100 thoughts on “Every IHOP Pancake Flavor Taste Test

  1. 690 in the chocolate chocolate chip pancake, the cheesecake pancakes were 920. I couldn't find the tres leche or birthday cake. All of them had ridiculousness, yet you were focused on the chocolate as being too much??????????

  2. I watched this just to see their reaction to the cannoli pancakes because they’re my favorite. This iHop messed up the pancakes! The cannoli pancakes normally do have a cannoli like filling in the middle! You have to re try them!

  3. That is not the way the cannoli pancakes are at the IHOP’s near me! Where I live, the cannoli pancakes are filled fully and they taste soooo good:)

  4. Why crunch the numbers when the website literally tells you the calorie count on all of their meals? The chocolate chip pancakes are 690 cals.

  5. The argument over the calorie count on the chocolate chip pancakes 🥞🤣 … we crunched the numbers … it’s the same calorie count

  6. so much of the food episodes is just waiting for link to just take a bite of the food already when rhett has already eaten half the dish

  7. Was that ice cream scoop comment a subtle jab at Josh's failed attempt to create the worlds biggest ice cream cone? He did his best!

  8. Anyone else quickly Google IHOP chocolate chip pancakes, pull up IHOP's website which state the 4 pancakes are 690 CALs, and now thinks GMM needs a new 'numbers' person?! LOL

  9. ok but i honestly watched this one because i’ve never eaten at ihop and i got no information whatsoever because they were so concerned with data they temporarily lost😂😂 i’m ok w it tho

  10. I had to look it up for the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes apparently it really is only like 700 calories according to ihop

  11. I wonder if Rhett and Link communicate that they are giving away $1000 this episode, or Rhett feels generous in the moment lol.

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