen listen to the words coming out of
my mouth like even like Trisha Paytas said her therapist said a lot of people
have symptoms or traits of personality disorders and what they’re talking about
right there is black and white thinking which is sometimes known as splitting
now for people with borderline personality
disorder this is to an extreme okay you’re all good or all bad all right
they will love you one day hate you the next day one of the best books out there
if you want to educate yourself about borderline personality disorder is a
book called I hate you don’t leave me also if you have a loved one who
struggles with BPD get this book it’s called walking on eggshells it was
specifically made for loved ones of those who have BPD all right but you
need to understand the black and white thinking of love somebody one minute
hate him the next minute but even if you don’t have BPD like I made a video a
long long long time ago about I call it a like borderline society or something
like you see this happen all the time like look at look online how many public
figures everybody loves them one second then one tweet comes out and everybody
hates them alright so a lot of us struggle with black and white thinking
and we need to work on that by just being realistic
alright so again I don’t think Trisha Paytas is a bad person but a lot of
these are just part of what she’s dealing with all right and is that an
excuse absolutely not like this is my complete personal opinion on this okay
like I was thinking about which direction to go with this video and I’m
gonna toss this in here and this is where we’re gonna circle back to what I
titled this video like this is me personally just me personally and I have
to live my life a certain way because I am a drug addict in recovery and oh
there’s there there are some things that I know will leave me to relapse so I
cannot hang out with certain people my my circle of friends is very very small
but Trisha Paytas is not somebody that I could be like really good friends with
right like I would have her as like an acquaintance right and some of you might
have a friend like this and it’s totally up to you so I’m not saying like nobody
should be friends with her but like in the podcast there were multiple lies
in there you know what I mean one of them and it might be pure ignorance it
might be pure ignorance that she just didn’t know about that video all right
what’d you do I don’t I make no money off Adsense why do you think I do page
around and show me I make noise well it supplements your income obviously but no
video has to so okay now what do I do it says get started okay now go to that
video how do I do you do it okay okay I’m not trying to expose anything that’s
private but it’s all demonize hold on hold on hold on where is it apology I am
transgender three million views green icon monetized and I’m gonna tell you
exactly how much money but yeah she made eight thousand dollars off that and this
is something that I see a lot of youtubers complain about like oh you
could do monetize and D monetize and D monetize and D monetize like you guys
all of you who are the audience I just want to let you know like it is it is
inflated way worse than you think it is like is D monetization an issue yes but
not everything is being demonetized here’s a great example like they were
talking about Trisha Paytas –is 10 inch lady bits on this podcast and it was
fully monetized when I watched it like that was like three or four mineral ads
in the first 20 minutes okay so like I love the work that nerd City did on this
video but anyways but when it comes to Trisha Paytas like I hope I’m trying to
give her the benefit of the doubt that she was just ignorant didn’t understand
but I can tell you as a YouTube creator like YouTube when you’re uploading a
video and if you don’t monetize it it legs shows you like a little red Erin
it’s like yo you you might want to monetize this alright so I don’t
truly believe necessarily that she didn’t know it was monetize but she made
$8,000 off of it and the conversation got wacky right there uncomfortable and
everything but the other thing was – she kept talking about on the podcast she’s
been sober since May 8th and I made a video about this because she also lied
when she said this but I did a lot of pills like a lot of like pain pills and
stuff for my thing so that’s been my whole life is just pills which I don’t I
can’t even take them like if I have surgery now I don’t even like I had just
I tore my meniscus in September and I had like I didn’t take any pain pills
for it I was just like I don’t wanna do that and here’s a clip and why I made a
video about that I showed pills in this I obviously was taking pills for the
pain of my knee I only take one pain pill now a night before I go to bed so I
don’t feel don’t like get worried for me or anything I mean I was worried for me
like I was like I don’t want take any more pain pills but I just take one pain
pill for bed and ibuprofen in the morning to reduce swelling so I do take
pills I feel like I’m in a good headspace enough to not abuse them so
because my drug of choice was prescription opioids okay so I had a lot
of people request me to make a video about this and talk about it from the
recovery aspect of it and yeah she was taking painkillers she said she had it
under control what I did with my video was I discussed
the the safe ways to do it if you’re an addict and recovery because there is
literature in both a and MA about taking these types of medications in recovery
but she just lied right there – right but finally one of the last reasons like
I wouldn’t be able to like keep somebody like that around as a friend right and
these are just things I want you to think about is there’s no strict moral
compass all right so a lot of you know I’ve been diving really deep into moral
philosophy lately a moral psychology it’s absolutely fascinating so once you
learn is based on how people were raised and
how they grew up and all these other factors people lean more conservative or
more liberal but I think just from my perception I think the majority of
people the majority of people that I’ve encountered and that I witness on the
internet and in real life a lot of people don’t have a very strict moral
compass okay this is very apparent when Trish with Trisha Paytas how you see her
inner lawyer we call it the inner lawyer who’s rationalizing and arguing her
point about what Ethan is and isn’t allowed to joke about right but then you
see her talking about her love of someone like Howard Stern okay now this
isn’t just a Trisha Paytas thing you do it I do it and one of the reasons I’m
trying to learn so much about moral psychology is because we need to become
more self aware of this like I made an Instagram post the other day and I
forgot what it said exactly but that’s what I was talking about we’re all
hypocrites all of us me you everybody we are all hypocrites especially when it
comes to morality it’s just some of us are self-aware about it and sometimes
that’s the best that we can do and I have a whole series called morality
mondays where I’m guiding into like morality and discussing it if you would
like to learn more about it make sure you subscribe and ring the notification
bell and check in on Mondays but there are a lot of reasons for this and like
basically what I’ve just been learning is like I’m starting to develop more
empathy like I understand why people justify the things that they do why
people get pissed off about the things they get pissed off about why people get
angry and upset about the things they get angry and upset about because when
you sit back and look at it from a rational perspective well there’s an
emotional perspective you’re like Oh makes sense you know what I mean but a
lot of us aren’t self-aware about it but anyways to sum this up to sum this all
up all right I had a comment the other day I’ll put
it on the screen if I can find it but it was a great suggestion at the end of the
videos just to wrap all the solutions up so the
first one is if you have BPD educate yourself about BPD educate yourself
about the symptoms all right if you’re the loved one if somebody with BPD
educate yourself about it and get your own help if you need to all right if you
have a parent a spouse a child or somebody like that would BPD get therapy
if you need to I’m gonna make two books down below one of them is called I hate
you don’t leave me the other one’s called walking on eggshells all right
two solutions right there the other thing I was talking about is just be
mindful of who you keep in your life the other day I made a video about the
biopsychosocial model of mental health all right in the social model is who you
keep in your life my life has gotten a lot better since I have limited the
amount of people that I hang out with all right so those are some solutions
for your baby but anyways that’s all I got for this video if you like this
video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe and
bring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody who
supported the channel and you know I got some dm’s like so people didn’t buying
the merch give me some hoodies for the winter so I appreciate all of you and I
appreciate everybody who gets my mental health books and supports the channel
that way alright thanks again for watching I’ll see you next time

63 thoughts on “Every Lie Trisha Paytas Told on the H3H3 Podcast | The Rewired Soul

  1. Watch my video discussing Trisha Paytas taking pain pills: https://youtu.be/KMXOhqDIXTM

    Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental health: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/rewiredsoul

    (Using this link helps support the channel)

  2. Shes not borderline but she literally has a monatized video saying she has Borderline personality disorder. I'm a little confused here

    Ps not all borderline are like Trisha… I'm very stable.. she is clearly not working on her skills.

  3. She’s not seeing a therapist or going to group therapy (that’s a new one she threw out today) She said she was going to get Jason back. She was seeing a life coach. I think that’s great but she needs a psychiatrist. She needs rehab more importantly.

  4. New sub here. I liked and agreed with a lot of the points you made except one, Trashy Paytas is not a bad person- I most deff think she is a horrible lying ignorant fake spoiled selfish brat. Ha

  5. I have BPD. I am doing Soooo well. I have a husband. I am happy. I don't have any traits anymore of bpd. This is an amazing video. I do think some people don't handle it well, and, it can cause problems if yoy don't control it. I do take meds, and it works for me. I did not have substance abuse, or gambling. I have had an eating disorder since I was 14.

    If like to say, walking on egg shells is a horrid book. It is basically okay, the person has BPD, let's leave them, and work on ourselves. A better book is BPD for dummies.

  6. She thinks she’s smarter than everyone. She gets a thrill off of people buying her bullshit. Her parents have failed her. There’s something askew about her childhood. I have a feeling that her mother was more inebriated than she was sober. I think to this day Trisha makes her feel guilty about it, and that’s why her Mom placates her bullshit. She’s a habitual liar to the point where she believes her own lies. This trolling is going to catch up, and it will not bode well for her. Someone is going to expose her, and she will never recover from it.

  7. Whoever this therapist is that told Trisha "EVERYONE has mental illness??"🤣I just cant with her anymore. Girl needs to find a new therapist lol Shes not dxd with it but she has NO idea what it is, yet we "the internet" have dxd her?? We know shes not being💯with the therapist, which begs the question- is this a general therapist (as she told us she had been seeing),or the gender id therapist shes said shes had x 6mos?? I dont believe her & am grossed out she can lie, manipulate but feel great about it.

  8. In the interview she said coming out Trans has not helped her dating life..yet her interview with TMZ when they stopped her on the street she said its been helping her dating life…shes full of BS!!!!!

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    Now that you expose that she made $8000 on that video. I’m truly done with TRISHA’ s horse shit!!!!!!!! Fuck her , her engagement….. and her fake wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!

  10. If Trisha wasn't making money from her kitchen floor videos she wouldn't be doing them. She makes a hell of a lot of money….look how much money she spends!! Her whole life is buying expensive name brand things and showing them off.

  11. Trisha is calculated. He knows exactly what he does. Mental illness or not, he is a crappy human being and manipulates everyone he has contact with. Everyone thinks hes smart. He isnt smart. Being able to manipulate people and play with their feelings does not make you smart, it makes you sneaky calculated and a kneiving ass hole. And I say he because she hates it. It's not a coincidence that the first person to come out as trans but will not transition in any way shape or form is the internet's biggest troll and attention whore. It's all for attention, just as she has always done. This is no different and if you think differently maybe you need a therapist.

  12. Trisha is a straight-up sociopath who causes constant poisonous little fights in relationships, makes constant invasive comments about her partners, guilt trips friends and family and flies into a narcissistic rage when she is rejected, trying to destroy the life of every man who dares to finally cut her off after months of her toxic and destructive behavior. She "outed" Sean who still isn't sure of his sexuality because he didn't want to be with her any more and Roger Bart still can't have social media because of what she did to him. Let's not go into the number of times she has tried to destroy Jason and the VS because they dare to not want her toxicity near them. I don't know why more people can't see through this toxic individual. She is the female Onision but somehow because she is a woman and has breakdowns all the time, she gets away with it.

  13. I'm convinced she goes into every situation with the intent of manipulating everyone around her and the people watching but Ethan was having none of it lol

  14. Because of CPTSD and depression, I have had to be careful who I have in my life. It has made a big difference in my life. My mental health is much better. I don’t get riled because of Trisha. I barely pay attention to anything about her. My biggest issue is how much certain things in politics effect me. I am working on that. Good video. Thanks Chris. ☺️

  15. She lied alot in this podcast. She said in a episode with Jason that she couldn't have anal sex because she ripped her asshole with a lamp during an orgy, the docs had to stich it up, And as a result she can no longer have anal.this was just one lie.

  16. wait…hold up,
    "i have never taken medication for any mental illness"
    scoot back to a heap of her own video's & she say's she has taken many different medication's for various mental disorders when she was a kid…
    she is a born liar!
    i have diagnosed BPD & she infuriates me lieing through her disgusting face hole!

  17. Ever noticed she’s never herself? She’s even admitted to intentionally being like that but I feel that she really has a personality disorder and doesn’t know she displays so many personalities it’s INSANE.! It’s due to the fact that it’s a coping defensive mechanism because she doesn’t like rejection. Thus the constant lying, the constant diverting of attention and not sticking in one path, when she gets caught out on a lie she’ll try and divert and distract … its sooo obvious!! This woman is a manipulator and insane!

  18. Fact: she got caught out on a major lie , she made $8000 on the transgender video, and she deliberately said she didn’t. Big fat lie! Then she tries to divert the attention and thinks she got away with it … it’s insanely obvious. She’s a manipulator without shame, she has not empathy, also because she said she ate live goldfish as a kid! No empathy!! Only about herself!

  19. I'm not a Trisha fan, nor do I hate her.. I feel sorry for her more than anything. We saw what happened to Amy Winehouse with her BPD and addiction problems. It was advertised in tabloids every week. She even appeared to be getting better before her sudden death.. It was a huge loss to the world. She didn't appear to have someone who loved her enough to give her that kick in the ass to get help, and I don't think Trisha does either.. it's sad. If Trisha can't explain a single symptom of BPD, I highly doubt she's actually putting in the work, because it is her therapist's job to help teach her about these things. For example, I have DID and my current therapist hasn't worked with someone like me before, BUT she makes the effort for us to learn together and direct me to outside people qualified in therapies like EMDR.. Learning is an important part of the healing process. So sadly, I feel her story and "doing the work" is yet another lie to keep her in her illness where she feels safe because that's apparently all she knows.

  20. I was diagnosed with BPD and social anxiety and PTSD and major depression.. And I'm still not as big of a mess as she is. I dont even believe anything she says anymore, shes entertaining yes.. But just not truthful. She could literally be crying on the floor saying one of her parebts died and I would think she was lying for attention. Its sad. But im just being honest.

  21. It was amazing in a way watching her lie, get called out, then play the victim in real time. I knew she did it, but to see it happen was pretty incredible.

  22. when she went to the hospital, it was for a few percocets mixed with alcohol because jason broke up with her, this story has evolved into her overdosing on meth. it just doesn't stop with her, this new engagement thing is probably a distraction from coming out as a gay transgender male.

  23. You respectfully speak about serious mental illnesses and , outcomes of BPD and Major Depression and addiction can be Manipulation and mood Swings that can lead occasionally or long Term to arm themselves or others , and that is a serious matter that create suffering to the Patient and family and Friends , the Main Problem is they cannot Control their Reactions unfortunately
    They say Constant lies until they do Not know what Reality is any more and they believe their own lies !!!
    Every case is a case of its Own even if some Traits are in Common.
    This Society is creating also mental illnesses but honestly the lady seemed to be interested only in making big Money without Neither shame or Pride …
    Great Video Chris as always! Keep it up 🐈🙏🏻

  24. It’s hard to be friends with people who compulsively lie. Even if they have a mental illness it gets old. U can’t trust them. Most of them lie about the dumbest things. Plus it gets embarrassing because everyone around u also knows they are lying. They associate that with u. I had friends like that before. The friendship didn’t last long. So once someone lies to me I’m usually done with them. I work with some liars also. I have no choice but to be around them. I bust them out a lot so now they stay away from me. Good!

  25. She's not borderline anything. She's grade A, full-blown Dipshit … She literally tries to convince herself as she's trying to convince others. She constantly stutters over her words as she's thinking up her next lie that comes out of her mouth.

  26. SMH.
    You'd think for the amount of lies she tells, she'd be smart enough to write them all down so she wouldn't continuously contradict herself and keep reassuring us that she's a compulsive liar. I'm sure she doesn't care either way…people speaking about her constant lies makes her talked about therefore she is "relevant" in her eyes.

  27. In the podcast I watched the whole thing she kept saying "I'm not on drugs" like at least 3 or 4 times randomly. Idk seems weird for a sober person to keep saying that.

  28. Ok so I watched it again. And maybe I'm thinking wayyy too far into this. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW…so, do you think she's purposely putting it out there, saying she has this and that and blahblahblah [whether it's true or not] for attention? And then x amount of months/years later saying she does NOT have this and that blahblahblah…because she KNOWS she said the opposite before and PURPOSELY wants people to talk about how she's lying, or has this or that etc….once again, for attention and to be talked about – "relevant"…..that way people will go to her page and watch her content/subscribe? And/or has ran out of content ideas that will get tons of views and is like "oh well regardless people are gonna talk about me and know who I am!! Omgz I will be extra famous and people will search for my videos where I say I have ___ and I'll get views$$$$!" Lol just a thought;)

  29. She could've came back gotten help and came back better after the whole Jason and vlog squad videos. But this whole trans situation is hard to come back from and now shes just reaching. She glamorized being in the hospital did a tour and kept trolling. Honestly, I don't even know anymore.

  30. I thought you said you weren't doing this kind of stuff anymore and you were going back to your mental health video that you started your channel out with. Did I misinterpret you wasting your life video?

  31. Personally I love Trisha. I also have BPD and I know what it’s like to always feel like you are getting abandoned. I know you and Leif don’t get along at all, but her video about “being too much” for everyone in our lives rings so true. It’s hard to be yourself around anyone because we all really don’t like our selves. It creates lying, cheating, emotional disregulation and just a generally hard time in life. It’s hard to maintain any sort of stable sense of self and therefore no stable relationships, that’s friends and family and romantic. It’s sad, and we are always so upset and feel invalidated.

  32. I honestly just feel bad for her. It’s the only way I am able to still have peace and clarity within myself while watching her. She is a seriously broken/damaged human being. She craves validation from everyone doesn’t matter who she offends or hurts, including herself. Being in a social media flooded generation it’s difficult to know what is real and what isn’t. I hope that she is able to seek help… when she REALLY wants it. I KNOW she is not getting legitimate help. I’ve been to several therapists to know that they are not telling her the things that she says they are. It’s almost like she uses “mental health” as an excuse to continue acting out and seeking attention. Poor thing. And I truly mean that. But she will not heal and recover while being engulfed in social media… 🙁

  33. You’re the Oscar the grouch version of Trisha that’s balding 😂😂 👨🏻‍🦲👨🏻‍🦲👨🏻‍🦲👨🏻‍🦲

  34. Your knowledge is so limited, you always end up referencing your sobriety/experience in each and every case you discuss. Mental health has a huge spectrum of a variety of cases and the case you're discussing has nothing to do with your journey. Yet you always manage to compare a situation to your own. And that's the difference between you and a true professional.

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