Ethereum 2.0 is good 4 Bitcoin! Congressman on a BTC podcast while 2 others threaten Libra companies

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hey if you’re watching this tape played a to X it’ll save you some time you’ll
be able to understand me so noted podcast it’s it’s amazing they had a
congressman on their Bitcoin podcast and imagine as late as 2017
could you imagine a congress person appearing to sort of own a bitcoin
podcast that’s how much we’ve progressed since then and
you can just imagine how much we will progress since 2021 it in two more years
to get to 2021 it’s a reality now Warren Davidson was he’s a congressman he’s the
one who said s coin he he discussed the relative liquidity of they’re talking
about weapons I guess why Facebook should adopt Bitcoin instead of Libre
coin and the popularity of fiscal acceleration on Capitol Hill you know
what I don’t care what he discussed he it was I’m not putting him on a pedestal
and I you know his his opinions as good as anybody else’s but a podcast was able
to get a a congressman a congressman doesn’t appear on just any show he
appears on shows where he thinks his constituents are gonna be listening
where he thinks it’s gonna benefit him in a way so Bitcoin has gotten to that
point where he he’s clearly uh made Bitcoin a part of who he is politically
and feels it helpful that it is helpful to appear on just on a Bitcoin podcast
so that’s where we are here in 2019 we’ve hit that point and 2017 and that
was pretty much unimaginable for for 2017 at least had you asked a long-term
thinker they might’ve said well by 2019 perhaps it will happen it has happened
so pound that like button be a long-term thinker and imagine what we’re gonna see
in 2021 and it’ll be way more I think meaningful than just some congressman
appearing on a on a podcast but I mean I I can’t predict it I I’m just excited
for the future I can’t predict specific things for specific dates and that’s why
I’m a long-term holder I just know eventually this thing whoa
it’s gonna be it’s already so big Bitcoin compared to what it was when I
got in in 2013 so much so many of you got in like after 2017 and you can’t you
don’t remember the days when no one knew of what the heck a Bitcoin was that a
mainstream media didn’t list its price I mean things that are commonplace now
were dreamed for back in 2013 14 15 16 now uh what and so let’s talk about
aetherium 2.0 here now do I really care that much about a theorem 2.0 no it’s
not Bitcoin it’s not Bitcoin but my lord there are a lot of bitcoiners who like
to rip on it oh it’s gonna bring down a theory on this it’s the end of a theorem
they can’t pull it off well I’m a country I’m a contrarian when it comes
to uh I guess some of the public Bitcoin figures that are speaking about a
theorem 2.0 I think if you’re 2.0 will be successful its centralized they’ll be
able to pull it off they will be able to switch to proof of stake and first of
all if you want to know what you threw him to point O is I have a link below
aetherium 2.0 explained i mean basically they are revamping the whole thing
they’re going proof of work to proof of state that’s the biggest thing right
there which is which is tremendous is a tremendous endeavor as shows its
centralized etc etc now it’s it’s no threat to Bitcoin at all and so this
article that I linked to below the reason I’m even bringing all of this up
is that everyone is excited by the prospects of a theorem 2.0 but the
transition towards this new this new chain will prove complicated it seems
very likely that both aetherium 1.0 and aetherium 2.0 will be trading
simultaneously and exist as separate tokens for a time so aetherium 2.0 is a
crypto dividend IV aetherium 1.0 your if you’re an aetherium holder you’re gonna
get you’re gonna end up with two coins the air got someone’s gonna continue
with here in 1.0 chain just like somebody continued the etherium classic
chain we’re gonna live through something like that again and guess what both
aetherium classic and the theorem they gained value people bought it am i
saying to buy it heck no i’m not saying to buy it at all
but 80 percenters are gonna do what they’re gonna do this thing is going to
be good for a theorem they’re going to be two different a theorems and if you
count a theorem classic be three different Syrians in the more
the merrier whatever bitcoin is still in Ex Bitcoin
if thieriot 2.0 is neck not the next bitcoin but there are a lot of people
that are gonna think it is they’re gonna pump up the price of aetherium they’re
still gonna be in aetherium 1.02 surviving for a certain amount of time
that you’ll be able to sell in certain exchanges exchanges will have to list
send out press releases saying that gonna continue both i mean we’ve been
through it before we’ll be through it again and it will
bring interest into the space form from people that think well this is theorem
2.0 this is the next hottest thing a 2.0 we’ve never had a crypto 2.0 and we
really haven’t yet we’ve had Forks wave encrypted dividends you know air drops
etc etc but no one’s gone straight up and I mean this is like a corporation
releasing a product it’s very much they call it a 2.0 my windows 2.0 windows you
know it’s it’s windows what’s it windows at 10 but but you get my point it’s like
a software release that’s all centralized it is and yeah so and and
again that’s the reason I don’t like all these all coins because they are
centralized to a certain a certain degree but people from the outside big
money people they will pour back into aetherium because of this a theory of
2.0 but not only that they will pour in the cryptocurrency it will be a positive
event for cryptocurrency and thus a positive event for Bitcoin what this
might pump the price of Bitcoin to so I have a very positive framing of this in
my mind I am always quite positive but I’m not of the belief that you know you
have to destroy other altcoins you have to destroy all coins and
aetherium is the next aetherium it is the number one all point out there is
the number two cryptocurrency on the planet it’s gonna stay that way and if
you want to be a hater you’re just waiting you’re wasting your time if
you’re a Bitcoin person you should just be thinking of the positives like oh how
can this help Bitcoin or let me just ignore it and be happy that I hold
Bitcoin that I have a Bitcoin strong hand because you value your wealth in
Bitcoin you do not value your wealth of etherium it’s something that pumps and
it’s something that goes back down also and it is not supposed to be
Bitcoin is not supposed to be a store of value they have a limited amounts of it
they can make maybe they’ll limit it one day I don’t know I don’t care don’t
worry about it and don’t freak out when you hear all these people talking about
theorem 2.0 cuz I think it would be good for Bitcoin and roaming true said is now
less than 80 days until the year of the having Wow measure your time and having
found that like button you’re exactly right measure your time and having is
we’re getting close to May of 2020 I can’t believe that they’re only eighty
days left in this decade what a decade it has been there’s been highs if it
loads they’ve been sad points if you’re happy points for me there’s been many
many many more happy points I hope that’s how you’re all your decade should
be and you can make it that way you just got to stay a positive person there’s
and this decade isn’t even the golden age yet twenty twenties the golden age
we I mean there yeah and this has been a rockin decade so just think about what
the 2020s will bring dude I am looking forward to this next day decade and just
living the good life alright Chuck and ducks is bitcoinmeister exactly good
vibes well first of all chunk and dunk chunk uh dunk you are in the right place
because dude I am reading your comment from yesterday’s video very soon
everybody get ready for that he had a very positive comment that I want to
share with all of you okay let me see if there are any other comments you could
you guys can do the super chat also etc etc retweet just retweet the show I am
tech Balt that’s the best way to support the show then and I’m gonna read with a
guy alright say continue uh we talked about aetherium oh yeah so yeah it can’t
hurt Bitcoin that that’s another thing if you really want to take a measured
approach and looking at this well maybe it won’t be good for Bitcoin it can’t
hurt Bitcoin don’t worry about it alright coin desk set says uh what’s
point ask Z cash will get a gateway into aetherium
defy ecosystem hey it’s one of my prediction is coming
true about coins either combining or partnering up some all coins are gonna
eventually some are going to completely combine but this partnering up of all
coins e-cash and aetherium we’ve heard about a theory and wanting to partner up
with B cash and sir that’s their prerogative that’s their
thing that’s something I thought would happen and that is something that’s very
creative I think and just something that centralized cryptocurrencies can do they
could say hey my boss says you know Charlie says the partner with Vitaly
okay yeah great or king of trolls says the partner with the Dalek or what’s the
Z cash guy named Zorro is that his name I forgot what his name is says the
purpose the part that’s gonna happen but it’s gonna get some of these smaller
ones are just gonna combine and that will pump him maybe some of the Bitcoin
crypto dividends will combine one day I don’t know be gold and be diamond will
be a diamond and gold or diamond and silk count that like button uh and uh
and but another thing I wanted it’s uh reminds me of the days of the final days
of Bud Selig who was the Commissioner of baseball of the worst one in the history
of baseball and he at one point baseball Major League Baseball was expanding but
then they talked about contraction contraction they wanted the A’s to
combine with the twins or the get rid of the Devil Rays I you know who even knows
what it was now but they never had the baseball contraction and now they want
to expand again but this is you go through cycles and now so I’ll coin
contraction maybe we’re at that point up again now it’s something to look at
something to look at they’ll be out point expansion also an expansion also
an attraction you know you could deal with that soap opera or you can have a
strong hand and just hold the Bitcoin in and watch it as it as an entertaining
show and you know it is innovative to have all coined contraction I think it
is I think it’s innovation so see see how it goes it’s a free market let them
do what they’re gonna do and the block crypto oh this is a lovely lovely lovely
lovely in a statement to the block the rs said that starting today it will be
accepting comments by email for a 30-day period regarding the addition at and I
list the email address below okay what their what they’re talking about is the
IRS will ask taxpayers if they own crypto currencies in the new 1040 tax
form and again this is only a draft and they want opinions of it but it looked
it looked to me it looks like a way for the IRS to get people to just put
themselves on lists for future audits okay it’s the first question on this on
this schedule one is that what this thing is called it ID link to it below
so at any time during the 2019 did you receive Sal’s send exchange or otherwise
acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency yes or no again this is
the first question on this proposed a draft of the 1040 schedule and then none
of the other questions beneath that have anything to do with cryptocurrency not
at all so it just seems like been that they’re just to set you up to be on a
list to be on a list to be looked at in the future and they’re not they’re not
exactly sure with this virtual currency stuffy’s yet but they want to put you on
a list they want you to admit that you dealt with it in some way in 2019 and
that’s a pretty bright now I don’t know if this is you can email them and say
hey this is ludicrous don’t do this and again that email address is listed below
I’m not gonna read it because it’s a messy one but we shall see I I would
like to hear what other people’s opinions are Jeff andrew is gonna be on
someone show to talk about it soon but that you that you sent cryptocurrency
the freaking IRS needs to know if you sent crypto crate this is ludicrous
absolutely absolutely ridiculous on on their part so that’s my feedback to that
any idea who will be the focus of your next Bitcoin focus show says roaming Q
yes I actually I do it’ll probably be ran of RAM nor is that how you say his
name in South Africa the CMB the CNBC South Africa Africa guy and the reason
is is I want to give a focus to the 80 percenter side of cryptocurrency just to
see that a lot of people like what that guy has to say and he has been on my
show before and that’ll probably debut when I’m traveling from Baltimore to
Australia on Wednesday and Thursday so there’s a little preview good question
there uh I do want to say did I know if I skip that yet talk about something
similar to that well both now that we’re talking about a government we’re just
talking about the IRS there the following makes me side with Facebook
even more when it comes to Libre and this is a a tweet that says wow this
letter from a u.s. senator to the CEO of stripe includes a direct threat if you
take this on you can expect a high level of scrutiny from regulators not only
only breh related payment activities but on all payment activities that is from
brian schatz of hawaii and sherrod Brown of Ohio they’re both Democrats and they
are threatening stripe if you have anything to do with Libra we’re gonna
give you a hard time that’s I mean that’s what it says I mean it’s like a
mafia it’s it’s unbelievable but hey they’re putting it out there so and it
also is a reminder of compliance versus defiance that with altcoins with
centralized coins they can demand compliance they cannot depend the man
compliance for Bitcoin they can’t send a letter like that to Bitcoin bitcoin is
defiance still it sickens me that Brian Schatz and sherrod Brown send up send us
something so disgusting and that it makes me support a a Facebook even
more and and and I hope they get Libre and someone in the thread said well that
they just want a bigger campaign contributions from Facebook maybe that
is it I don’t know but I do I do hope that Libre does it compete
don’t complain baby and I don’t I don’t care if libras competing with Bitcoin
because it it’s gonna bring more people in the Bitcoin and it’s not it’s not
real competition it’s centralized it’s completely different it’s like PayPal
but this these these threats I mean these are elected officials they’re
supposed to be public servants what a country that we become where this is
taken as as normal that the they’re they’re allowed to be threatening
companies the government’s not supposed to get involved with the private
industry they’ll but could Brian Schatz and sherrod Brown run their own business
no and it’s so to tell well one of the greatest businessman on the planet what
to do to threaten him is ridiculous and he again he’s threatening stripe for
dealing with one of the greatest businessmen dealing with Facebook all
right and Alistair Melanie puts it in perspective he says I don’t care much
for Libra but the pressure breehn being brought to bear on to these companies
involved causing them to withdraw from the project should refocus everyone on
the importance of genuine decentralization required for Bitcoin to
survive and succeed and so on the this week in Bitcoin show I I read the
comments of course and Gabriel was beautiful and people had some great
comments about Gabriel maybe because Gabriel was on this may be because
Gabriel was on the show wheat someone very interesting watching the show
apparently and I’m gonna talk about this more tomorrow or maybe on a show that’ll
debut when I’m traveling but king of the trolls left the comment on the video
I’ll leave it at that for now you can read it I will expand upon what controls
had to say on a future video because he thought he was ripping on me in the
comments but when if they in fact he was complimenting me I have not changed my
ways at all he was trying to trying to put pressure on
me to change my ways and I’m not I am proud of you check it out yourself
that’s another reason to watch Friday’s this weekend be sure to check out the
comments and one left by king of the trolls but I will elaborate on that on a
future show coming up soon but yes all sorts of people watch this chat all
sorts of people I don’t know why he was watching that specific show don’t don’t
know I I know in the past he has watched shows and that was one of the reasons I
got I want to show a long time ago I know better not to get him on any show
in the future he’s had his chance and he uses all shows for infomercials as for
be cash and I’m this is not a be cash infomercial here he had his chance
you can you go to the archives and see when he was on my show it’s there it’s
staying up there and he made a clip from that show so no
that’s man which I which is great I don’t care if he takes my material makes
a clip out of it that’s it’s fine so here’s of remind of how early things
are last week I was talking to a person about Bitcoin as they store a value did
this was the first time he heard that you can buy satoshis instead of a full
Bitcoin instead of a full Bitcoin stack sacks needs to be mainstream in more
than just Bitcoin groups yeah it freakin amazes me that people still don’t even
get a fraction of a Bitcoin and that is just shows you how early this is and
probably some of you are like Adam that is so boring
of course everyone knows that nope no they do not know no they do not they
think they get unit bias they’re like one Bitcoin is $8,000 so I’m going to
get a theorem classic for five dollars or whatever it is and just we we gotta
spread the word I guess what one person at a time we got all sorts of people
talking in the UH in the chat right now no questions though I saw someone bring
up hair metal people with 80s references going on here what’s on this show shirt
this is a this is that this is funny it’s joking about you know the fake
Satoshi Nakamoto this guy is Dorian Nakamoto
yeah I I don’t care who Satoshi Nakamoto is I mean we know who it’s not and for
those people who think they that it’s some dude uh I got the coal bit the cult
the Jim Jones cult unbelievable Jim Jones cult of cryptocurrency that that
people make but this is your 10% of the population are very willing to join
cults pound that like button unfortunately for them but hey we learn
something by living in this crypto currency ecosystem this Bitcoin
ecosystem in this free market when people are just allowed to just show who
they really are you really get a deeper understanding of how people think and
Wow some people got some wacky ways of thinking but hey this is where the big
boys play if you want to believe that and spend your money on that yeah you’ll
learn the hard way so chai I reference before the great
chunk a dunk and I’m gonna read you his comment in in hole because I thought it
was a good one the best comments left every left on on on on a video and
lately and I appreciate good comments I up I’ve replied the good ones and I
heart them or whatever and trolls can leave comments too but
you know what it trolls may have noticed I don’t even reply to their comments at
all that’s part of the whole thing but I mean when the troll is a comment it
actually helps the video and when they down vote it helps the video to but this
was a good one great video as always my main takeaway is that everyone wants to
steal what you have rather than work hard or do it themselves this is a
constant issue in the business entertainment and media world right now
yeah it’s it’s envy envy is huge in this world today it fuels so much of what we
see out there and I say you know compete don’t complain create but yeah most
people want to be envious that’s the 80% rate this take over attitude and I
referenced uh what was that when I was talking about take over this is on this
is a comment on Saturday’s show row Eric Weinstein one says
to take back the institutions like Harvard and I say no create your own
institution Harvard can be social a social justice warrior as they want to
be and you could be bitter about that that you’re a genius and they don’t like
you anymore or you create your own entity which Eric Ryan saying is
actually doing but he says we have to go back and take them over No this takeover
attitude and that’s the takeover attitude I say
just make your own at you this takeover attitude also runs pretty deep within
the Bitcoin Twittersphere I agree I follow quite a few Bitcoin maximalist
and some of them describe themselves as such and they take things way too far
sometimes there is no reason for Bitcoin to overtake and destroy the banking
system there doesn’t have to be an end-all be-all yes an end-all view
that’s ridiculous they’re acting just like the feds pushing Fiat onto people
it let’s let the market decide Bitcoin has the best argument so far and there’s
no need to push it down people’s throats to intimidate or put fear into them to
do so basically cause FOMO I’m glad you are very level-headed and approach
people with a realist point of view Adam no fear no Doomer gloom just facts
exactly dude there’s no there’s nothing to fear so what if the Fiat system
continues so what if their banks they know the banks don’t have to disappear
people like banks let the banks do what they’re gonna do let them keep on
printing money you go to what you think is right if Bitcoin is doing the right
thing then you’re a Bitcoin tell people about Bitcoin tell them
we’re out why it’s better and if they don’t think it is oh well then they’re
stuck in Fiat I think both can survive side by side both are surviving side by
side one doesn’t have to destroy the other uh they should and in the Fiat
system they shouldn’t worry about Bitcoin either I think that if their
fiat system is so great then leave Bitcoin alone and again it’s the
government that is you know they are trying to attack various parts of the
cryptocurrency ecosystem we’ve just been talking about Facebook compete don’t
complain people whether you’re in Bitcoin whether you’re
in all coins whether you’re in in Fiat so I mean and on the all coin side of
things if you’re all coin is so great you know they did talk about how great
it isn’t then see see if people buy it but did you know to try to destroy it to
rip on Bitcoin to bring down Bitcoin it doesn’t it doesn’t add much to your
argument really it doesn’t you could do it though it’s a free world I wouldn’t
invite it I think it’s a waste of your time you if you’ve got the next Bitcoin
then throw it out there baby then put it out there but for for bitcoiners don’t
don’t worry about the Fiat system don’t worry about the altcoins
miss I mean if someone lies about Bitcoin ya can clarify the lie then
clarify the life someone says well my alt coin is big coin these you know
bitcoin is Bitcoin you have that’s you that’s a crypto dividend I got it for
free and I enjoy getting crypto dividends for free and you put a
positive spin on the whole thing all right all right dudes so o rumor
control real quick kasa hold people have been saying stuff
about Casa the Casa node and they they sent this out there are no known
undisclosed security vulnerabilities with Casa node at this time that said
you should always be careful with lightning which is still early and
reckless more details on security concerns raised this weekend here so if
you guys are concerned about that I don’t have a casa node so this is just
something I hear about and that people were telling me that something bad
happened well they have their explanation go check it out I’ll save
that for later and finally we will leave it on a very no they’re two things left the white rabbit BTC has a Bitcoin Hall
of Shame tweets thread all these people bragging about since 2013 different
times like oh I just sold my Bitcoin for $200 I did so well oh I just sold my big
way it they’re pretty funny it’s a Hall of Shame it’s a it’s a week and Hall of
Shame basically have a strong ham people don’t be those dudes learn from that
learn and see that you know when you think you’ve reached a high point in
Bitcoin and you’re selling and you’re going into Fiat and your value with a
Fiat you end up regretting it look look at that threat very good and now this is
final steve barber my buddy up in Alberta where it must be horribly cold
right now and I guess Happy Thanksgiving to people in uh I just remember
tomorrow’s Canadian Thanksgiving am I correct am I correct
an American knows that did I get that one right have a good Thanksgiving
Canadian so this one’s for you how many Bitcoin can this 22 liter 400
kilowatt beast mine should we find out so Steve barber he creates machines that
you put at UH where they’re mining oil and they’re the gas is coming out
drilling for oil and and natural gas is coming out as waste he turns that
natural gas with this machine into a Bitcoin into it mines Bitcoin with the
excess natural gas and for all those climate change people who think the
world is ending and that we need to cut down on industry and have the government
step in and solve this problem this is a dude right there
this is the free market making money off of something that’s supposedly going to
destroy the art the environment and so less of this destructive element is
going out into the environment this is what the free market does you can
combine Bitcoin and climate change here and come up with good things and if you
believe in kind of things and save the world if you believe that the whole
world’s gonna end it twelve years Steve barber is an innovator that is uh
trying to it is trying to is in motion he’s trying to make money and he’s
solving problems and that making money it encourages people to to solve
problems figuring out how to monetize problems to monetize fixing problems and
that will make the world a cleaner place and we don’t need the government to make
horrible rules that are going to cut down on industry and where people will
starve from you know if some of these things are that that that
people are proposing you know African countries people will die if they cut
down on industry and they’re not allowed to use fossil fuels
we’ll come up with solutions I know this Golden Age is upon us I know what the
free market can bring and I know that government intervention stifles the free
market and will slow things down and we don’t even have to go into you know what
the world if it’s really gonna end it the world is not gonna end you twelve
years again that is hysteria you can have hysteria or you can be in motion
and be productive you could be envious or you can compete pound that like
button I think you’ve learned that that’s been the overall theme of the
show and the channel lately so pound that like button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out the links below banging that bow button
i’m seeing if there any other questions remember new show every single day
there’s the shirt again and yeah check out yesterday’s be on big fun show under
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